KU vs Missouri in Kansas City

Steve & Ted
Monday, October 23rd

KU comes out on top in the exhibition game at the Sprint Center.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KE SS Wichita is number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. 8 o'clock this is the CNN has forty you receive a dead Iraqi factions on. Wichita police officer arrested on stalking charge we've got the story. Congressional Republicans optimistic about passing attack. Tax overhaul lines that would work at those details just ahead. I'm KMS that's meteorologist Dan Holliday a series of cold front will move through this week one of those pushes through south central Kansas by mid to late morning or complete forecast is coming out. A Wichita police officer was booked into jail Friday evening on charges of misdemeanor official misconduct and stopping. The arrest was made by the center county sheriff's office after the day BP. According to police the officer arrested is a 21 year veteran of Adobe PD and heard upon a policy is on paid administrative leave. Debbie PD officials requested the matter be investigated by the central county sheriff's office as part of a collaborative agreement made earlier this year to ensure transparency. And avoid conflicts of interest. The criminal investigation is being held by the central county sheriff's office the Debbie PD had no further comment on the case at this time. Rodney price. K and SS news a man is in critical condition after being shot in south Wichita Saturday night. Police sergeant Teresa Mitchell says the shooting happened between 6:30 and 7 o'clock PM in the 16100 block of south Martins and officers say that an argument inside a home spilled outside into the Alley behind the house Mitchell says officers arrived to find an adult male who had been shot once in the neck. That victim was taken to the hospital in critical condition. Officers say nobody else was hurt and they only have one suspect the condition of the person who was shot is not currently known Amy web K and SS news. Creighton University has released its October rural main street index. Brittany economist Ernie Gus says there was some improvement this month. Resistance area banks CEOs in Kansas State's rural areas a tennis faced including cancers and overall index was up from last about September the negatives here at best they gave power agricultural commodity prices and agricultural and covered just still not a little levels to choose any real improvement at least in terms of income. Gosh says struggles on the farm affect more than just a rural portions of the state says farmers have less money to spend in the more urban parts of the states. Congressional Republicans are optimistic they can pass a tax overhaul by the end of the year. The last time major tax reform was done it to congress more than a year to do it this time around they're aiming to do it in just ten weeks there's certainly plenty of debate over the GOP proposal though which will likely be unveiled the next week herself. And leadership has said there will be plenty of changes made after its introduced. On Friday house speaker all right announced that house plans to add a fifth tax bracket to the previously announced four. And would be for the richest Americans on FOX News Sunday majority leader Mitch McConnell wouldn't say if he supports that change as well. I hate to get into the details about. Is going to be ash out in the open and the Ways and Means Committee in the house and the finance committee in the senate in Washington dear Tammy Fox News state emergency management officials say an EF one tornado. Tore through central Oklahoma county Saturday. Ripping part of the casino roof off and downing power lines and trees. The Oklahoma department of emergency management says preliminary damage reports indicate the tornado touchdown in Cleveland county. Emergency managers and National Weather Service officials are still surveying damage in other counties. Where as many as four tornadoes were initially reported Saturday night. Can assist news time now 8044. Minutes past 8 o'clock. See you end of Missouri renew a long time rivalry in men's basketball. Interesting match up and successful results as well we'll have highlights of that in coming up and NASCAR racing hits the Kansas Speedway. We'll talk about it sports nationwide gas prices continued to fault that story coming up. Well McKay and assess sporting news was even dead. But Kansas has sporting news even did now he goes 7:7 minutes past 8 o'clock on Monday morning. A Florida community remains on edge and many are now asking. If a serial killer is on the loose ship the police are asking residents in the civil rights community to use caution and walking groups. Some there are wondering if a serial killer is among them Chris. Somebody unknowns and and that's why we're has attempt to label without any thing Tampa interim police chief Brian Duggan reacting after three shooting murders within ten days in opening night bowl Benjamin Mitchell and Monica Hoff thought. All three were reportedly bus riders to the victims were found within 100 yards of each other many neighbors are now on edge I'd be scared my case it scared. Got to be locked up and how the FBI is now involved in the investigation. Tom Graham Fox News. Mortgage news that the gas pump gasoline industry analyst will be Lundberg says gas prices fell five cents over the past two weeks. An average of two dollars and 51 cents a gallon. That's down nineteen cents overall from the spike caused by hurricane Harvey. Both the supply of gasoline and distribution. Are more or less normal line is it's. We want to have a great deal of decline on the way even though that said an eleven cent gap between the decline we've seen it. And the jump caused by hurricane Harvey. That is because crude oil prices have been rising in the interim period. Lundberg says the highest price in the survey San Francisco at three dollars and seven cents in the lowest Baton Rouge at 214. Gasoline prices in Wichita this morning about 2:33 gallons a central Kansas pastor has written a book. That focuses on what world churches can and must do to stay alive. Brad Roth is a pastor at once silent mennonite church in the town of Mel on average about forty miles north of Wichita. He says his career in ministry and his experiences in rural settings let him deride his first book God's country faith hope and the future of the rural church. Roth says the way for rural churches to thrive is to make sure the community surrounding it rides to. He says this is the case because rural churches are located in areas with Saudi continual influx of new residents. Roth emphasizes church involvement in the community including through non profits. He says it's vital for churches to involve themselves into the lives of communities filled all the brand can get SS news. Kate and SS news time now eighteen and 10 minutes past 8 o'clock. And this morning in net traffic right now very heavy traffic right around the north of junction. I want 35 by 335 feet 986. Stalled out vehicle there northbound on 135. At 396 traffic update from K and it says radio on gas chambers and now the forecast with gay and assist after meteorologist Dan holidays and good morning Dan good morning it was a fairly quiet start to the work week but a series of cold front will move through. One of those occurs mid to late morning and that will bring us a gusty north wind this afternoon at fifteen to 35 miles per hour or high close to seventy. Clear and 45 overnight 61 on Tuesday and by Friday night our temperature could be dropping below freezing and KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. Now partly cloudy 45 degrees himself wind at three miles per hour. William beautiful autumn day across Kansas Sunday which does high temperature yesterday. 71 degrees normal high for the date 68 that no wind yesterday how unusual is that. And then Saturday. Rain showers. Some places got more someplace got less rainy day Saturday over half an intent Eisenhower or near Eisenhower airport at the National Weather Service officer thunder and lightning 59 hundredths. Com. We talked to Tom left for a left commodities over an Augusta a couple of hours ago Stephen Ted. And he said in a guest in Butler county over to gonna happen originally and it's lot of that. Stuff developed lol it's a little more easiest of the year even though we got some rain seems like that line was. And now to the east of possible that and more time I'm just so proud of 00. Intuitive and intelligent I am Ted regarding the lawn because. Friday afternoon and decided that a model and a trim up the yard and make it look good. And nice and how is that intuitive because they knew was when it rains and yes we talked about rain coming all day Friday and it's. Maybe let that into it maybe I just that you just listened and listened to our show are to our forecast. I guess that was it but yeah but did an ID it was like a week and a half two weeks ago. I put down some fertilizers them or I've throughout two grassy thinking about injuring him and here it goes and nothing happened and so now now. Annual dividend right now we've got some flowers in the front along the walk there you know Alamo yeah like you don't dance. She these there's a Karl Rove these flowers she has no idea where they came. Usually goes over to Johnson's garden center and spent a ton of money gets all the flower Hugh Price and there but he's just showed up and there are like I don't know what they are but it looked like. Flames like their raid employee flowers pictures flowers yet nice and the just kind of taken all right but the parties so she's okay fine. Okay that about it. 812 now Steve and edit and US senator Elizabeth Warren is joining the growing chorus of women talking about their their experiences with sexual harassment. In the wake of allegations against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein. The Weinstein Torre as story has just opened a flood gates. Of the women who if they decide they're gonna tell the story. The Massachusetts Democrat chaired a story from when she was a baby law professor. During a videotaped interview session with three other female senators that aired Sunday on NBC's Meet the Press. Warren says a senior faculty member and Esther to stop by his office one day in which he did he slammed the door and lunged for error. Chased her around her desk. Trying to get his hands or she says she managed to flee and told only her best friend about it that's that the U wanna talk about as. Warren says speaking out as a way to show solidarity and say it isn't the victim's fault. There have been a lot of women coming out talking about that. Over the past a couple of for the Weinstein thing analyst eight. Was nasty about to have that opt out every woman he met slack. If we have bully the there are just allegations right at. The bad part of it and that interesting part about any of these cases is his kind of he said she ship there's nobody in nobody witnessing this thing. And hard and are kind of art do a case in court that. But this. We are trying to demonstrate to the young people how we are supposed to be even a workplace. Ted and I as always and they are our behaviors impeccable. We tried we year. Possibly because. We're working so hard now I don't have I have time to. Well that's funny one for shenanigans and most feminine you have time for a quick visit but anyway. We do we do we gave ourselves we know PD to doctor in the workplace. Chicago police are investigating a brawl in the fast food restaurant in which three people suffered gunshot wounds. A cell phone video. Obtained by the Chicago Tribune shows several men and women throwing punches hurling chairs and resting on the floor. At a taco burrito king. In Chicago's Greek town early Saturday. Before a gunshot can be here banged bullet. Police say the alleged gunman and two others suffered gunshot wounds one of which were. None of which are considered life threat on their in Chicago they anticipate the toy sectoral men will face gun charges of some kind. Yeah. People in public misbehaving and so. A tropical place for granola in Greek town. Ingrid. Great girls great ethnic neighborhood in Chicago I've eaten that you really nervous there beaten at a restaurant Greek town before the furry looking it was not burrito okay no I did not I actually as a Greek friend and a Mary role later. Who lives on the west side and Mary's from she's Greek and chief from Chicago. They must have a big Greek population out there. Right oh is it obviously isn't that where the lady from my my big fat Greek wedding is an effort he poverty you know. When that was set in Chicago. The big fat Greek wedding. I'd interesting. Story on unemployment. And the fact that our unemployment rates. Here in Kansas and greater Wichita dropped a little bit legs that. The bad part is there's of not just that this Veba beyond silver lining to the cloud is that. Apparently we got your people are regular jobs writer chip fewer people working though in Kansas. And we we talked to the mayor just about what the boat just about an hour ago near long well he says. He hasn't had a lot to do it trying to get Tyson food people in here as it probably going to be if they. Build Tyson chicken processing plant Prague and be in the counties are being outside of the city live outside the city but then. But he says he's going to be involved in in this city is going to be involved counting try to get them in here. And and so. Tyson's food people and pets but what do they say and 16100 job yeah that's the numbers floating around out there plus a tens of millions of dollars in investment in business you've got to. You gotta buy the chickens Friday and its growth particularly on Everett then you've got to buy grain Eden. An operation so there's a lot to kid going to the cynic could do it. Boost the local economy now in the interim the next month's Republican here from all kinds it. Opinions about them environmental. And concerns us order conspiracy yeah I'm. And we'll have to result let's see if we get text went into livestock areas in hotspots in Kansas using a Garden City and Dodge City. Of course in Emporia if you're old enough remembrances. The 21 north right in the middle which I'll re establish doctor yeah. Many years fortunately the prevailing winds are from the south. Which means that only people and Alex said in Park City and to put up this elbows that died but. When you get that went from the north that the stockyards could be pretty India I remember it I don't know if you're old enough to remember that at. But and I also lived for a time and Dodge City. And this Stuckey gets there you're designing it now. It's on the east odor it's on the east side of died so that if you if you don't you know the winds don't southwest of you're okay. Most of time in about a couple couple days a year cubs the other way and can give you a ballot now. Berkshire had and what price progress and jobs and these are trying to. 8:18 am almost 8:19 Steve into the morning on K in assets in sports that would tip what we're talking that a a basketball game to raise money between too old rival practice. Yeah I and it was a huge success. The idea was to raise money for hurricane relief. Missouri and K you both signed on to play a men's basketball game against each other a rivalry that goes back all the way to 1907. Teams haven't played in five years since Missouri left the conference. Though KUN Missouri get together. Downtown as Kansas City sprint center sold out 191000. People on hand yesterday. No streaming on the Internet no television. He just had to be there in person or listen to it on the radio now we have for you on Kate you network right here on K at age. Just that I that this. Is. This is the border showdown which today it's it's not the showdown for relief well at what a day it's been. That picture out around. Go forward. Everybody got all this stuff. Expires. Your final score beds at night you agree with those who knew what it. And seventh Phillips didn't box where it goes showdown poorly. Blocked shots get off did you win it couldn't. Showdown for relief but that yet. The two schools played this basketball game and they raise one point eight million dollars wow hurricane relief efforts for the people who need help still in. The US Virgin Islands Puerto Rico Florida and Texas so good job by those folks to get that accomplished and get them make them pay off. Hey you was behind by six points in the second half rally to win the Monty Graham 25 points ten rebounds for the third ranked jail. NASCAR racing yesterday at a 100000. People up at the Kansas Speedway the Hollywood casino 400 championship contenders narrowed down eight drivers now with only four races left to go. Martin Truex junior the winner at Kansas Speedway yesterday picking up his seventh victory of the season. He did have a restart violation and a loose tire at one point overcame those obstacles and won the race Martin Truex junior. Kansas Speedway. Hockey and downtown what you saw yesterday afternoon. First place Wichita thunder taking on the last place Rapid City rush. Hope you got there on time for the game. Because the thunder scored five goals in the first eleven and a half minutes. Barely midway through the first period five not believe that about hockey here now okay. And that would be is all for the scoring they didn't they didn't need any more thunder five a Rapid City Sioux. Wichita off tool for know start on the hockey season all four wins and home of hitting the road this week. College volleyball Wichita State ranked number 21 in the nation another sweep beating east Carolina at Coke arena yesterday three sets to zero. The Newton connection of Emily Hebert 42 assists to set up for Newton but he added eleven for seventeen kills. Both seniors now Wichita State shoppers are ten and low atop their new American conference standings. When he 100 fans at the match yesterday shoppers are number eleven in the nation in attendance in volleyball. They'll talk about it tonight on the WSU volleyball coach who showed head coach Chris slam. Along with the voice of the shoppers might Kennedy that's 630 tonight right here on 987 and thirteen thirty K and ask ask. Broadcasting live go have dinner with the coach tonight out of AJ sports grill the Alley thirteenth in green with. Talking college football tonight KU football hawks thought with head coach David Beatty 6 o'clock tonight. Fund Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975. FM jayhawks coming off another drubbing losing at TCU on Saturday. And after that is Monday Night Football good match up. The best team in the NFL right now the Philadelphia Eagles with a record of five and Juan are hosting the team right behind him in the standings the Washington Redskins. Eagles are five point favorite at home at should be a good game good game now it's good matchup but yet the a league inching glossy studio nights 7 o'clock. Listen to a live on pay FH and speaking of pro football got a she's birthday today good birthday Kendall Gammon I have 49 AM today. In the Gammon goes way back put us here in this part of the state. He played in Roseville hill the Roseville rockets and he was a college star at Pittsburg State for the guerrillas correct me if I'm wrong. But we had lunch with Mitchell there's several years ago we keep them up or four years this was Kendall Gammon with him. Probably he won I think he was coming here to correct in now. Good guy yeah very net credit and course he went on a long career in the NFL one of the great long snapper that his era. With the Steelers the saints and and the chiefs as is and now the only chief broadcasting TN so. We hear a Kendall Gammon every Sunday or every whenever the chiefs player right here on your over the chiefs Kenneth says you bet happy birthday Kendall Gammon to 49 and today. Sports and Stevens and eight plays readout given here for the handed deep mourning minutes exploiting a tragedy. See the head of the morning on face and a sense.