The Keitha Adams Coach's Show 01-15-18

Monday, January 15th

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It's time for the Wichita State shocker women's basketball coach did you. Coach Keith Adams Roxy night comforts as soon. Delta dental your hometown Chevy dealers that Kansas health foundation. Blue cross blue shield of Kansas the Carnahan group. Didn't apply. They Kansas Department of Transportation. Future stand tall grass country. And AJ sports grill now let's go live to eight days portrait of the Alley in the corner of thirteenth and green would throw the wind speeds for it. Now back up I am roadshow delays not good at though they're gonna call the dollar and the doctors are gonna win and here come the final morning. What could not take sixty bulletin late 56. They shelters you have up but doctors have won two straight. That's sweet sound of victory we faced it twice in Ireland heard it twice in a row now. Over the final moments from Wichita State victory over Tulane welcome to AT that the only thirteen. Exactly what you wrote great crowd here tonight thanks to all of you for braving that cold weather but it's soccer women's team is not cold. As they've won two straight playing a fun brand of basketball will talk about. That with coach Jack and coming up on the program tonight to win then that's on Wednesday then. The Tulane game this past Saturday now we'll also talk about two home games. This week from Wichita State ethnic view tomorrow night in South Florida. On Sunday that the coach is here good crowd here we'll get it all started after a timeout coach Adams will be their next big shocker when it's coming up next. Physically they're making you shiver even endorsed called the pros and Comfort Systems they can tune up your old furnace or installing new Linux system. He's your home now and pay overtime with six month financing. You can count on Comfort Systems for all your heating air conditioning and plumbing needs call for a free and home estimated at 2657. 831. 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No one talks to. Listening to keep that at. These strange we live at eight team sports yeah fatality at the corner of thirteenth and premature and. To the left we welcome. Wrote that drives the lane with one buffet classic that. Area. Well 6250. On that apply our weapons. Since Zaria road Joseph with a big double figure game for her career high in these doctors got the eight point victory. At Tulane this past Saturday at Wichita State get teased right now in conference play they'll try to keep it 500. In league play tomorrow night at 7 o'clock when they take on Anthony welcome back to eighteenth at the Alley thirteenth green which road. And deploying robot we've got. Breaking news coach we're actually breaking news here on the program we we've never done that. But it's. This is straight from Wichita state athletic director he would vote right. But the game is still on tomorrow however classes. Have been canceled due to the weather's so. No classes at Wichita State tomorrow. Our player but I am right now devastating they've got to be I could hear the fact that they're very very naked it is yet collective disappointment here. But the game will go on 7 o'clock tomorrow night. Charles co Corina Wichita State and at that you at the round house now also before we move on. One of the shocker individuals making gains at the big one. Maybe they fell art has been named the American athletic conference player of the week after her what do you want to point. Nice rebound performance for the last few games for which we thought they she also shot 48%. From the field he's been on the honor roll but not a player of the week that this will be the first time in history shocker woman has been named the player of the week. In the conference's coach very well deserved for radio workhorse wealthy that long. She's had a supporting cast helper the last couple games but still it's nice to see you recognized like that. Syria's snatched it up good numbers for instance. At the gates continent yet a double double that you're doing that consistently. You're good player and we love those double doubles it. When you scored in your rebounding. That's that's good production and so. She's been battle and it really compete and forwards. And again that I think if everybody else step up we heard this argument cut right there career high. That it doubled to lead after for her and continuing to be consistent everybody else's. He's starting to pick up the slack offensively that's the part of the difference. As and I think one of the things we've. We've been doing then it would try to do a lot more Sheehan practice and. And we've been. Put goals and former players in terms of making certain percentages. In had a really good conversation with the Coach Williams bout. Percentages and numbers and now it's time about them struggles with our team it. And then he what we've we just didn't do its digs different ethnic or players that respond to it. In it's been a lot of fun. Chuck basketball Keith Adams wrote a piece that the Alley thirteenth victory which routed coach before removal we have a couple of notes that want to squeeze him. How about this crowd tonight in spite of the weather you gotta like that guys are loyal faithful are. And it's definitely end. I was thinking about that Christmas song honey it's cold outside when an outline his voice little chilly out there that it. You know win when we get the winds at your belt. Pixels in the body is now. It travels not as bad. You know bad weather dozen bodies much managed a lot better these apps and win so. Thank you guys for being here really appreciate it now. Now it's fights that you're ready he's captured at warming up a little bit Sonoma. Cheese and beverages and some food that'll that'll help. Yeah absolutely absolutely. He's strictly for the team that started Wednesday night here against Memphis for the carried over. It's Saturday at Tulane and let. Let's talk about this go get it mentality that you started after the Central Florida game and a lot of this. Not all of it. But a lot of that was predicated around the rebounding or lack thereof. And watching the opponent grab a lot of offensive rebounds that they treated at points. Rebound that you really felt like that have been out yes but. He goes back attitude effort I think this bill Getty mentality you still last week. Really resonated with this team and they've gone after the basketball. And go after the win a lot this last couple games. Why have we we came back from Florida was. I was extremely upset I think Canada part of it was I felt like our game against Tulsa. And that our game against east yet. We did enough to put ourselves in position to win the game but we were willing to do enough to do in order to win the game. And that at that I was upset with our team about that in that. He died in. Just one I think snack I do anecdotes and try to be. Honest and real with our players that. And then after the game east yep now we get back which time he and I just really communicated to them. First of all objects pretty extremely. Honored and feel privileged to be even coached Wichita State. It's great university. Where a great conference. You know there's there's a lot of things that I feel about that and I think. Taking pride in what you do is really important that. You know my sixteen years it that you sent. We had traveled commercial. And it's a consolidated gets her slightly bill passed. Usually after the Dallas that it's about an hour and a half. He needs at the airport for a couple hours and get on an antiquated he picky about another hour two hours wherever you go at some time as we go mountain time. Cleared the East Coast and in. Two time zones and you travel day in them you know we're fly back to you see after them. Wanna charter flight in them. It's free nights and we get home. Two hours donuts stopped anywhere in we come right in years. In dance in my hand did you know perform my days that you accept that coach independence community college. In. We made our own sandwiches in packed up for the road trip. And we drove the church hands and then the return back then. Temperatures stats and I drove event in you get home at 2 o'clock in the morning in. You eat Bologna cheese sandwiches and that's what's fit in so. Look at my history is you know just working hard and going through some things that you tip we travel we travel so they. It's a consolidating get anywhere and that. You know I'd really appreciate it at Wichita State is committed to. Our programming. In treats our players and us as coaches first class and. And they put this on charter flights and I think that's. Something that we need to really appreciate and in truly value and I always got to appreciate it because. My history what I've done before didn't hear it now. So it's really talked our players that understanding. What a great university we're representing. And I want for us to be giving back in doing everything we can't first class and put our heart and soul of it I really feel like. If we won the game Warren if we were willing to do some things Warren he go above and beyond like I feel like which both states doing for us. We witnessed games so. We have to understand where Iraq in what we have it. In count our blessings and be appreciative. We also. When he picked. Or we need to give it everything now if we play it's hard you know when Vietnam War. Gas tank and we beat but the teams that are on the ground ninety. You know it's not that it your all planes are. In really want. Them. So that'll do it better you get the ball to read. When that happens the cooling it that we in. Everything we can't. Because that great place and that's soccer players that they. Thank you and I. Necessarily mean it. I think our players that they can't it's not that there's things. Have responded so. Today if you practice. I'm just trying to bring a lot of intensity lot of energy. I don't know where my voice in India it's the that and given it's my heart muscle. It all into it again on the court. I want for him you know these ads from me want him. Passion for the game. That's being excited. That we can get out there it's one TDs. He can't take these things for oriented. Which really got to appreciate each moment in the moment. No. Oh written or after the game and of course eat out. Week the pop life. That the players are clamoring for pop life and wanted votes today. Current bus around girls pot pies chicken goat edit that they'll go panic. Played don't want thing for me it's like you know. When when the kids when they give everything they have and they play extremely hard it in I think they're being present. I've coached long enough that I've been in the huddle. I've been in the huddle when I know and I feel from my players that. They're really in it in that were in it together and then our hearts are in it like I've experienced that I know what that feels like I know. I know that because I've experienced stated it was that they expressed to them like. I need to feel from noon. That there hearts are completely in this thing in that they want more than the other team. In that that we're gonna give it everything gap in that you know and when your kids do that. Trust me I I want a reward them and I'm Garnett and then a pat on the back in if they want pot pies chicken. We can pulled us through current go get pot pies chicken you know. It's set. It's one of those things where you know you you love your kids you there there all it we had a great moment in the locker room after the game I mean. We. There is there is a lot of joy in the locker room after the game in that he had to experience that with one another. That's the greatest feeling in between coats. One of the rewards one the most enjoyable parts of coaching. Is in you watch your players. Be in the moment. Accomplished team. There their goals and achieving what it is that one. And I've seen that and I have been a part of that and and it's almost. Thwart you know had a kid what time it 65 girl that. Her senior year. She yet. Let's get drafted the third round that you yank. In. You know what projections out there she is gonna get third round which did. In I'll never forget I was literally. Had to go find good talent and she's in the weight room. And a and really stood with this kid the parking lot and she called her her parents Ali Europe. Indicated it was so emotional. So excited in this that she was in tears were running down her face it. She can barely tell her mom and dad what's happened. Cannot stand there and watch this. And it's like. You know there's these moments ago through in life where. Do you have your players. Copies. Great things. That you feel like your little part of it. It's a great feeling it really is in that. I hope that we can. Really. Make a lot of amazing moments and memories here it was honestly that's our goal and we. We had a moment in the locker advantage to blame him. It's pretty special. And you have to think that this can be contagious now for these teams continue to say that because. You can tell from the reaction of the players on the bench for this team on the plane right home. They're having fun now you'd think that that's something that would that would wanna continue even to get to play like that because you could see the fun that there probably on this little stretch. Right I think and absolutely I mean it's it's a whole lot more fun when you win in. You know I think I've I've thought a lot about about my role with this group in what I need to be doing and then. Basically I think every day and when we go to practice. I can and I just try to bring a lot of energy in a lot of enthusiasm. And we don't we had a early shootaround. That morning in New Orleans and we know definitely lifted. 715. And we were in the GM laced up at 745 win at one actually ran. At 7:45 in the morning. They just I don't care what time it is. You at a watney he was thought it was sixty yen. I mean that more I was cranked up rated gallon in outlook had been Golan let's go let's go we've got to have that mindset that it. It's 2 o'clock in the morning which would be more challenging for me because I'm older but. Buick at 2 o'clock or English you ran. Throw cold water my face and I am going to be fired up and it doesn't matter what time it is. But I am trying to bring a lot of energy and a lot of enthusiasm. In them and I'm hoping that that will. Be contagious and rub off and then I think the other thing that I felt like our team need Cezanne. Confidence. You know we've had these games where you know we've been in it. And then. It's kind of feel like there's that that little bit lack confidence out there that they feel. And so on trying to. Try to do a lot of different things to that breed confidence that the man. In. And I think you know. When you really really want more than the other guy in we have the passion for what you do it. Austin get things can start happening in and really that's kind of what's happened. You know last two games that he would just played really really hard and there's been that extra. We've had it Dexter. Gears units in them you know that's success so you know now tomorrow we're gonna have to play yet. Extremely well against this in view it. They're really really good rebounding team and they're gonna push the ball in transition. Their car answer her very Kennedy drive needed. And then they go in rebound the ball really well we're gonna have to play really well tomorrow in that. But I'm excited it's going to be an opportunity for us to take the floor and he gets lots bring a lot of heart soul and passion it. Let's go you know what were played for Wichita State. In on the head coach of Wichita State proud indeed coach. That's a great great university in them I think what you think about the things of that and that way. In opposite then you know pride that fine pride and represent. And then that's the things that kind instill in our team. 7 o'clock tomorrow night at that you at Wichita State you're afraid it might be Chile will just. Cannot bring about 56000 people will warm it up this guy very GAAP and that makes it deletes want to shocker victory. Hey we'll talk more about this team after tapped out gotta get to break though this is shocker basketball with Heath added for eight days. Half Galilee got the point over. 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Healthy smile as a powerful thing it deserves delta dental of the nation's leading dental benefits provider could unleash your smile power delta dental. She's students can join this morning right here on KNS and. You're listening to keep that Adams it's the strained we're live at eight kids portrait of the Alley at the corner of thirteenth and premature and. Wrong with double cheek away. Look at this hour preview this deal leave it right roadkill. Up to about 6050. The final poll by the way. Now they're up by guy. With real review up. It's our amber oh he'll again thirteen points Saturday at layup there started nice and defense in the shocker eight point victory over Tulane. Coach let them get into the nuts and bolts of that game Saturday it plain that audio clip right there was the shocker double teaming Kobe Morgan. 22 points per game she scorers. Second in the conference coming in. She had that. 22 by halftime. And she finished with 25. And it was because the defense like that that we just heard. What did you tell the team it differently at halftime that shut her down completely because she really knows where that team goes should say. As she goes well she. Then she's approach. She's at the novels award. Two at seventeen points in the first quarter. And hit some amazing shots and where we were we were on Aaron. She's elevated it. Not they have some big shots and then. You know after the first quarter our second third and fourth quarter we did a better job at double team her. As she's type play really don't want play one on one. Because she's that it and then. We rotated we rotated several players throughout. And we went a box chaser defense. The whole goal of the box chase it was in when you're chasing utility face guarded. We say three things notes that means that their touched the ball. No vision years you're totally face guarding in inched your eyes are on her head and no help you don't help off. You have one responsibility and that is not laid her that's the ball in you're just wherever she goes you go in that. And then there's the four players that were in the zone in the box. Anytime she did touch it. You know if she were to drive baseline are lower player would come over and double her if she would try to drive in the middle. Mark guard it would be at the top of the zone. Would dollars a which would catch it. As she wouldn't have happened to have our players on her and so you know our goal was to make it a long night for her maker after work really hard. To get the basketball. And in what she did get the ball. We were gonna double where it and make her get rid of it it that we did a great job in the second third fourth quarter. We were mixing our defenses with. The one man not a miss in box chase on the make. Just tried to break their writ. And then at the last six I think six or seven minutes. We felt like the box chaser we switched straight with that he's thinking about it in we ran a lot of different players diving was chaser. Kiki was chaser. Chapter was Chappell played four she was chaser. And then we added the top of the honor for a little bit for about. We had Kiki had diabetes had three fouls. And we were in the third quarter so. We went some of those other guys to beat Jason completed one guy and Kiki pick up their fourth in the third. And so I mean we rotated five players throughout the night so he truly was it a team effort and then. Young ladies really excuse game plan. What the illegal she did have in the third quarter was also from. The left leaning couples that's beyond the three point arc can step in that immediately from the path. She had to work that well and she's she's a great players and she'll definitely be plain. Pro basketball in. You know she's a senior which I'm really glad you know went into effect we go up against these teams and you're playing like that you won the first thing you do is what great. And then she is seniors right now. Yeah she scored that over 2000 points out player like history in that game and now it's so great player. And then he had thought we played really hard. In and I'm glad she's. Senior. Let's look at some of the other individuals through Saturdays game I just love what Sabrina was not cabbage is if you look at. The numbers across the board major contributions. Real flashy but solid in every category seven points seven rebounds four assists. Three steals and five. Blocked shots yes that was the thing that he especially in the second half relief with the sports and a good rim protector. She was there is a stretch there. It felt like we just we played defense for like three to four minutes and me when you run out of there and and that we had five or six blocks shots. I mean there is some possessions that. It was unbelievable event in Nantes Sabrina did do a great job that she had several blocks and. Had a really big time key rebound. Towards the end of the game that. If she was very very aggressive and really went in and grabbed it. Grip with two hands that and then it was great game for Burry. The energy that he can bring coach it's not only that it is in the numbers but. He's one of those players that just brings a lot of enthusiasm energy and I think it's contagious with her because she's not. A popular player on that everybody likes to succeed. At what she denies it is one of the things they can these be dictate. Let me say that three. You know breeze agree kids he goes hearted. Stupidity that we yes pretty decent and tried to it. But also that little personality and its candidate Steve I think she needs better have a game. No more on the plane. Last. On the flight down we commercial down and then just to sit by the very. And then. I fell asleep before the plane landed. In brief picture obviously pop like nah you know that's it's not right you know and a other kids have a lot found that breeze out of that like. Three you better get a read that very you know it was so much fun it is she's got. She's a great kid and she plays artists he also has a great personality and in that's plan and yet. You know it's kind of plants admire him. She was face time with Vermont. Epic have talked about this before this spring his parents. Are both Athens and the age you know as a sign language that's how they communicate so Sabrina is on that on face time with their mom. And they're communicating it. And I was just amazed at her family in so. They got off the phone. Restart teaching me. Some sign language and so it's really neat that you know. It's that iron just know her better. And that I think that's one reason she's. Sabrina is great it interacting with people you know it does matter do. That's its slump all the kids on the team. In this get great people skills and then. And when you mean your mom I mean. The minute she's your mom. Her mother has this. Unbelievable smile in does he can just sits there her is she's a positive positive person. And it's just like pre you know. She gets on the bus this disease means she's would she sees people what she you. She's not she's just that she's got a great personality and she's truly a reflection of appearances. And I'm not mad matter anymore about the picture a little bit irritated with their as commuters greet me. We have fun with it in that she played very good bargain. Here's the other thing. It's impressive about what she did in the game coach I thought that a lot of times that game was really called tightly spaced the out on the guards a lot of foul. Probably didn't necessarily have to be called well. She blocked five shots yes three steals no fouls when the players that aggressive defensively. Usually they're going to wrap up the ball he had not how does not. Well I think she's really move her beaten was very. I think she was very very intense and extremely focused and and then you know when you're in a hostile mode he you're playing hard. A lot of things just fall into place and I think. She had a little more speak to your game I think we were planes equipped with a volley. Quick for the defense and that in just really played hard and in play at full speed. Society Ambrose you know break up the score wise thirteen points again answers season high career high here Wichita State subsidy from the field. And also three assists. If you could path. Yes letter. Great guard great vision great awareness. What is viewed her game and to this team's offense if fees can add. Scoring not necessarily thirteen that are at around 8910 points a game averaging just. Oh yeah I think this game. You know it's. The nexus S is great passer and she really wants to give her teammates involved and she wants spills of the eight ball and what's the by the open player. You know we've been honor there's been some games where you know she can get to the basket and there's been times she's got the basket. If she's turned down a shot and made the extra pass which really didn't need to. And that still wouldn't try to get her to. You know deal more aggressive about going to the vested in and taken a shot at the rim and look at the score. And and just take what the defense gives you yet. The defense doesn't step over keep going with it and that's at times I think that she had. Turn down some opportunities that she really needed continue to go on and shoot the ball that up to speed and a good passer and play hard on defense and then you know and then also I think tickets and opportunities which had. The shot she took this were some games and she's been reluctant than passing too much in some ways so we've been trying to give heard it. To be better about the attitude. Did a good job with it. He hated it also from the free throw line 80% Wichita State still the top free throw shooting team in the American athletic conference and two games that you win that were relatively tight he needed free throws down the stretch to ice them. Kiki going back to Wednesday night a 50% free throw shooter but you guys work on it. She was four for floor late in the game on Wednesday night diamond rage he also knocked theirs down it happened again on Saturday instantly as well. One of the things we do every day in practice we finish practice. You know lap will have to group will go. Now one group one in one group together and we'll put five minutes on the clock and house at K today I want. First team makes 113000 room. And we do this every day so you know what happens is that. He shoot free throws that your your very focus is guess what. I say I want eleven and around all right we make Cinderella. Steadier out. So now this is this is the wind you hit it. Practices over its if you miss it we go back to zero in that and we practice that every day. And you know I think it's a great weight now I'm watching our players we do that. You can see. What players we need to get that position where your shoe missed free fits it to ice it when it. Who handles that and who doesn't speak every day you Pittman a position where. They're really have to concentrate. Even with the static and you've made for a row while wannabe guy to step up their in this instance a great way to. Practice pressure free throws it. And to develop confidence of and then everything is surpassed its competition select group yet there has nine. You can't Barrett they start yelled at you guys did great she is. 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TV we not only sell the highest quality TV brands like LG but we also have one of the largest selections of real good entertainment furniture in the city. After TV we've got our roots in Wichita not just our branches. Why is Glenn Beck doing here mornings and I'm right here on. Need to keep that Adams it's deep strain we're live at eighteen sports the Alley at the corner of thirteenth and green eggs and. Over the card which they've got the bat well. That would that. Think rose through the Florida that was not a capital they've slightly from its aren't true and what put up good. Workplace that rain and rain didn't start with what he's got he's got a key to the lead at seven. All are parade this. Play here well the week 21 points that rebounds the race deep. There is two points right there in the soccer victory. Older Atlanta welcome back eight days without the eighteenth green which road as we make before the break the shocker on the art 7 o'clock. As that you and thought 8:3 o'clock for South Florida. And coaches have revived it back to back games. We had Houston in Central Florida because it seemed like these teams that are doing a lot of things differently Houston with a high scoring team that Florida not. Mana to view averaging under sixty points per game itself will order 77 points per game you're gonna get through different styles. Right talk a little bit about as that you spurs and what you've seen from them. Well with us at new there. They're there game is an eight game of tradition they're gonna. First try to really attack you with their guard play in fast break it they really like to drive the baseline they kissed Obama winning. They're gonna drive it hearted. And those spot up three point shooter in the other quarter. We'll bring you shooter behind the driver to where they wanted to jump stop and turn throw it back out. They've got a shooter behind him in the Adelson that it shooter the other ups quarter. They got the size of that one post player that's. 6665. CC's size with them. That transition stopping transition it's going to be really key. And I know I feel like Cole and his team to one shot is really huge. Are rebounding is going to be really really important. They've got a couple guards that can really shoot it in bits and guards really put it on the floor in their post. We've really watched a lot of film their kids on the block him. Did turn. Certain ways that you know you gonna have to be really good about not linens kitchen where they want. And you gonna have to bring some double teams on some awesome of their size so. I think rebound needed get back quickly and keep in those guards in France in that plane aggressive bit. You know stopping transition. And then contesting shots in rebounding and hold the line. He is really really critical South Florida 77 points per game as the new fifty it isn't you. Here are coached by April college basketball junkies. Got back to the well with the southwest conference days back in the right. That's a youth coach Travis at any rate school system. Simply the fact that I. He's the coach it's pretty good job that program absolutely no talent. Had to give freedom minded. Is that Travis really well it and then Travis is rated. Player development. And yet the keys really hard work Greece now time recruiting. And then you know they're going to be will appeared in there and they're gonna play hearted and they got some you know balance of that inside out presence that get it guard plane. And then I'm impressed with their posts so you know Morgan athletic complete game for forty minutes and we'll have to come out at the gates rate again. South Florida's team that again like the use of these conferences for what is one. Doesn't get enough recognition. I think passionately for house successfully. Another. Very successful team as we coached by Jose Fernandez does a really good job that's good programs year year out. It's. It's. And other top 25 team. There in NCAA tournament team no question. In you know they get. A great guard that can really really put up numbers and into the big big points. I'm a coach that. I really focus on who I'm playing in and I don't look at it. So. I've now watched film on them. I take it on my assistant coaches we yet. We all have an assignment on scouting and then. He knows so it rotates in them. What that does this unity go went coached that that has this and you scout. And then what we've been given is that because it has its GAAP. And actually talked to our high hoops members. Before the game talked about the game plan. And what that does is you know you've got to coach it's that's doing a lot of their homework. And study in in into that scout together. And so like winning games over. That coach now we're gonna get together immediately. And then bam I'm gonna dive into that I really stay focused on. Who were playing in. And I watched a lot of film and so we're very well prepared because you know we've got a system in place where. We're we're working in an ahead advanced in getting the work done. Then the head coaches really locked in with the team and focus on who we're playing next and I take it one game at a time. We've had in the past week that's team visited. You know rattled off when he wins and around him at all. Focus on who your client. I take one game at a time approach. On the big believer in it then but I have watched their box scores and looked at some of their stats in. Mean I know that there they're very independent big numbers. Will definitely have to be right. Well suffice to say they're good the fourteenth floor one loss in conference play you know of that conference losses to. But if you want to see good team. Maybe get beat by up and coming team that very well could happen on Sunday if it's soccer team he played the way. That article or break come back and wrap things up right after the age eight I think this week. Eight days what's militarily thirteenth and green which road and widgets on your new home for shocker coaches shows to be sure to check out our all new burger menu because Monday's a burger dates and ages and don't forget Thursdays or buy one get one free T today tiny only and excludes the superdome join us for happy hour every day from two to 6 PM and nine to 11 PM while you're here right to go carts take a turn in the laser may enjoy the game room football a couple of games AG sports grill at the outcome of the superdome 29 inch pizza to locations in Wichita and one and Hutchinson proud supporter of shocker athletic. 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Would recruit informants. Important for you know for a fact that license office. I remember maybe depends on the platform itself and so we want to tune in contrast the Mormon. He Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday at two defaults happening right here on AM yeah. Need to keep that Adams. Misty spray and we're live at eight sports at the Alley at the corner of thirteenth and green into. Which itself it for the elephant Flockhart rightly until. Nobles of the lately for with our way out is good. Buys this argue getting into the lane. Now it's art on the right block left wing and got that wonderful. Few more points arrangements aren't a shocker during the soccer victory over Italy. On Saturday coach we that you can't they think you know pretty good run for the money right now. Only three Austin in theaters these taxes like the 22 well. Great game great games great players out there a lot of all Americans them. But those teams and then you know I think that. Those theatres both very very count it and it's a fantasy women's basketball game. With a score like that fans enjoyed excellent. Well part of the reason that games he played tonight there's a lot of great basketball today you'd be good all day. The marquee matchup on the men's side in this. Marquee matchup on the women's side that conference of course it's. Mark that the key it's that we had basketball all day as we remember that great life great message. Martin McKee one degree and a T you'd be used. You came from a university obviously broke I think there back in nineteen. 55. With the Internet and its program played in the national. Against Kentucky it was the first time championship game. That a basketball team you definitely leveled it started five African American players. You'd have coached by your friends. Doghouse he coached there for such a long time and what you cap that's very very special. Day for it and bring it up on this Martin Luther King. I really appreciate it and at that you know one. Really amazing Dan experiences for me in ethernet. Outlets like friendship with Don Haskins and now. You know what I think it. You know it's. For inmates when you. When you watch a movie would be the extreme. It tells someone's life story. And they're your friends and then you know when I'll never forget now watching cooler room. All the Hollywood people keep and it. Our men's team and our women's team and coaches. We actually went with coach gaskins and members of that team was still alive. We went to the movie theater. And we watched the new me with them. In for me it was. You know I get goosebumps thinking about it and then suggested that. I have I am a better coach. And now because of my relationship with him he he helped me allotted. These you know Oklahoma that Laker Hillary. Anna Chlumsky. You know what he did he. He he coached coached girls basketball high school bullets basketball coach both teams. Drove a school bus made the boys Saddam once thus girls down in other. And then you know start and he went Texas western and he's trying to recruit the best players. In took a lot of heat for it. And they've. It would mean is that. You know the senate conferences at that time no one was offering scholarships to African Americans at that time you know the FCC is we know it now. Didn't have anybody on scholarship and coach would have got the best players. You received death threats and hate mail. I'm kind of things that happened in. It was about the human being the best they can be. Given those guys an opportunity. And it really realized that I want to repeal it now. Ed it was. That having success. And then winning in adults it didn't. Then everybody across the countries that hey. Hewitt next question did. And so did they started doing it because of contestants this guy's success if they lost. Eight of female. You know ten years of warriors would have come vying. That scholarships would it be an opportunity. African Americans though that would only set the airport they would contestants. It witnessed. The person cabinet the end insane. Contestants. I just once they think you. Have you changed. History and how you open it lowers. And I think it. You know people. Understand it what he did in what those guys on the team did it change the landscape of college athletics in. I'm really proud that I can say he's my friend. Lot of fun with coach went. He retired and but what he did was after games. He was Colin Billy Gillespie's Colin dots there he was Colin Tim Floyd. He was calling me after games in what now what happened in the game that we talked about the game. And and I in. I just feel really honored and it's one my all time greats. Moments that I can say. Use my free and he made you better it's in many today if he thought the movie was which is a great movie. It can look at the book the book is even better than the movie and what's really neat. For me to act could put down. That read the good. You're hearing coach Haskins bullets. So for me read the book it was really awesome because your coats. And him telling his story and very very proud of that asses apart mistreated. You know today's the day that yes me. We army did you know think about. And it's important that we respect everyone and then there's a lot of there's lot of great things in his country but there's still some time there's some things it's not it and you know patent activists it's something that's not acceptable. In I'm proud contestants. In rather than what they did that 1966. Team. It's the only school in the state taxes. As a man's best national team here. No a Texas team has won a national championship in men's basketball. He set you tepid and I and every night stayed at his every night. When they come out they say it's not only Texas men's team with the best teams that that's pretty special in 1966. Now. He had a qualities they let. Really trying to make history deterrent when she was coaching basketball yeah Dylan he needed really realize what. I think the magnitude of what happened. Because there's says it shakes things that you know here's that it Steve about that and this win and they want that she'd be chip. That that would have made things a lot easier and better for their program right. It actually made things harder. Because Sports Illustrated came out with a really negative article. That there are a lot of false things and it it. Really really. This contest enough to instantly that it Canada. That you know and a lot of hate Tina really really brought out you know in. Knowing received death threats that's pretty serious thing and there is one thing about it then it was pretty funny in its. You should read the book everybody should read that it. You know they began plaintiffs in the evidence in the you know. And coach got a definite in the hotel room. About the game. And then. That's really really struggle about where it is played it he's not is yet JFK it. That's yeah. He plays it one at that point game that they want a time outs. Want a player of the writer and the fact that was certainly fit worry nicest hopes up but as you may have got to be routed into. That's in the book the great aunt great day at that those shots that got them thank you on he is very. Absolutely the most part and I never thought this. Those doctors dot com that. And everybody that looks we'll talk tomorrow on the route. This has been in the Wichita State shocker women's basketball coach recently head coach Keith Adams and Steve strained. Brought to you by comfort system. Delta dental your hometown Chevy dealer. They Kansas health foundation. Blue cross blue shield of Kansas the Carnahan group. Clinton's appliance the Kansas Department of Transportation. Future step. Tall grass country club and AJ sports grill.