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Wednesday, January 17th

Guest: KSN Meteorologist Leon Smitherman.


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Is this division which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news can't SS Wichita is number one. And weather station depend on. This is a K and us this morning news was even edit and keep Macintosh. Sumner county deputy injured in crash near mould playing the we've got the story unbelievable brand of Wichita City Council approves an ordinance that designates areas where you can open carry alcohol. Woman reports being abducted and Roth in Wichita until with the word those details just ahead I'm okay MFS meteorologist Dan Holliday. Once again this morning temperatures are in the single digits in Wichita. But the warmer weather pattern is on the way our forecast in minutes. A Sumner county sheriff's deputy and two other people were injured Tuesday night in a crash on page fifteen near molding. The deputy was doing traffic enforcement at that location and his patrol car was struck. The good news. Into the vehicle and later. Taken to a Wichita hospital in critical condition. Kansas Highway Patrol reports 49 year old deputy Stephen Williams has been upgraded to stable condition. Also hospitalized after the crash 64 year old Steven Mills and 59 year old calling bills a small bank. The Wichita City Council yesterday approving an ordinance would designate areas around town where you can carry alcohol. Approval of the ordinance is perfectly timed as the NCAA basketball tournament comes to Entrust thank arena in March. Before the ordinance approval alcoholic beverages were only allow that special events that just were professed. Some what's it and say they are a little concerned about the new ordinance asking who was liable to say someone drinks and then gets into trouble in an open consumption area. Wichita city councilman James Clinton and spoke with serious and news and says city leaders passed the new rule as they quote work in progress. Well they're absolutely legitimate concerns we'll make sure of that. If somebody misbehaved so the right persons held liable for. City leaders and they will not approve areas so must they know officers can police it and those liability issues are worked out. Phil pulled over and Kagan SS news that Tony four year old woman called for help from a quick trip in downtown Wichita Douglas and Washington. Saying she'd been held against her will for 2 hours Monday evening. Police officer Charlie Davidson Jezebel groups tried to sell a ring and she was meeting a potential buyer at the Jimmy John's sandwich shop at central and hillside. Itself have been set up through FaceBook. They suspect and enter the victim's vehicle. Produced a handgun. And forced her to drive to several several different locations. The victim was able to use a phone at the quick trip where police were notified. When the suspect fled on foot. Police have a potential suspect identified they're looking for him suspect got away with a woman's cellphone and her ring. I'm building fire caused extensive damage Monday afternoon at fleet maintenance near West Street and thirtieth street south. Buyer lieutenant Jose okay eighties as a writing crews could see the heavy smoke from a quarter mile away it was a partial collapse of the building towards the end of the incidents. It all started as employees working on a big rig. A tractor trailer truck. And this with a truck that was. Fueled by compressed natural gas. And somehow or another there was some type of malfunction at leak from their compressed death of the of the tractor trailer itself. That reached a flammable ignition source which was the heater inside their most of the building itself. Three employees were hospitalized two of those victims were treated for first and second degree burns and released. This fire caused zoo and a quarter million dollars in damages the federal government runs out of money this coming Friday looks like. And Republican leadership bill to prevent that from happening looks like it may be in trouble. A glitch to Republican plans to get a temporary funding measure in place looks like it may be coming from a conservative house freedom caucus. Chair mark. Meadows in general consensus tonight was that there's not support for the current leadership plan as for. Those meadows says that caucus wants a long term spending plan to support the military not another extension. The plan Republican leaders have been mine would only continue funding the government through February 16. If the freedom caucus does pull its support that means GOP leaders will have to turn to Democrats. To try to rally enough support to get the temporary spending plan approved in Washington Jill NATO Fox News. A big lights in the sky over Michigan last night believed to have been a meteor setting off home security systems lighting up the entire sky. Residents Jason Manning. Also in the sky got really great site turned in the book and saw giant fireball shoot across the sky. Any idea brighter for a split second and went away and we believe shortly afternoon it felt almost the ground shifting from second or. The US Geological Survey confirms it created a two point magnitude earthquake some area police departments got on social media. Asking people not tied at 911 with calls about the phenomenon Taylor is this news time now 7055. Minutes past 7 o'clock at Robert Schwartz avoid debt get soccer basketball. Team with a home game tonight. Fourth ranked suckers in action at home. And Kansas State pulled off a big one last night in Manhattan will have details and highlights coming up in sports to women nick come up with a unique method to fight off. Carjackers. That story all the way on McCain is a sporting news is Steven says that. It's. Now. 7099 minutes past 7 o'clock. And Arkansas community college rule investigate allegations that fans attending basketball games. Yelled racial slurs toward black players on the opposing team from Kansas. The president of north Arkansas college says the school is investigating. Says if the allegations are true the school will take action to ensure that it doesn't happen again. The college's basketball team played Labatt community college last week in Harrison. Nine million face hazing charges stemming from the death of a Florida State University fraternity. Age twenty year old junior Andrew coffee was applied to pie capped a five he was found a response to the morning after the France Big Brother night party in November. The state medical examiner says coffees blood alcohol level was point 4475. And a half times the legal limit the cause of death was alcohol poisoning. Investigators say coffee drank a bottle of bourbon. A grand jury found coffees alcohol consumption was not physically forced bought an environment of hazing existed that contributed to his death foreign records show the pledge you discovered coffee called and texted five fraternity members for calling 911. Armor Gotti Fox News. Woman and her daughter used a unique method to fight off carjackers. Who would be carjackers in the suburbs of Washington DC sent running but resourceful mother and daughter police in Prince William county Virginia say a fifty year old woman was with your daughter Saturday night at a 7-Eleven when they were approached by two men want to with a gun who demanded their car they say the woman hit one of the men with her bag then or 22 year old daughter through hot cocoa laugh at them they then took off the women weren't hurt Lisa let's Sarah Fox News. Seventy and now attendant spent 7 o'clock who's been dead here on Wednesday morning January 17 at. And this morning out there in traffic yet and we kinda. Stalled out vehicle this is a box drop. It's on I 135 right around the Lincoln street exit so watch for a slowdown in that area. Traffic update from Kate and as as radio I'm Ted chambers eyes his signal to the case is in storm tracker report can't treat. Kansas City meteorologist Leon sentiment in morning Leon. Well. You are now I don't let them via that was I was watching a corner my I was kitchen. He is in mourning its years instant and I saw him showing a bunch of video of a view when you're young and it's not only goodness. This has sleeping on Italy on passed away a lot. It could be one of those days I've got a little bit better shape this. Better not life not today today we we wrapped it up thirty years in broadcasting and what it had not pulled the retirement folder title record this morning and it's a good feeling my friend. Powell to. How are you too young to retire accused. And yeah I ain't that deep orbit broadcasting and eight in dog years so that puts me at about a 107. Well then I must be 230. Well you look over there you go with decades pronounced. Like oh what about it the last state of the letters at least him thing today. You know I think actually I'll look at a lot better and I don't get too excited we have a whopping two degrees for current temperature are winds still at nine below those still priest pretty chilly start today but today you can celebrated because today we reached the temperature of the water can melt we'll get up to about 32 winter about the south typically about an art that means that the -- system that collects in the twenties but. Steve Woodward seventeen yesterday so any bank is a huge improved. What they see in the beer commercial Billy Kelly. I can't I don't either in a stamp cards are 32 today to what's gonna happen is going to monster. OK so here's the senate tonight another cold might not as bad as it is at this point will be that it seemed tomorrow we're back up into the fifty and then as we head into Friday and Saturday getting back at sixty. Brit daytime highs. On Saturday parlux. Think it beautifully sunny little bit of winter storm comes through arrangements or maybe go wintry mix but let's let's not get an elusive sticker. Secure rampant cannot tell you that's a pretty encouraging and actually sealed sunshine and warm things up while that sounds great this is Leon relative to get a rehab work together here doing this. Mourning for very long just a couple of months I guess in that. But I have to really appreciated everyone of our segments I think you're a leader a great job and severe fine broadcasters as say that because of I've known many fine broadcasters so many. And you got a great job and in do you have a good time and in your retirement we wish you all the best there. CIA I appreciate that thank you for the we had actually been applied several enjoyed these morning radiating between you guys it's been it's been a blast and it's you guys are route to work. And broadcasting thirty years did you ever do radio exclusively. I'd never done radio like it's always been always been TV. Well you know what they say they always tell me I've got a great face for radio and you could have. I probably I'll probably make that transition all right I've started off I don't every would be greatly you know like where my bunny slippers and sweat and I'm sure you'd. And a tuxedo look like James Bond right now OK. Match. And listened all our best to you thanks so much really with a thank you senator so much kiss and storm trackers are forecast for Kansas today meteorologist in the announcement and in his last day. There and channel three and out of we'll frost is more than not much wind chill now a big story. About the elite gymnasts and an emotional sentencing for disgraced ex doctor this. Doctor allegedly of abuse in many many of our best known chip this with us this morning. Fox News radio's Jeff and also in Chicago good morning Jeff nice in the withers. This is just about everybody who's. These Jim is that everybody who's anybody that over the years is that apparently been allegedly an abused by this guy. Yes a doctor Larry masters but he guilty to these charges. He faces forty years. In prison when he's sentenced. This Friday about I mean you're talking about. Big names material the morality. Gold medalists Simone vials. Indicated in these hundreds of of of other at least over a 10023. Heavily to captors right now women and girls. Arnold come forward and say that that this sports doctor disgraced sports Doctor Who worked with. Should state university. Worked with side USA gymnastics. Four years has had had molested them or sexually abused them in one way or another. And it and facility is distributed to Ford days. Special sentencing. In Lansing Michigan judge created all this time for. Women and girls to two speech. Are we heard some some really emotional. Statements yesterday. From the likes of two missed it Kyle Stevenson. To seventy year old Jessica Thomas show perfect source which you and and in any graphic detail that we can't dole would have that we didn't say but he just is horrible stuff and he's using the translation. Apparent commitment what they. What they've gone through. And in this that was planned to to multiple families have met according to these these young girls. They were abused in their homes when the cavaliers with error and because of all the trust. So he's about duties of monster. It's you move in there and and that's and that's obvious gross described him. We would do but watch him why don't watch and a newscast that's on TV in their. All of these all these women all of so many of them and Shelley Bunnell exit. How can one illusion girl's not saying something all the engineers and its say something it's a one. And it gets it defies our imagination. Much. Some of them did. Am I am so all of them. Confronted him and to all the parents and and if I eat there there was one case where he had a meeting with the parents and bestows all of we do away because of the excuses she came up weapons. You know I try to prepare myself. Your side that's got to be hyper protective of my kids just like your listeners in Umar. Tell him it's. The you do you do say how how how produces pollen so lost the but it did and in the sky news is going to report for a long time he. Already pled guilty two pornography charges child pornography charge and that is currently serving sixty years in prison so this would be tacked on. It'll be -- 100 years and it imprisoned so essentially a life sentence and and amenities drills yesterday and today and tomorrow I have not tried it before acceptance. Will be estimate judge to put more for a. I hate Jeff thanks for being with us this morning Fox News radio's Jeff and also in Chicago. But an opportunist and he emotional sentencing for that disgraced ex Doctor Who abuse many of them for years and years of best known. Young women fitness we've had in this country so the 718 nasty instead on K and it says in its sports done with dead bird and let's talk about. Fast involved opposite everything they got a big hoops Knight yeah what's it solves the fourth ranked shocker ours that's talkers are an action tonight. Fourth ranked Wichita State hosting SMU the defending conference champions tonight shocks on a seven game winning streak right now. Wichita State is it ten point favorite going into this one against the mustangs tonight. Mike Kennedy the play by play voice the shocker is talks about this match up with the head coach of the shocks from Marshall. They've got. The pre season player of the year shake Milton he's he's a tremendous. Inside outside score. Kate Middleton 66 he averages seventeen and a half points four and a half this is one and a half steel makes two and a half threes a game and she almost 42%. Place 36 minutes of game but a lot of minutes this is very good player. And they're not quite as deep besides from what we gathered. But man their first seven or really really good. First meeting between the Sox and SMU in 21 years. Wichita State has won 27. Straight games in Coke arena and keep that streak going tonight Mike Kennedy and Dave Ball. Will be on the air with pregame show beginning at 5 PM at the game of zip off at 6 o'clock tonight and that's on 103 point seven KE YN. And after the game joined now Ambien Bobble lutes we will be hosting the shocker locker room showed taking your calls tonight. And it twin peaks in east Wichita. And when he first and rock. The shocker men's basketball game. We've got. A huge win last night in Manhattan for the Kansas State men's basketball team is the wildcats. Not only beat fourth ranked Oklahoma they. Destroyed him 87169. Eighteen point win now wildcats' last night over top five team wow very brown had 24 points dean wade had 21. As the cats shot 73%. From the field in the second half. And they neutralized. One of the best players in the nation Oklahoma freshman Trey young. Had twelve turnovers last night so we got on it just did this against found a way to. To get him to make mistakes. They state head coach Bruce Weber has never lost a home game against Oklahoma six no against the Liu. Nice win and the state last night now thirteen and five on the season. College women's basketball last night at Coca arena Wichita State ladies hosting SMU and it was a big win for the shocker women as they easily beat SMU. 6643. After the game soccer head coach Steve Adams. They're gonna have to be great rebounding that they do a great job of really crashed the boards getting second and third opportunities. And if you let him get that. You're gonna have a tough time that I thought we thought we did pretty darn good job on the boards tonight. And now we've got to hustle we got to get every loose ball and we understand I think what we've got to do in order to have success. In the ladies of body and we're doing. Third win in a row wow shocker and and our plans and good basketball right now under the new head coach. But talking some jayhawks basketball tonight K you basketball ops officer head coach Bill Self that's at 6 o'clock tonight on Sports Radio KFH. 12:40 AM 975. FM. We've got Jim go men's basketball tonight right here on K and assets for Butler community college the grizzlies out west visiting Garden City tonight. Grizzlies have won three straight road games Dennis Higgins level live coverage at 745 tonight that's right here on 97. And thirteen thirty K in SS. And in baseball some off the field news or one of the best pitchers for the Kansas City Royals Danny Duffy. Danny Duffy will have to serve probation as a result of that arrest in August of last year and Overland Park, Kansas. Study taking a plea deal reportedly pleading guilty last week the arresting headlines after Duffy was pulled over any Burger King drive through after passing out in his vehicle while waiting for his order cited for DY in the parking lot and sent home with a friend. Per statue in Kansas law. Duffy also has to pay a fine of over 12100 dollars cannot drink or do illegal drugs for a year and is subject to random breath blood and urine test is part of probation. Manned Apollo Tonto Fox News. And sports was. Instead they can't SS three year he'd go ahead and elect perfect it's maybe the Davidson eight you're talking about Dennis Higgins a moment ago. He is also you know the voice of the Butler community college. Athletics is also the voice of the Tulsa drillers alana he has been named that from the national sports media association. Oklahoma sportscaster of the year. So big honor for Dennis and Dennis is. Not first big award Dennis is one yet he won a lot pretty darn good broadcast we salute industrialists is more congratulations that's great. Oklahoma sportscaster of the year in easy and he works for us at the time I'm flattered. Up former Wichita wranglers announcer. He's done doubly baseball for a long time it's a Major League Baseball with the Simpsons could giant crowns resilient. Hey cars for charity rod and custom car show starts Friday its entry through convention center and goes for 3 days I am. Two tickets to go to the show 24 dollar value if you're like that when those tickets call now 86913. 386913. Thirty you can go to the cars for charity ride and custom car show courtesy of Stephen to death. Seven Tony three hitter for Rush Limbaugh is forming up eight. And trafficking and other kind of Reich is gonna talk about Democrats still fighting the wall and border security even death on gay and SS.