Kidnapping suspect arrested in Wichita

Steve & Ted
Friday, January 19th

Victim says she was held against her will for two hours...


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And grossed more than 2000 dollars and today. The chart to stem from April board twelfth 2014 poker game. During which the three men allegedly use police department resources to determine the ownership of a vehicle driven by a player suspected of being an undercover police officer. Retired Highway Patrol trooper Michael Fredericks and of derby is charged with two counts of making false statements to FBI investigators in connection with the poker game. Phil holed a brand Kagan SS news. More today on an incident that disrupted a neighborhood in north west Wichita residents had to be evacuated in the middle of the night after a van ran into an unoccupied house. Police officer Charlie Davidson says it all happened early yesterday on seventeenth street north near 119 blessed. Emergency crews responded to the report of the building collapse that are residents a 25 year old man was driving home he was behind the wheel of a man he did not own. The southbound on chambers street when he slammed into a house on seventeenth. The driver also struck. The gas meter that the home. Shearing off the gas line and allowing natural gas to fill the hole and also the area surrounding this accident. What struck fire department in Kansas gas both responded to the scene. To address the natural gas leak. People in the neighborhood were evacuated after about three hours they were able to return to their homes and police believe that alcohol was a factor in this crash the kidnapping suspect was arrested Wednesday afternoon by Wichita police. Officer Charlie Davidson says last Monday evening a 24 year old woman was tried to sell a ring and set a meeting with a potential buyer on FaceBook. Meeting demanded to Jimmy John sandwich shop at central and hillside. She says he got into her car at a gunpoint forced her to drive to several locations. He was able to finally get help two hours later making her way to a quick trip at Douglas and Washington. The suspect ran away with her ring and her cell phone. The Wichita police department Broadway quarter fourteen conduct a follow up on this case and located at 32 year old male suspect in the area McCormick in meridian. The suspect was arrested without incident and booked into jail for aggravated robbery. Kidnapping you know standing warns. The woman's cell phone was recovered but her stolen ring has yet to be located. With a government shut down less than 24 hours away boxes chat program describes what Republicans in congress would need to get the spending bill ball rolling in her. C drove vote to break a filibuster and I need sixty votes to do so John McCain Republican of Arizona is not here so that takes Republicans from 51. Votes down to fifty though we have three Republicans who say they are going to vote no Rand Paul of Kentucky. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Jeff flake Republican of Arizona set means there are at a maximum 47 Republican yeses. And that also means they need thirteen Democrats to sign up and get him to sixty. A major holed up on passing a spending bill is doctor and president trumps desire for immigration reform the current administration is pushing back on claims that president trumps stance on his proposed border Walt. As evil the White House chief of staff John Kelly causing a stir when he tells Fox News the president wasn't fully informed when he promised to make a wall that stretched across the US Mexico border and that is he's had a vault sources tell fox decent president was outrage over that comment but attorney general Jeff Sessions tells Fox News. We all change and we aren't something as we go forward with his principles on immigration have not changed sessions also said Kelly is a quote national treasure. Democrats say comes hard on immigration stance could force a government shut down in Washington shot Winchell fox needs. It is as you is now 6044 minutes past 6 o'clock here on a Friday morning was Stephen dead and I 887 and thirteen thirty K and as soon as we are seen into the morning now. 61010 minutes has 6 o'clock here on a Friday morning January 19 Ted did traffic. And I thought hey we do have a car accident north west Wichita this is on 45 street northwest of Tyler where a car has gone into a ditch. Traffic update from KE NSS radio onto it what words I would state of the forecast now with galas as staff meteorologist Dan not holiday and good morning Dan. The good morning you may wanna grab the heavier coat this morning but you probably won't needed by later on this afternoon with temperatures soaring more than ten to fifteen degrees above average today. Sunny and breezy with a high 55. Tonight some clouds will drift in our low 36. And then tomorrow's high 56. By Sunday a few areas of light rain or drizzle may develop. And a high near sixteenth and KMS just meteorologist Dan holidays. So mostly cloudy 29 degrees to get a south wind at twelve miles per hour. 6:11 seated on the morning and then we'll be talking about this this morning throughout the morning that is that I to 35 and Kellogg interchange. Gonna close again this weekend Ted certain about 7 o'clock tonight to gonna apparently late some more bring you news. And so the Libya had taken an alternate route to fuel that we had that what they eat a week or two ago. And and now we're back do it finishing up the project style behind her good fretted K dot. Tell us all about that then was dead but that's gonna happen about 7 o'clock tonight but we had sunshine and warmer ten use the word finish. I believe a lot of seat pocket I'm issues are finished they will move forward OK this fourth what is best Jaber recovers slogan. Bravely on werder and ask someone. You set the construction business are case sunshine and warmer temperatures and Kansas are state. Which does high temperature yesterday was meaning I got this wrong. But closed yesterday well 53000 low fifties in 53. And got a mystery in Iran 34 of them known and 53 normal high is about 42. So. Wave buzzing yesterday elite gold medal niceties that you heard. You heard Dan a minute ago it's going to be even nicer yet today how about there are nice like it. Friday January 19 2017 on the state in 1955. You'll remember. A presidential news conference was filmed for television and newsreels for the first time. With her permission to president Dwight. You're seeing a filler of the first time I've seen and that's I think gets into what they always use. Of course I considered you know the air is very informally that hurt us there and everybody surround him and pretty dry stuff. I think it was it probably I think you might do in the oval off on the news yeah he was at the desk and get his three piece suit on did you think you. People view it may not know this about Dwight Eisenhower put it. You know I've read quite a bit about. I think he's he's he brought the guy was a great Dresser. He loved a good sue now he had a lot of three piece suits you know who's easy very conservative you know Jack Kennedy came along it was a lot. There what the vast and all that it was a little more. East Coast informal ideally but I love a good pseudo go back to be hats Mets on West Point guy yeah now. Well well tailored look and you. Just think afar that the president in the media have come since well let's start with fireside chats in the rating Leo their product brochure we are artists present day. And he'd have basically used a course ready use those fireside chat to just keep America motivated. Always try to be positive and keep and keep people's spirits up and up. I like these fireside chats we have a remorse and now we have a president is on Twitter yeah well it's another great helping to change the past eighty years and years and he's using that the latest media form there. You like keeping up of the British royal family who doesn't news we may have a job for you. Royal fans made a link in job ahead. For a press officer working for the duke and duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry the most viewed vacancy on the site last year the ad is viewed more than 100000 times. With a wedding of Harry and Megan Markel set for May nineteenth and William and Kate's third child and equally successful applicant will have his or her work cut out. My wife was a retired I'd recommend you play for that she would yes she did you know that would either up. And she'd be great now wouldn't hear very often because you'd have to eliminate them probably. But now U attorney kept nor the job site quite commute it. Good story but are these drones and we're just scratched the surface on drones on at a story the other day Europe and interview. But the president of Butler Community Colleges they're going to bigger step they're teaching drones over there. They got a drone course go on with K state. And just you know what are the applications. Obvious applications in collateral law enforcement and ended ended up agriculture. Here's one point of flying drone dropped a flotation device. 22 teens caught in rip tide and heavy seas off the Australian girl search and rescue what officials describe as a world first rescue. Monte green Slade and gave them Hitler. Gotten in trouble yesterday about a half mile away from lifeguards who were out about to start training with some new drones. A friend raised dealer at a lifeguard piloted a drone to those rivers and dropped a rescue pod. Since it was accomplished faster than they could have done it using conventional mails yeah you don't ya you got to take a vote out there are distinct ma'am it is failure just get a guilin. An official says it's a world first rescue for a drone fitted with a flotation device Al about that. I speak it's swelled I'm pretty sure editors we go with the girls are gonna find more and more applications I'm sure. They can do some good in this world. 616 Nell was Stephen Ted and this is as I said. All I want to point this out did on this date in 1962 I didn't whether and whether history that by the way that. National Weather Service web pages full agree well it bursting sell outs always yeah. On this date in 1962. Wichita measured its greatest slow death ever seventeen inches. Could have been what seventh grade six grade seven great. Seventy you have school that day and probably not. They did an item that's what he's got a snow day for that tenth 1962. I don't remember a whole lot. Has always gone on that but yeah but I'm sure we had a snow day. I only lived like and a block from the school a little block and a half from cougars in grade school was still when you're walking through snow that deep. That's challenge no matter hop artist you are correct and this is. A date that's kind of important to me this is the date. The nineteenth base ninety yet though I started on the air here it can UNICEF should be not. Tony your first day on the air airless is that 21 years ago today we started. I start working here on the fifth. I was hired by Tim Blake who's the general manager with a real boost for dining Jack Oliver Jack put me in there and sit and said detective this is a guy. And enjoy coming and I beat you for the first time and weakened and our good friend Dave Wilson yelled incursion might Kennedy. And we got the show all fixed up for kept ex couple weeks have been banged on the nineteenth week we sailed into the for the fairways with a top forty years and here we are twenty years later I put a little something on FaceBook got my personal things but yesterday early. And got a response from so many people good people have known for years and years not very nice asking should do another twenty years and Kate is says and post a rescission. Yeah its server and none got X could it you can do it up a cute. They today it starts it never in the cards for charity rod and custom card show it's entry to one of the great annually and usually it's off to a vote for three days in day hate that is if you should be a great show again this year we urge you to. If you get in if you wanted to simplify this weekend go to the courage for charity. Rod and custom car ratios. It's 618 now Stephen Ted. On K and incessant attack from it up sports. Kids. Remember president what's going on this week is a football playoff scorer. Yeah a conference championship you don't think gigs okay now you're. Who determine our Super Bowl competitors ending up. Those games on Sunday the AFC title game New England hosting Jacksonville's New England favored by touchdown. And then after that the late afternoon game into the evening will be in the Philadelphia Eagles hosting the Minnesota Vikings. And you can hear both those games live on Sports Radio take FH 12:40 AM 975. FM. Has. Good to us Super Bowl the two winners went to the Super Bowl the vikings have been the NFC championship game in their last five times they've lost. Haven't into the Super Bowl 76 wow see the vikings to get it done. Was in those games Sunday and here they. Huge weekend for college men's basketball fourth ranked Wichita State is on the road to tomorrow at Houston and the last time the shoppers played the cougars in Houston was 1960. It's been awhile. Shocker in the cougars reunite their rivalry of course they've met the couple weeks ago in which it's on Sox won that game by eighteen points tomorrow is the rematch in Houston. By the way tomorrow also is the fiftieth anniversary of maybe the most famous Houston game of all time game of the century. Here's UCLA LA in the astrodome them was fifty years ago tomorrow it's an interest because here's his basketball court and acres of acres of its. Better about fifty yards away from the public court and every one of those fall there. The shocker that Houston tomorrow Mike Kennedy and Bob holt will be on the air with pregame at 10 AM tomorrow game tip off at 11 AM. And that's on 103 point seven KE YNN and join me after the game I'll take your phone calls on the shocker locker room show. Broadcasting live between three cities which sought when he first and rock. Come have lunch with me after game twin peaks tomorrow. Tenth ranked Kansas is home for basketball action tomorrow afternoon hosting Baylor debut is in first place atop the big twelve look. PU has won its last ten meetings against the Baylor Bears live coverage of the jayhawks begins at 330 tomorrow afternoon game tip off at 5 PM tomorrow. Some Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975 FM. Kansas State is home tomorrow afternoon as well wildcats hosting 24 ranked TCU. He state is nine and sue on its home court this season Natalie at 3 o'clock tip off. Tomorrow nationally televised on ESP NU. The Wichita State women's basketball team is on a three game winning streak. And they are hosting another team that's won three in a row second place South Florida coming into Wichita. For women's game on Sunday afternoon will be at 3 o'clock at Coke Arenas shocker ladies go for their fourth and erodes. One home game this weekend for the Wichita thunder. Hosting the top team in the division the red hot Colorado Eagles they have won eight in a row coming into Wichita on Saturday night. It will be the first meeting this season between Eagles and the thunder division rivals 7 o'clock tomorrow night downtown in trust bank arena. You go men's basketball an elder radio tomorrow night Butler community college hosting Seward. Dennis Higgins level live coverage of the game at 715. Tomorrow night Mets right here on 987 and thirteen thirty K and it. SS by the way if it's Dennis Higgins is birthday today. The happy birthday to the voice of the Butler grizzlies and our good friend great listener Dennis Higgins I don't think he's probably up now that he will be hosting sometime this morning. Is he an early riser. We got the Oklahoma sportscasters you I have no way and you guys already don't get that award by sleep and I know he does tolls a baseball in the summertime guy is busy all the time. You know if you do it sometime in just drop by and do a half hour with a split up before it's the beginning of his birthday weekend I'm sure he's up again probably up just don't candles. That are added Dennis figgins then you'll see you tomorrow night the Butler Seward game right here on CNN assets. That's sports was even dead here on this Friday morning to flee to doubt you've been here for Fox News commentator Todd stars Stephen took the morning. On Kate and pass tests.