KU wins big over Omaha

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, December 19th

On sports Ted tells us all about the beating at Allen Fieldhouse.  We also get a Shocker basketball preview.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking USK I SS Wichita is number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on us. O'clock this is the Kansas sporting news receded dead and Steve Macintosh. Wichita City Council will look at its fireworks policy today we've got the story. Woman shot in face in downtown Wichita I think with the word those details just ahead. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday low clouds and patchy fog start the morning for the nice warm afternoon in store for us our complete forecast is coming up. Which in our City Council will discuss possible changes in the city's fireworks soreness which bans the more power. We'll fireworks permitted by state law in other parts of Cedric county. Mayor Jeff Longwell tells K Unisys news there are. Two minutes. You know banding. Larger artwork and I get that I think there's no way we compared. Bill. May be accommodate vote. The mayor suggests possibly a half dozen special shooting areas within the city. Longwell commented during Monday's with the mayor on the Stephen did in the morning show right here on K in a sense. 26 year old woman was shot in downtown Wichita she called for help from Broadway in Murdoch early Monday. Well walked into the quick trip asking for assistance. The female has sustained one gunshot wound to her face. She was taken to area hospital for medical treatment of a nonlife threatening injury. Police officer Charlie Davidson says investigators found the scene of the shooting about a block away. And an apartment in the 600 block of north Broadway. Police are trying to identify the suspect. The Thomas fired near Los Angeles claims more homes but winds have died down for now. Fox News reporter leave Coco has the story. Fire crews they've fort dates for this area ahead of the gusty winds of libel they've managed to save several hundred poll say the three that were destroyed. We're just too close to heal it was so intense that it pushed fire. Tripping over it still on to these homes and it spread latter in my family say a fire took their home but at least there'll lie firefighters say they have a couple of days to get ahead of the Thomas fire in recent war containment and hopefully put up more hot spots before Wednesday when they expect winds to pick back up. In the state of Washington at least three are dead following an Amtrak derailment early yesterday. Amtrak spokesman mark Magli Ari says the company will stand by those affected by the accidents. We'll do everything in our power to support these passengers or employees and their families in the coming days weeks and months. Animals spared no expense to himself. Excessive speed is suspected as part of the cause of this eighty passengers and five workers were on the train when it derailed a change may be on the way involving the use of Wichita police surveillance cameras. According to a City Council member police chief Gordon Ramsay distracting ordinance to limit the use of the new cameras in the old town area to solving the prosecuting serious crimes only. The cameras were installed over the summer to monitor goings on in old town. Which is experienced many problems the shootings and fights and other crimes that tend to occur around bars and nightclubs. The city faced backlash in November however when the Wichita eagle or that the 700000 dollar camera system. Was being used to monitor traffic at dispatch officers to write tickets for minor infractions. City manager Robert Leighton had eluded to possible changes in the use of cameras after the November controversy. Anyway had taken SS news. K and insist used time now 7044. Minutes past 7 o'clock. This matches might be on the table this week in college basketball Kansas had one last night soccer's anticipating to have won tonight's. Talk about men's basketball coming up in sports house and senate set to vote on tax overhaul bill. That's story coming up only Taylor says morning news was even dead. Okay Unisys sporting you receive a dead now 7076. Minutes past 7 o'clock here on Tuesday morning. Kansas woman has admitted embezzling more than five million dollars from the now defunct credit union. In a deal with prosecutors for a five year prison sentence. Neither rain in Herschel pleaded guilty Monday to three counts for crimes that occurred while she worked for the Parsons Pittsburgh credit union. 66 year old woman pleaded guilty to one count each of embezzlement. Money laundering and tax evasion. The US house and senate are set to vote on the Republican tax reform bill. House ways and means chairman Kevin Brady made his closing argument to the rules committee I'm pleased to say this bill. Repeals the tax penalty. Associate with the volunteers individual mandate but Democrat Richard Neal says the legislation hurts the middle class at the same time shallower the wealthy. With huge tax breaks further concentrate wealth in America passage is expected over in the house but the bill faces a tougher climb in the senate. Republicans can only afford to lose two votes vice president pence postponed his trip to the Middle East in case he's needed to break a tie Steve Rappaport Fox News. A Colorado woman says she'll no longer scold her teenage son for staying up but all hours playing games on his cell phone. He was doing just that. When he saved their lives it was past midnight and rather than go to bed like mom wished he would fourteen year old Desmond Schultz was doing what he likes to do while his. Mothers sisters slept. Pounding away at the keys of his Smartphone playing a game when he heard a strange noise outs. I'll eat out the window and saw it could clear. They fired so an outsider and send us to decide how opera house is on fan night everybody else. The house was so badly damage it's been condemn what his mother says Desmond is a hero and can play his video games anytime he'd like. Gary Baumgarten. Fox News 709 down nine minutes past and it likely Stephenson teeth. And on yourself over to interviewed a good side of that right. Espinosa and below forget this morning what's going on that's the main issue right now as the fog out there in which it's off visibility problems. We've just. Traffic volumes picking up out there but that. Really the heaviest I've seen out there is I won 35 run around debt Kellogg at 135 Kellogg threat appears to be fairly heavy. And it's a disability she's trying to update the case and if that's radio under achievers. Now all the tea sends storm front every forecast. With Kansas today meteorologist Leon some. That was good morning Leon it ought to my good good to get a little fog hanging around with because he is going to want to partly cloudy later today tell us about it. Buddies start this morning we get it guys bought advisory in effect until about 11 o'clock disabilities are sketchy out and I are there reporting six miles if your drive and operate just like. Two Kate ideas. Yet can I educate kicking it to our. Much it's too much I'd let the record about the ability actually so it is really Pickens and spot to please take it easy on the road is where it is 48 degrees right now unbelievably mile that warmer than our normal daytime high. I the plot as you said is gonna burn up as it does we're gonna be looking at a beautiful afternoon. Packaged ice today up close to sixty degrees. Light wind and sunshine so I know debate which is what you lock up by keeping it Reggie rose but definitely dead yet. Well and as the fight brief call yesterday about this time boost 48 degrees. 26. Yes 4% twenty degrees warmer than we were 24 hours ago it's just been crazy warm up today. I we're hitting it well but not heading into we're getting closer every day if the deal with Christmas weekend and everybody has is it going to be a white Christmas. Any idea at this point whether we might expect from snow. In south central Kansas around Christmas. I think there will be so late. That the plane the other day I hope she noticed they've brought in the street. Yeah. So I am Melissa that it they've been they've spent a lot of time bright mistreating Gatorade I've only. Great for you know taking precautions I just don't see any real snowfall accumulation at this point. For Wichita or really much of the state and certainly south central Kansas yes we can keep inflation flurries on Christmas C. You know I don't see it stick and it is going to be raw cold very very cold fact Christmas and typically get above freezing predate analyze the Christmas game looks dry. There's a chance for some light snow but not really accumulating snow on Sunday. And Christmas seat belt state it every time we take a look at this computer models. Every one of those models that pot with a Epps now it's back it up Mort Mort you look at trends and the trend is not look at a lot of them. The idea eat every practically every movie about Christmas here receipt and it's in children right. And you can't bing Crosby's singing about white dreaming about a white Christmas in reality. Ten we're talking a moment ago that how many white Christmas is have we seen in this part of the country in our lifetime. And I thought maybe a handful is about all I can remember member then day. Of course. The National Weather Service has the archives maybe we should do asserts the only white Christmas as we've had the past hundred years to exit. And you know what the percentages and it's sad. 10% yes businesses and can't in which to at least tempered 10%. We are not on the winning side at scorecard. Well Ted Ted did he he's had heard a statistic over the past hundred years 100 years Wichita had. Thirteen point christmases so. There you go. Occupational or enforce you know so you kids are a lot over what to say hey get over. Well strap. Let's. Go to north Canada but the real nice up there around Fargo this time a year which. I much all right so we've fought this morning then India to this village under a quarter mile as we look toward it's right. It is yet so please do take it easy major drive and a product again it's gonna be Apache in debt so that your weather report it well but again that you're gonna run that ought in the low clouds for a while this morning it is slow burns up figure by. 2 at 11 o'clock starts in England about. To write elegant Boggan missed in what 48 degree. To assert the curious and storm track or street forecast of Kansas City meteorologist. Leon spent about yesterday's high 58 in which is on normal life of the date 42 so. Now all of this warm weather's Bradley went and got fog and mist all kinds of crazy things on. Today is Tuesday December 19 2017. And it was on this date in 1843. A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens was first published in England of course if timeless story. I'm a really really. Mean spirited negative boss. Who demands that tees you know Ebenezer Scrooge who demands that his court clerk. Bob corrections. Make sure that he works at 101112 hours today. And you gotta take Christmas off by gosh you better be back the next day and hour or two early. And then you know what happens then. The ghost town. Three up anyway I'm giving away the plot if you don't list or eight that you probably. Probably do spoiler alert so a deadly day how many movies have we head. Scrooge or that you know Christmas Carol over the years how many of hand. I can think of about five of just off hand including the Muppet movie. Whose is whose ability and that was a real life person there was it to when the Michael Caine yeah he played Muppet Christmas Carol okay it was Ebenezer Scrooge who was Bob scratches and that wasn't a Kermit the Frog. Current and got beat by a scratch Utley yeah. Well if you were doing if you are doing Christmas Carol which part a it was your idea I performed in the forums Christmas Carol cushion five years and I went sought on Sunday yes you can do all the lines you can remember I think yeah and squirted out to be the most fun would it. Well yeah you get only out flawlessly essential yeah you get to be of the act as they Christmas curmudgeon and revised redemption. What who what what roles have you played on coach in professional stage Stan. Honestly I've waited I've played says he wig there's UH yeah recent years especially that's a that's as gorgeous old boss was Joseph the rag picker all five years in the future of Christmas future my two main I was the solicitor. Solicitor. A cat tries to depths have Scrooge relent on his. Renters that can't quite pay the rent them this might work. And I guess we get all take you know that the lesson there that you know even though your boss may be a real you know. Do office or earth. And how many of us have had a boss like well. Thank goodness our boss is not accurate I think most bosses aren't as. As of and as at and arch arch torturous Bruges but. You know we've all had our run in fairly management over the years. Our manager here you know Jacqui wise attack here we always the places always heated had to get heated we don't have there's enough Coleman stove cola stone and dotting I's blog entry was off it Christmas albums then we have to back an hour early the next days. So yes she does indebted Jackie didn't say ball humbug dreaming right now. Just keeping an eye on us to make sure that you know well that's what they are still work and is on its hosted a threat management to do that so. Anyway. No she did she's had but she's done exactly offensively either I mean. I wouldn't call her Jacqui especially review which is that kindly boss you've. He or she's kind and she hasn't done and she hadn't. Set a harsh word to us and several weeks so she delivered a fake Christmas the Christmas gift to me yesterday all. Well. I hope I'm odorless course I've probably keep me down that naughty list you know as I do giver of the pretty good ration you don't sag to give her a hard time. Whenever I possibly can't known her for a long night here and try to get under her skin. And most of the time it just doesn't work. He just ignores the Nazis which is worse rock solid she's Smart enough to just ignore. Well then. You edit nominee. All right 78 and 1843 did you realize Christmas carols at old dual about it. Yes in part of the culture for her 170 is a big part of the christmastime. Alternate really at 718 now. Stephen dead on K Ennis says tiger Schwartzman Ted Woodward talking about basketball the sport right to it. Yeah off jayhawks in action last night's college men's hoops thirteenth ranked Kansas taking on Omar hawk. At. Allen fieldhouse at the Lawrence K you had lost its last two home games that streak to not continue to jayhawks had dude trouble. Dispatching of the mavericks who heard the game last night on TF eight. You're down the right sideline for kids from north leading by 32. He wants a 63 at hand. Does not like I lose no one points shy of public career high. 63 pointers from a pilot coming to a 26. Points out. Jayhawks as a team shoots 62%. From the field and had no trouble beating Omaha 109. To sixty for the jayhawks are now nine and two on the season back in the win column. And they'll talk about it tonight on K you basketball hawk talk the head coach Bill Self 6 o'clock tonight over on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM. 975. FM. Tonight we have soccer basketball right here in town. Home game for the eleventh ranked shocker Wichita State hosting the red wolves of Arkansas State. This is expected to be a blowout as well the shocks very 29. And a half point favorite. First time these teams have met in 46 years. Shocker in Arkansas State. Mike Kennedy and David dull have a live pregame coverage beginning at 6 o'clock night's game tip off at 7 o'clock it Coke arena. It's all on 103 point seven KEY and a enjoying media and Jeff pollutes after the game we will be taking your phone calls on Santa's little helper week at a twin peaks east at 21 and rock road. There after the game shocks and Arkansas State this evening. Because those rankings are Wichita State dropped out of the top ten. The top five after that loss to Oklahoma on Saturday the Sox now ranked eleventh in the nation in both the associated press and coaches polls. They hawks are ranked thirteenth and fourteenth in the nation this week dropping a little bit polls as well. Let's talk a little football tonight the weekly chiefs kingdom shows 7 o'clock tonight that's right here on your home with the chiefs 97 and thirteen thirty K and as best. Posted by the voice of chiefs told that's. Chiefs are enjoying a really nice nicely placed home stand right now a three game homestand late in the season. He's won the first two on this homestand at. No finish it up when a game against the Miami Dolphins on Christmas Eve. And LBs will be a lot of good discussion tonight on the Tivo you know though not to talk about 7 o'clock tonight right here on a unisex. And L hockey action. For you other Wichita thunder after a five game road swing finally back home and they are home for quite an extended period here. Under hosting for the first time this season the Tulsa Oilers are division rival coming to town 7 o'clock tonight downtown it in trust bank arena. Thunder has three home games just this week before Christmas. And eleven of the next fourteen are on home ice for the Wichita ponders a chance to really. Get comfortable here for the next month or so and enjoy a lot of home games and see if they connect it back into first place under in second place right now in the division. In fact the thunder has won its last fired up home games. All by at least two goals that are playing well on home ice. Sports Stephen Ted K and SS isn't funny one now keep it here for Rush Limbaugh morning update. The GOP tax plan will kill obamacare. That's coming up Stephen dead in the morning on tape and as fast.