The Keitha Adams Coach's Show 11-27-17

Monday, November 27th

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Time for the Wichita State shocker women's basketball coaches and with your head coach Keith Adams brought to you by comfort system. Delta dental your hometown Chevy dealers that Kansas health foundation. Blue cross blue shield of Kansas the Carnahan group. Licking the clients they Kansas Department of Transportation. Future stand tall grass country club and AJ sports grill. Now let's go live to age in sports. Experience but the reality of the corner of thirteenth and green which road wins the spraying it. Soccer basketball we keep them out of these and we spent the next hour talking. Wichita State women's basketball we've got the coach here we get a player it's well and hey we got a win talk about it's gonna be a lot of thought it was a lucky yesterday Albuquerque shocker pick up that first. With of the season at 23 point victory over cal Irvine. And the shoppers looked good at it with a lot of promising things for the futures though. We'll certainly talk about that with the coach of this week at that this number that has the shocker is that home why today including. This Wednesday Wichita State will be home. Those old rivals from Springfield Missouri candidate Charles Coker revamp. Missouri State it's 7 o'clock tip off we'd love to cut you out there at the end. A busy Friday Charles duke Reid as well because for the volleyball begins it. 6 o'clock the shocker this course will take up western Illinois at noon. That's the schoolhouse rocks with the sharks game where there will be. Let's stick like if you kids on hand making a little bit in Italy but the fact that he would start. On Friday love to have you got that well through two games at home this week it is simple games. We'll talk about that with coach got it well right now will take time now we come back. We'll get things started with the coach Mike for ages at the Alley thirteenth agreement back in a moment. 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Warmer than average winter below normal above normal snow last very snowy weather and warmer than usual or normal. Temperature and there you have it it's going to be cool brand warmer with more or less snow than normal winter weather outlook and don't forget about logging I mean yeah I. Yeah I mean you're right now it's alumni and whatever that is. This winter when you need to know depend on yours severe weather station that's up last year affected. Dirty OK and SS. Mark Levine joining weekdays at five. Right here on faith and as an analyst. Listening to keep that Adams it's the strain we're live at eighteen sports the Alley at the corner of thirteenth and premature. Like guarded by them. Now it's like he's under the right when it guarded by Lockhart driving it and see through it approach and I think plane still started the Hamlet. Could it shelters this is sorry is he. Shocker on the board first exactly the student costly. Since our aunt Rosie oh with two early points after a steal helping the shocker jump out to an eight nothing lead they move on to beat. Color vine by 22 points 23 point seventy feet 53 welcome back eight. Eight days at the alleys soccer basketball with Keith Adams. Once again just to sit out the week for you 7 o'clock on Wednesday night Missouri State and Charles who Corina is likely be the first two weeks in a row. But the shocker will play Missouri State that in turn around Springfield following week. And did it do on Friday after it was only comes to the ground announced the school house rock with the Sox game at 12 o'clock coach. You've got your earplugs ready for that went right I do you hear floods and a couple of pastor okay. Our friends great that the start the season and no disrespect to them they didn't do it justice what you're inexperience Wright really tell me about it. Well we have about four times that he screening kits that okay now. The bailout get ready get ready. I'm I'm I'm anxious to statement. Sit still graces to be home we've been the road warriors plane. Lot of games on the road this that's going to be nice this. To be back home in plane took Arenas and we're excited about it. Well let's talk about how you felt today that probably tasted bad a little bit more spring in your step everything like that happens when you win. And that was a pretty pleased to convince the team played well played as a team Italy with a twenty plus point. Victory yes. You know marking yesterday was a really our first game we've had this year that. I felt like we played eight a forty minute game we played well from start to finish. I thought we had great focus. It's really the first ballgame we've had since I've been here that we we put together a complete game so. It's been a process I think again. You know for me up I've learned things about our team. Sometimes they start up a year you get a mindset of doing certain things in them. You you can sometimes figure things eliminate eliminate certain things we shouldn't be diligent and uncertainties we should be doing it. It's it's been a learning process and played great competition. And I think we've seen a great resilience. I think that our players are starting to understand what I'm wanting. From him and you know yesterday's game. It definitely was our best game we've had his point. Yes there's there's a lot at play here would you start up towards it for this team not to make excuses but. I think our fans there are very knowledgeable pretty have a pretty good understanding how difficult this schedule has been so far. Maybe not everybody understands South Dakota that's a really good team play with team last season we all know that Tennessee we noticed like he did Gallagher but it's just been tough. And did like you said you're still trying to get used to these kids of them you. But maybe this is this is the turning point where it all starts come together. Yeah I'm glad he needs in South Dakota because you know of all the games we play. That's probably the game that I probably the most unhappy with because we played at home and I felt like we just played. Very poorly that day. But I also think too there are some things that we were trying to do. That I've learned a lot more about our team since that game. And then salutes you got to understand that I'm learning about our players just as there learn about me it. That that game I I went home that day in very unhappy with how we perform that day. In have all the teams we've played that was kind of won that that was most. Unhappy about so. You know I mean eager for us to have it great practice tomorrow. For us to play well Coakley because I don't feel like we played really yet here at home. In so I'm anxious for a start doing that. In that Wednesday as the knights a big Linux. A rival game there's a lot of history with this matchup in Wichita State. I'm excited to be a part of that hand them and I really eager to give our team going inferences to perform well at home has. I don't feel like we've done it yet and that means they would be great. It first gets started one thing I think we've learned about this team is they've got some fight some hard. And they don't quit because act straight and fifteen point third quarter deficit it was a race. Completely by the 630 mark of the fourth quarter it was time. Overcame a double digit deficit against New Mexico. Overcame a double digit deficit the next day instantly. Those things to be very encouraging and also the way the home around ten. Other than that second and third quarter it was nineteen quietly. United that he and three quarters to that he could easily run away with that humans when what. Right at it and the Tennessee game. You know we definitely. We were the first quarter we were up seventeen to thirteen. And half we went in at halftime down one point. And I think can holly probably cheated on them a little bit at halftime I did you gonna come out. And it play. Listen urgency in. We we had about 383 minutes there that. That we. We didn't do what we do at practice we were doing things that I've never seen before it's kind of like there's times that we yet. Lack discipline and and we we deviate get away from the things that we're trying to get our team do you practice in. You're in three minutes and we had some very costly turnovers. And we have some new shots. Announced that boom time out we were down to it. And so you know I think again. Cut down our turnovers taking better care of the basketball. And trusting. That things that we have in that were working on him practices making sure we do in the game. And that's the things that really work with our team get their team to do it. I think there's there's starting to bite in has some of the things that we did working on it and we're we're having some successes others in that. And it's just a. The process we're going through. Let's then talk about how all this culminates what happened yesterday because it really was a thing of beauty the team's shoot well over 50% from the floor. And 25. And they really go hand in hand coach because when you're passing the ball well you pass the ball at the right time. You're passing the ball to the right spot. You're gonna get shots it's just an added that if knocking him down yesterday both of those things happen. Right connecting fit. If you've watched her piece we understand that teams of being. Defendant necessary wave at trying to make it difficult courses. We've really been working on what you're just talking about that is becoming a better passing team in moving the basketball. You know we find it he can move the ball war it makes defense work more in that. Plus I think anything that we've really struggled with that our offense is that we. We have not had any written in that he not take part of the optic part of the blame on that fact that. I've been doing different things with our team. Trying to figure out what's the right fit really would doesn't. You know when you're searching for those things that we got shot the ball well. That might be part of a little bit why we're not yet written so I can't take a step back and in really yen. Not a lot of heart after a lot better offensive. And I think it's thin it's it's not that that you've really got an ad in the gym in our practices. We're moving the basketball war rumors setting more screens is still not where I want to be that it hasn't proved it. I think we're doing it's being attacked believe it I think it's better forces. Plus you know we can't get your creates chemistry with one another. Option is driven out. One thing I can do you like to shoot the ball. And you know I mean. Mean you're shooter it's all about didn't read them. Offense is really and your team DNC for that is that there's that ribbon it is and we you know struggled finding that some of we've we've worked on that in you know we're approach and it it's different ways I do think it it's it's helping us and then we just get keep working on. Let's take this passing team like we saw yesterday a step further because it's especially critical against the zone. We get a lot of zone yesterday need. Like he said keep that ball a couple of steps ahead of the defense reversing it time. And watching this team execute against the zone was being interviewed yesterday and it's not always been that way lately last few years. Yep well it's. Again you know I think that Dan. We have to understand. You know moving the basketball and make. Work work out a very good shooting team at times if we take quick shots especially bad shots that sometimes our shot selection has been always the best. We're also addressing that trying to get better on that so it's a combination of things that. You know I think that the greatest thing it yesterday it was that. Since I've been here I feel like yesterday we truly routine but. If felt great locker room felt great out there and it felt great on the floor. And you know that's a big part of it in and Andy we all had. One focuses in its brief focuses. We read it together in he really carried over and so. You know I'm hopeful that our players. And he enjoyed that experience that we had yesterday. In that we're gonna continue to want to have those experiences that build off that. That I was very pleased with that. The team effort in him we we played team volumes do we really did itself. You know it's. It's a work in progress in. And keep added that and I wish after the end it is intensely yesterday because I do think it. People would dad would feel much better about as we didn't and that you know that's over. In state today desired AM watch them on Missouri City. In tomorrow we'll get the GM and get our game plan ready in we know we're gonna have to be ready to play it and it team at the beginning Wednesday night. Yeah let's just rally the troops but another together like that witnessed in our fans will get to see it. No not me better nonconference opponents than Missouri State to have in this to put together game like that we talk about that morning program right now. We'll take time now we'll get your players that you don't have problems well this is shocker basketball with Keith I. We are eight days at the only fifty degree to which talking shocker women who take time out come back with more right after this. Its own reflection of his war zones like between seventeen should be closeout sale. I'm buying it at seven. 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When this season well look at coach Adams back up here a little bit but right now we've got one of the player he's brought along who. Did very well averaged ten points six rebounds over the weekend of the three games in Albuquerque. And did it very close to home and seized from Santa Fe, New Mexico. Playing right down the road. In Albuquerque let's hear first Sabrina goes all the candy to do it this here on the program hello Sabrina thanks for stopping by tonight. Well first of all how much fun was it for you to be able to play. Not display that play that well in your home state. And it's a great you know I have my family and a lot of friends there. Mighty great are making appearances down from Idaho that's come wants to play you know it figures to give them more confidence and an incentive to him you know they look better. And I'm glad and produce and put him. Let me tell you. Your own little cheering section of family friends asked you before one of the games you haven't. Had. No. Did you ever it is that due to take account of how many people who had their game and lots of family friends and not hurt I was able to give out when tickets from. My from team so I can give to them bank and a lot of my friends go to school this news. He would have preferred that I don't think there's enough that you think they've. Kind of rock and. Does it inspire you I think he touched on this with grandpa doesn't inspire you though what you know that that there there. To try and work a little harder play a little bit better. Yen us just in my grandparents. As the first on the pitching and playing and the collegiate Evelyn. That would. Finally. They can from either Hudson and console games it felt good that I can claim enough for them to. Let's talk about the team and how well they played yesterday the kids. Even close like against Illinois plates of related to how good did it feel. During that game when he solid with the all week after quietly. Played four solid quarters of the game. You know we've been working and then that requires getting it when it went really can't think you know again. We were tied it in all four quarters. We've Biden is really about an excellent coach was saying you know just testament. Not questioning anything is found in the game plan what we. What else did you see differently that happened it that clicked for its key we touched on passing. He is this why did that work better yet found. Coats he gave us pep talk to get faster film iron. Saturday yet and it's just me about and I don't question was there you know she's doing some indignant very long time and I'm just really just do it she says she she dances and do it and Sweden. And it all came together and you. It was certainly a fun thing to watch a little. Talk about the scheduling it what it's been like as a player to be out there against. You know it's the bat great Sabrina this is the game after game that he not trying to make excuses them. And what's that like for a player to face and these teams in the other night after night against the caliber of teams. And has been intense schedule of entrapment I. I had one home game and Kate not just physically they immensely since kind. That is draining but you know I just can't overcome then it's a tough for the big thing through. Just keep going things divide doesn't mean mind doesn't do something like that anybody can do it felt. Phone. It's just that you get to this schedule has been good to prepare us for this news conference team. And it's gonna work effort in the work that if passed along. Shocker juniors debris that was not cabbage joining us here on the program talking shocker women's hoops. Tell me why what happened yesterday if you can now carry over through with the united the rest it's easy to. To help this team out there to get more than WO. I own does that confidence I think that game really. Since the scholastic and players who stepped up their game. I think since it says anything about that can't have a leasing played really well yesterday and I think confidence to us. The spread amongst everybody and as having competent to help. Feel good to look at his schedule. The rest of November and December cute see there's a lot less problem. Having had to get some home games in hand them home for our soccer fans then. To get modeling the conference. Let's talk about Sabrina personally and I know we've done this before a lot of things that make them we're listening don't they just want to let folks know a little bit about. Your family and quote that was there it is. Both your parents aren't yet and number of family members are death. This is something that you really take it to heart that's the that you liked it to make it career evolved and societies and. You know 11 under and I would like to go to guided University of Washington sees this university. The only deaf university here and give money. Masters and get my license and interpreting. Not exactly surrounding it would do wanna work this community. To enhance AB and I definitely can someone let. If something's gonna close to being entirely deaf community. Made me. Ryan today and influenced a lot until his name it's always been a positive comments about the effectiveness. What was it like really. Parents who couldn't hurt when did you design that is my first language so I started sixth and some real. That you that is kind and completely. Yes he started knowing what was like yeah yes yeah yeah. What was that like it was an easy transition to Chandler's so you'll. By the time you're it's if you work at the it's here. Yeah and it really is there any think about it. It not being normal things and since that time and I open my Brothers and I. It was as his mom was doing things differently and I know it wasn't as they get a day. Realize it was it was it was a different situation isn't he is telling you design and so. It would. If. Well let's talk about hazard stake Wednesday night we're gonna get that twice and hit a couple of weeks I team that he knows very well coached and the great rivalry rough. The Missouri Valley Conference it's like the. That comes to mind when you think about that three state team program in America program them. We have lots of them before and you know only a question on win then you can influence over there. Then anything they're very good team competition from the thing. But he told coach I'll let that be right Elliot and renews. Can. That's a great job this weekend thinking about elections seat for a fan of the ground in that he could see on Wednesday to thank you. All right Sabrina was not happy to audience here on the program from eighties at the Alley thirteenth green which we will take its I've got coach back up here with more right after this. Black Friday and only been the best time of my home appliances and deep discounts Clinton's client says. There's no need to wait. 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And as you're listening to keep that Adams and Steve's brain we're live at eight James portrait of the Alley at the corner of thirteenth and green. To need. Out there might like to dribble penetrate the no real true post player. They've gotten their rosters years it's hard left elbow jumper up the good. Ranging picking up where she left off yesterday she had bloody. She's got to hear that shoppers what now six now. Here back AP that the Alley out talking soccer women's hoops we've got her coat back. Coach him will be needed individual players with. Sabrina for coming by want to talk a little about her game like you were so happy for her to play as well as he did back in their home state. Absolutely agree yet did a fantastic job for us this weekend Albuquerque. I was really proud I've really happy force yet. She really helped us win that game yesterday there was a couple times she made some big place fifteen charges. Got a steal it together inferno a layup was very aggressive with that. Just play with a lot of heart that a lot of passion he could tell she was. You know she had a family there and you could tell she was playing for for pride she's played her for her family and for her home and she's playing for the shoppers and she really did some. They keep being exit. Helped us in the game and so I was really proud Harvard she yet she works hard she's great teammate. You know me being asked to do she she's willing to get to try to do to help team in the very coach noble and great work ethic and a those are qualities that. As a coach you're always looking for your players. To bring those things that's exactly what Korea's. For fans who also follow. Defense team here Wichita state athletic compared to the guy a few years ago at an Wetzel. Who and I mean it's affectionately Sabrina I would recruit with the junkyard dog fifty guided not afraid to get down their throats and all those tapes and albums. Played really physical diet after loose balls and yet she does all that she does but with the nets because this showed. She's got cut from the outside as well she gives you a little bit of everything. Absolutely in you know when you're and you gonna work hard do rebounded. Set screens and just do a lot of things that and it takes a lot of work. None of those things you know you do it you don't get your name in the paper for set screen. You know to get your name in the paper for. In taking charges usually its name in the paper for pulling that the players that do little things that really rebounded so it strains of played it close Steve stands as you know communicate make sure they talked cost screens of their cars don't run into the wind picks. Those little things it really make then make the will lose three does this force. If you'll indulge me coaches know that's a team game but it just want to pin to get caught up on. You're thoughts and of the individual's account they're they're coming along that we heard the clip their coveted about me keep this art and I just thought it. So all day while she pats and energy all weekend she brought a special kind of energy Sunday you can see from the start of the game until the period. She was physical underneath you have the touch working from the outside that range he had not really did a nice job yesterday with. It yeah I think her her energy level has got better in it. A goodwill visit with there at about things that we want forever and I think one thing that's that's helped her inner last couple games is that. She's been going to the boards more you did try to give us offensive rebounds. As they get their hands on on the ball more than that. Think she was earlier years so now is still players when you. I've never seen a player who's had a great rebounding did not have a good game. You know like get your shots not fallen or is it if you struggle a little bit throughout the day. These are rebounding. You get your rebounding dealing then. Other things are gonna start fond place in so right now he's tried it this reiterate kids you know go revamp and revamp is when your rebounding. You're moving your work in and sometimes that takes your mind off maybe some of the other things that the shots not going down we have that day that. You get offensive rebounds drop fast go to free throw line. Let's get you team next two possessions which we're gonna have to be really really give redoubt is Lindsay and I think that's one of the things that Missouri State does really well as they. They they play hard they hustle hard there it can't get rebounding guards. Rebounding is gonna be one of our key scenes. In Wednesday night's game because they end they did its job that. Let's talk about this Zaria road you know the transfer from Redlands community college he would Switzerland who. Have nots or that until this weekend we're games and that she scores fourteen points in three games over the weekend and on top of that. She did a little bit of everything we stuffed defense himself passing we saw some outside shooting. Those are all the things that you brought here you'd do and we're starting to feel that come together I don't. Yes it's that suspect internment I think that you know she she's starting to shows you know some of the things that. We we recruiter for it and she definitely. Thought that she did teams forced. Against Illinois and against her mind she yet have some great passes. That that was. Really instrumental in getting our office. Improve that process. If she saw the horse got the ball up floor we had five more transition points. That we've been having him. Were needed to run or we need to get easy baskets and that. After she played hard. This seems to be yet starting to feel more comfortable and starting to play like I think what we feel she's capable it. And it's you know when you're up. Coach Haskins and I sometimes and it referred to him I can't help us. Yeah. You know he would always say sometimes with junior college players you know sometimes get giving your giddy years. You know it takes it takes time. Sometimes for junior college players to you know learn what you're trying to do it no I never like that when he said that he'd be bit. You know looking back now. It's really get kids that we coached it you know we got two years out of them. That we did have refused junior college players that the first year did some things that really. Really committed themselves on that staff senior year. And so he would sometimes say that sometimes get giving you do that your. In it takes will be time but fortunately would suggest that happy she is that caliber of player that can help us. She showed she start show what we want we. So on her and that's you know she could and she occasionally fear guard. And so if you get up against a team that's got regardless of the size. Says is one of our league he has guards for defense. And I think allied action will go rebound. And she's she did a good job on on giving them rebounds against Illinois. In in Ningxia is a good playmaker and as it passes Aaron. So combination as we've been encouraged her to get to shoot the ball Warren. She really likes to play like a true point guard. You know she's not gonna think score first. She's really a true point guard that really wants that to get your teammates involved. And that she had a nice turn it we just can't keep. Build enough of it. I want to talk about two other guards that there are shooting the ball court season. That last year first is diving Lockhart whose season high last year was thirteen when she got that Tennessee residents up with an eighteen point performance over the weekend. She's really been a big help offensively talk about that the elevation of her up it. I'm happy that the thing and I I'm been impressed with kindness that. You know she's she's been consistent in. Her work ethic and practice. She's been consistent in and he tried to bring re great leadership to this team it. And given its direction you know when your point guard you get it you know you can't sneaking out there you got it. Not only come out what you do on offense if you also got to communicate what you do on defense and I think she's been trying to that help me with what we're trying to do on the floor in them. You know point guard is an extension. The head coach him. You know we're. Begin again the work in progress that I have been I've just been impressed with diamonds focus and I've been impressed with her work ethic. In and I think she really wants to win it. In that she's doing whatever she can't help team and I appreciate that and yet she's. She's had yet to see showed great first quarter. I mean she really came out played will that first quarter and acting. You know helps set the tone for us in that. In yes she is that she you know she's a veteran. She's an older player and indictments gone through some things with you know transferring in and you know the injuries and so I think. Sometimes we need we need do have those things happen. You know your game can suffer a little bit forwarded. That you know I think this year she seems to feel. Very comfortable and it seems to be comfortable out there it's really based off of what she showed me practice on a consistent basis that's. One of the things that. Enjoyed about. Kiki constant. Last season was very much penetrator. It's always been that a lot of times it looked at it is she's doing more of that this season. She opened the season with seventeen Creighton. Yesterday she got one from just inside the top of the heat he has killed about a range since we've been here hook her up mentality can score. This he seemed to be much higher than it. One last and I think the shot you're talking about it's when she drove it. He pulled out and shot that wounded jumper at the free throw line yeah I it's funny in. Kiki was getting off the bus then. Like Kiki you know we'll need jumpers that's not that beautiful city felt great candidates you know I think for her. That the time get ninety cute bowden's I don't want her to it. The even better on defense than what she's Ian in that and I think I'm challenging her with that she knows that it. Yeah she is so quick he's lightning lightning quick. You know she opens up and then that opens up interns or hit some times and allows people to drive Gideon further in the lane. And no one as fast she is that is Serbia is that mindset as quick as Kiki is nobody's buyer. And so. I'm challenging turn it in really pushing her that you elevate your defense game. It'd be one of our better defenders is quick she is that she's capable of that so I'm challenged her that it. It they like but Kiki isn't. You know she yet. She keeps it right here she's she's real level headed. You know. She's not a happy day out kid and she's not one day real when they real like. He he's she's you're richer you know and yet you don't hit it I. 52 she's a kid that's very comfortable you know when you tell her something. Her response. Is okay coats. Mary Stuckey Keating thing in practice it's okay Coetzer yes man she's very receptive to coaching she's very receptive to. Constructive could. It criticism. She's. You know I'm and then they ask coach and that's what you look at fort. It's especially those qualities are. You do and that you know I've spent I've made an example let me have brought that up to our players about. You know when we're at practice. He tells Kiki stuff that she's very receptive and of coaching. In the act and so I use that as a positive example because that's I get better that's how you get everybody on the same page. In that keep he's demonstrated that I've enjoyed it she she plays hard and she cares about the team and she wants the wing and in that you know and she's been doing a nice job force at work. We're gonna keep challenging her it to become even better defensively. In in don't keep stand on her about that in and I noticed that he he's a play hard so that's. That's also what's in the divorce for players about. Played on. Happy that he will work with you better off okay because with this law partner to help with shot right talk about this lobes right. What it looks like him and how it's worked out. Really you know and make. Keep in history and in the heads of our early workouts. I just. Utility that Kiki just did seem to me she wasn't to have any feel for shot you know like. And when you're shooters you know obviously you've got your form there's a definitely a form saying that. Also you got your follow through and you can't field it should get a feel the ball coming off pets and fingers. And I didn't think it I told Kiki execute it just looks to me like you're not feeling your stats thing. That's it. Well what she get a glove. It can be a winner globe than any kind of look just get a load the next day we have practice habits of certain apps come walking him. She look like Michael Jackson now the girls are right out of her because she entered her little black honestly were you know they are Connor Michael Jackson that I did was that. I every dental and I wanted to her to shoot you know 1520 minutes with that glove line. And then I wanted to take the gloves off in the end. She could feel the ball war you know and it it was that mental thing and council shall I really want to see your follow you know let me see your follow their and so you know we just start with that. Every day she's Dillon added. You know we we have a good joke we we've we've turner with their Michael Jackson loved him sometimes she'll do a little dance track them. Dance like Michael did that I do think itself after you know itself there's and I think he has more confidence in. You know meaning for her to be aggressive and attack the basket. We need for her to drive we need her to distribute and that. And it's her shot at any. It'll pull up jumper she had the day it was perfect it was beautiful it you know she was it written so this is gaining confidence and and I tiller every day just that it keeps you with that glove 1520 minutes it doesn't have to be long bit. Yes he didn't. Okay one more time. Outlook we come back we'll wrap things up with coach out of previewing that we can have it's got a couple of games including Missouri State. Charles Pope greeted with a knife stated that or shocker basketball coach got that from age eight we let the Alley right after this. AJ's sports grill at the only thirteenth and green which road in Wichita as your new home for shocker coaches shows to be sure to check out our all new burger menu because Monday's a burger days and agents and don't forget Thursdays or buy one get one free T today dine in only and excludes the superdome join us for happy hour every day from two to 6 PM and nine to 11 PM while you're here right to go carts take a turn in the laser may enjoy the game room football a couple of games AG sports grill at the county home of the superdome 29 inch pizza to locations in Wichita and one in Hutchinson proud supporter of shocker apple. It's its own reflection of his mark sounds like between seventeen should be close out this on. 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Steve strained we're live at eighteen sports grill of the Alley at the corner of thirteenth and premature and. The only things. That goes on its leaders that we don't Sabrina and outlook and throwing it ahead it was so hard right hand layup though. Nice job by the Haitian doctors in transition to quick passes without it dribble. What duet road kill that had debates are inflated opinion of four quick points for her it has nothing Wichita State. Like a basketball. Here's dream to see that rate with all the top floors if Syria's. You know we've our press breakers we we do that in practice where we. Mean I'd make about our press breaker and a while to drivel is the fastest way to get the ball the floor. It is often pass. He can do if they're quick dribble and he gets an a speed of music that ball down court. Fast slaves. Bypasses that we've been working on and I do think we got better at it. We still need to continue work on it and I think the biggest thing is just. Does have the discipline to do it in trusted and be you know consistent in that the Tennessee game that. That was what I was really most disappointed is that night is. They threw a little man Branson and for three or four possessions you know we weren't doing he element I'm calling out what was supposed to be doing it we didn't get in it. And that there's an excuse for them and we we practice of that part that's you know. Understanding the discipline of doing it can do it then it's gonna work and it's just you know trusting it that we've gotten better with Edwards and keep working on it. And let's talk about the zone press yesterday as we talked much about the zone half court that not. The team you can't do France yes it's part of the date and that includes how they pass the ball. Yes we. You know we we did we ran we ran and we did but we've been working on it. You know I think we had one violation and attend second violations that. I'll sit at times that they they fronted they can't run and that we broke it accidentally Epson. We broke it that we got in their offense and you know we we did what we worked on in practice and so basically yes yes that's just. Stain on these guys and I think they're acting they're getting that understand that it. You know it's like part of it is understanding. You know trusting what we're working on practices we get the games to lead. And not deviate eastern deviates or did those those things and he knows what's gonna happen. All right let's talk about the the week ahead particularly with emphasis on what's next I don't know how much you've. Look at western Illinois that's that seems like apparently yearly coat with two games down the road but Missouri State obviously Wednesday night 7 o'clock Ahmad Al. You're gonna see another quality the three state team that won four on the season but don't be fooled by the record they play the likes of Baylor and Missouri already crises that. Played. Very challenging schedule like us and so. You know that he makes a big difference to your plane. You know really good teams verses you know playing teams that maybe he gave you some false false securities that. You play teams that are really gave you find out early what you get out what should not get that things to work on it. That they've. Like say they've got a great score. She really can't she gives she needed she can score and multiple ways. Really really gave it to shoot the ball deep range in that can score off the bounds and. Concede defeat to Aiken. Can shoot it deep three unit. You know the offense really goes through there her gut their guard play in that you know they rebound the ball really well I think that's. Another strength that others that we're gonna have to do a great job. Not let them get extra possessions they the issue gets free throws there said the 18%. Three day shooting team. They're very well coached Kelly it is great job. They they play hard and so it's gonna take it's gonna take it great that another team effort for us. For forty minutes to to get this man Wednesday night. I think might have Pruitt is who you're referring to get really watched her develop because a couple years ago. Hughes is the young players that was a bit player not playing a lot of that activity. Talented players on that even now she's really developed. It is one of the top players in Missouri valley can't yes she's a really good guard she's. Yes good size site tan. Very versatile with the ball in. Just you sit so well in that it has great basketball IQ and in you know she's nine for eleven from the free throws and and excellent excellent offensive players so. You know we're gonna have to be really Smart about how we guarded it they get other players I think their big suits that I like about their team is. They get players that they although the roles they play well with one another. And so you know there's going to be certain players that we're gonna have to really box out because they really go hard up the path to rebalance. Certain players it he has so a lot of screens and if your card you're guarding that player you're gonna have to really talk and communicate the they pushed the father point guards tried history defense it. They get some kids can really take to the basket so you know they can't give team that you know you'd have to play well and play Smart. Talk about pushing the ball out is that say we packed games recently where transition defense was especially important that Tennessee New Mexico come to mind. Missouri State seems like every time I feel like you that the team that does likely yes it's good athletic. Guards were key yes they're gonna they're gonna push it they're gonna test you right for the job it. And if you don't stop the ball. They're gonna they're gonna make it through the chicken stopped falling. If you don't get back quick and he'd be matched up they'll shoot the three quickly out of transition if you're not on the bond not matched up. In their postal run the full herself transition defense in the end very important and now. He began to hit that emphasize enough the rebounding thing I think that's going to be a big big big thing we're gonna do. And then just take care of the ball built around little half court trap. They'll sometimes full court press. I think we'll see some zone though bill through some zone Aniston in the played player player that. You're gonna see some man mix it up from the defense side to. And again we're gonna return to favorite go to Springfield following week right I know you did. Set the schedule out of happened before he got here but is it's nothing that will be a hole at home with the disease season is that it's. This season who goes after them where is that that would this year well. Leah when we got here there was I think we had. We still need three games. So majority schedule was set. That we need three in. You know acting. We talked of their staff. They had a team that. Total they're gonna plan but did. Back down so they have some scheduling issues. And so. It just did network and now we're. We decided we would play each other home and home. Because we needed we needed games and they did and I think the following year will get back to. You know one year plane here the next your plane there bit for this year we're playing each other twice because of the situation we both found ourselves in. So that worked out well for both others and that. You know there's that history I think it's if you continue to play one another makes a lot of sense you know that's that's that's why we're doing and we will continue to. And I think it makes sense to do says the bus ride. You know I think fans are the new year with one another. I think it you know the valley were so there's that history that that soon when you get that matchup. I think it brings back memories for people live. You know I think it's important to play right the reason it's to conceded obviously want to make new rivalries. The revenue conference that some old driver you want is still you know have that why not. Well out to that city compared to create I think. Write programs those cases are glad that that. That's been kept alive and I think that it will all night with three feet Bruntlett yes I think that you know and I actually that's I agree. All right coach K 7 o'clock on the Wednesday night with its body is there psychologically we know that'll happen about right. Yes we we end he had just want to let everyone know that then you know our team we've. We face some tough opponents that we faced some adversity right out of the gate that death. You know I think we're ready get placed with one another we're gonna. Continue to work are denied his money Terry soccer fans that you know keep support this and come on out it you know that we're gonna work hard to get this thing going it. Appreciate everyone in that Wednesday night big night it's clearly. Move in the right way anybody. What happens if it would seem that he and I think Steve all right 7 o'clock. He kept that goes dockers dot com for the coach of either. We'll talk you for the round out the guys everybody. This has been in the Wichita State shocker women's basketball coaches you know would head coach keep that at. Adams and Steve strain. Brought to you by Comfort Systems. Delta dental your hometown Chevy dealer. They Kansas health foundation. Blue cross blue shield of Kansas the Carnahan group. Clinton's appliance the Kansas Department of Transportation. Future stand tall grass country club and AJ sports grill.