KU officially introduces new athletic Director Jeff Long

Steve & Ted
Thursday, July 12th
We hear from the new AD in a sports update with Ted Woodward.

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Is this station which should talk turns to. First for live team coverage of breaking new OK I SS Wichita is number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. The 48 o'clock this is the case in just four years he's been dead nineteenth nineteen times. Wichita police moving to better protect animals. We've got the story Fred Davis keeping seven immigrant children hearing Kansas I'm Jim O'Neill. Stormy Daniels arrested signed it look blurred those details just ahead. I'm KM SN's meteorologist Dan Holliday the high pressure system responsible for all the hot weather is slowly moving off to be eased. But that still doesn't give us much of any relief from the heat are complete forecast is on the way. President trump spoke after an emergency meeting at the NATO summit in Belgium. That was called after he complained about. Allies defense spending the president claiming victory in his campaign to get NATO ally spending more on defense. You additional money that they will be putting out. Has been really. Really amazing to see it to see the level of spirit in that room. It is incredible speaking at a news conference the scope of any human exporting. He described the NATO alliance as very unified very strong no problem. We don't yet have details of the new commitments that president announced but he claims numbers are getting out like a rocket ship. In Brussels Simon nine Fox News. A police shoot down in Florida leads an officer shot and a suspect dead. A fairly upset they're Ludlum was killed in this confrontation with cops. An officer hit by a bullet had to police try to pull over 53 year old Leonardo Condo in Hialeah according to Miami Dade police's undercover officer started full Condo over her previous domestic case he sped off in his car a short chase came to a crashing and when Condo lost control of his vehicle as officers got close they say he grabbed a rifle and opened fire on Sunday facing the vehicle and began shooting at officers were an assault rifle. A 32 year old officer was hit the police car took off on foot when officers found him a second time shots were fired again and that's. Fox's Jeff Lennox reporting the Wichita police department is taking steps to help prevent animal abuse and cruelty. A new position has been created in the animal control division do specifically handle these situations. Lieutenant Brian Sigmund tells KS and used leaders at animal control have been talking about how to better investigate felony animal abuse cases. It wasn't a lot of effort or time for an intern in the past and that's what we wanna change. We know that we needed changes. The senate Sigmund says they're working on a standard operating procedure that would incorporate officer and other Frazier. In to those types of investigation she says her training on animal abuse and her love of animals may have heard the perfect fit. The attorney representing seven immigrant children who are still in the care to Kansas nonprofit after being separated from their parents at the US Mexico border. So its policies recently put in place by the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement are barriers to reuniting them with their families. Immigration attorney Claire Murphy Shaw said Wednesday one holed up in a Kansas case is a backlog in processing the parents fingerprints. In a case the child has been waiting at least three weeks since the mother was released from detention. Another common barrier is the 1000 dollar or more and airfare for a child in an accompanying adult who travel from campus. A new policy requires it to be paid by the parents. Some parents are also waiting to see what happens with their own asylum claims Dan O'Neill Kagan SS news. A lawyer for stormy Daniels says an adult film star has been arrested stormy Daniels reportedly busted after letting patrons at a strip club in Columbus, Ohio structure that touching is a violation of state law. Her lawyers sent out a tweet saying Daniels who is performing the same mag she's performed across the nation in nearly a hundred strip clubs. This was a set up and politically motivated it reeks of desperation. Daniels claims to have had an affair with president trump in 2006. When he was married. She's suing the president and his former lawyer Michael calling trying to get a nondisclosure. Agreement about at that she signed declared to be invalid. Chill NATO Fox News. Former FBI lawyer Lisa page did not appear yesterday before two house committees investigating the Justice Department. Setting many Republicans. Fox is Chad pert and explains she does not actually have to testify always. This before congress whether an open session or closed session you can always assert your fifth amendment rights against self incrimination. That's very important. The it happens frequently. Some people listen well in a we will not take the fist and thus were granted to criminal immunity by congress. Lisa page. Was key figure in the Hillary Clinton email probe she's accused of having an anti prompt biased and sending text messages critical Trump's campaign to an FBI agent with whom she was having an affair. Jonathan Hernandez has been sentenced to one year probation after pleading guilty to battery. The case stems from an incident in February when Hernandez struck the six year old son and his girlfriend. The physical contact resulted in redness and swelling on the boy's chest. Hernandez is also required to complete accord approved parenting class. Jonathan Hernandez is the father of Lucas Hernandez to fight year old boy who went missing in February. The boy's body was discovered in rural Harvey county in May. K and it has used time now 805. Of new athletic director at KU introduced in Lawrence yesterday we will hear from him coming up in sports new Medicare cards coming soon at that story coming up. On the tape and a says morning news misty contestants. Mcginnis there's more you can keep it down 8088. Minutes past 8 o'clock. All Medicare beneficiaries. Including over a half million kansans. We'll be getting new cards in the next few weeks Julie brook Hart is with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Currently just Social Security number is on a Medicare card that is how we identify. You you're eligible for Medicare. Beneficiaries have been asking for this for years that they don't want that Social Security number on their Medicare card for obvious reasons. The new cards will arrive in the mail by the end of July. A new study by the Centers for Disease Control says moralists are trying to draw a few pounds. The CDC's national health and nutrition survey says between 2013 and 2016. Almost half of the adults in the US tried to lose weight it's as a higher number of younger and middle aged adults tried weight loss compared with older adults over sixty. Women also outnumbered men both overall and in each age group. The survey found that the most common path to dropping the pounds was good ol' sweats about 62% reported exercising with the same number for those who tried to eat less. Tonya Jack powers Fox News. The navy is letting its hair down just a little bit to the navy will now allow service women to Wear longer hair styles are pursing a policy they didn't allow it yeoman first class LaToya Jones. Lack here towels will be right. Everyone will it will be authorized to eat both believe in the back of the hated. Parnell pills will be authorized in all scared it's working in PT uniforms. Subject to limitations where operational hazards for the state. His own chief of naval operations admiral John Richardson says it makes the navy more inclusive many African American women had asked for the changes at least Tillis naroff Fox News Janus has used time now 61010 minutes fast 6 o'clock. In traffic this morning I got a call from one of our traffic trackers spotted about a gasoline prices out there I was seeing. You 67. At the low end of the gasoline prices this morning. Traffic records Darryl called in this morning said central and in 1935. She's 65 at the station near their traffic updates from cape and SS radio lunge at chambers. Sunny and hot today with a high of 97 degrees yesterday's high by the way was 97 degrees. Mostly clear tonight the overnight lows 75. Friday sunny and hot tomorrow's high. 97 degrees. And sunny and got a south went to seven miles per hour and eighty degrees. K and assess whether brought to you by the monarch. Voted one of the best suburban bars in America. By the perfect review located at 579 west Douglas in historically you know the monarch. 811 Stephen Ted here on tape and necessity is a Thursday July 12 when he eighteenth. Steve potential number 5200. In tonight's round number 5200 shows. We've done together since 1998 so. Not a big celebration nobody can. 39 era it you know. 5200 stuff like the fight thousands of T two under right it's a round number it's just not a major milestone numbers and different you know point out hill. Long we've been dunes. Protesters both fly in a giant inflatable trough baby. Near parliament to coincide with the president's. Visit to England the twenty foot high balloon caricature. The pixel later as an angry infant wearing a diaper and clutching a mobile phone. It will fly apartment square for 2 hours Friday morning. Organizers you crowd funded the balloon hope it can be a symbol for all loose. Campaigning against the president's policies upon approved by the Greater London Authority and the mayor defended the decision saying. It's not for him to be a sensor or to decide what is in good or bad taste. Wrote it would take tentative. For an account to get a Stephen Ted balloon. I would love that we can take it to parade yes and appear and so for all kinds of events. And everywhere we go. Yes and our good friend and a brand horning a promotion. Director could be in charge of blowing up. And and getting announced on love that idea. We can actually we could put on that we got some helium or something and that we put on tethers and put it outside the building even matter of about reporter Pete. Would that be offs now people would tunis and by the millions of they saw an inflatable Stephen Ted balloon. Utah police were given the owner of a loaded gun left behind on a baby changing table and a women's restroom at a suburban Salt Lake City query reckless. Police say they don't plan to file criminal charges against a gun's owner they just wanna find out how the pistol was left behind and return it. Police lieutenant Chad carpenter says it's not uncommon for people believe weapons behind it bathrooms and only places I've never seen it but did he says it's not it's not uncommon. On a woman found the weapon when she tried to change her newborn baby. With her four year old son until at the living planet aquarium which doesn't allow weapons. There's again a top of folded up table was a tragedy waiting to happen don't want your charges filed and he's our endangerment man he's upset no charges will be filed. But the baby changing I think there I think they're just I think a fake and this guy out and he's a know it of this person probably a woman. We don't charge and Annika and they're gonna Naylor a to what do you think it it's a ploy may be. ID fourteen now Steve intent in depth we have a pastors and other. Got a story for you pastor armed with a handgun attempted to stop a burglar fleeing from his church in Vermont. Pastor Richard Menard of the new beginnings Christian church and only Shiancoe saint John's Berry told police. There have been multiple burglaries in his church recently uncanny. He hurt his building an alarm. Go often confront the fleeing burglar with a handgun says he told the 32 year old suspect a priest but he ran off into the woods police say. Just in Kirby was arrested faces number of charges including burglaries violate the you do that the preacher didn't. Thank you wanna go ahead and fire the Ghani is not the god helps those who help themselves. North and they've all I've always been told on him and wanna get on gun comfort children and a fourth until it if you're gonna have one of those things you've heard here ready to use. In an in a situation like that. If you get confronted you on it to life or death he better be willing to get into politics but that apparently that wasn't case with the past. Are OK you know here's one for you to figure out we like to take our nets in the afternoon that we like to get an arrest right good sleep time I got to find to write them in and sometimes you can you know it's a slumber can be erupted like. A central New York man got a rude awakening and a large snake fell from his bedroom ceiling and landed on him while it is legal okay I haven't wow what happened. The State Department of Environmental Conservation says one of its officers. Responded to a call. From a man who says snake had fallen on him while he's sleeping in his apartment in Oswego county village of Pulaski new York law. The EC officials say the officer determined the six foot long red tailed Balkans Lowe. Had escaped its enclosure in an apartment. You disease is a snake fell from the ceiling of the downstairs apartment where it landed on a man sleeping in his own them and wasn't injured. He was apparently it's hairdo and a yes snake has been returned to its owner. I freaked out the other night little bug landed on small surprise. Mosquito Atlanta and he went crazy anyway imagine snakes with bonds. And sneaks falling from the ceiling. I pointed out in a minute ago you're the only other wrote in the in the stadium played out that this is just see potential number 5200. You know and and how many Morgan do out of all. They haven't boosters call and tell us how many months they want to be a nice round number like eight. Now we can do that our sleep begin to rate lower than a set up before July's world do rate more shows than an hour and a music. Anyway it's 520200. Others you know the main thing that I just thought that's a nice round number looked pointed out we had our Big Five thousand last fall now. And now we've chug ahead of another 200 a couple of hundred like the Eveready bunny here you know just keep going. Keep going right. 817 now Steven did sports time with Ted Woodward talking about an athletic director at KU bringing it. And I tell you what the guys bring a lot of enthusiasm at least right there. Well sure you'd get a new job as your first day on the job of these doughnuts. Introductory press conference held in Lawrence yesterday for the new athletic director at Kansas Jeff Long has. It's official introduction campus and welcoming him to Lawrence yesterday and you heard it live yesterday morning on campaign. I had a vision for KU athletics. My vision starts with a student athletes. And it starts with a three seeds. And those three c.s for me. Our compete. Compete and compete. We're gonna compete in everything we do. NKU athletics. Our student athletes are going to be begin by competing in the classroom and there's nothing more important than striving to reach their degree. We will compete in all eighteen sports. I love each and every one of them I love every student athlete that's in our program and we're gonna compete and each and every one of them we won't win every contest. But every one of our student athletes will compete with every fiber of their being to win for their crimson and blue. Ego you're new athletic director of the Kansas chip long becomes the fifteenth. Man to hold that position. The officials is official start for them job August 1. Things go and get long introduced yesterday in Lawrence. Men's soccer last night in Wichita the end DSL playoffs getting underway at the heartland conference semi finals on it trinity academy. FC which it's all the top seed easily wins its first playoff game beat the Saint Louis club athletic no Ford upping last night. Wichita advance to the conference championship game for the second year in a row FC Wichita will host Little Rock on Saturday night. The heartland conference title game. Major League Baseball yesterday the Atlanta Braves at home and beat the Toronto Blue Jays nine to five coming out of the bullpen for the Braves former Kansas Jayhawks Sam Freeman got the final out in the top of the seventh inning helped the Braves to another win. Pro baseball yesterday at Lawrence Dumont stadium the Wichita wing nuts look like they had a win had a five to two lead going into the ninth inning. But a fly ball that got lost in the sun in shallow right field opened the door and Fargo morehead ended up only six run top of the ninth inning. Came back beat the wing nuts eight to five. Wichita let one get away yesterday first half of the season. Wrapping up the wing nuts the first half with a time 130 of the fifty games thirty in money. But in a very tough division they're still three games behind for a playoff spot going into the second half of the season. Wing nuts will be home all weekend long a four game series kicks off tonight 705 at Lawrence Dumont stadium hosting the bottom team in the league the Texas air hogs. Major League action yesterday afternoon for the Kansas City Royals in Minnesota. Salvador president three run home run for the royals in the top of the first innings. However after that the royals let that three run lead slip away including some opportunities along the way you heard the game yesterday on KF makes. They will be chewing on any number six when they came to bat they were down five before. You can shoot a lead off was completed by a pitch there's a kind of rounded first base Alex Gordon who walked. Alex goes for persecuted his second tying run go ahead run on base Presley came in fifth escobar's. Bases loaded nobody out royals downloads then strikeout. Strikeout fly ball to right. Pretty much the book in the royals did very little offensively after any numbers or. They got to pinch in the seventh. The infield hit in the eighth which doctors home run in the ninth at six sending in the outfits throwing up pretty local stories. Wins came back and won that game 85. Royals dropped two out of three in Minnesota they've lost 23 of 27 overall off day today for the royals during this road swing. And a minor league update on former Wichita State shocker Grayson Jenna stood. It's getting underway with his pro career is an eight ball to the Atlanta Braves for the Rome braves. And Jen Aniston hit a home run last night two for four with a double and a home run his fourth home run already as a professional. In his last eight games he's batting 300 former shocker Grayson Jenna stood a single day with the Braves. Exports was even Ted K and SS. As we mentioned other Wichita wing nuts are home the next four days hosting the Texas air hogs downtown Lawrence Dumont stadium is the homestand continues. I've got a four pack of tickets to go see the wing nuts but listener would like to call me now about color number four. Call me now like 869 at thirteen thirty we'll get you four pack of tickets to go see wing nuts baseball doughnuts that. Bride to it's time for our prairie fire coffee break on McCain and his sesno prairie fire coffees of freshest coffee in the Wichita area. Because prairie fire coffee beans or roasted fresh right here in Wichita you can get very tired golf freak. At your office just like Stevenson by going 2673771. Or lines. At very higher coffee dot com hey Tony you know keep it here for the Hannity morning minutes. We'll look at the opposition to president from. That's on the waist deep into the morning on CNN sense.