In The Kitchen With May & Guy

The Good Life
Saturday, July 15th

Guy wraps up his visit with May Abraham Fridel.


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Welcome back the program congratulations to Gary grass marsh longtime listener here in the beautiful downtown water. Garrity outlook compute direct from the the publicists and you're gonna love it. And in Anchorage and try the recipes. There's some different flavors and spices and things like that. And you can order those spices that passion for spices dot com. That's the website put together my guest made Prado who put this great book together make. Let's be before you finish up let's just talk briefly about dessert in my pervert the course. Is it beautiful rice putting with fresh mango slices and things like that but the but. These are pretty healthy dessert no matter what you give them at a restaurant or make them your job. But hot. And then there are the ER. OLE. But in. Like it or quarterly can get. And we'll them. At that it'll and and and guess that game. Would be a good. Drop. Victory of the actress and I want it but actually and ignition. And a keep it a little bit and become. And it adds that. Activity. And at a mango. And that it may. Be on the I mean the good. Probably. But he came. Around and use the actually hate and it would be. India and Beatty. That that would be good. Up and everything and how. You might be immediately. At a there may be. Too sure that and it. Active duty at it and you see in the and yeah that the but again they. Or at. He needs to be worried about. And should get it do you phone. Rang and yet he and and again. I'm happy to. Meet you but Chiat speed it. In great. Debt. It didn't end in a little. And yes and I added eleven. More. And and cheek on that it actually all of those eight ignored. Calm collected what's beaches we can do peaches cutting more. All actual compete in. And did that send out stepped up. Harden yeah. Exactly it is very. Delicate. Arctic. And you can make it or dislocation. And he did he. Any gay and he is a good food and and it manatees EP look at each candidate at the end like to spend. But a lot of colored hair. And texture and label. And little action case and and peek at the peak of the and he did that India and they don't appear and then and then made eat people and. Well I appreciate your time may have been a pleasure speaking with you folks the book is called. India includes the end obvious cookbook it's done in conjunction with the American diabetes diabetes association. As I've said before you can crossed up IB it's it's a great cookbook. Beautiful air Matta herbs and spices and you can get those that passion for spices dot com is website thanks so much may have a great weekend. Yeah hearted about an indictment that I. Thank you have a good day. Okay so and and I talked about what you would have with this and a my goodness. I just open you know a couple of weeks 34 weeks ago we talked about it briefly about the New York State line and who were fortunate enough to get out a few decent quality bottles in the distribution system this is from doctor Constantin frank. Bob Franken his family have been producing some of the best. Finger Lakes wine they have an extensive list it's simply Constantin frank winery dot com. You know I think I may have said the world does just doctor frank DR frank Weinstock com. At this one of course available Jacob liquor change it's a two when he sixteen. Semi dry riesling and Obama got the air Matic when you pour this on the glass. No matter what you think of reasoning where the you have some that are blown drier weather you have some that are in your mind to sweep for your ballot. You put this with that chicken marsala. You put it with. Cautious about. And and Rory. Prepared chicken. It's so Pleasanton so beautifully. Put together. April cot honey sought goal a little white flour. Mean. And then this off the Saturday bounces this weakness and it is well. It's just fine. That's what it is so it take a quick break we come back here Scott joins us in studio. To talk about her adventure. This last month or so and being crowned. This woman knew it that's she's the queen underneath that crown and I can't take claim for make and Adam but I thought that that so do we rewrite spectacle.