The Keitha Adams Coach's Show 12-11-17

Monday, December 11th

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It's time for the Wichita State shocker women's basketball coaches with your head coach Keith Adams brought to you by comfort system. Delta dental your hometown Chevy dealers that Kansas health foundation. Blue cross blue shield of Kansas the Carnahan. Group making the client the Kansas Department of Transportation. Future stand tall grass country. And AJ sports grill. Now let's go live to age in sports grill with the reality of the corner of thirteenth green would throw at me Steve spraying. But they paid the Galley there he is three witnesses soccer basketball it Adam. As we've got a lot to talk about tonight doctors most recently a winners Saturday at home over Missouri Kansas City. Seventy twos 63. Wichita State. Think that that they're victory defeat busy week around the house this week. If they shocker winter classic which he thought it was a repeat this weekend against Chicago's stated Al points to eight. It'll be at 7 o'clock tip off on it that Friday night at Alcorn State in Saturday. I think a lot of Bob Hope that perfect timing. You've got a shocker in 3 o'clock and it for a countdown. To our game. I'm out to echo arena at 6 o'clock to pop Wichita State within. The action against Al once they think they've tried to be vendors and a couple of field this Saturday that it rounding out the courts rowdy united well talk about that in the notes. They were so far tonight go to other special surprise you well. At the end of the you know I don't know if that. Stay here a lot of fun of backing get golf started shocker basketball repaid you that the only thirteen which would get the ball rolling right after this. Is they're cold they're making you shiver even endorsed Coleman throws it Comfort Systems they can tune up your old furnace or installing new Linux system. He's your home now and pay overtime and with six month financing. 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Nice move by a lot I won't want to cry out the window if it were tied it two minutes twenty seconds. 9 o'clock cart from a basket in Missouri State on Thursday night speaking we've not even mentioned we've got. A player that will join us later in the program as well we may have to Italy's secret but that's okay we'll talk with. Done that a little bit later in the show once again to hold games coming up this week it'll be Chicago's state. Friday night 7 o'clock tipoff and then it will be Alcorn State Saturday. At 61 other news that of news from. The world of shock women's hoops is crazy it's Oregon's. Major way on the honor roll for the American athletic conference's. She averaged twenty points and seven and a half rebounds in the shocker to game this past week she had a game high 21. And misery statement followed that up with a double double in nineteen points and ten rebounds on Saturday against Missouri Kansas City. Congratulations. To link units are making the the American athletic conference Arnold. See those doctors serving those otters and without further it is delicate art in welcoming. Coach Keith that the low note. It all we Connecticut and talk about it and we got that you know that the great crowd who took it personal think everybody here at the pack now. Maybe it's doctor. Let's talk about rape you for development we touched on the problems that pride in seeing those players getting recognition team game of course. And credit the entire team for helping me get there but now. If you really see in the here's the American. Players getting the recognition. Absolutely and I think again you know that the thing that most people would know is on Saturday. Raising was really sick and a you know she guided through it Dennis had a really severe cough. This past week in the points she was confidence blood that she was Susan. Tough shape before the game even started in she guided through it and then I gave us a good performance and then. You know hopefully she'll be feel a lot better by time we play Friday's game but what really makes you proud of her seat she wasn't real healthy is she yeah. Produce in the helped us win the game and she says she's kind of been battling this since I think the time we left Albuquerque this capital lingering thing for yeah it has been and I think you know again on some medication and then. It seemed not that it really make a difference other tribes of the different now that then. She just gave us I did that a gutsy performance with really needs right now our voice can only talk. And she's been coughing a lot in that good thing and we mattered Saturday it. Trying to get a double double infinite numbers like that. And that's great performance now. Well there's a lot to be it's I mean when we're being very normal for her it's not easy she's always going to double. At the very least a double the right just makes it more impressive when you're battling about like that. Computer game like that Saturday apps that. When she. Nancy shot very well from the free throw line up but are free this team was was really get on Saturday in that. That hill does he get into the game where you know every every point counts and then you know UK CNN. They played extremely hard they made its earnings. You know I JC Lloyd who played here which onstage she's. First year coach in there and it was kind of neat we get them cleaned out while the storage units. When I first got here in we've been partner at her pictures player among those big space boards and a. I went down in at the end of the shooter ran a tick down to Jaycee gave to her and so I know for her it was and a it was an emotional time for her to be coming back here can she played years. And I thought her team played extremely hard it was very very competitive even I know she's gonna do a great job they're sent. And kind of neat thing it is an opportunity for me that I had I've had a picture and that in my office and since I got here. And now Leighton for this opportunity we've got a player to give that to her that you know since I've been here but I'm really talked about. Former players are very important that's former coaches we really respect what they've done it in so it was an opportunity for me show JC that we truly. Do you mean it in I wish for the best of luck 364. Days of the year but on that day we we want to win. Not that they were well coached team a team that they got a bright future. You know she put that pressure on. The team for most of the game and death at times it turned out to be quite effective and it was the other coach you'd like to say. We should handle the pressure better but I thought that they did a good job with that in the press. Well they accept their defenses in them and they do press and make them different defense is actually. And we had moments that we really handled it very well in that great job of that. A break in the press and get the ball right where we wanted it to be it in and we had some times where we didn't and then. Federal consistency factor is something network that we're dealing with that you know today we had we had film session and week. We showed you know the clips of when we get things right that we showed the clips we didn't do things right and. In the point now you know it's that it's really disciplined staying in and just stayed disciplined in trusting. What we have in place and what we worked on in practice and in games. Did a lot of things right very early in the game thirteen to one start it was it Missouri Kansas City make the adjustments. After that it was that is the team falling back if you haven't well I think the first quarter you know we we started out. Really well we hit we hit a lot of shots early. And shots are going down force in the you know win win in this when the ball's going in your shots are going and it makes everything a whole lot better. In I thought we did get the job of defending their leading scorer. I thought our defense was really did the first half failing at 21 points. In the first half. I thought the third quarter in the fourth quarter you know they. Built up some momentum in their momentum they got better offensively and we were struggling a little bit second half and didn't play as well defensively as we did the first. But you know fortunately we we need to free throws in and we did what we need to do that take care of it when the game. One of the reasons the team did build that lead coach and speaking of defense was the number that you did not Ares Washington this is somebody that averages nineteen points per game. Not a factor at all the first half I think it's not kind diamond on here yet maybe some others but the hats off to the defense. It shutting her down again not a single point for the second half level. Right I thought we did a very good job at defending her. You know we we let one another player's career out a little bit and number. And number five. In she. Really got going in the second half and we end up having to trap her. We were around and did he get the paint and penetrating deep enough wind it going to attracting scheme on her. And a few remember it was in the fourth quarter than it. Will we did that it forced them into called a timeout. In it's that there was some adjustments that we were trying to make it to be better at that. Part of our defense issues also goes back that same word that consistency factor of you know there's times that we in our pick and roll defense. You know we do things correctly. And then there's times that we deviate and doing a different way and so. We're just not consistent. And in all the things we're trying to do yet and them. We we watched film on net today you don't point that paint we did the way we worked on in practice. You know look at this workforce and then look at these possessions than we're doing it differently and we're not sticking to those things see what happens so. We're trying to get our players understand just being consistent and doing it. The right way and every time and not me you know not sometimes doing it displaying sometimes than another way. Early this season let me ask you about this coach early this season obviously you can attribute maybe some of that that players to alerting your system eleven games in. Is that still the case a dollar or do you feel like. They should know that's that's not an excuse to let it be alerted to that point where it needs to be getting them in the way we've been practicing in. There's you know I think that your coach there's you know you get through different faces. You know when I when I was a head coach my first year I had several seniors and it was one of our first game on their forget. We were. My it was maybe our second game and we were air behind two points there's very little. Time on the clock and I was yelled at our team to foul and I couldn't get our seniors without. And after the game was over I can believe that means you're I had all these seniors they were older players it. And I you know Lanny it's that'll rule on that don't expect your players to do anything that you have it. Practice you have to practice everything and don't assume anything in that's one of the rules I have for myself. And then what you practice things you work on things and it gives you right to expect them to do it. And now. I think when you start off you have to be patient because it's brand new to everyone and you're trying to learn them and they're trying to learn new and there's a learning curve that. After a certain point then. It's time to just get it done in that to be doing it in there's no excuses being made his. After you do rep after rep after rep. And it should be geared so you know we're at that point apps that I'll line you know that time we get to conference play. That's when you know I hope that will be a will machine. That this first semester where we're gonna learn a lot and you know I've already learned what not to do with our team I think things that. You know we started out trying to do some things that. You know it's just really wasn't a good fit for us and yes you don't notice things until you experiment with it and there's these redundant practices right now that's not that these things yes. And sell its over the process for me as well. That you know I think we've figured out. Offensively we're much better team when we move the basketball. We pass the ball which here the ball. Let's move the ball quickly in. In not holding the line up early in the year. Now we we're seeing an eagle who hold the ball a lot we've practiced a lot of our motion offense with a flat basketball though where. You know barely enough fear that he can catch it that. None of their you can't bounce and then you know we're having to pass the ball move the ball. And it's it's made us better and I think our players understand it Houston there. There are a lot more willing they've they've kind of bought into that and they get that so I think our offense has gotten better in that aspect that. Our game against Missouri State was my one of our better games the first one we played at home. That we showed. And that passing teamwork stuff like. And that's it. To make too many excuses for the team however that the second game against Missouri State at its. Pat Saturday we're both played without one of your quarterback your point guard Kiki Thompson. Kiki badly with a concussion protocol of it always much more difficult to run your offense fluently when you're with them like that. Cuellar with that Kiki Angelina which you know that does change things but. You know I'm always gonna say I'm always until like it is I'm not gonna sugarcoat things. I was really disappointed in our team it Missouri State. And without those guys the in the air. That's irrelevant we we didn't play hard that night we'd implant are and I thought our effort was we were very lethargic then. You have some players that haven't been playing very much you know on that night that that's not your pride get in get your name's gonna get called. Because of our situation and so. Yes amount of opportunity that down. You know we're very flat we just didn't we didn't play our meeting compete that night and I was really really disappointed in our effort in we got back to what's on them. We we got that squared away in Saturday was their play hard forty minutes period. In. You know there's times he might play a team that you're gonna play hard that they're better than view it in. Get beat by a better team that your effort is tremendous in many kids given everything they got and I think as coaches that some were always looking for a bit. If you don't feel like you teams played hard that that's a whole different ball game and I was quite frank that's pretty embarrassed by our our performance Springfield and in them you know it's a reflection of me and it starts mean itself. You know came home and we got after it and I felt like Saturday was a lot about Pryor throws a lot of that our reputation. In it was also understand and we needed to be. Play extremely hard because represent Wichita State. In I take that very seriously. Even though Saturday's games didn't have as he sits in the inconsistencies. The start was so fast that you probably felt like we got the message. After yeah you know I think they get thing is that when I've you know I've talked our team and in Poland you know my on as. Observations and feelings about things and what I'm expecting they have responded. And I I I do appreciate that it's just you know I think our biggest thing is we've got to find a way to become consistent. And the best ideas be consistent your practices. Be consistent everything you do. Every ran up in every day. Shocker basketball Keith Adams we're about to take time apple did a player here but before you can get a break out here we got folks listening. At home I want you to tell them a little bit about what their store or the yellow book right before we go off the year that for those that are uniquely thirteenth green which. Come by the end after the you know we're gonna have a little impromptu. Concert if you. Well we're gonna player guitars I've got one in my ears frontiers it and a is a specialist in music in. Where. Pick targets are a little bit seeing a little bit in that you know what we try to do is. One thing about knee is in I want for people to feel connected to our program it. I love music and and it's my second passionate love basketball look easy and we want to have a good time in so. I haven't played by guitar since I moved it would stop because I've just been working. That yes anthrax a little bit and then. We're gonna just have a good time than it in chided ourselves in now and also let all of our fans know that. You know we want him get time we want people to feel excited energy about our program name in them trying to make globally. You got to ask it is the very. Few not now you notice that you and I hear me city that care that's not. EU it would it might then. It was about broke the radio equipment that the couple weeks ago and I'm noticing Bollywood cricket so you want that I write this long without. Unity that it's got to play here Latin music a little bit later vacated that AD fifty which hockey soccer women's basketball marketable. Seasons here should be bullies it's special to share this time of year is all about and we like you part of ours ours simply count out of everyone you pay. More at how things I've Alley and welcome to this. Take advantage of the show the employee discount for every one find new roads if your local should be available only twice and he models students like these terms and purchase twenty complexities of unavailable and other experts and either take on the rebound and it's time to go inside the numbers could beat Katie EPA's an advisor Pete tedious proudly served the midwest for more than ninety years. Fourteen values excellence as much as ours and reread your biggest fans. If you look toward continued growth and profitability Kiki Dee has the binge drink and resource is to help you develop a winning strategy. 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Well I think it deserves delta dental of the nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your smile power with the delta dental. She's Stevens joined this morning right here on Kate in as and you. Listening to keep that Adams it's been strained we're live at AG exports could beat out. Ali at the corner of thirteenth and green the drain itself. President of that this sort of up to grab the board put that back up that it. Good hard work finally he got he. Well he's been badly a bit of a well enough to play and got an offensive rebound there and look back. Point laughter they miseries it is the doctors throughout that would. And bounced back on Saturday of course we went. Well it's time to be that bit about what our players we've really stepped it up this season last year her season high it was thirteen point she's already. Matched or exceeded that in four games. This fees including he did tonight what the she had in that game last Thursday. Read don't (%expletive) it let's welcome diamond Lockhart the program. While they're done. Time. For the difference this year for you offensively especially for schooling him. The if there. If believe. That. The author of the. Lee stepped it up in terms of your confidence one of the things you've been doing really well is finishing it written that you've always had the ability. To get to the basket this year those shots and be going in anything different is that something you also work on in addition to your outside just finishing. Thursday yes in that's not a player at the line how to finish higher up that fluent in use that bat boy had. This be better at finishing like it's the man for them at halftime people on me. Outside shot as well before last season. You really worked hard on your outside parties do continue to that's. Paid off these you talked about throughout that shooting well. I mean at this I was beaten him to take it match. Did believe in myself nine that I put in no way and then off for the clintons that it. Tell need to take those I think over the fact that they know that I can make. I know that last year the motion offense was implemented a little Mort and the team is still doing. A lot of that this season as the dollar has got the ability to those sheets from the outside and also did he get there and is that something that you like that style of play the more freewheeling. Yes yes I think for our team and especially not having them is. Hopeful. And then I have to think united card you know move in the ball game bird flu and stuff like that hopefully it. Makes it easier for you attack that Mountain View one ultimate. Talk about. This team win. They've won two of their three games you've had four in double figures the fish numbers are up about that pal Irvine game the first Missouri State team in. Saturday especially really if it's issues like on when this team's clicking and you got these effective working and the outside was like to be up there on the floor but it's quick in the late here. They activate values I think everybody passed the law and moving imply mean that the it helps us get better shots that it good looking shots and you know that. You know we had to guard eaten at the body then it's easier on everybody influences. Play. This shocker senior diamond Lockhart joining us here on the program I was asking coach Adams eleven games in about the comfort level now that he has with the playbook. New coach new style of play at both ends of the floor. What about your perspective for you and your teammates is everybody pretty well certainly in doubt familiar to you does that that you're running both. I think though and the coaching staff says the cuts he's there you know he defeated temple with that conceded he is that the couple plays that would bottom line throughout the game. So we don't have to focus on those plays and then she wants as many emotions you think that's the best offense that movement especially when one of them blah. How does. This team and get to a level of consistency. That she wants them here that you will do you've probably witnessed that and you very fast start things got a little plug later. What do you do to be consistent for forty. I think common practice being ready to practice hard and being consistent practice and to everybody noticed both could be. Everybody on the same paint everything with time and I paint. You know at the eighth scenes we have to be consistent in the show that underclassmen that with the cuts both could be. And and we go out there and demanding game. So this believe in game plan. When asked if that being a senior in the leadership that you feel like that. You know relied on the seniors on this. You know act and they have always been and that leadership role and I do think at the same you know you have to healthier underclassmen. You okay. With the road than this you know like what to do and how to act in this things like that. I mean this. BSE. You've been through a lot of transition. In your college theory and can't even start to the floor. You stuck your college career in fact I'm familiar with I'd go back when she committed taxes that. And that staff recruited you ended up leaving or you played your first game. You stuck it out there for a year. I came here had to sit out a year that obviously the staff fifteen years is finally nice to see if you're just. Take a deep breath and know that everything's going to be the same in. And maybe a little bit more comfortable for him. Regards Alia is definitely my comfortable. I think you know the banks stand silent a lot about myself and it's gone through adversity. And you know. Had to stay positive and Tutsis were card and then just you know be boyfriend underclassmen and have this gently. You know fit differently. If I really down and confident that floats I've just taken my speed mean and that the younger and this. Sun in the stay positive. Stay with. Because if that the year when he transferred here it means everything. You've been through just in the last four years like alike with everything yeah do you answer that. What things does that Lockhart want to accomplish off the floor before you leap which. It's academically hear your outstanding in the class yeah. Alan against the PT school. And that. We'll talk about what you wanna do that here you can through. With basketball. I wanna look at on. I don't think that can't then definitely PP school. And that like unfocused and eventually on my home with but the decline. How excited about the American and the fact that the competition. At the time that it that game. You know I think it fit for our program and you know with the valley. There it the great I'm confident that if the conference. And you also ecstatic if you get to play close to home yeah it is that you. Yes it pumped about that a great job this season without running Kia I think it's that time with the diamond Lockhart joining. It's not welcome back it goes back up here right after this soccer basketball prepay. TV that the Al. The general dishwasher struggled to make it through the Thanksgiving weekend meals and you better get in the clintons at points during their big gear and sale save on quality name brands like whirlpool Maytag engineer and kitchen. Clinton's has over 25 models on display to make your final decision easy. 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I bet agents portrait of the Alley at the corner of thirteenth and bringing that to me. The shot clock global weakness that we won't wait for the bucket right we have broad you put it this hard got good. I've looked like this are you a quick math she found that started with this issue with the shock has decided after they. Reviewed article point there's just Ali broad you know the thing is that fix that argues with that basketball IQ it nice that there. In the shocker even mystery date last weekend are right that we get coach got him back up here first of all let's hear another round of applause for that Lockhart we. Hey guy anchor for stuff that I've. However only I've been doing coaching diamonds diamonds and now she's been working hard in. She's the she's been one of our. More consistent players her her practice habits have been really dead in them she's very comfortable it. Is she yet she gets us extra possessions and get steals and hustle plays that. You know I think the thing that Dan I've enjoyed batters that he competes she plays hard and that's one reason she's a full force a lot now. Yeah she's being given as if leadership. And as I mentioned to her she's been through a lot I mean you're correct by staff in Texas Tech that left which he played. He stuck it out there for years part of rebuilding program came here there's been transition. She's played for two great coaches but still transition it's not always easy for player. Well you know that we recruited diamond my eyes that you step and a. Diameter in range it's the end ladies that we recruited into so I think it then you know ironic that the. You know we didn't start gathered that we're finished in for her together at and then she played at red oak high school in. They for VFW elite eight team. And I can remember watch her play Iowa in so. I've been thoroughly enjoying coaching her in them. Have high expectations of her and what she. She needs to bring to our team every day in. She has been there a lot and she's older players so. That means that trade in them with veterans. They they know what they had to do. Coach she has shaken some people out of there she used to. Dribbling with the ball handling she'll be around the free throw line and that's understood happened all the defense to sleep in the next thing you know she's blown right by him. Which we've seen her do before but the agenda Hersh he's finishing you know that you're making a big difference hit the rim but we'll show you. Is that she's taken it to the basket and being very aggressive even connecting to human transition she's been hit and it will pull up jumper at the free throw line. And and then does things. You know we've been given her you know the best guard assignment for defense and guarding. The other team's best course of you know we've been asking a lot from diamond is she's been she's been there really nice job and then. You know I think it she's been enjoying play him and I've been enjoying coaching. Okay two games this weekend to talk about and watch all the cannot eat at 7 o'clock on Friday night it'll be Chicago's state. Al court date comes into the round house that Saturday fit. As mentioned earlier coached the better place Saturday at three through this doesn't happen at any better than this. Go catch the men's game reveal about five then head over to our play perfect playa. This is Saturday's big day we get some nice young ladies committee in. For officials and now. You know were excited about watching coach Marshall are missing player so you admit. Then we're gonna play and a after that and so you know actually wanna encourage soccer fans this. You know be shocker date and now we're really excited about playing in his home two weeks in a row we've been. Travel a lot in this looks nice that it's nice to actually yeah. Not be going anywhere this week so we haven't had back to back weeks that we've been at home and we were the traveling lawyers and definitely in November and and I also it's up it's exciting time in this this week Friday. And Chicago State we've got forty minutes that we need to play great. Great game on both ends of the floor both offensively and defensively and and we got to find a way to start consistently playing well and we. We've been you know one game and then we've been up and down and so. And I'm hoping that this week will help us to do that. Really get a consistent factor and good thing is just going to be degraded them Friday because they're going to be finished with finals seven they're gonna have a break. And then that's. I've been doing this for a long time I'm telling you when you're with your team that first dated they're done with finals and school is over there. They hear any great news because they don't have to read and it did you know that that's out from under for awhile. In sell out Friday yet they're going to be give me. It's one of the other things though that you coaches like about these terrible winter classic. You wanna call it. Like Albuquerque this week it is you get to it. To play a team one day in the with a very quick turnaround expert content with a post season prep her for conference tournament that they like that it it. It teams prepared for having those quick scout turnaround the very next they get the point. Right it is quick turnaround and you know some of those instances and a you know if he if you had a tough game in an all turnaround on plane again is a good thing in in a way because it helps you hit. We have to move on forget about the last game we play. I that I really. I love happened two days between games you know in three days to me three days that's great is it really allows time to truly prepared. For the plane and we have a quick turnaround. Yes a lot more mental prep. We're you know we're workouts and things throughout this week that's for both teams. Because you're not gonna have that day to do it in say you have to understand known these next three days practice. You're working on the things do you think you need to for both those games because you're not to have a data prepared. It's. Right on the lot right now at 8 o'clock Saturday outwards. Out girl who. Well that another time now and that we will special but you'll want to visit. They cute soccer basketball continues with key patent. It. 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A healthy smiles powerful thing it deserves delta dental. The nation's leading dental benefits provided unleash your smile power with delta dental. And now you'll look. Warmer than average winds below normal above normal snow last series snowy weather warmer than usual along. Temperature and there you have it it's going to be cool brand warmer with more or less snow than normal winter weather out and don't forget about logging on. Yeah I mean yeah I know it's like not whatever that is. This winter when you need to know depend on your severe weather station that's up last year offensive. Pretty good in SS. He Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday at duke it won't happening right here on me and planning to keep that Adams show. Steve strange we live at eight games portrait of the Alley at the corner of thirteenth and Greene the true. But the thing that I. I was quitting the clippers and lay it up there and the doctors got their first leave that night. They've got a lot covered a couple of points from 39 game again she had a season high twenty. Last year her season I was 23 weeks he's been going you'll. Exceed that pick up a career high we will see what happens our rights back to eight gaze at the Alley thirteenth green which wrote hockey. Shocker basketball with my coach Keith Adams coach if we're gonna have a little fun tonight but before we get to the the real fun. One of our fans here are his after a couple of questions W we encourage our folks to start doing that. And the question from one of our fans here at the restaurant is which player has impressed you the most with their improvement that these. The and the things that I've. Actually seen its key keys. Feeling more confident in herself Anders. And three point. Well apparently you know it's this game. Yeah it's like. Hold Iraq right now minder in the press conference has what you're saying about last year it was. Now I think in Thailand Spain she hit some really nice Opel midrange shots sees it. Her freak isn't that I enjoyed watching her. Feel better about yourself though that are that are shot. Every. Play a lot she was early on line in you know I think Afghan. You know my confidence has grown in her. I like her competitiveness. Upper east bases it is it is is you know when she's done plain and she plays guard. And then and her found target now. She's at game where she's at 5005. Gallons. And so I like at a batter. And that's that she's on my. You know favorite found this in his mouth off. He just needs that no wind Fallon no wind up now and sometimes they. Yet again. You know cents. And since Albuquerque Karen and assess the starting to play. And more Halloween knows she can play and I think she is starting to feel comfortable here. And you know before it Albuquerque turn it Hughes. Emirates embassy you know in the locker room says was definitely not comfortable. In the Nashville. In acting since that point returns in quarters with words now. That goes back that junior college players against that is that one time. Test and he'd say it then. In particular players. In the year year. Get Cecil gave her a month you know she's she's starting to play a lot better. Starting to. To get where we think she didn't really play. Sports. Like oh my god I haven't four point last year I am nine. This year it goes up over 90% with a pre that the count them last year but she's fifteen and sixteen this year. 93%. At 41%. In the Nazis it's it's and cheese and it says. It practices inconsistent practices and so. Now it's it's not rocket science. Yet give practices get slack that leaves the navigate games. And then he added that practices. Practicing. Well and then expect slightly up from game time he really goes in it missed two shots in practice I missed it but as the game. In diamond has been one of our most consistent practice players. Real quickly the question this month about the state all the theories that. He would like for these every right. Well we'll try to continue to play in and and in Creighton at that tradition and Missouri valley. Yes that's something I think we will continue to do. It this year we work. That we got the job meeting gains in some teams that backed down and plaintiff twice this year because they vote that's schedule issues that. Plane and one years acting and the next cumulative place. We elected via. The question that we'll do that through our season here at eight days justice to me by now. For coach in will be happy if you thought okay. The moment we've all that 40 yeah I think we gave away. I think it would Adams and relative or friend Connie dotted our friend from Winfield. And they both are here with guitars. Though coaches can't you are going to play the guitar forceful coach give us a little bit of history here what is it about that guitar. We are. Actually it. It. And. It's I have cars I ever wanted to play guitar I was it was my dad is there yet. He was excellent added. I've just you know I'm not very did that I have I have enjoyed playing and it's it's ultimately it's enclosed magnet. Connections. And youth at one time you are learning that Wichita State fights on what you even it will work. Because you don't you learn that that you kept. We cut out. It's marshland and it's playing in the threats got it at a rock. Style that. It's okay we're bullet that right off the bat you're cool with vice. And it's all right. Okay. Yeah but we'll. Why it. It's different content is a I'm telling both about not hey I got the hat to pass it around for tips. OK I got hit I can't get my lessons Dolan needs the money might get violent. Connie is kind. It's easy. At that account I can't count it actually go back way back when I first started with high school. I was age 22. And I as I spoke this teacher college. In Chinese man was that the music teacher there and another one in Miami brewers went into the both of these guys phenomenal teachers and I think they sound is that yen but the snap right out of college. They took me editor winnings and now. Just great mentors and we've been your experience. Every year they would find bill passes and have now percent of our games that you care and we just really been supporting that Dan. Yeah it's. It can't tiny company is Stan. She she would teach vocal music. Like with a passion like we coached basketball. She ticker vocal choir from Cali caddie and they performed Kearny new law in New York but yes. And that she's had she's had seen stories of kids that she's brought in and now they've gone on and then. Unbelievable things in their career and then I've actually showed up and surprised and saddened. One of her classes county county. What an inspiration. In the big immunities. Great great frame. And the novelty here and I think I'm a better coach because those guys being good Nieminen is it helped me along glee so. Yeah with the stress of your job to do. But it would be pretty therapeutic use instantly. Well like everything well you know as soon the night before we head gains. I would play my guitar the night before his. What game you did everything he can for practices and get your teammates. I have to say though since I've been to Wichita. Yesterday was the first I've played my guitar is. Just been working unity ticket needs you get so much to do it. There's no time for her play the guitar but they. Yesterday we practiced and today you're real well we got a couple of minutes wiggle out of everything else. Is little Christmas spirit. When she coaches getting her reviews. It's clear how many. And you. There's little mystery behind. That that piece of equipment down. Anything. I was it Corey. And my nine. The infield grass that's. This. And that's that's movement in this thing going on for years now. It's months and he made. Kearney son's favorite actors and actresses. And his guitar. As an eight grade might add he and he as it cost me three months guitar. It. Is likened. 850 dollars that guitar was probably in early seventies. And that biscuits and that's it it's iron and then. It's actually yen its comic it's made. It from Y. That's. Why it's an. In. Its. I'm never gonna play it like it was it was may play. Like. It with my dad. And if you watch those guys play guitars. Well for those that are here he's anything but we're gonna keep on hand in the. I'm not the only thing keep Hillary gets to keep it up notes yeah. Let's get the book that the ground that's weakening our bounds. And out Friday night at times. Shots it's 7 o'clock Friday hit I don't think it was to keep that bond for the coach. Steve we'll talk with their writing. From the arena good night everybody. This has been in the Wichita State shocker women's basketball coaches Jolie Pitt coach Keith out. Adams and Steve strained. Do you buy Comfort Systems delta dental your hometown Chevy dealer. That Kansas health foundation. Blue cross blue shield of Kansas the Carnahan group. Clinton's appliance the Kansas Department of Transportation. Future step. Tall grass country club and AJ's sports grill. This is 987 and thirteen thirty K and as fans we should all pay and SS FM Clearwater. They're better come radio stations you listen online and came SS radio dot com.