The Keitha Adams Coach's Show 02-12-18

Monday, February 12th

The Keitha Adams Coach's Show


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Shocker women's basketball coaches and with your head coach Keith Adams brought to you my comfort system. Delta dental your hometown Chevy dealers that Kansas health foundation. Blue cross blue shield of Kansas the Carnahan group. Looking compliance they Kansas Department of Transportation. Future stand tall grass country club and AJ sports grill. Now let's go live to age in sports grill with the reality of the corner of thirteenth in Greenwood road wins Steve spray. Hello everybody welcome bit. The reality that the victory which road it is time it's not Wichita State women's basketball we've got. Coached heat out of here great crowd as well it's been a few weeks things if all of you for coming out and that's yet. With basketball coach here we'll talk about the past week it was obviously not easy what for the soccer's but it never played like UConn. Looking at its TV while ago number one UConn playing number four Louisville united. UConn is having their way with him as well we'll talk about the experience of playing against the number one even issued. With the coats to games this week. And it's poll gave Andy wrote game for the shoppers we got. Temple this week on Wednesday night followed by a trip to Dallas take on ethnic Saturday. Wednesday night's game badly to date that is going to be our plate for a game the peak gained from Wichita State where. Funds will be raised would be okay yeah cancer research foundation. Wichita State will be built 82 dollars. Of every ticket sold. Toward that wonderful columns to come on now see the shoppers reach your peak and will watch with Utah State. And temple played in in Dallas Saturday at 2 o'clock tipoff that shocker that's. So will take time I'll come back and get things rolling doctor basketball with Keith Adams for eight games. Back to get it started right after this. 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Look back hate gays Galley fifty degree to which we're cocky Wichita State basketball with coach Keith Adams. Nice crowd here again we appreciate all of you stop buy thanks to all of you who releasing it well on K this as we will have shocker basketball year. On this that's this Saturday Wichita State. At Aniston in 145. Pre games you know that they chapters at my feet and we'll keep it off at 2 o'clock. Rob Dallas first up though for the shocker the whole game Wednesday night. That's right it will be fit that you can now reach your peak with Valentine's Day that you Valentine's date to go green. Your peak and off the supportive because again with. Two dollars of every ticket sold with fruitcake you out cancer research fund so a great cause our peak game. For Wichita State on Wednesday night's temple is the opponent. 7 o'clock tipoff will have regained starting goat dockers dot com thirty. At 645. Well if you rolling here welcoming our coach Keith Adams so they're coach paid there. Hi everybody appreciates guys being here tonight. And a lot of folks that week after week certainly pre yes yeah loyalty and well what are you today I mean. As I mentioned earlier we're looking at now you can't beat the Louisville like seventy in the war the nation our second counts that we're. We're certainly not alone in in this juggernaut that is UConn basketball it's. You know idea. First volley. I want to leave it out really really proud of our players because. My dad Toby is a long time ago you know anyone can handle winning and winning easy. You know if you have a match that's pretty easy handle losses is not always that easy in. I have to tell you. The ladies in Mike coaching staff columnist. Two weeks at that a couple messages but. Kick it. And we we we handle it and it classy way and nobody may ask themselves it's. Very proud of the team and now we. It it took it to us and that's a phenomenal program they got phenomenal players and that are that are definitely. You know they've got eleven national championship banners hanging in the rafters. And that they had told the team after the game I said this is not the first team that they've done this to. It is not going to be the last scene that they used in. But you know. I was very proud of how we handled it. But. Yeah opinions. You know a lot of people would probably me and in my coaching careers that. Yeah that was by the worst day your life. You know a lot people think. And but I got packet that you little story. About someone that. That I work whip. It eats at two had a had a really bad day I got mud. I got ninth. In. And almost. Lost his life in this been a week in the hospital. Couple guys came up behind these men robbed even joked he'd make it. Is that say it is stories because. We get raided hit back home it. We were in the Bahamas this was happening. And we hit back now. In that and we're at the airport Miami. And you look at means it. Coach Kelly knows this that day was actually the best day of my life. Look at him like. Are you crazy what do you mean it was the best they realize it basically. He changed his life did change to me was changed and I looked at everything. He's different he's a different person. Because of what happened again. And that happened was kind of crazy but it it really did it changed him in any any gateway. And a and I act out about his experience in all that it. Acting like that's the biggest piece of humble theory I have ever had in my life. That did that game and I. On the way home. On the fly eight. I was very inspired and very motivated by just being in battery and played against their team. Any experiences that level of play it motivated me in inspired me and actually. I've thought about my friend who had this happen now that. What you think was a dreaded day which actually be it one of the best days in his life as it. Changed for the good. And I take it what happened to us on Saturday. Cannot take it it has actually great thing because now I'm really motivated even more after it my butt kicked like that. And I told you after the game as it. I hope one day we give you again. And that's what I want you know what they try to get in the game and that's a tall order and that's. That's a lofty task and that's. A lot people ill act right now what's happened so you know. Who knows if we ever well. That I say this that's what I wanna do and that's what we're gonna work hard towards trying to do Wednesday and that. So I've taken that day in man. And use it as motivation as coats and it wasn't the worst date my candidacy might be the best day because. We'd go up against the very best. And it makes you wanna be best to it makes you wanna do better so. You know. I'm going for it to go give it gal we gotta have that mindset going get it. And we got to get after it and this thing is gonna be easy to do. That you gotta have a mindset that. Determination. Being persistent. The passionate. You guys have no idea I mean I took some time tell me that relaxed notes is not just I'm wired I am very wired up and but you know that's mean years. We hear motivated. Inspired and feel a sense of urgency and the Emmys and all these words. That's like today as the describe myself where rat him while want to do that debt. You know it wasn't the worst in my coaching careers might have been the best. Because it definitely lit fires. In NAND. At the you'll think about anything else since we played in now and then so. Experiences you know make you. Wiser in and I stick it down. It was an unbelievable experience and a lot of different ways but very proud scene I'm very motivated. And you know and and then. That day February did he ever has got birthdays and yeah holidays. And anniversaries. They're great kids today not ever gonna forget it and it's. But smack in days black college we got our butts back that they but let me say we got. In Connecticut we got our our tails kicked. You know and Edward were. Get home or on the bus. And and we got smacked again you know also it was like every tip is a smack in day we've just got smacked what was. I don't know I think. And is now set on the front of the bus stared out with an out the window look at the highway. In I was in very deep thought I really was means of meetings with him on my announced that. Car and truck went right front of us 360 propping mr. Federer Abbas by about two to three feet. And then and it hit the bridge decided bridge in it that made it bounced back and it. It hit the back of our books. And yeah so. Miller sat on the bus for an hour. Having to wait on our other plastic can get us in a sit in on. You can't make this stuff not like has this day not bad. You know. We got beat up pretty get rightly taken a lot of hits. And we still licking it where that you know lot. Maybe that happened for another reason because totally puts everything into perspective that. It's a crazy about these games crazy about staff outside you know I could have busload kids' hospital we could have been. You know we committed in hold another place. At that track. Three if were were more feed it and hit the front of our bus he knows I'm not. Be your day so maybe that happened to her things also in perspective so it was a hill today is that it straight out it was quite game. You know what. We had a good practice today in our kids work it work at each other. We handled it. And in Enola that would be you make is still batters. Plates of our best bomb these next few weeks nets try to did so. It's all get it's obvious the. You touched on something out there that did not really dawn on me until you mentioned that you knew that's. That's right that did happen that way that was the fact that. During the entire game Saturday. You still it. When games get where this one went sometimes it's not unlike that it goes to maybe it's relax a little bit. Take a seat and watch from the bench. And that didn't happen and there was very specific reason why I want to talk about that you will. Yeah you know I again. You're in tough situations and you know it wasn't like at that I have burned three timeouts. And one time out going into halftime. In and I need about twenty timeouts that day that. You know I. I I did not have pursued him in in the reason was I wanted. I want for our players to know that I was still. I was right there for them. And that wasn't gonna help you get beat there's you know it's it's so lopsided it it's broken he would really easy just go and sit down and say. This game's over you know it just checkout button. But the clock ran out in DeSoto there. And if not I can do a lot to help our players are really good and not accept or. Encouragement and then let them know that day. I'm here in it with you all of them right here and I'm not gonna go. I'm not gonna go sit down in check out on you I'm right here. And I did some that did that that I wouldn't sell them I mean it would normally would normally do it. But in the second half in the fourth quarter. Hands took a really hard hit and I think 98 point 5% it's nine guess what. Charged or the other way and it's its in depth on the ground dot com page she got called for the it's not called timeout. It's. Expressed my concern. Him. They have a time out you know complicated line. And it's add to that time and a are you. And then you got kids now that you're their four minute you're fight form that it is with them. Anyways that's. That's why yes that little game. That sedan and don't want the kids know that violence that has their form. Just talking about this UConn team and maybe gotten some things in perspective coach. Couple things did I mention this when in the pregame you know all the ridiculous accomplishment this program has had. Coached. Do you have any idea in the last time they lost two games and. It's tied it. Along 1992. In 93. Is the last time they have lost two in a row but as for this player 92. 99890. Ridiculous yeah it's you know I think that people probably don't really understand. Truly how phenomenal what they and built. Its. It's not you know it's not just the dynasty it's an empire. It's it really is and now. You know I think you know an American conference there eight to announce right now you know in so it's. You know bit. He's because she's got the best players in the world in the country in in you know their leading scorer if you guys watch the mavericks. You know sales that she's like Dirk Nowitzki for the mavericks that means she's 63. And it. You know it's Jesse says six it. And that says is right honored that she just goes up and keeps elevate and she's 63 it. She's knocking down threes you know five feet behind the three point line she's really like their bits means she's. She's. What you peca. Would traditionally be a post player with their size. She's 63 guard. That you know can shoot. Phenomenal shooter I'll read Larry Larry Bird caller Larry Bird come doctor. To exact kind of play and then and then it got you know pick up five pros. It's coming out you know they're gonna have. Along with the pros and all Americans there's enough evidence in. So it's it's phenomenal program and now. In you know what it's behind this though that if we get things. That got hit coming up have been played varsity basketball in Massachusetts the eighth grade. That's another one that Katie hit a key lieutenants and by the way the top three point shooter in the country percentage wise UConn at the top two. In the nation wanted to shooting percentage from three point range the thing that also stood at about this year's team coach statistic lies. They've got four players in the conference amongst the conference leaders in assists. And that just tells you that you know one through five. They're very capable of doing a lot of different things fundamentally well it and we saw a lot of that really did passing. And I guess I pose this question to you that can't help this team is they move forward to you know seeing how it's played the way you conduct when you close. Yeah I was asked today you know what what do you think your team in India was a coach what do you take from that experience. In them forwarded and I think the biggest you know things that really stood out was. Sites. There's sides. You know was was a big big factor they're very they're big they're big. Skill their skill set. Extremely high level skills that. And they play extremely Smart and so you know you have high skill you've got late bits. There'd if they could be a lot of these teams are out telling you right now that there's a lot of teams they can beat and a lot of names teams they could be there that and it. That skill set size and Smart. Those are things that really it's about in well oiled machine. In. Definitely something that. He did it you know as a basketball fan. And someone who loves the game. You admire how to play game he truly did and it's it's impressive and that's great. Basketball. All right we will take time out from AG's that the I'll be talking Wichita State women's basketball with Keith Adams coach. We will look ahead and also looked way ahead and talk about recruiting it's another group that shoppers have gotten. And talked with got that coming up state and sharp basketball keep that in fact what we'll. 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A healthy smile as a powerful things it deserves delta dental of the nation's leading dental benefits provider. Unleash your smile power with delta dental. Clark living finding weekdays at five right here on tape and as yeah. Listening to keep that out. Adams and Steve's brain we're live at eighteen sports yeah. The Alley at the corner of thirteenth and premature and. Welcome back eight days at the Galley talking Wichita State women's basketball. He hadn't. Talking about the first ever foul committed by sharper with the jet. As we yeah. For example this Wednesday at 7 o'clock tipoff from cookery and and coach let's talk about the temple game first on Wednesday night a team that is struggling just to conference wins. On this season however they do have the leading scorer. In the conference in Sydney Atkinson is averaging. 22 points per game so while they are struggling at that they've obviously got a weapon you're gonna have to look out for her. Definitely. They're very. Streaky they're their guard play can really really they got a couple kids can really get hot and we're gonna have to guard the ball it. One of the things that they do they they're gonna pushing it transition try to fast break and I knew there are out there post players their forwards are very aggressive. They like get the ball up at the high post period fight to drive the ball Lott the let's run some high low action. Good rebounding team. They're gonna go hard for the board said. They're a team that. They hadn't had a big injury the very beginning of the year one of the best guards got hurt. And so I know they've had you know that's affected their team that. Extremely athletic and the team that you know we're gonna have to be very physical. In our defense is gonna have to be really gathered they they drive the ball a lot mate they like to get to the free throw line lots they're trying to get in foul trouble. And we're gonna have to have a quick she's on in Russell than have to be ready to play physical. Over 503. Pointers they've attempted this season. I only shooting 38% from the field those who team that out. Does struggle a bit percentage light from the field and again we are talking so much about perspective. UConn beat temple won thirteen 57 so. There's there's that is well Nate you feel a bit better when you see that tapping other people to like that account for. It's not really. Happy that's good luck and I think you know bit. Eight etiquette thing is like when he when he game. After midnight rule you know you enjoy that game after midnight just like turn the page. And start thinking about the next and so. We're well past midnight Steve. And it turned to date that you know it's it's. I am very very fortunate that the you know I am a small town girl that group forty miles near Oxford Kansas. With. Size of about 12100 people count the chickens at least have one blinking light. In just a little small town gap from Kansas that night I and it went off the west Texas in. You know it. One of the first times I have. Loaded up with flew out and we went plate locks that. Leon Barbara ward you know when I was young growing up you know. Louisiana Tech women's basketball. They were that the big fish. In that all those banners. And I remember you know. I remember what it felt like going out there. In coach in my first game against Lee on bar more in Louisiana Tech. And as big moment in. You know imminent in 2008 we made the NCAA tournament. We won their first round game at. We'll be hold. And get dead. And did take might you set fighting niners we're gonna play. Stanford. At Stanford second grounded. In our parents Jacob coach watching them. Our women's Olympic team Tara vanderveer. Coached. The women's Olympic team when they played Atlanta for the goal and then. That team. You know I felt that he was the greatest women's basketball team ever because they took a whole year off. And they traveled all over the world. Don's daily. And Rebecca Lobo. In far was the coach. And they play all these scenes. In Italy went to Russia they went to China they played on these teams on on other surface apparently in. And they end. Ran the table they were hurt like 61 you know and then they took that whole year. Do you prepare for the Olympics. And Aaron never watched the Olympics and they were playing Australia. In the semi final that was the big group voted. And here they had lost the game the whole year and that's all it was all to prepare for this. In that Antarctica is that game and they hit the big one need that win meant the goal. And I was so went on that team and what they gated. You know it here eight years later I find myself I'm looking down. I'm looking down in Gansu I've coached against. Army and appeared at Stanford and then that was a big moment. In. That's into basketball my life it's what I've been doing is located. In. You know is pretty amazing moment beating. You know we killed Candice Wiggins the 44 points that night. He's against that we held to 44. That they went on and play for the national championship. In. And UConn. Played him in the semis in Stanford. Stanford beat UConn. And they scored more points nine UConn. If they give us an island home that night film will be there might well they scored more points and UConn and they did it that it did us you yet. If we played Stanford on the court why aren't getting. Do is I've been very very fortunate. To head coach in some of the best. Programs like this year we went to Tennessee. In. Obviously it is history there and and we went figured that was on the schedule. In with Jodie playing there it is. You know I talked to Jody after we went to Tennessee. And I told her that I really really thought about her a lot is that was her school. Is that if she played there. And I want for her you know habit that I really thought about her a lot while we were down there and get in that you know they are playing in. Pat summit's paths of this war in it's you know this experience of going to UConn. It and one that I know this that Dan. I'm really honored and very. Was definitely very humbled and to be there just to be there at you know one day when I'm done coaches novices. Over announced that not Iraq chair and that was back and. You know I got to be really great friends with Don Haskins. You know. Hall of fame guy that changed men's basketball. I've just been very very fortunate and you know played for a great coach and John Battelle is an Oakland state that it is not meant to Lauren. So these big news of these coaches and these opportunities and experiences that I've had. I'm just very very blessed and very fortunate that it. The game is taking viewer it's taken me in and experience the things I've experienced. In and anorexia. Coached against him in and he's phenomenal coach and probably will programming. Wanna work hard to give me game one day. In. You know you get a dream big and you gotta you gotta go thwart. You know we're gonna go forward in and. You know analysts say go hard or go home. So you go our own rights though. We're and they'll art and we're gonna get after we're gonna work together get bitten sting is gonna be easy bit I can promise you obviously it. We're gonna put our heart muscle and it moment everything in my power to make this thing go the best that it can be in. And then you know when I'm retired now I'm not gonna have any regrets. In. You know what I'm going fifties. Hopefully use that did two years in me that I can do this planted more years you know the I reports tonight you know I never thought it gave a basketball would take me where it's taken me. In. Another another moment that was really pretty specialists. In didn't do. We had our national give it girls' and women's sports game and we recognized. Coach Hargrove. And you know it was. Quite an honor for me. To be able to present her that is a beautiful trophy to brute beautiful plaque. You know lived that I was little kid going to win this camps. In. She's been great you know I I've doctor hurston. Each sides as we've got these diseases than. House I just really fortunate. To be where I'm mad. In animal work hard for the soccer's in. In and and I you know I care about the kids on the team and you know one interested to play our best basketball. His next few weeks in. It to feel good and it did this season not have any regrets. And I tell you there's a real chance I think for this team to play their best basketball the next weeks and you guys don't look. As coaches like to look for the on the next game and if you indulge me here now maybe. Peak and a little. But of the final four regular season games the soccer's Mojave to conference when Templeton. Followed by two teams that shoppers have already beaten that's immune to lane and that wraps up. The regular season it tolls for a team then you really feel like this team should at the start conference so from that perspective. A great opportunity coach Wright feel like this team going to the post season on a four game winning streak. Well we we definitely. Yeah I think our last. Take Yukon happened last three games have been tough losses we've. In east Carolina. Houston though there teams that really press play great defense and these key cabinet please keep connected. In eastern wanted to play twelve players. Yeah I do think. Kind of biggest concern about I have right now about our team is are teams fatiguing. And we kind of ran out of gas a little bit. In the east Carolina gave the fourth quarter no question it was hurt innocent. The Houston game I thought we played forty yen in anonymity. We we have had a relic and a tough turning point you know Kiki took a bad a bad hit in. Hitter and then in our neck in. I know she was. Sure okay or not we ticker added. We had three turnovers. That just boom we got down nine points against them in and we never recover from an added that president. That was a play that. A turning point next game winnable and it's land and you know that we played some pretty good ball in that game in. Yes that's been. It's been it's been balancing that I do feel like our team has gotten better from where we were that we started this thing. My gas per semester. In a few feet back at it how we were playing in and then you look at how we've. Been played second to master it we've gotten better. And it hasn't been perfect now and there's times that you know it's it's been it's been a struggle that we have improved bit. Still wants to continue to batter and you know we get we've got some big games of evidence in and we need to go thwart. 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Jason hey join us for become reality radio week nights. I'm okay. Listening to keep that Adams and Steve strained we're live at eighteen sports filthy Alley at the corner of thirteenth and Greene the true. Welcome back eight games thirteen mainly. Shocker to temple and things like that clock Charles Cook arena that is gained on how. Help support breast cancer awareness and dollars towards every ticket sold with tough state university will donate. Or the you know fund for breast cancer researchers. Coach. Of course. One of the big stories about you coming in which you came in without having to hit the trail hard recruiting wise that. I know you really emphasized that the guard position heart for this team. It'll lose its view that sees him. Got played that it's coming in the he's still in contact with the talk about some of these kids how to do it right now and to break up a little bit of their games that it that the candidate please excuse. OK and that definitely do that Dan. You know recruiting news of the hip to it yet to work on every game. Unique situation with happens that's a large class. That we're we're excited about the kids we signed. And start now Leah. Side player out of Michigan. We've checked we've got some really good players from Michigan. Eric Hughes was in May. Played for me that was player of the year back the backing conference USA. She was from Michigan sparkle Taylor. Young lady that was a senior warming last year that's. Michigan it's now played pro ball over Cyprus so we've had some in connection with the Michigan. Is that from East Lansing and she's. Five in athletic scoring guard that can really. That the bomb a basket can shoot off the bounce. She's in the right right now for player of the year out of the state of Michigan and so. I think she's a really cute yet that. It's going to be able to help citizens in real excited about her and now yet another. And from Michigan had cheated peacock which. Jane actually had committed. Which sounds states. Before we came here and in so we we really Witten looked at her and watched her play again. Was it was impressed with how hard she plays she's an eight at guard that's extremely competitive even. Very different scene very athletic. And played well hit hit shots and hit some threes in it and competed in extremely competitive that's not that I liked about her. It now associated. You know pat to I just I really like Jada loves Wichita State in. It's today's recruiting. I think it's very rare. That it can kid commits this school. And that a coaching change happens. In the kid stays committed to this goal and that we know we we took a hard look at her and I really like after. In. And she really loves which tossed it in she wanted she know what kids they love but since they do not since. It's a lot times I mean that's a night pursuit kind kids. Then open up their recruiting began in that you go through knowledge and I get to hear how great they are. It Jada love Wichita State does its own statement. In we really like gaming. In so you know she stayed committed to which Palestinians I think that's kind of unique unique innate. And other garments. Scientists. Carla. Vermont did then she's that. Like Brett here in which top. In cheese and a bridge from France. In it can really shoot the basketball. In athletic. An outsized guard. We've we've tried says. We've tried to recruit some guards that have size does that mean we just went through what size can do for you than it. Carl does very Smart player. Extremely. Extremely athletic it. Has appeared shot. In you know I I have some clips of her. In there's days that I just I just watched that is it makes me feel better soon you know that's my that's my. That's my future there and so Carla that it can't guard really good player. It was signed six 6162. Power forward out of Brooke Shields Georgian. That's about two hours south of Atlanta for a job at Colbert which. Great physical thick body that post. I think. It really. Can really be it nice players and great kid. That's really good handling. And dads are real big guy I think she has chance of even continue to get bigger. And she's a rebounder. Strong strong powerful word. Another gently we signed is mired brewer. Bets from Kansas City, Missouri. And my exit. Exit. The visits Colorado. And buffalo. In Wichita State and says coveted Christine Tan makes the schools she visited the she's a five in. Another link the athletic guard Dan. It's slash certain school aren't in you can put the ball in the basket in. Play for Reagan played for Reagan high school programming Kansas City. In and we were we are really thrilled about keep her in Canada. Last player that Shia Smith the only firm and item bell Oklahoma. And she's 61. Great athlete. Very mobile. Rebounder. And equities that are on the front France and and she's actively that face our our last home game with footage on the front of our half court trap. In this very very effective in she as a kid that we're going to be able to the net whiz she's she's that athletic and very linked the end. It really gave Q I think we've Saxon. Talented kids and ethnic science really cute kids in. I act I'm excited about it. Such an important part of the year up. Success of the program is how are you recruiting especially with as many seniors. This team will graduate this seasons in the future sounds right. But we're working on it or working on it in. Were. We're definitely we're not done in. You know it's. It's a work in progress and I yen. I am. And excited about it in. And yet. You know there's a lot of there's a lot of unknowns is ready have something new kids and and I I wish these guys were younger on the team is you know they finally tonight for a pick portion of the year. You know they have to learn what we're trying to do and I think a lot that they were thinking you know am I think a lot. Yet now I say set that it will they go out. And you know they it's it's the system is now bear in. And I you know look at how we. Have now we are verses while we were going through early on in that you know that's how likely near coaching Jeter guys that time he got in there. They were graduate may happen in it and being gone on is there you know. Graduating but. I. I am excited about the new kids coming in in. You know we're we're gonna keep working hard and in some young kids. I can stay at. We're working hard on a young kid Kansas that could be really special and so we definitely have. We definitely know how important recruiting is for the future so it's a priority and in were were hard about it. All right one more time now will be back to wrap things up from eight gaze at the Alley shocker basketball we've gotten from the moment. 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Your low release listen up the furor over your milestone release upside down in your world or just one out of your car or inside can help you today by not least between its new lease on all more or wrote produced united from that threat you own a 28 can you sum all or -- zero down if you run them up after me -- out -- injured -- -- about 1800 new news on the there's always some Wichita about cup would recruit informants reported. People can ignore the fact be perfect vision all of that plus in the distance from the five people Jason wanted to. Join us more things right here on cave and and as you're listening to keep that Adams show yeah Steve's brain we're live at eight James portrait of the Alley at the corner of thirteenth and premature. But but AJ if he tallied thirteen victory which wrapping things up with Keith Adams again it'll be 7 o'clock Wednesday night. Where you peek at the peak game which is tough team temple. And the shocker on the road Saturday afternoon. 2 o'clock tipoff as menu you can get that one you know if that's Wednesday night game at home against temple you could hear coach dockers dot com. Coach I want to wrap up the show tonight talking about it not as much Wednesday night's game which we are pupil. But I would like to act around that time for the what this game means to use we all of course know that either we are cancers either affects us who we know with somebody the this is a big night for teams that women's college basketball what is the game. Well yeah that soon. Horrible word of cancer those Siewert hate that word. Now it hit hits home my. That's what my dad died friends. Yeah in. He and hit cancers in the liver. In that's where it started in. You know. He had. Six years if treatment in. That get thing was that. They were able to do. Radiation on him. It live two days. May have changed ribs and you know that's the thing about that. Of at least after zip you know he give it one place that it goes somewhere else and that he. Hit quality alive he did. We discount that any integrate my mom and my dad both handled it very very well. You know they didn't dwell on it and infill site for themselves seated. Is how might he go to doctor and he goaded treatments is teller did all change. You know. And he wouldn't feel very get after it you know and it. That. It really yen. It was updated then moved around Johnny Damon. And even and remember we yen. We won the conference tournament Memphis in the flew back in all the fans were in the airport way and honest and dad was an arms lenient. He the last time he had broken his in his collarbone and a I thought I got had a crazy dog at that time I thought man my dog must not be over broken bone or whatever he rolled over in bed his collarbone Brooke. And the cancer was back in that area and that's what caused it so you know flip through. And then. Six years and it. Then again it came back. In his liver where it originally started in when that happened. There wasn't anything that they can do for him in. You know they told us six months. Six months to a year. In. I was recruiting in July in. Mom and dad called me and told me in Seattle went home and went back out recruited. And then I went back home and Natalie del paso line. In one. Nothing no time my dad was at the hospital and long story short. It was five weeks my dad passed by weeks after they told him. And I think he was tired and he. He accepted you know the situation. And it's five weeks ago. It definitely you know they look at the very very lucky gal because I had a great dad I got a great mom. And my dad. Had a great irony was zinni's eighties. In heading for a long time. Some people lose their parents at a much younger age and so. My dad and I had a great relationship. And I have I don't have any regrets. And with my dad and I think that's something that's really important is. What kind of relationship you have been. That the toughest thing is that you know you lose someone you love it's it's hard to lose someone that you love. In but I was lucky having he was here for a long time and so that that was a blessing in and I think about a mile time and and he was great giving me advice so I. You know I thought about that UConn we've made home last night. Daddy he'd be proud of because I've played it cool concedes they play it cool kids that play it cool you know he gave me great advice all the time in. You know I was very fortunate so the oddly worded that kids children get it you know. Can't imagine what it's like for parents that their kids or deal with dad so you know. Pressure which we can find it here that we can get rid of that because it. Everybody knows somebody that you know has dealt with it and so it's a big game at tickets and night that we. Definitely think of those that is gone leftists from cancer those that are dealing with it. Survivors. People who have overcome that you know they they have a lot occur region. In them. In any case count your blessings in and that's just pray one David we're no longer deal with it in that some now. We get this thing figured out in. Because it definitely it's it's effective way to mean people in. I would love I'd look for that to happen. And really great to see many in the stands Wednesday that it Wichita State is donating two dollars and every ticket sold. Toward the KL foundation for breast cancer right there to know that that's something that makes for a. It is in K now. Lot of gal you know and that's yet let her famous saying this you know we did in life kicks you dad and aunt. He's got to get back gap in then she spotted battled it. Unbelievable what that organizations. It inexperienced people's lives it gives them you know more quality of life so. We want to hear that also have some people have more years of quality life and so it's great causes. Analysts say thank you everybody here tonight. Pressure abiding reaching out and checking on us after our little fender Bender and were OK the shock hazard edge state we'll see guys Wednesday night wearing pink. The next decade. Team. System. That they'll your hometown Chevy dealer that Kansas health foundation. Blue cross blue shield of Kansas the book Andrew. Clinton's appliance the Kansas Department of Transportation. Future Stan. Tall grass country club and AJ sports grill.