The Keitha Adams Coach's Show 12-04-17

Monday, December 4th

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Everybody welcomed the day today that the reality. Clear about the top with a tough date with basketball what a great crowd out here I give yourself and thanks to all of you for being here tonight. And we've got a couple of games to talk about from the past week with a tough it was the year two. Faith and familiar faces from Missouri State's shocker played well last Wednesday night that we will talk about that would go to Adam's. And we'll talk about the out loud raucous kids game as well. Two games it just got this week including Richard that favors we will. And at this pre field regain Thursday night. I guess varies state by the way that abuse them but it up you can catch it right here on it at that those. I'd be that are listening on radio and the Saturday afternoon. 2 o'clock at the round out Wichita State and Missouri Kansas City film. Those that he's not making any doubt you'll water comes Fiat that the arena. 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon. 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Whatever that is this winter when you need to know depend on yours severe weather station that's up last very effective. Thirteen thirty okay and SS. Do you intend to join this morning right here on cape enhanced and. You're listening to keep that Adams and Steve's brain we're live at eight teams portrait of the Alley at the corner of thirteenth and Greene the true. Welcome back AJ he's got the Alley thirteenth that greatly dishwasher and we're. Ready for shocker basketball with Keith Adams they'll let that give our coach your round of applause a welcome her in. Looks nice I threads you got an old school baseball dude you don't. Like I like it that's right. Idea wanted to be yet. That shoppers appeared in tonight's that the Osaka based. You know we had a garage still up a couple of months ago right there and I'm in need to add my shocker here you know be near and so. Talked Brandon. I know this is an iPad a lot of people content in real threat. Get some that are one day will will somebody you know who else there that's I would say thank you to everybody for coming out tonight I've got a degree out. Great crowd a lot of yellow black years we appreciate it then we're excited talk about soccer basketball and. Well let's let's get started out talking about a very exciting game last Wednesday Missouri State came in a team that. But these players obviously were very familiar to our fans were your first look at them. In person well coached team Kellie harper does a good job. But coach would we want her last month date if the spillover from the Keller right team. Sunny Albuquerque. Could carry over three days later here at home in terms of the little we saw this team playing its team distributing the ball well it really did a lot of things we saw it color line. The hurt themselves Wednesday the team shot 50% or better for the second game in a row. He had fourth double figures Wednesday as he did it now Albuquerque and they just in general played as a team for the second straight game. Right you know I think that my things that we. We figured out. For us on off Nancy and is that. We really need to move the basketball in. You know our shot selection I think it's gotten better our proceeds of shooting is improving. I think that that's a big part of us. The a little bit more patient move in the best bond that the firm were working together a lot better than they were and part of that. Is knowing your new coach should. You're figured out your new team there's there's things that I've done in the past it you know has kind of fine in that with our team. After our game against the South Dakota I was I was really upset with how we played in the next ticket stepped back in. You know a big part of our problem was obviously our our office and we need to get more work point production I think. A big thing about offensive rhythm. You know when you're shooter you've got to you've got to get a rhythm in. You know individually you have to have written that also your team has ever adamant. I just found it right now you know at that game we had no risen so. Sometimes you gotta ask yourself maybe what you're Dylan in in an all its not working you get it. Take a step back and that's what I did end up. We've really got to the motion offense where words were move the basketball island or. You know we challenged our players to set more screens in to reverse the basketball make the defense work more. Now we're not caught not I'm not column near me set blazes. We're not faking it as much we're moving more movies more so you know I just had. You know. Yet keep that weekend things into where he finally figured out what works best with the group we have it. And I think we are better now. Ostensibly. Since we've made that adjustment and in our our players I think they're enjoying playing with one another even more to. Because they're sharing the ball. In it definitely has it's improved. I still think we can be a better screening team sometimes. You know we we spring can we we screen cast for the ghost. We go over and we look back or screen and someone that we don't touch anybody where we're screen cast herself. We need to eliminate screening cast through many screen yet it seemed a little bit more build more physical but you know those areas that we're at. Keep working on let's talk about shooting the ball at edge in second straight game at 50% or better of it. How about from outside the arc against Missouri State where this team with six of ten from three point range that's really encouraging. Well when the ball goes in and it makes everything better. You know it it definitely it was one of our better nights offensively and. I do you think that we're we're getting it better sync with one another and you know right after our game against Illinois. Government toppled me you know we've random bouts playwright and under our basket and and mean we had the shot right the buzzer and it didn't go and and we lost by one point in them. It was a hard fought game and we we played well we've just sticking up will shorten it that night. You know we really have had a had a good team meeting after a film session at and just you know talked about playing in. As a unit in coming up implant hardening in Viet Tina and B and by the end you know I think it down we've all got it we've got to. Stay in there with one out and we as a coach can't keep believing your players your players can keep believing in themselves again keep believing in each other at. I think we that we didn't do better with that and them. You know we. Played better basketball since that and so it was a it was one of our best games those questions from Missouri State gain here in an easier night. That's two games that we put together four quarters that we played well. In two that we've had three quarters and then one bad quarter but now a complete game together. We we did that in the. Politics and one thing it certainly helped on Wednesday against Missouri State was the free throw shooting team with eighteen. At that point from the free throw line at 90%. It got a little bit too close there effort comfort maybe toward the Missouri State made a nice run which he knew that they will act. But it sure does help when you're knocking down free throws. Time after time after time yeah that's at night that everybody on the staff would say I'm afraid so coach tonight. And you definitely. Definitely would that take credit that it ladies. They they did they stepped up and hit their free throws and I raging have a lot of history is that knives he had shot a very good percentage in you know I thought we had. We played we had to get good game plan that the kids executed that we we made their team work. Because our defense I thought we played pretty hard on defense for the most part they switch up their defense is they try to round little half court trap it. A couple times causes some problems that. We that are to post players on the box and we attacked the Milton Florida and we got some easy baskets against bits and that was getting it's their half court trap it. You know sometimes people do those things that dead defensively. In you know theory if you don't handle it can he can be it a game changer tone change here at. We practiced and prepared for that I thought we did pretty good job with that for the most part of the death. You know it's it's a work in progress that our our crowd got really behind this in Missouri State payment and I thought our players. You know felt good plane and it felt good plane will finally come because at that point we really had played well. At home we did we did we talk about that kid it was time for us to play well at home. And then there's the pizza guys. Anybody analysts on the radio if you're hungry you don't have anything to eat at home c'mon dad AJ it's his. That's a darn good looking at pizza right there's nobody see that superdome they have it's 29 inches coat. I have I have in the Wii is big is the table right yeah these kids maybe a couple weeks after that. Pay gates that the Galley thirteen degree which is where we are hate speak to free throws I know there are always important and we are talk every team does. Are they more important for this team because. Reid he's going to get the double she's going to get fouled. You have a lot of guards that are ours lectures that might be more penetrator rather than outside shooters they're going to get into the paint as well this team might end up shooting. A lot more free throws and other teams with that in mind are they even more important maybe for this team than others. Well I think free those you know it's always been ingrained in me and I played that you freezes when bombings in the you know we knew that make you free throws that back then it definitely be the difference that he and we found that on the road in summer games where. You know we had the same amount still holds that the other team can't win more free those immediate. And so you know free says can definitely you know be the difference free throws rebounds turnovers. Then there's others. Stats that can really be. A difference in the game and you know I think that that our assists since we've been just run motion offense in Sharon ball more. We've had more since and I think our. Our our offense has improved. I visit where we need to be still we're not there yet but it has improved so that's the good thing we're gonna continue to work on it. Let's talk now about Friday and I had to be the frustrating for you good team coming in obviously western Illinois have been. Played very well a lot of good shooters but I guess the frustrating thing is coaches. Going into that game you knew they had to cheaters they probably weren't always guarded as well as you know. That was I think I'd share that with the on the radio after a game I was I was disappointed that we didn't do a better job. Of taking waive their three point shooting and we clearly knew going in the game but that's who they were what their get that in. You know we talked about getting up the pressure green and and forces and their shooters to put the ball on the floor and not let them be kids shooters that. And I don't know that we that was our fifth a fifth game in seven days and not to make excuse me west Illinois was the better team that day they outplayed innocent. And we we just didn't dig down deep enough. And didn't do what we need to do. Defensively. To put ourselves in and the game and then you know I I think it is much time as we stand on. Melvin and ash scattering sports are very detailed bit. That was what I was disappointed most of them in the game is that we did take away what their story was that you know credit them they. They they do have a good team man and they're gonna win a lot of games this year and they played very well together. Their team computers in the and they know each other's games very well may play well with one another in them. They they simply outplayed us that day and they were better than we we're on that day it. We didn't do enough to get the win in nabbed. You know it was. That was I this season and now we had a couple sellouts that we had over 121000. And I it and some. There really is that a lot of bodies in the ways that. That might mean. A record for the highest hits youngest legs. Plowed his track record and in front what was it. Eight or nine is that Lorena. I think the interesting thing stresses the coaches is that and it was the first time leading experience. Are having teams go through our pregame warmup. And they were playing cartoons. OK so you know I was like I assists came back and I. We're playing cartoons on the video board gives you get all those little kids in the last in the cartoons is you know great strategy. When I was worried about was positive our players watching cartoon. While we are warming up you know that there. We had a couple that I know likes that Bob itself. You know that that was that was the first that was a first experience that a lot of great what a great day marking department. I think it's a phenomenal. Opportunity anytime you can have that young kids. On your campus at university. I think that's a great thing I can. I can remember when I was in grade school and Oxford. And it's taken field trip to new heights community college and going to but that's cheap national term. But in his term and I can remember going. And I also remember a field trip that cabinet which in. The elites at the huge circuits. Sure yes and we would do field trip with that so you know I remember when I was little those built ships I'm sure that those kids are gonna. They're open they're gonna remember Canada and indeed it their green and experiences and soccer game it. And they do in the way that they were ever have a great time and so you know consequently. Feel like I could help my team that's during the game day because. You could hear on the sidelines in. So that was a little bit. A little bit frustrating for me discus. You know I wanna help our team I want the Allen helped him you know over there always tried not to admin. We get through the game on and communicate there. That was a great at great. It net gains now. Yeah I definitely think began marketing people. You deserve a pat on the back in like great week it with our volleyball programs. Yes athletic department that's great job here really. Promoting. Our athletic sports teams. In and shocker shocker if the answer and definitely disparities in the building its balance out. We're excited I am sad that the years. Appreciate everyone being here tonight means lots of guys team and a I definitely. We're deathly amber tonight. The Kansas the beginning of us building this means that you guys are truly. Means a lot in the. We do appreciate all of you being here maybe a possible solution next year coaches Sabrina of course was not cabbage. No sign language and some navy for next year's game we can do is have everybody sign. Stingray is we'll bring you that you finished thirteen to meet now. Depth because I don't know how. My sign language might not be the right so who knows what actually keep giving it to augment I'm not a fan you get added that it. It was a great graphic that I was display I would of that. I just wish we would have performed and played better than we did it. You know we're gonna have to be much better defensively they were on the day. But that's also let you know complement to list on the way to the they've won a lot of games in arrogantly liking. This year Creighton has tried to duplicate our. Education if we experienced that to start the season that like many other things it just doesn't add up to what we do here Wichita State it was it. Completely different atmosphere. They're now we have our tipoff luncheon. Becky in the cut so be it. It Creighton was trying to do what it originated in Wichita State she gave me that little history lesson that. And I too but then. It was a it was a quiet experience today. The cartoons that was that was that was good that was again. I act if it is that it unity peace at the Alley thirteenth agree with talking jacket basketball with Keith Adams. We're gonna take time I would get a player here who's not belonged to we'll get her up here next week for that. Shocker basketball coach got it back in a moment. 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A healthy smile as a powerful thing it deserves delta dental the nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your smile power delta dental. Why is Glenn Beck joins me begin mourning tonight right here right. Into the Keith Adams and Steve's brain we're live at eight team sports grill of the Alley at the corner of thirteenth and prematurely. What about eight days the reality. That crowd on hand united we talk Wichita State women's basketball coach outages here he's taken a breakthrough. Makes it legal and we've got that one of our players up here she's a junior and a transfer from Redlands community college you. After going scoreless for the first few games this season without a stretch where he scored. Sixteen points and got fourteen rebounds and four games let's hear it forces are yet Ambrose go. Think for stopping by and I. Every appreciate you spent time with this though it was almost like an Albuquerque. When you hit that stretched that the lightbulb kind of went on for all the that you looked a lot more comfortable a lot more confident what happened. During that trip maybe that was happening in the first few games for use. Yeah after the guy here in. That was. I getting in unity new team like any other players have you know high in the plane I was only comfortable. And name. Like puts the tag that wasn't content let's go to camp starts you had. A conversation and what utility Kent and a boost needs you know that's. At. You kind of hit it means that in the lineup that as a starter you feel like value really clicking in a lot more comfortable with that with everything you do out there on the floor. Then. Yes I thought pop up by now. I do if this detonate it could be I'd ask him. How difficult is that transition from going junior college to play at this level especially when you consider. Some of the teams we've already played him he then beat Tennessee Oklahoma State looking at this time. This Peterson these athletes in Mexico with the very athletic team as well talk about the difference between what you used to seeing what you've seen so far here. Isn't it strange nine duke column. I dispel like me analysts. It's not easy days. Now it was easy steel. The regional wine. In values that you clearly. Why accidentally play news there with fascinated home and that's the big hearted. Hi used to be it. You were out on the floor when this thing started to turn around and Albuquerque. On that Saturday it cal Irvine. Compare what happened that day to the previous schemes that he's out there on the floor what seemed different about what this team is doing. I think he's actually play as a team you know and that it will lead to bop whoo man. It was just. That we need to. This money. Kind of. B of free play of the game and I think that's what coach Adams talked about that motion offense kept that can help you guys not necessarily having. You know set plays which is being able to free wheel a little bit of that so you like it. Okay Missouri State was the opponent last week that we've got them again obviously Thursday night. What what these does this team need to work on going into the game because you played so well against the last time. OK I think that we need to do well this coming Thursday. Alice eight deep things. You know they have it's two I mean we need created that game. You now. Billups again facility cop out. You know it's festive occasion that hopefully. This is shocker geniuses are you have broad view joining us here out. The program. And now let's get to know sets the person a little bit because. You are a very well traveled young lady who was born in Africa. But. I guess have come here through Switzerland's those tickets through. The background of some of the places he's seen it and I got from point a to point B did he Wichita. I can't. From you need be so political action insisting no pain I found it and I had chances to leave because of the war. So we moved to portable William and I have in Spain you have time and we've suites. How did did you did you go to high school in Switzerland that's where he went to high school. Tell me where basketball played a role in this. We played for the schooler club team clip okay. And so you'd get spotted by Redlands community college in Oklahoma or how how does that all play out the two out of there I had me throwing. To Redlands at Iowa I planes fees to us it's Tuesday to what they're going to be easy feat talkative votes. It is it. So all the sudden go from Switzerland. To Oklahoma. You tell us about that transition. But him with the country's ninth day in you know music game. And planes so that coach still. It he won a play. Suites each and when he got this she asked. Let's. When and why did you dream of coming to the states. You know. That we give me. Right now and maybe I like he's organization as we get my. About who qualities we'd be you know he used to these days anything like. You mention the war and that's why you moved out of out of Africa what. Most times like these. I was thoroughly you know what we're using less active zone and the last half now. What do your parents tell you about it. Anything anything. Ideally cut it right it. It is. Moved in found to have found a better place okay let's talk about Oklahoma the differences between there at Kansas. Well I didn't do much in Oklahoma Kansas State assemblies now idea have a cry ST you know I don't ask don't want outrageous and it's a catalyst this. I didn't write this kind. Same for me was their adjustment the style of the game we you've played in Switzerland vs here in the states. It is if. Compensating. I just didn't mind. It isn't the athlete is that the way the game is played a vote different type of athlete. Allison both that you know. Backe who. You poke fun layout to I mean. People who lie they you know just to play basketball they hear your name calling like you know some people. Likely at his own you know. So basically back home this club so. You know you can't have something. Hello please point you know since these days is kind of different to play with summit that means money to leave things with somebody that they've gotten those kind. Now if do you think if you. You touched up against a little bit ago I guess when you walk into a place like Thompson bull arena. Or the pit in Albuquerque or even Charles who created the wonderful arena that we have compare these things used it to the ones you play that. In Switzerland and other places you play it. What what is in the differences between here and there other than just the size. Crowds yet crimes took a big crowd via. And Billy. Did dean days. Coakley and I can't statement. Almost in town yeah yeah quote. When used it mailers. Allison is that housing. Right now and. Best thing about being in the states. Went to this that the. And mean. Look at it. When you keep living the dream we're glad you're here. I like this are you really feel it here at Fuller but it's time with a few of the program they cannot let that affect every moment. This is soccer basketball for me is that the Alley thirteenth in greens which back in a moment did you year old. Dishwasher struggle to make it through the Thanksgiving weekend meals and you better get into it disappoints during their big gear and sale save on quality name brands like whirlpool Maytag engineer and kitchen. Clinton's has over 25 miles on display to major buying decision easy. 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Hey let's hear one more round of applause efforts to Zaria road kill him. And going again. His accident he did well Linda says in an exit Brett that we yes what's this about the United States it. Coach Adams who. This opportunity that's all right though that's all right to catch up you know cents a says hung in there with me you know we recruit her. To you tested them. And all that's transpired. Tonight we have one day on the calendar that he did contact after I get the job. I found myself in Oklahoma City sit in the sense. In that sad really. Really happy that you. Join this journey with mean. I appreciate you it you know her story's pretty amazing. Everywhere she's in that that's the beautiful thing about basketball it it brings people together in form relationships. In that it's it's it's amazing. What the game of basketball the sport so that's why we're very grateful to the game and then as a coach I'm very thankful. Our players are too we talked about that quite opt so. It's the game has been very good test and so we're we're appreciative to. And because of the pipeline or at least in part because of that pipeline that your assistant coach heavily let's council has through. Europe you're able to to get some connections to find out about people like to sorry and she's not the only one that Fannie Hawkins and of course also on the team from Sweden. And at least you phase is from France so they're are few on this team that are experiencing in new culture but the neat thing about these kids is. Just like you can look at this right now they all seem to blend in with each other right away. They do I think it's been and it has been a fun experience for our players to them. Now when you have different cultures. It makes you learn a lot about yourself that makes you. Learn about others and that it that's what college is all about opening your eyes and that you know the beauty of basketballs. To pick and roll in Kansas is a the pick and roll in Sweden so. We're gonna we're playing best of all of that that brown Bob brings us together where we have something. That we can share with one another that. There's been get to us and so it's a lot of fun down. And we've had some great teams. Our championship teams. We had a combination of things when we've won championships. We had that local player that was a big part of what we were doing. You know our all time leading scorer leading rebounder each step was gently from El Paso, Texas in. Say you know I think it's a foreigner right now is that. It we're definitely we definitely want to recruit at home we're definitely want to recreate. You know I can't wait to get our first Kansas player on this roster that. And I went to game a couple nights ago and watched a sophomore playing. In. Now I've been I've been out recruit we're gonna keep working it but you know we're gonna have a diverse roster we're gonna have. Mixture of a lot of things on our team. That I think will make four. Equation that brings championship caliber of basketball that we can be proud and enjoy it. And then and it's fun to meet people from other places you know it's it's intriguing. That it all starts at home in in that our philosophies in it needed to get the best players we can get. To help us in this American athletic conference Kuznetsov. It's a big time level basketball. Because that is connections and we got three European players out on this team and we we like the end I'm sure you guys about what more over the years. And you've done the past are there are certain qualities that 'cause advance through the way the game is played here. That you know you're gonna get from certain players that come from Europe or they're pretty much all basketball players no matter where they come from now. Now you know when we yen in look at our players and the pastor. You know we've had some. Really good senators from Europe. You know we had a young lady that was 65 it. Played force for four years. From Poland we have 65 players firm Lafayette. That was a really good player force in. You know but 65. Player that can play. In that skilled is not easy to fine. And those that are out there. It's cow like you know. Fast pitch pitchers you know everybody needs it at pitcher on softball team right nearby needs a quarterback your body needs point guard. That is six fiber a big girl that can really play. Is is a hot commodity in. You know we badly that's really get post players from Europe the years that that help this. Usually that. That size players is something we'll look forward and then also a skilled players it's very skilled. It's kind of game we needed you know put a great athlete next to a really skilled. For best player in the combination of those two things. We've seen that in our. You know an athletic forward that's very physical and athletic that can really rebound it. But 6364. Player that you've been square that the insight now. We've had that and we're working hard day to bring that to which thought is that some nice combination that. You know brief show of some of that in the last few games played that stretch floor step to not hit some threes fours and you know I've seen our our international players and we've had that in the past. And it did that so maybe three has little international manner and we just don't know now. That she's hanging out with says that he you know. And says has a variety of skills we were just talking out there and she. She's a person that can play the point that her first break out game against New Mexico seven rebounds and she continued. To rebound the basketball well all through New Mexico showed a little bit of rain she can shoot the three obviously he could handle the basketball as well 26 footer. Yet the says it six that then. It is sometimes we're gonna place teams that have. A size point guards that we need for the guard that can defend him very societies as well so. I think her at her being a rebounding guard is a good thing. Her haven't Goodling. Is something that we need. You know we were Somalis are 12 spot but if we have since there it is that there are three guards six that. That kind of offsets a little bit of that horse so. That hurt her best strength is that her her plate making her pass it she's a great passer. Basketball like he's very king. In. Wanted to have a big play in the Illinois game she went through this volatile. It was down on the ground and had sense enough knew where my whenever teammates is that in a fast break and waited to third. And sprained her ankle on that play that we got we got the fast break and eighteen point they. And she was following nasty she had awareness of where to throw the ball and so that's just one example of her up. Her awareness of her her being a great passing. And that's a little bit of a lot lost our pack and tonight we go out recruiting it. You see a player who can really pass the ball it really stands out. Users playing out there and it. Their own way absolute when he fired one can really pass it and I card game the other night. Well against Missouri State we. You know we reverse the ball few times insist now winging it. She laid it out she gave perfect lob terrain Xeon away from the defense threw the kitchen and easy to that are. You know knowing where to place the basketball in passing. Is very important to be Fitz is on this side. You you're reading the opposite and put the ball. And where the defender can't get it insists is a really good job. Went to bounce pass went to love all those things that's clearly what she's also part of that pretty fast break where. We went almost the length of the floor but the ball touching the ground cues that Horton. Condit just spend it on up ahead underneath the basket for lane that those instincts obviously yes you look was well. We do that we we do know that our our press breakers where I'll make them run our press breakers I won't allow them to dribble the ball. An order for us this to pass the ball that is the quickest way to get off Laurie is often passing more so than dribbling. That. And she's definitely. Really does a nice job with that we'll. Hey we'll take another rate cut back and we'll preview the week ahead as dirty stake in Missouri Kansas City this week without a doubt about that. 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Listening to to keep that Adams and Steve's brain we're live at eight team sports grill of the Alley at the corner of thirteenth and Greene the true. I welcome back AP that the reality. Yes we're still here still alive. As coach dad and brother that we. Are so crowded here tonight that the so many people here coach you know that we've got a trip over quickly and get back out. Here in the majors this great problem and break up I think you guys coming out there that really appreciate it. I don't look now that so. Is he even talked to me about my guitar yeah now in that sits that sits like it's a good job. I have not played nine targets you know that I've been working to match that. Next Monday next month next Monday do it I'm gonna have a special guest. In we might might have those guitars now and next Monday he will play a little music in years past I'd say so guys like that ID counter. You know it if I get it might get a little crazy in here after the radiation is we're gonna have a guitars. You know able I'd say he'd been asked if yeah I'm not that I got to practice before next Monday yeah yeah. But we've got the bus right Wednesday he can just target mountain and to end up you want me to be to get charged Uruguay and right now. Yeah. Like. Let's get fat provides enough both entertained for us yet we can't. She's big gains this week. It's too big games. And I guess that my guitar and the next night they were going to be back talk batter Bob Jameson will play a little music. Talk about two w.s get definitely and let's talk about Missouri State to I don't know. You ever coached them for it's a much different. Environment and places another tough when it. The greens fees and now and actress and that a lot of places. Would you expect they will do differently based on what we saw here last week. Now what's our game against against him at 9 AM. We we're gonna have to be better on our our picked defense. They ran they sit back screens in the ad. You know I think that we had. We are always we'll get our screen situations so I think they're gonna try to set a lot of the X. I think I anticipate him trying to it probably chat more. They were trying to trap our wings and courses in the fourth quarter they were trying to create some things that to change the game that and I think the presses and trappers. And I think they'll send more screens we're gonna have to love. Still a lot better job of boxing now I'm not I haven't been very pleased with our box out in rebounding there are being physical in. So we get to the next two days of work outs of these things that I think bill I think children's trapeze and then. I think it interest Arenas alive and then that we've got to. The boards that he really physical on that they've really nice players we talked about last week lyzard Pruitt. Act always intercede ask your coach's philosophy what you have one player like that that's going so many points. Compared to somebody else's here is your approach. Two it to really focus on her and just gamble that nobody else is going through to beat you dirty pretty much just handle her the same way as the other room floor. I think you know we have. She had two points at half. We did a great job in the first half guarding her in you know I think she's kind of player that. You wanna limit her her touches and eating she's such a great player did you know she's going to schoolers. But what you wanna do you really wanna make her work really hard. You earn what she does give it but. I thought we did a great job the first half. And not let her catch the ball as you know really as much as she wants to you in. You know I think that that did it help listening game. But you know there they get some other players that he get a get get out against shooters getting you know the ball. In a couple players that relate with all the floor and drive it you know I think they recognize that we were face guarding. Her name in so they were trying to drive more. With some of the other players knowing that our help side would be there as we were. We were so tight on her that. You know we're gonna have to really rebound. We're gonna have to make them. Aaron what they do score and we're gonna pile up their defense and what we did its western Illinois so now we've got two more days to get him in. In turn up our defense and we're gonna do that. Seems like we've coached disgusting cranked up the work. Getting pretty close to conference play here we've got to these two this weekend the shocker winter classic his trip to. South Dakota State in that I think that's just about it before we play Tulsa which will be in December on December 30 right it's almost year. It is it's and we we. Played a lot of games in short Wendell you know I played five games in seven days which. Rules that was a lot and but you know fortunately I think. You know since you guys sounds South Dakota to this point. I do think we've gotten better. That we're gonna need to be able to say that same thing for now until we see Tulsa. You know we've still got to continue to work. There's a lot of areas we need to improve on in you know we were not there yet we have gotten better that we still gonna continue to get better. He seemed to be a lot more confident though in the rotation in the starting line up starting to find out as he talked about it earlier. What combinations are working your comfort level with the lineup for the rotation. I think we've you know I think we've figured out you know that we need to move the basketball when Mike again talking about her motion offense. Moving the ball sits screens of plane together we're better when we we played that way. You know I'm still love the evaluating our our rotation is. You know we have we have formed. The little bit of a pattern. They've got still a couple weeks it instantly start standing up practice of doing things. It's not sits down so. It's cop says that it will be all right we get closer we'll take a guy. I think all of these great crowd and back confused though it's hard. Next week and have a little music and the next week not bat knowledge. An F are we talking Thursday from Springfield 7 o'clock yeah you had that good night everybody good soccer's.