KFC in the U.K.... is out of chicken

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, February 20th

British fast food fans can't satisfy their chicken fix, KFC is blaming delivery problems.


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9713. 38 M answer as Stevenson in the morning Steve Macintosh Denver verdict. 730 now. One vehicle accident caused a power Al original question which is on Monday night the French speaker of the intersection of their season west streets no injuries were reported in the crash. The accident caused more than 2600 westar my star energy customers to lose power. Westar Energy restored to the power to the area sometime after. 11 PM at today's meeting to Wichita City Council won't consider a new one year contract with the fraternal order of police mayor Jeff Flock wells tells CNN business news. Mean that only have an option and also much more expensive it was several years ago. I had a friend tell me when he went through all about slow or about the nine month or. A well commented during Monday's with the mayor on the Stevenson in the morning show here on KN SX. A substitute teacher in North Carolina has been fired after a video to post on FaceBook showing him body slamming a student. Fox's Michael Paul Archie reports. The Kansas senate committee has endorsed a bill that would expand the State's Medicaid program to provide health coverage for 150000. Additional tour. Adults the bill approved Monday by the public health and welfare committee would expand Medicaid is encouraged by the 2010 federal Affordable Care Act championed by former president Barack Obama. The Medicaid program covers more than 370000. Poor disabled and elderly Kansas residents. The committee's voice vote send the measure to the full senate but majority leader Jim Benning indicated that they debate is not likely to occur soon. Former Republican governor Sam Brownback vetoed a similar bill last year new Republican governor Jeff collier also poses an expansion. Supporters say expanding Medicaid would help the uninsured critics see it as potentially costly for the state. Phil Noble brand can get SS news after last week's massacre at a Florida high school students are traveling to the State Capitol demanding gun control. Many of the students see the shooting deaths of seventeen people at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school is a called action like Angelina Lazio. Just injured as motivation to actually do something that. Not only for my community but for everyone I'm losing and save us. Oh about a hundred students are riding buses over 400 miles from Parkland after the Florida State capital of Tallahassee today. To column lawmakers to enact measures that could prevent future bloodshed. The GOP controlled state house has resisted but now. Incoming state senate president bill Gelb on how a Republican says he's drawing up a bill to raise the age to buy a gun to 21. And creating a waiting period to buy firearms. Chill NATO Fox News. President trump is weighing in on Mitt Romney's a senate run presidential Bob brings endorsements remain you once called a choke artist in between endorsing former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney's team concept and run. Trump said he will make a great senator in a worthy successor to Orrin hatch and has my full support and endorsement. Rob between her response thank you Mr. President for the support I hope that over the course of the campaign I also earned support an endorsement of people if you top. Following their war of words inventories sixteen race trouble later consider running for secretary of state in Washington shall mantle Fox News. With all the talk of online election interference tech companies are trying to make some changes. The media companies and secretary of state across the nation are gearing up for the midterm elections trying to make sure what went wrong in 2016. Doesn't happen in 2018 FaceBook joining the national association of secretaries of state winter meeting in DC to talk about election security. Facebook's global director of policy saying that FaceBook will start sending postcards by US mail to verify political ad buyers. Actually live here in the US in Los Angeles Hillary bond at Fox News. The Kansas Republican Party has approved a resolution that opposes all efforts to validate transgender identity. Including opposing any medical treatments to Alter a person's body to conform with his or her perceived gender identity. Wichita eagle reports the resolution approved Saturday by the party state committee. During its annual meeting in Wichita said the GOP affirms God's design for gender as determined by biological sex and not by self perception. Now the forecast with Kaye has his staff be rolled just Dan Holliday good morning Dan. This morning the winter weather advisory continues in affect until new and that means the potential for icing and freezing drizzle here close to the ground at the way up in the atmosphere different things are going on which means we could have some small hail makes Dan sleet and some rain from time to time with a high near that freezing mark in around 32 of gusty north winds and the afternoon and cloudy upper teens tonight tomorrow 320. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. We have fog and missed in 23 degrees and a north wind gusting to 32. Miles per hour yesterday's high temperature was 63 degrees that was very earlier today. And the temperature coach cooled off to the thirties in the afternoon and cloudy and cool. And real wind gusts yesterday in which talk clocked at 39. Miles per hour 73060 content in particular thinking this has weather center radar for you and death. The area of moisture showers drizzle whatever. Now he's basically right along to Kansas turnpike to begin vigil mass. Going up northeast into the to peek a Kansas City area and all to the east of there. A lot to the east back to the west not much going on so Wichita. You we're seeing a little bit of moisture in Wichita and Cedric county. But arena Kelli cleared Kingman county clear and and onto the west and basically straight south of you going down the interstate. 35. Down toward Oklahoma right now for the next a little while you're gonna see. The same side type of a rainy icy conditions all the way down so it looks like from the pics from the radar image that we see here at the innocent weather center that bill that the the worst part of this stuff is moving out of the area. Again a lot of schools closed out and like death around 5:30 this morning now when you got. Sleet covered roadways everywhere and at the Woodstock public schools already had in service so their kids were out anyway. Catholic schools so they call for a school today as well sell. My idea hand derby schools are also all my grandkids are home today. And that's super. Too bad for the parents. Anyway. If you. If you electric car out last night he can have scraped the windows Lou launch scrapings Madison street and no one on 737 Steve intent today is Tuesday February 20 funny eighteenth. Day after president stay on this date in 1792. Look. President George Washington signed an act creating United States post office department. But the Postal Service is go over the years is coming for a lot of grief lot of jokes. I mean honestly and don't get the melee on time Nevada and but you know what I always felt like. The kind of job they do and they are moving it billions. Of pieces of mail every day. I've always had pretty good luck for the Postal Service how much you tip of every now and then they'll deliver somebody else is. Build my health some just walking across the street is something you know like and I can Basil human error but don't attempt at a good friend who came back from Vietnam. As a marine in the heat get a job as a postal postal worker. Thursday he didn't stay long and nasty he said he would join the seals of the but at Newark for a while and and I always thought they don't build as much as my wife likes to walk she would have been real good depth however. In her knees are not so good now they are great you can opt. But death the Postal Service had a birthday today we salute them been doing the jobs since the eighteenth century yeah. Fast food fans who by the way I did find out over the weekend I am I don't know how this. Cropped up on me I didn't know about this but I I went to a bison stamps in they're up to fifty cents now. If you sense of proper stance yeah yeah. I didn't know they've gone up for some reason its name there's not gonna haven't haven't haven't purchase stamps regional not for a couple of weeks anyway then. Fast food fans ran a flutter yesterday after most of the 900. KFC outlets in the United Kingdom and Ireland were forced to close because. There wasn't enough chicken. And barely had plenty dictators and gravy but none of chicken. And again is Britain and and Ireland the company apologized to customers. Blaming it teething problems with the its new delivery partner DHL. Mood. Think he's cement. They get some restitution from them KFC first apologized for the problems Saturday. And update yesterday said about a third of the stores were back open. But with limited menus and shortened hours. Senator and involved three days are you kidding me the company statement said. We know that this might have inconvenienced some of you over the last few days and disappointed to you when you wanted your fried chicken fix we're really sorry about that. Oh yeah that's problem KFC here in the chicken business you know oyster roast so much mashed potatoes and then biscuits before people realized there's no chicken on the menu printing problems with a new delivery service remains our former deliveries and our guys are going to be now that you former delivery service and you found somebody who knows. I can deliver the chicken little bit better. All right and you know he's KFC hired these people somebody that KFC office there in Britain. Made the call and and they've realized DHL would not know what they're gone and our problem. Our effort over analyzing it should concede now I think today attacked the Obama top stories this morning love me some extra crispy you know. Now there's a Lola both stern and is still missing little five year old boy they've searched a couple of parks. And we'll stay on top of the situation Wichita police of course involve the FBI is involved with this search and I'm. Course in any case like this the police and an Intel a whole lot they may have a clue or a tip on somebody. But there I can tell me a whole lot hilly they get to the point where I think they know what what has transpired but. Our heart goes out to that family little five year old boy just goes missing all of a sudden it's it's a parent's worst nightmare are best. Hopes for what does that this could be a positive bit. And determination on the Lucas Hernandez story. 741 Stephen. Freddy's. Well I'm not an argument here and there Freddy's I'm overdue for a trip to Freddie Freddie state burn and so forth and I like a combination really got them. Via the hamburger and the hot dog Saddam ride with you. That's the best of all world out there huge fan of the hot dog out remedies take you blisters hungry out there right now because I have got to a twenty dollar. Gift card well Brady's eight now. Like to give way to one of our listeners right now I like that sounds good call 86913. 386913. Thirty you could be. Normal lunch Newsweek at Freddy's courtesy of Steve and Ted in the morning. 742 now Stephen dead heat and therefore. Bill Lloyd and its opposition always just talk about a year pork one aircraft company. Stevens and the moment on KM SN.