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The Keitha Adams Coach's Show

Monday, October 30th

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These are exciting brand new conference where and you know it we're going to talk about those things with the coach he's not a problem. One to replace the familiar face we're talk about the whole lot to do in the next hour from AG thirteenth green which take time now. Come back and get things rolling with our coach Keith Adams. They gave it right after this. Is they're cold they're making you shiver even endorse call the pros and Comfort Systems they can tune up your old furnace or installing new Linux system. Heat your home now and pay over time with six month financing. You can count on Comfort Systems for all your heating and air conditioning and plumbing needs call for a free in home estimate that 2657. 831. Or visit them online at Comfort Systems dot net. Comfort Systems is a proud sponsor of Wichita State shocker basketball. Hello shot. 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Listening to to keep that Adam's yeah Steve's brain we're live at eight team sports grill of the Alley at the corner of thirteenth and premature. We're ready to roll into another season that shocker went through some weird year. Talk about that tonight and let's go ahead it's clarity is we have eight time. To talk about it in doing so let's welcome an arc notable giver a formal introductions he comes to Wichita State after sixteen. Successful seasons at Texas he'll pass the world she did with. Take your team to their first ever the program's first ever trip to the NCAA tournament four times in addition to helping them win. Four other first conference championships and conference USA. A school record 284. Wins prior to that she was independent community college. For five seasons where her teams averaged over 25 win. Per season she is from Oxford campus to let welcome and welcome all of our coach keep that. For the coach. Hey there fake news straight could be here. Well I think you know that you sincerely mean that it is for you to. You're back home. Yes it is. You know I lived in Kansas bird. 36 years in. Now playing one game headed off to El Paso, Texas and and really didn't know Juan islands that get myself into an. In mobile home I was down there for sixteen years and had had a great experience and that. Have some opportunities to leave their bit it was such a great situation that. I stayed. And so it really took a very unique and special situation for me to leave there that's what Wichita State it is it's very special it's very unique. In very very honored in proud beating you which tells the truth she I was gonna say you have a pretty good situation there with the success the longevity. You probably could stay there for quite awhile longer that we have to either rights completely yes I think that. You know things that happen for a reason and then doors open did that. You know I I was. Really excited about. You know coming out here in Indiana part of a basketball school in the basketball city. And then I've been cheering for the shocker since I was little bitty and grew up watching this doctors and and it always. I thought it was awesome good to see blue up there isn't. You know some fantastic. Football players in the history he would. And then you know I have been here for the soccer while I was at El Paso in that. Was always keep how both the men and women's team we're dealing in that. You know always been a fan of the shoppers then and now I'm lucky I can be a part of it. And what's interesting is that the women's programs your kind attention on this that the couple weeks ago. Where you weren't here kind of near each other in that you know they weren't. Long extended droughts and here in the last ten to fifteen years here's got going a little bit sooner than they did here. But still winning start to become a regular thing you cap and here's the without regards to similarities with you for a. Absolutely yeah I think that. No doubt that. We had mutual respect for one another and and want our program was doing and now is watching what which town state women's basketball was doing as well and and you know give the NCAA tournament and making history in doing those things. We were we were paralleling and them. You know volleys I guess he'd say that's not always cheer for this doctors and and even when I was cleared out Juarez Mexico I was I was cheered British doctors and you're now back here. And being a part of it down. I'm just really fired up about it. How much different has this off season. And for you not because here in new location but because you're taking over new program company. More hands to be happy shake this off season that is the path to do a lot of different things that you haven't had to deal with sixteen years as it can coax him. Well among the first things is that figured out how to retrieve your voice mail message across your phone in your office. And I had to give instructions for for markets is that he had everything his view then. Really you know learning that. How Wichita State works. Back to you what it's been it's been released new transition. The people there who did really really helpful. In you know surrounded by people that have got great experience. And I understand college athletics is you know. Becky and cut in her office you know for the first two months analysts you know asking her questions every day. Just learning about how things work which I stated she. Was so that has been so helpful at all her experience and you know her being there she knows which toasty inside Gaza. Very thankful that. You know there's a lot of people there that. Have been very kind to be in that dead wood out a way to make my transition cases that's been it's been really just it was so far. How eager are announces. Turn on the lights threw the ball up here and do this after. Trying to move trying to be used to these kids it faces is if it's time to play basketball that's gonna be exciting. Well the best part of my day is practice and I really enjoyed it down there on the court with with our players and and you know. Basketball is basketball no matter where your dad. And pick and roll him in Kansas is seen as the pick and roll it in France we've gets an international kids on our team that. The beauty of past is that it is universal and and in the best part of my day's news is practice that's what I enjoy most about my job. What is this the most difficult to beat the U aside from voicemails and stuff like that all the floor yeah. Well I think the big changes. When your news. Usually eating you have players like your team that they know your system and you bring in 34 new players. And so here we Turner's they lead by example and are out there showing your newcomers have you know what it is that you want to do ninety thing. When your brand new. It's due to everybody you don't have anyone on the team that she can call out their name to say to that period demonstrate that. We do have eight seniors which they've been great to work within. You know I think it. We understand as a group that we're every day's a learning learning mode for us I'm learning about our players and they're learning about him were truly learn about each other in that so you know it's not a well oiled machine. We've got a lot of work to do. That I am seeing improvement in and that's the whole key is that as we go along throughout the year. The key is that we get better that we grew as a team in that the end we've been having good practices and it we're excited to get tipped off this Wednesday shot. With a coat heat coach Keith Adams from eighties at the Alley they're keeping green which are first. Show of the season well let's talk about these two plays that you playbook these players are we used to very defensive oriented system near Wichita State. You know the previous. Coaching staff felt like if the teams scored sixty that should be good enough to win especially in conference play. But very much a deep sense of focus what they keep active. Style basketball that we'll see well and I think that now first and foremost. What I challenged. These players to be is it T. I think that you know when years when your team. And you have each other's backs in hand you're gonna play together and go to work together at. And you understand that. DNA team is is number one. If you're nine. It's not gonna really matter what your system isn't what you're doing if if you're. Unified in any team and so I really challenge them to be great teammates. When we huddle. Every game we city sisters. In and so that's the beginning things just. Getting him to understand that concept. You know best of him to to be great listeners and and be comfortable. In that and do work hard every day so there's some. You know some basic principles they think she gathering every day. In order to build you achievement in to get on the same page and being played this game at its union different ways in the key is that. Everybody's on the same page in that listening you can skin a cat and several different ways you can. That we're just working really hard to get on the same page with one another. I didn't think it down. You know my teams traditionally we found. We are best teams have been very good defensive teams that he has two years ago we won conference usein. We were 29 inside that he had one of the reasons that we have successfully did that years we really defended and we played really hard. If it starts with defense and being great rebounding team is going to be important I think for this team to be successful we're gonna have to defend. And we're gonna have to rebound. By teams traditionally. I think it taking good care of the basketball. Through the years and we had some years that we were. Oh lead in the country in that turnover to assist ratio. And I feel like you know part of that we knew we had some really good point guards and some really good guard play. That I liked take care of the basketball I think it. You know you have less turnovers that the opponent. And it means you're gonna have more shots and if you hit more shots than that it seemed to give him more points so. Taking good care of basketballs and a very important thing. So those are some main things you know being giddy instantly rebounded. And then take care of the basketball. Whitney. You actually there's never enough time they gave her a monster year for coach with everything he can't do so at what point did you really start familiarize yourself. With the personnel this team does it happen. While you're still interviewing either you wait until you get the green light mr. snow okay. Who are these kids when did you start really learning about the returning players on this team. Yeah you know idea. When McCain in that I have the end that our press conference I think we're headed is on Monday. And now we hit it. The hardwood we were on the court on Tuesday. The very next day I mean I got here that was one of the things that you really want to do was to to get on the pass up court with the with the players. In and start getting a feel for them. And in in the screen. In the summer but. We like to work on you know skill work do fundamental stuff. That we we did that start. Don't want our system in there sooner than I normally would. Simply because I didn't wanna wait till the season started it and try to throw everything and to be so overwhelming so. You know every day we were dropped and a nugget every day that something new and that kind of build up to it and you know I and also. It was this fall and I and went back and I didn't watch that film from last year in. In. Look the playbook and tried to take some of the things I thought that was good that was that work for them it was successful. And there's some things that we're doing that they didn't do last year and it's kind of like I told the team that. You know it's it's not about me. I only get eight seniors in I want trying to make this team be the best we can be this year. And then so there's some things that we're doing that they didn't do last year it then obviously there's some things it. That I brought him that's do you that's not the whole kitchen sink and so I think that you know it's really we're down on the floor. It's us working together. That's the best approach that I have and I I'm enjoying the end ladies they're working hard dead. We've got a lot of areas we got to get better that we can continue to get and get better and improve within. You know we're we're down parent and just really trying to form chemistry with one another and psychic told the game. You know I'm Simon a very learning mode about them you know I've I've not been in one game with him with the lights on yet you know Wednesday and that will be the first I'm sure. Every day that I have with them I learn more about them. And and I'm sure for them their learning you know about me itself. You know I think we understand where we aren't learning and learning curve and it and it did today and I am telling you play hard good things happen. You when you play together good things happen. Then and we just got that take that approach for every day nearly today the word for the day was hustled. You know hustle that was the word for today than it and do it every day. You know I give up a bit different themes and there's things that I think sometimes that you know mind and watch it must play it. You know after practice. You know there's things that we need to get better at that and I am trying to make it clear focus on what it is we're focused on today. He then. You know we there's a lot of little things we worked a lot on our passing. We're trying to get that shots. We've been. Conditioning. Some every day we've been screaming agents on every day. That seeing you you do break camp staff you're trying to teach the year your system and you did it breakdown said he didn't go full court five on five. And anyone see that Syria over into your client. Bill term gain slip teach me to sit here. Do a foreign force shield drilling and teach certain things in and work on specifics is any good. Play full court opposite of those things that you work. Get thrown out the win dot com that dean sleepy and so like I've talked to our players about. We're working on the message that we go to play alive we want to see those things carry over. We were playing out there in that sense that's the process we're going through right now yeah in. Every day have seen improvement every day. I think there. You know a lot of our players are having to do a lot of thinking right now and there are times when you mean he feet. You think it too much it's too late. That once. That you dust up and over and over and over in the repetition there repetition there where it becomes a lot. Automatic where you don't have to take as much in opposite you're just able there react instincts. And you know let you know that. You know it's been a point where one day we're gonna say yep we know what. We got it. That we're still we're going to get these were having to get rid of some or have to practice in order. To learn it in so it's still you know some of them the duties there. Freshmen their hands console ovals it's you know a lot of times freshmen aren't. That every dancing pictures it will be clear form. I'm trying to keep it very simple no I'm not. I'm happy keep it simple skin and keeping it simple to we're it makes it clear. Picture we're already seeing some of the effects of power yours that has been successful you and your staff recruiting. Overseas and obviously a lot of success rooting. Recruiting in Texas are those what while U obviously wanna go for the best he would anywhere sure those two things you feel like wheel stayed the same. Obviously overseas but also the state of Texas. Well we you know first of mine in I mean I wanna wanted to know that there and you know thank you to our all time leading scorer being re rebounder was he young lady from El Paso, Texas. And that K look forward. In for me. You know we're looking at Kansas recruits in Kansas kids and and we definitely recruiting starts at home in. And we wanna find it to arrogantly that loves us doctors in the can really represented in that in helping us building our program that. And we've had offers out on kids kids that. In that trust me and I'm working on it and that's that starts right there in your backyard in. Then then obviously. I think from our recruiting experiences staff. We've recruited junior college kids course I coached junior college so we we get great relationships with some of the best programs in the country in. In you know that's helpful. We recruiting kids from the East Coast West Coast. And obviously being in Texas for sixteen years. You know can you know a lot of the programs they are so. You know I have been approached it down let's just go after the best players we can give it. And we don't care where they're from we we wanna build this thing weren't for the American athletic conference which is. A top top women's basketball conference in the country in the level of talent is extremely high. And so we're gonna have to go out and get the best players we can get competed this conference in that's what we're working on doing. Okay but the tickets had to come back and talk about this news conferences can actually you know that we're going to be very tough not happened yet. Well we'll also ask the coach about them with a faith is that we're gonna get to see starting. With that night against Oklahoma Christian with the exhibition contest it would take time out. Come back with more this is shocker basketball with Keith Adams from age eight at the Alley will be back at the moment. 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And there you have it it's going to be cool grand warmer with more or less snowboard than normal winter weather outlook and don't forget about logging and I'm Nina right now it's alumni and whatever that is. This winter when you need to know depend on your severe weather station it's. And dirty guy in SS. Listening to keep that Adam's yeah Steve's brain we're live at eight team sports grill at the Alley at the corner of thirteenth and premature. Welcome back to eight days talking shocker wouldn't basketball with the coach Keith Adams and coach at the beginning of the season and I know that it's it's really critical that. And we let the folks know about a couple of things first of all season tickets. We want to get folks to do that round how often you've got a great schedule to do that both nonconference and conference as well that. We sure as hell would you not only put. People in the seats but it's good to see those regulars come back who's passionate loyal fans game after game after game and folks that you can contact in Wichita State. Season ticket opportunity to fix that but then know you love those passionate fans who built around the house game after game. Absolutely it you know I think that. Any time you. Hang banners of win championships. Your fans it in home. They play a part of that is that 52 is where you know when you're out recruiting. And you bring kids in in any kid in show alone now. You've got a great fan base to get great support. That makes the world the differences in your recruiting that it does help him. Now he says he loves to know Europeans that. We've got young ladies that are coming in here from all over in it would be noted in advance people here who care about it that are gonna really get behind them. It means so much to the players union. I like to dream big event. We had. We can sell out the Coca read it we can do that we can do that at 101000 and change we can do it later. And then we sold out has considered twice with 121222. In that people thought I was crazy when I said that it and I'd dreamed about doing an added that. I think we first started there would I had about a 150 people there. The first year in that dated you know it we built up programming built up steam it and this is the thing that I do you know about which time is that. Wichita. He loves us doctors and there's great spirited. In I am so impressed with that. Our volleyball team. Everyone's list and then have your say visit its which time you have not seen our women's volleyball team playing. That you really fitness and now it's they're so talented and there's so did. I told the coach slant some mini games you know. When you watch someone do something. And they make it look easy. That's when you know they're really really good and our volleyball team they make it looks alone darn easy yet it is. It's it's poetry in motion the earth they're phenomenal and so. Any listeners out there if you haven't seen our women's volleyball team playing. You really need to get out Coca read it and do it in you know in Tampa appearance. Without a parent I'm bringing I'm bringing my kids out to see our volleyball team and be a part of that atmosphere is great. And the level of competition. In that I'm I'm really I'm a fan of coached landed. And you have to like to have act walked into this school that. You know I looked alcohol it. Man great coaches phenomenal coach Marshall I'm excited about being married and I'm gonna do the same thing here that they did that you tip in terms of now when I went to eat that we've never made history did had been a tradition. And of course coach asked in exit in men's basketball and there. It was unbelievable tradition. I went there and I just embrace Letterman's program had done it got to become really good friends with coach asked incident. In that Tim Floyd and all that those guys have really I really enjoyed that it. I've had great conversations with coach Marshall and I'm just so impressed with what he's done. In. You know he's one of the best coaches in the country here I am. At the school that did that he's had so you know we're gonna embrace the success that the coaches have been. I know that it could be down we just got to work really hard batted in and I'm really excited about build our program. He mentioned at the beginning when I talked about fans coming out season tickets to use that word relationships. And we have some high group's members here it is again important part of the program we appreciate you coach. For folks really want to get involved in something positive and build. Relationships that literally couldn't last a lifetime for these kids and for the folks that doing nothing great way to do this well. Absolutely. And you know I think that. For me. You know relationships when I spent sixteen years that you tip and I was in Texas that. Let me tell you what my best friends of the people I grew up that little small town Oxford just forty miles south here. You know others guys flew down to a paso every year he and that. He never forget where you killed for and then now a stellar team that you know some important your your represent your family. You representing. Your coaches. Your representing. The athletic department represented Wichita State. That the people that have helped you to get to this point you don't ever forget that and so. For me to come back to keep of this and have an opportunity to. Take on a new challenge. Right here in my home state. My mom is my sister's. Is there here tonight in that one of my former teammates and classmates. And her daughters here tonight and you know that was 2530. Years ago minus another kid that. Relationships it is all about that so important and no I don't think there's. No place better than home insurance we have homes true it. And something really unique happened just a week ago. My mom and dad didn't they were born and raised in Oklahoma did it in they retired. The back of the moment that they raise those kids here at Kansas and my father passed away four years ago. And then the last three years. Probably lifted over forty homes with my mom if she want him back at Kansas but there's always something from one of them and lo and behold guess what happened. The home then I grew up in and my childhood home in Oxford Kansas came up for sale. And guess what we bought it in just last Wednesday. My mom moved back into my childhood home. Now I'm picky in what happens. Half game you guys this is this you can't make this stuff up so. I don't know probably nine months ago a year ago one of my best friends with saint. They they needed to do horrid shutters. On your house. You know. And I am you know really. And then in many years later we by the house and guess what. House is already shocker yellow everybody ignores yellow. The senate GOP in we're not changing and it worked keep hitting yellow book as we're Shaka is now and then so. You know there's a lot of little. Things have happened that. You know it just tells me that. And I say this is senior Asia I really feel like gods brought me back here for a reason. Things happen for a reason and you know it's like looking for forty houses with my mom and nothing happened and then. We'll be able to childhood home comes up for salad so. And I think the guy upstairs he's looking after me in and I do think that these things are fallen into place for reason and and so I'm here and I'm excited about it and I'm fired up about Wednesday night and we got a lot of work to do it and we're getting after it. In terms of what we'll see on the floor maybe not necessarily with their Saturday but as we get into the heart of the season. Do you feel like a lot of these newcomers will will played meaningful minutes are you pretty much can they go with what does he use a lot of the kids that are returning here you know yet. Well I am I actual thirteen yesterday. Every time they come down on the floor. They don't even have a mindset is stepping on the floor and proven themselves and also. I'm looking for who plays well with one another. We don't have our rotation figured out lead well in that in and you know Wyatt and a now by the time we get to conference. We're gonna have two months that that. But apparently it's conference. Will have it at all figured out will be at that point where you know they. You know I had. I'm very. I've been very open minded and really just every day evaluate all of our players. And does he can go into something. You know I haven't had a preconceived thought of something. And then it might not be the best way to again gather that you got to work with that you guys season. Who really gels with one another. Who plays well and and and who's gonna hurt. You know I'm look at it for competitive greatness that's like Selma times who's gonna get the trenches and really. Look up and compete. That's what I'm looking for in. You know they're they they're getting after it in and you know there's some days it we do some things it's really impressive and then there's the moments that. I'm scratching my hits in holy cow we got the heart I knew that you know that's that's why you go to practice. It's every day in. And if there's going to be a purpose to everything we do every day in getting better. And they will be tested not just in conference play book in non conference and not just with Tennessee either that nonconference. Schedules will. We'll certainly put this team to the test this season it it will it it's definitely challenging schedule in. And you know I think it Dan hit it starts Wednesday night with us you know plan a team that and we better guard the basketball and like she threes. We're gonna have to play play tough defense and rebound and indeed the little things that to take care of business that. We do have a very challenging nonconference schedule we're gonna find out what our strengths and weaknesses are and and we're gonna definitely be battle tested by the time we get to the American athletic conference. OK let's take time out immediately players appear to have to fit I don't get a ticket for that we'll get like the shocker is not hear a familiar face in the you know all of you with that we'll do that. Right after this soccer women's basketball for eight days that the Alley. Thirteenth injury which back in a moment. Black Friday and calling them the best time to my home appliances. Camps Clinton's client says there's no need to wait whirlpool Maytag amana and kidney appliances are all Black Friday price the whole month of November chaplains appliance newly remodeled children and take advantage of great Black Friday gets cancer and up to 16100 dollars in factory rebate. It's an eight appliances. And register for the clintons put it in the deep freeze weekly drying during Clinton's big black and Salem. Unleash your potential with a career at Cox Communications. 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You're listening to the key that Adams and Steve's brain we're live at eight team sports grill of the Alley at the corner of thirteenth and premature and. Shocking shocker went after all he had two years. Problem whatever player coach planes yet threaten the you've achieved if meet some of them that the very familiar face will have appeared united Hewitt. Need to the first team all conference last season. The conference Alter the team let dockers lat the in seven different statistical categories. Including Hillary and rebounding let welcomed the program. With our read it here in that it could be here three. Years. CE it. And it's on a copy everything we can't help. That he has seen here we go into the if the pike for the program in part to refute it in the American athletic. It's definitely bittersweet you vetoed that X it would be it means his teammates and coaches staff and it actually hit it Kaiser's and so. I'm very excited for IC UC senior year as well that's for the rest of us years. But it definitely a little bit of rapidly since the Pete. One time. Talk a little bit about. How things have gone coaches talk about what your new coach it's a whole playbook for everybody. And you're getting used to new personality. And insistent. How did you and the rest of your teammates the returners adapted to this these gap that style. We just plastic coat you know because things that he stressed out front it's not fill it lets you down you. Everything and so we really put all of our best to pair has been nothing but great answers that route as an. Which is really enjoying the ride that means death in the tank for instance conference coaching staff and teammates in different areas all over the world. But I think that would designate we have a lot of things that need to work on clean it. That we're joined us over had they see it'd definitely doing this year. What's different now there's style line. To give up so much. Emphasis on the floor with it now they are now it's definitely about team. You know I think. A lot of time and the only gate. That he involved. And there's oppressors. You know we really are now that we're that team. Without. But in the same model work on and off to lower it won't be successful. Though we didn't make you that we do everything we can't enough to learn that the class. And makes you had practically decode though not as excited that. We see is the eclipses of the eighth time practices like wow. Beacon in the eighties than a consistent basis with the stop you use the word trust. How much like that. For a three year. As the leader of the idea. To show the rest you keep the way it went their return yours to keep. How much as well heeled leaders. Coach pat does he expect a lot of but I think it's because we did it it. Be able to go out getting it done but as far as they felt like once odors. I say that I have a lot. My clothes I'd like our apartment. Vacancy I help my team succeed if it if they do. Ladies you know go to school. But go overseas that's my big thing is they accuse dad. At that as a senior. We accomplished what we came here to do. So when it comes to on the lawyers you know geez you need them to read it to go what they do best that's. You know. Rebounds. Finish on the pity that the defense ability. So I don't know pressured she's innocent she wants and let us here at. The Houston. No pressure on the AC on the court definitely had it. And if I do it at that. The deepest it's really mean two and a half ago. That do that it's shocker feed you read you this I actually is here so let's get into the intricacies. Involved. At the opposite of the low. What will look different is that as we watch this it's now their taxes who's. I definitely a few hours screen action there he'd definitely see them out of the highest gain. And that's that the network last year's well. But Johnson and see. Are posting up that you know it definitely looking for each other but it's one thing that I can see if it would be O line. Words screens sit here and I think that's a really good team because from one street and I think art. And our cars have been working tremendously hard on their time. On their attacks to invest enough does it make jumpers though on exactly that is the act because I think that that's the line here. It be able to screen the ball and not to somebody who obviously you don't do it. Think like now that the defense is look look look if we definitely we've got posted let we've gone. We're gonna make and pressured. Full court reporters afterward. We definitely have a lot of parents pressing and gains in all its coast of that is it time you need. Under pressure. On the ball game at age that we have I'm pleased the ball movement that. All right let's do it let's the third apparently did have some fun with these oh. Maybe that's our duty as did the program it. Look at the back up here wrap this thing got soccer women's basketball from eight is at the Alley back for our last segment involves. AJ's sports grill the only thirteenth and green which -- would you tell your new home for shopper coaches shows to be sure to check out our all new burger menu because Monday's a burger dates and ages and don't forget Thursdays or buy one get one free T today tiny only in the excludes the superdome join us for happy hour every day from two to 6 PM and nine to 11 PM while you're here right to go carts take a turn in the laser may enjoy the game of football a couple of games AG sports grill at the outcome of the superdome 29 inch pizza to locations in Wichita and one in Hutchinson proud supporter of shocker athletics. Oh I am name's John food toys and you have four offer for GOP Wi-Fi well in okay what about rear seat reminder. I'm hanging around. Oh both feature as standard in the tourney can should be equinox okay all right thank you. 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Puck back to eight games last segment we can look at both doctors start the exhibition. Season this Wednesday at 7 o'clock against Oklahoma Baptist then we'll have another win on Saturday I would imagine. Coach with the new coach everything that he had wrote this team has happened that is it for the kids to exhibition games. Especially the size you opt out probably really good. We're going to be. Released on different combinations out there and I think that to have. For us we're gonna approach it is an opportunity for us it you know. Observe our players under the lights they're going to be in the the uniforms of the real bright lights are going to be on him you know we're gonna be look at it different combinations and two plays well with one another in everything do that in practice. You know we've had practiced guys in. Since competing gets on Sundays and it. So we've been doing a lot of different things to. Learn as much we can't about a team in in a quick fashion. He brought great. I don't think it's a coincidence her show that he did you bring back the green appeared that team's leading authority rebound led seven different categories. What you need from her that's. Well you know I've challenged. Crazy kid to really be are our team's leader in her play. In that you know I think she's a player who can give you a double double. Every night. One of the things that. You know obviously we look for her to two. During her experiences. That that makes a world of difference have an experienced player vs an inexperienced player. That this really challenged heard it to be our team's leader in her production and her play. In. You know since I've talked her about that. She's really responded. You know I think that that. You know her playing hard on defense that. Rebounding those are things that really needs her to do. And obviously the end yes she could stand next to put the ball in the basket she can score. And so you're gonna wanna do to do that every team that. You know being a great teammate in the Indian real comfortable. In working extremely hard and you really just leaving him and her playing him in inner production. And you know we needed active. Others will follow suit in a fall in place. So much pressure has been. It seemed like offensively put on her to produce because he has done to too great job of it but this team didn't always give a lot of balance point elsewhere. Particularly two years ago to a certain extent last year he seems likely to Israel plays offensively. To take a lot of. Load off of which we'll have to help as well well I think it's. You know Ferrer. A beginning point our point guard play. We really want for point guards did to the secrecy and this vault floor. I think transition isn't is as a part of this teams. Potentially in need to do to try to get that fast break trying to put pressure on the defense and and then you know making them stop the ball in transition and out the fact that. And I think that our guards. Aren't the type of players that. Can get to the best is they can break you down off the dribble and we might get the free though. More than any opponent in be aggressive and taking it to the basket and you know great guards make too. To guard line you know when you drive by your man and he make that a player stepped over and help that leads to teammate too easy basket so you know what kind of encourage our guards did. To be addressing that. And it really did think she was moving the ball it. You know combination of things that they. For our offense right now you know we're doing a variety of different things. Wanna put all of our aches in just one basket. I think having. Different different things that you can call upon to we're you've got a variety where. I hear you're not predictable. I've always been a real believer in. Haven't since he balanced scoring both in size now. It's not my best teams were teams that we had four players averaging. 101112. Point eight points in analysts say they don't have that. Stop this player be stopped this tiny and so we're really you know attractive. Every day I talked about reversing the basketball getting the ball reversed that could defense were in. In the day we had a really nice position and after that I. I stopped playing Mississippi raise your hand if you touched the ball in all five are players on offense raise their hand now tested balding that it didn't. If we can if we can just do them more often and even become more consistent and really understanding the thinker. Confidence will be Lou will be better give higher percent shot. Okay last few minutes of the show here get one thing to keep you know keep the person a little bit better okay that's the rapid fire questions you to go hang out right. Biggest difference between Wichita they'll have to. The weather game. Biggest differences you know between Texas and Kansas. Let's see. I think our steaks are better. Really stakes in Kansas is at stake in Kansas and midway through a steak and potato. I can't what person in the game of basketball has been lose those to your career. Now that it would definitely do want to know who's my coach pat and Oxford high school and he's a Kansas guy too he's from burden Kansas and he's the head coach of the phone stay. Up. Outside of basketball what person like this and he added the vote. My parents. No doubt mine. My dad was a teacher taught elementary. And both my parents through school buses. So Ankara president. Homes that adds education. In school was a big part of our family in our household that my parents. Would be the biggest influence there. After being hired here how many troops you have to make back and forth to help pass them. Compromise. Well I again. I had I went back I went back can we get a press conference there you know my arm athletic director their Bob's though he. He says that he felt like it was really important as long as I've been man and the fans we've established that. That was really important to him and I group agree 100% so after I did press conference here. I flew back if we get a press conference there in that was very heartfelt and people are great and so I went back for that and then I went back. Probably about three weeks three weeks later. In. My house as a Purcell would close on that. In an active leaders and I had to do back in the June and in the middle of June. In the middle of through latter July I'd go back to times. To finish up the dental procedure had and it didn't proceed down my mouth and then I did Austin. So I guess closet floor that's what I guess I went back. Four times. Cut. You told me few weeks ago you learn how are I don't use the word accomplished at the keys that you like to play the guitar and I do. And that's where. Well my dad was a great great guitar player that Canada. You know I never want to play the guitar. When he was alive I always listen to my dad played guitar because it was so good at it he. Plays and he played shed acted style with a thumb pick in. Really really great guitar player Edna. After he passed. Away. He's Guitar Center stands now I think it was. Is just my way if still connecting with my father and so I just started. Messing with the guitars and and I really in I have to those I have to make confessions since attention child which suggests they have played guitar wants. And I haven't played it one time can he went back. I've been solved in his bid about the job and working everything bit. Disease that when your goals is similar to play that might sell that thing to. I realize I'm learning how to play the that you tipped passive I miners fight song for our. That will be one of the things that I rule that we do I hear your. Yeah we'll get the heat the week yeah. I felt that it would you agree Kate thank you. Appreciate everybody being here and I did that really excited about it and those shots of me Wednesday night. We think 7 o'clock everyone come out on the Kansas. So I'd be back here I'd rather be definitive. Shoppers 7 o'clock we'll have a good soccer. We've got Carl feels confident that if you don't think if you look at women's basketball coaches with head coach Keith Adams and Steve's brain. Brought to you my comfort system. Delta dental your hometown Chevy dealer. They Kansas health foundation. Blue cross blue shield of Kansas the Carnahan group. Clinton's appliance the Kansas Department of Transportation. Future Stan. Tall grass country club and AJ sports grill.