Killing the bull, the stock market bull

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, January 16th

Moneytracker Don Grant with some stock market wisdom.


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Thank you for your show no I'm glad I'm on the radio station I really like I did get they relate to you. Father came on the bus. You have a good day dirty and SS products. Stevenson in the morning 646 on a Tuesday. Three big things that he felt like governor apologizes for missile attack false alarm. Promises it won't happen again seeing free persons injured himself Wichita building fire line. Bitter cold and wind killed brings cancellations across south central Kansas. Rebate things even dead on K and his sense. And today. The emergency accident reporting plan in effect here in the city of what Kentucky got into a traffic accident you can get Dez pictured it. Exchange information with the other person involved. There can't be any alcohol or drugs involved both cars do have to be drivable. But you can get an accident report form at a quick trip and burned in a police station have an update from Dana says radio I'm Gentiva. Sunny and cold today with a high of only. Thirteen degrees wind chill could reach seventeen below sports folder. Clear a cold tonight the overnight loans food. Wednesday sunny and warmer tomorrow sign up to 33 now what the study for degrees. Built into sixteen miles per hour the wind killed since sixteen below. And Jackson wishes to thank their customers for a great holiday season. Going now for great end of the year sale items wildly last including a large selection of camps and adds to keep you warm and and Jack's. 601 list Douglas in delay no. At the clock show extra brat he's 47 Stephen just done grant you see the money factor in with a subordinate notes you don't want to. Yeah the car. I left in the car wasn't like it there it's cold thank you gotta feeling feeling it would be like that US stock markets closed for the king holiday Monday last Friday the S&P rose over eighteen points Dow climbed to 28. NASDAQ rose 49 points Good Friday. It's the year the pickup truck at the Tony eighteen North American International Auto Show in Detroit as General Motors Fiat Chrysler and Ford. Unveiled new trucks in the fast growing and highly competitive US auto market as an every year in the year the Turk no Larry not data. Plenty of other vehicles at the show which is one of the industry's largest Mercedes and BMW have new suvs while several Japanese auto makers are showing off prototypes of future vehicles for romance is as usual granite. To pick up truck you've got I do I do automotive journalists have crowned the Honda Accord the North American car of the year for the first time. The tenth generation accord edged out the key a stinger and Toyota Camry for the award which was announced Monday at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. I haven't drive an accord myself there you don't you drive car a year while your mate I'm kinda that that person of the year to write it. Sure in your books and doesn't every car have like. Multiple award to. I think a man they get many car brands as there are there are price Waterhouse is then you know I mean or whatever a lot of different awards auto trader cars yeah and. Citigroup says it will slightly raised pay for women and minorities to closing gap with men and points. The big banks as an internal survey shows women get 99%. As much as set as men in similar jobs and minorities in the US get 99%. As much as whites and a smaller gaps in the overall workforce they're being generous with them themselves when they say in 99 Britain. You know. Why 99 when exactly right and how big of even the straight and even oil oil it's that they're correcting its act I act over and offer a year genders there your race. And decent coach maybe those people are making 500000 dollars a year and a civic and Airbus says it sold more than 11100 planes last year outselling rival Boeing. Thanks to a raft of the year and deals and a growing global economy and travel demand the European plane maker reported Monday that it delivered 718. Planes and when he seventeen. Delivered 718 and fewer than Boeing 763. But a record for Airbus self bowing Wednesday at delivery. Competition while Airbus had a big sales year and it is finally it's been so they're on top aren't well that and the when he announces sales does it ever match what they actually delivered via hunt. I don't know. And it has sold an airplane and number worked for the annual airplane sales were. With that and I didn't figure they got a few discounts at the give you know like a million dollar play and you get. Different 999 and 99 today. Yes while supplies into the automatic doors and windows India. She didn't come with stereo phonics now it's 651. And a firewall that statement added a morning. Killing Nicole says Don granting AMP gabbana Tucker. Well good morning you know as you know. With a stock markets on upward trajectory it's called a bull bull market yeah when it's going down value it's called a bear there you go that's a participatory. That you we are in a sustained bowl right now can go like this show. That's for twenty years sustainable lawyer right now it's been climbing with some corrections. Since March 9 of 2009 that's when the real estate recession bottomed out and we regained more than 250%. In the Dow since that date. Now we have seen some ups and downs during that run and a couple of corrections said that since then. A correction is defined as a 10% drop. In the case of a bowl cycle. The average life expectancy of a bull market is just shy of four years well we've been ours. For about nine years yet each time he averages in the past don't really matter it's the factors that create the correction. That has every one on pins and needles right now. Most bear markets are caused by recessions that is according to US equity strategist for Deutsche Bank David Bianco. When the economy pulls back so do corporate earnings. When that happens stock values can go down. Inflation can certainly wound a ball in the win inflation takes hold the Fed will raise interest rates. When they go up it makes it more expensive for companies to borrow. And that she closed down growth which affects purchasing power and eventually stocks. We are seeing moderately low inflation right now although it's start that show it's had a little bit. Rather dot com bubble. That was a bowl slayer the valuations of companies got out of hand because of perception and stock and stock buying frenzy that was not based on real earnings at that time the price. It to earnings ratio for a major index hit nearly 45 to 146 to one actually. Right now it's slightly higher than at a somewhat manageable 24. To one according to financial website seeking alpha. This bowl has endured no one knows who wind it will cause a correction or worse as some downward movement is inevitable. If you trust history knowing what could happen is heated terming. How you invest your long range money in the course of you have. Any questions you'd give me a call number 6342222. Almost daily it's a cent to deal about Don. Where's the top of this market version board and top out via its. If it's cute little scary it's been is Gary to be a couple years it's frightening scary bit is that scary based upon the fact that. It's just been going up for nine years or scary based upon the fundamentals of the market when you look at the fundamentals of the market. Good it's it's a little rich at least in the US stocks but it's it's not that. That I'm in I'm in a lot of good stuff underneath them yes exactly I'd. Today is national nothing day. Lou go back to created as a data provide Americans with one national day when they can just see it. Without celebrating observing or altering anything. Well then why even do it now you just use violent act nothing is sponsored by coffins national. Nothing foundation registered in kappa told a California. While it's a thing guys. But she is its Alter my confidence. That you literally do nothing all the Kaufman compartments CO FFI he did say coffins yeah national. Nothing foundation softens it up. With there. I just share the topic is a proper now owners that do with it what you want yes do that what you wish today is national nothing day. We're doing things pretty easy to order a month. Thanks to our legs against White House he slung and hence her way got professor also support we give yeah. We're always booster and as becoming national I don't care day. You've got to have a 7 o'clock began as this morning news was even dead bone chilling cold brings cancellations across south central Kansas. That story and more coming up Stevens in the morning on tape and assess.