KSU wins the Cactus Bowl

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Wednesday, December 27th

Ted has a Cactus Bowl recap on sports.


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Is this station which should talk turns to. First we're live team coverage of breaking news KN SS widget because number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. 7 o'clock this is the case in this as forty years or even Ted Einstein Macintosh. Ford dead in crash on I 70 in north central Kansas we've got the story and affidavit describes abuse recorded oval with the boy. Who was later found encased in concrete ideal meal. Mayor says Wichita police are working to hire more officers. I'm it would ordered those details just ahead I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays once again the freezer doors opened this morning with temperatures running well below average for this time of year. Our forecast is coming up. Or people from Missouri are dead after a one vehicle accident on interstate 70 in north central Kansas early Tuesday near Abilene. Kansas Highway Patrol. For prevent gardeners says the vehicle went off the roadway and rolled over cause of the accident wasn't immediately known but snow was causing slick roadways in many parts of the state. The Highway Patrol identifies the victims as 47 year old Lisa left. Forty year old Rihanna left fourteen year old Harry aloft and eighteen year old Selena sends the all from Kearney Missouri. Video images of Wichita boy being severely abused months before his body was found encased in concrete in the home where he lived with a mother and her boyfriend. Were described in court documents backing up the mother and boyfriends around. So Wichita eagle reports images appeared to show the abuse occurred while Evan brewers Waller was frantically attempting to get authorities to intervene. Randall Miller and Stephen bold nine are charged with murder in the death of Miller's son three year old Evan Rourke. Evan had been the subject of a custody battle and is Fowler contacted the Kansas department for children and families. Along with pulleys with his concerns. The new DC a leader is calling for a thorough review of the agency. Dan O'Neill canyon SS news. Two people remain hospitalized after Christmas crash in south Wichita. Police officer Paul crews as early Monday a police officer Napoleon George Washington boulevard witnessed a Jeep Cherokee eastbound on pony with a green light. Getting hit by a southbound topple. This Jeep was driven by 29 year old female and that Chevy Tahoe was driven by between six gold medal. The collision that cost both drivers to be objective from their vehicles. Which were transported to an area hospital with serious injuries. Investigators believe the speed of the Chevy Tahoe was a factor in the crash. Wichita police chief Gordon Ramsey recently told KM SS news staffing is his biggest challenge right now recruiting and training police officers. Mayor Jeff Longwell tells KM SS news the city is working on that. Or they'll. Figuring out how we can continue at about seventy op over the next few years courts are. Training center opened up this next week and Walt start a new class of officers can be trained at the news. What starts that your territory training center there but innovation campus and great. Longwell commented during Monday's with the mayor on the Stephen Ted in the morning show here on KN SS after a white Christmas New England braces for bitter cold. Boston 25 news reporter Jacki thank Rick as a story. Below freezing temperatures are securities date for an extended visit very codes. Very code for the next week and Temps will stay in the teens and twenty's during the day and single digits that night with the most dangerous dips coming overnight Wednesday and Thursday. Cities around Massachusetts are urging people to do aware of the dangers that blew in with this breeze. Boston and Worcester tweeting warnings to bundle up if you have to be outside and urging people to keep an eye on the most vulnerable who don't have a warm place day. K Unisys used on now 7044 minutes past 7 o'clock. Some bad and some good last night for Kansas State football at the cactus bowl how did things turn up. Well we will have highlights and hear from coach Snyder coming up in sports passenger was loaded gun arrested at Orlando airport. That story coming up on the occasion as this morning news was even dead. McCain has this morning news was even dead now 7077. Minutes past 7 o'clock. A nineteen year old to peak demand has been sentenced to life in prison for his role in a fatal drive by shooting but he will be eligible for parole after serving 25 years. That the peaking capital journal reports Christopher Sean putt TO. Was sentenced Tuesday for the Tony sixteen killing of twenty year old Bryan Miller. The deal was convicted of felony first degree murder in July. Authorities say another man fired the fatal shots from a van driven by a teal. By the people rushed to a hospital in Miami Dade Florida after being shot in a residential neighborhood fox 7 NEWS Miami's Walter Morris reports from the scene. Neighbors say they heard at least twenty shots and at first they thought it was fireworks they didn't realize it was a shooting until they heard the police sirens police say. One of those victims was seventeen years old and total of five people shot. Meanwhile wall doctors worked on them the hospital police were working hard. At the crime scene trying to figure out who pulled the trigger the police could be seen looking for shell casings. And interviewing neighbors police say the victims were outside of the time it's still unclear they were the intended target of the shooting or what led to that shouldn't police say minutes later after that first shooting. More gunshots were fired about a block away. A passenger has been arrested at Orlando airport in Florida with a loaded gun and police stopped a passenger at Orlando international airport for carrying a loaded gun on Tuesday. Despite the presence of a valid carry permit. The suspect had a Ruger and a separate loaded magazine with 1022 caliber rounds. In his carry on bag sorry coach it's a TSA spokesperson says this arrest. Marks the 91. Weapons intercepted this year and shows a disturbing and dangerous pattern across Florida and the country. One of the TSA's biggest concerns is the accidental miss firing of a loaded weapons. Coaches warns bringing a loaded weapon to a security checkpoint carry civil penalties. Of up to thirteen thousand dollars even if you are not arrested Mikey Opsound Fox News. K Unisys news time now 71010 minutes past 7 o'clock. And right now traffic I think the big news out there in traffic so far this morning as those that. Gasoline prices are going out starting to see that retailers out there setting those gasoline prices it June 29 gallons of keep. Spot yesterday's lower gasoline price at may not be around for all that much longer traffic update from take an SS radio on jet chambers. An altitude as sandstorm trek of three forecast with Kansas today meteorologist Laura bad and good morning Laura and. Mind quiet old out there but now I I don't really get your car right at every poll weather alert possible being an accurate thirteen degrees. Winds are generally lay out a repeat but added that this old green about nine miles per hour and the result I mean it wouldn't actually feel like you're exposed skin. One degree. Right now language a time and I expect a warm up or really enact change could be headed to the afternoon easily when children that he'd be this Spiegel digital I'm all the way to 25 today it would stop and and let me tell you are higher at 37 has responded. They'll. Sounds almost tropical look right. Asian look at the at your radar. Any place in Kansas get much snow or the any at all. You know what it well yesterday when we had that baptists know that rolled through that was mainly for the other half of the state we it worked trade maybe even a Q widget to the isolated spot we did happen. And acts and were part of a potential candidate that would make concerted Italy those roads in your outbound retrieving. Well likely occur now obviously when that maybe traveling just beyond our assessment that tactic that went up on the road and I expect an issue here on which time I tried to bone dry but he had the weekend might be closing out quite haven't yet that we noted even it even. Holder now to heighten. Teens are are can't single digit heat. All old you talk about the coming weekend coming weekend yet one weekend forecast such an equal and on this it's. K well that's a time the right yet. It'd anyway and you had an. People call it winter. Yeah and he act I'd skip over at that rate today in a lot of cloud cover and what these guys going to be 25 year high and it. I particular problem at. They came as sandstorm correctly forecast of Kansas today meteorologist. Laura Ben again right now thirteen degrees with a wind chill over one. While in a cloudy cold Tuesday across Kansas high temperature yesterday was 25. Normal high for the date for T to boot boot so organ back down there where. Now Boeing would probably. Public should be. But even the lower should be because it normalized around 42 I'd 712 Stephen Ted. Yes it's fair to say that Martan and Michelle perhaps. Are extremely happy about the 100000. Dollar prize they won playing a twenty dollar extreme crossword instant scratch tickets. When like that can also make someone a little emotional. It made me cry said Martan perhaps infected still does just thinking about 100000 bucks now makes me cry thinking how little he's going to get. Maarten and Michelle perhaps of told Wanda. The lottery officials they purchased to attend dollar instant scratch tickets and 120 dollar extreme prospered to get these amber Tony there's a day ago. They spent forty bucks on tickets you and I don't even have forty bucks so we can we get started in this. Morton and Michelle plan to use their prize money to pay bills buy a new Chevy truck. And renovate the house they're going to flip. Martin is self employed in the flooring business. To the lucky ticket was project debt. Jumpstart to that's located at 701 north main in old robredo. 100000 dollar. And how much he gonna get that 5050%. Somewhat if that's 5560%. Of more than fifty. Enough to buy a truck. They think and may find out different. They could find a different and there it is 713 now with the Stephen Ted. And just like getting to I don't know how many of our listeners are aware of the fact. That the day before Thanksgiving. My wife saint Shelley underwent a double knee replacement. You know about it your mom knew about it your mom had the same thing didn't she yet ultimately wants to know he had sent it him. Year and a half apart when she was she called Shelly before the surgery and a garish and advice and some guidance on written books to what to expect and so forth that was very helpful. So the rehab it was two times we don't this play our about four and a half weeks into the reality don't north west of Wichita and on but ridge road. And such agreeing yesterday afternoon. And she's now she's passed the walker she's been music came and I say to yourself. Degrees yesterday afternoon may have to block deficit well they don't put to come back here anymore hey. And now I'm thinking wow so apparently whatever they showed her. Can be done Holman. They think team all owned at all. And that's just progress has been really not yeah is just a month that that basically after you double knee surgery well and her dish. She was. He can endure a lot of pain but she was in during paid for like three or four years and now he's in or even longer. So this was it was tough to do that she just that the volt OK let's do it and so she's for those of you who have been concerned about think Chile. She's doing well. It back going to be. Ted. It was back to work Tuesday for many of us. Others seem to be taking a lot of time off here at the end of the year. Some of our coworkers there. Scarce. I guess they saved up that times of the get off right here at the end of the gadgets. Not gonna get much done that four days between Christmas and New Year's weekend may get the New Year's weekend coming up and as you heard in the floor balance forecaster it's going to be colder than you know what yes it is. Less so we're talking about January is on coming up. January. 2018. And I think the fifth and yeah the fifth of January is my anniversary. A starting to work here it came in SS in 1998. So. That's twenty years big twenty year anniversary coming up unbelievable station for somebody for anybody to work at a radio station for twenty years is amazing. You've been here longer than that a major sign on date. It was in a year to go ahead of that it was January 95 so they know now. I think you may be the longest. Radio station at one of caller of anybody in the world could have been. You could be in the Guinness world book of world records as far as boarding teams you can turn we've talked about the fact we already celebrated. Show number 5000 but today by way today's show number 5062. 5062. Today sixty twos or 5000 shows together with Steve and Ted and now. But the goal of the twenty years that that's amazing. Amazed that a new way for all you blisters out there who have the put up was this endured his or enjoy this. Thank you for net bank did twenty years and next week is we come back to work after the first we'll we'll talk more about that maybe do some celebrating. But it's a free cookies and yours now I'm not that the picnic now this doesn't get up I'm searching my memory out of at all to any radio morning team ever. In Wichita that that have been to go to law ever and the bench great teams but usually it's a life span of three or four years baby a fruit eater nine but that's about it. We're celebrating going on Tawny. While they must be doing in something right we just you know. So far off the radar and it's we don't matter we don't care never to still trying to figure out which we don't care enough to argue or faster fighter unit cut. All right 718 now Steven did its sports I would did wondered what it a big big football game. The left side especially. Where UK state fans and who isn't a case state then when it comes to football. But Kansas State's bowl game last night downtown Phoenix that cactus bowl Kansas State in the UCLA. It did not get off to a very good start for the wildcats they were down 177. At halftime pretty boring first half Kansas State didn't get much done. Coaching staff must though and I sold out at halftime about spreading the message and get things done after halftime because boy Kansas State came out of the locker room in the second half. And steamrolled. The Bruins. And of course it certainly didn't help that it didn't hurt that the Kansas State defense. Getting a key take away along the way thanks to a guy from what you saw and heard the game last night. It was on a date for the. Area and it'll stop distributed to push forward to about the 25 garlic. The ball ball on the ground against. The turn over there in the third quarter. We'll look for me was trying to get the extra yardage. And Kansas State able to read the ball probably haven't had a big forced turnover by the wildcats. That's why they're the last and it turnover margin for the the year fourteenth in the country and looked like this he was awarded stripped it had made the recover yeah those who just poured it right out of his hands he was wrapped up. It includes Jesus went after the ball he's been great player all year long 73 tackles this tackler. Heads up play sophomore Denzel Goolsbee out of bishop Carroll high school right here in Wichita was named the cactus bowl defensive MVP. I thanks in big part to that huge take away right there that led to Kansas State. It's going to go ahead touchdown two plays later. Nicely done by the wildcats who piled up 344. Yards on the ground this season high. And that makes back to back bowl wins for K state the first time in seventeen. Years. Congratulations to Kansas State with a win a state head coach Bill Snyder talked after the game with ESPN about that halftime turnaround. It's no different than any other day that you don't just about taking one snap for the time. In the best we can't these math realized in the last two ball games we were down by fort. One low level so we can do it just came role on the road map on them. Since they won the game 3517. And finishing strong winning five of their last six games to finish at the season with a record of eight and five. And the state with a win last night in the cactus bowl. The hockey action tonight the Wichita thunder will get very familiar with their division rival the Allen Americans for the next five days is. Wichita will play Allen of four times in the next five days before 2017. And got a little mini series or are between these two government which talked to haven't. And Texas tonight's game was in Texas Wichita at. Allen at 7 o'clock tonight. Allen is just one point behind third place which it saw in the division standings so. Whoever emerges out of this won the series will and of solidifying third place in the division for too long. And we do have a couple of football. Birthdays today. They have to do with Kansas City Chiefs about Jamaal Charles chiefs former chiefs running back right. 31 years old today four time Pro Bowl athletes. The number one rusher in Kansas City Chiefs franchise history the NFL all time leader. For running backs in yards per carry in a career five and a half yards per carry. To get too comfortable Charles used 31 years old today currently on the roster for the Denver Broncos. And happy birthday to actor John Amos. The guy that. Tried to play in the NFL he did sign a contract with the Kansas City Chiefs and she said coach Hanks Graham said. You're not of that year did your managed just trying to play football. And he urged him to go into other areas of his life that kind of throw him into writing and acting in which ended up the great career move for John AMIS the dead and good tank. Damn good time which is news in the miniseries roots. And John has always been a he's always been very grateful to coach Graham for that meant a lot of times when you see John in an interview he's wearing a chiefs tattered tee shirts. He's always have been a big fan but Hanks stranded foreign John Amos is birthdays today he 78. Happy birthday little piece connection there for him. A sports with Stephen Ted KM SS 722 now given her for Rush Limbaugh morning update how a fifteen dollar an hour minimum wage affected Seattle. That's coming up Stephen did the morning on K and a sense.