KU wins in the round of 64

Steve & Ted
Friday, March 16th

NCAA results plus a preview of tournament games for K-State and WSU.


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This is news station which should talk turns to first where lie. A team coverage of breaking news JNSS. Widget because number one news talk and weather station. Depend on. Good morning it's 6 o'clock this is the case in SS morning news he Stevens deadline to look worse. Steve macintoshes at the Blarney breakfast this morning will be checking in throughout today and find out what's going on at great with two top fund raiser. An annual event it is Friday march 16. And will be checking in our full weather forecast coming up in just a few minutes right now on what you saw him. Clear sky and it is already sixty. Degrees. Federal investigators are now on the scene of a deadly bridge collapse in Miami where at least six people have been killed. It was a 950. Ton pedestrian bridge that crashed down onto eight lanes of traffic just a few days after that new bridge was installed. Fox's Laura Ingle is there. The National Transportation Safety Board team is now here along with local and state agencies working to figure out why this happened at exactly what happened. Senator Marco Rubio even tweet it out that the cables were being tight end when this happened we're waiting to see. What more information we can find on that now the main companies involved in this fourteen point two million dollar project. Have had some big questions. Put to them about their past work Manila construction management was accused in a lawsuit earlier this month of negligence on another job. That bridge had been designed to allow pedestrians to walk from Florida International University to the town of Sweetwater. The US senate expected to hold some big confirmation hearings soon. Soon the senate must tackle would could be bruising confirmation hearings for the president's new choices to be secretary of state in CIA director. Arizona Republican senator Jeff flake says the trop administration revolving door complicates things. You will continue to cool I don't confirmation. It's here. Executive calendar. This is the center time. By the the next week congress will be at another government funding deadline when they were expected to be ready to pass a government funding package through the end of September house democratic leader Nancy Pelosi took this swipe at her Republican colleagues. They insist on poison pills in the rest. Hopefully I'll get serious and we can get this done. On Capitol Hill Mike Emanuel Fox News a monthly survey of bankers suggest the economy is likely to continue improving slowly. In rural parts of ten planes in western states including Kansas. University economist certainly gone says crop prices have improved a bit but remain relatively weak and that's hurting business. The overall rule main street index slipped slightly to 54 point seven in March from February's 54 point eight. Any score above fifty suggest a growing economy in the months ahead. Bankers from Colorado Illinois Iowa Kansas Minnesota Missouri Nebraska North Dakota South Dakota and Wyoming were surveyed. Dan O'Neill came and SS news. And education funding reports due out today expected to drive how Kansas legislators responded to a State Supreme Court mandate to boost spending on public schools. Legislative attorneys were to present the report during a joint meeting of house and Senate Committees on school funding. Work on a new school finance law aimed at satisfying the court has been on hold for several months while lawmakers waited for the study the Supreme Court ruled in October that the State's more than four billion dollar a year in aid to public schools isn't sufficient as required by the Kansas constitution the court hinted that funding might have to rise by 650 million dollars a year but allow for new cost studies. Former state senator Jeff King an attorney representing the senate said Thursday that the report is an extremely good faith effort to examine educational cost so lawmakers comply with the court's order. Democrats have argued that the study should've been done by legislative auditors who did one in 2006. They contend GOP leaders wanted to report that skews in their favor. Phil Noble brand Kagan SS news. 911 dispatchers received numerous calls Wednesday evening reporting a threat to Wichita north West High School. Calls came in about 5:30 PM the callers said they saw the threat on Twitter. Officer Charlie Davidson says the tips to dispatch and crime stoppers led to the arrest of a fourteen year old girl on charges of criminal threat. Which helped police department does appreciate very much the responsiveness. Of the Wichita community alerting us to this potential threat. This is a prime example of the community and police working hand in hand to help keep Wichita State. Officer Davidson says USB 259 officials and police investigated the incident and that no one was ever in any danger. The Kansas senate has approved a couple of relatively narrow gun bills after rejecting numerous gun control proposals during a lengthy debate. The vote yesterday was 2515. Minutes on a bill that was clarifying rules for allowing people with permits to carry concealed guns in other states to carry concealed in Kansas. Senators voted unanimously forty to zero to pass a bill making it a felony under state law for anyone convicted of domestic violence to possess a firearm within five years of a conviction. Change would allow prosecutions. In state courts rather than federal courts that may not have had time for them. House of Representatives passed both bills last month but must consider senate changes. Senators debated but rejected proposals to ban of the use of bombs stocks and impose a three day waiting period for gun purchases. The Los Angeles zoo's new breeding group of Amir Katz is now on exhibit the mob Amir Katz includes four males that arrived from. Zoo in cup back last September and three females that came from the Sedgwick county zoo here in Wichita in January. The Los Angeles zoo says this week the two groups Amir Katz are slowly introduced to each other attic quarantines facility. Now they are in their outdoor habitat together. In as of late last month Amir Katz which constantly tunnel and dig holes. Are tiny members of the mongoose family they are native to deserts and grasslands on the southern tip of Africa. The Los Angeles zoo is rebuilding its near cap collection with a genetically valuable group after its elderly Amir Katz passed away. To some of Saint Patrick's Day celebrations are as much about the drink as the food. A staple of these Saint Patrick's Day feast corned beef which you can actually make yourself. By submerging a brisket for days in a Brian often made of salt sugar food grade salt Peter bay leaves and spices like cloves allspice and ginger David pleat of the James Beard award winning site leap culinary s.'s. The next day is a wonderful time to have corn beef hash and make poor little hole in the corned beef crack an egg in it. Take the panel he'd cover it and so all of that residual heat will just perfectly coach began. Be sure to save enough for a hot corned beef sandwich sliced warmed to beef topped with Swiss cheese sauerkraut and Russian dressing. Lillian blue Fox News. It's 607 was even dead in the morning on tape and as best have our full forecast coming up. All the details and a big sports day in hoops. That's coming up next on page again as. The morning here on 987 and thirteen thirty. Pays an SS. And up there in traffic right now gasoline prices are really starting to come down just a little bit now. Cent by cent so. And at 2:42. This morning lot of different places out there in which stopped traffic updates from faith and as as radio on catchings. The dead and now let's take a look at that weather forecast heading into the weekend with meteorologist Dan Holliday a load then. Good morning this broad area of low pressure in the central plains is really going to give us gusty winds yet again today. Should be setting up to 74 for the high this afternoon so wind gust as high as 45 miles per hour what can elevate the fire danger or threat. We're much cooler tonight for Lou 37 they head for round two with a basketball action Saturday sunny cooler in 63. And KM FS media all of this camp holidays. Thank you Dan currently in Wichita we have clear skies. Wind out of the south it is 69. Degrees paid into SS news time is. 614 was Stephen dead here on CN SS amateur. It's that time of year it's the one of the great Wichita annual events the 43 annual original book Arnie breakfast is underway in east which it's off. And we only trust one guy to go up to the Blarney breakfast every year that of course is Steve Macintosh good morning Steve. Good morning you'll probably 43 annual original Blarney breakfast and doing my Irish suffered divisions hey look the get the first there's 750 people here get a free Blarney hop devote. Courtesy of Borneo here how about that then it's gone from six to 930 got a lot of people here already. They are referred to here I've met a friend that stick Fred awhile ago I think John Sweeney created director Pete. TV he loves he even Tim just loved the details. Yes that Greg whoever who has he worked on techcrunch is it gonna hit down there after gets through here. He's afraid of the Roy's cylinder can run and they'll also different mind it's for every company that Nancy Jewell was here today just a few of the people are scared. But people walking around and in in this have a great recklessness and eight cent stake in it. And and thinks it's almost if you like that led them to get here so. I'm I'm gonna do is I'm gonna eat too portions Justin what do you want from me has it. I appreciate that effort to end I'll have to off delivered through you but a lot do that you described it in great detail literally you're doing a great job already. This and can that they can tell you ticket at the door there fifteen dollars for adults five dollars for children and the proceeds of course go to range but lose united big fundraiser of the year do. He playtime on them before you go to work here this park bombing occurred. It's been in the Florida with a here at the 43 annual. Original horror and the one he practiced again accidental Chicago and Kellogg rock group that can't get here in the a live Irish fiddle music in the background the end of the day answer your crank it up O Eric. I called bloggers are not blogger but it. There's four point in the other. I'll describe this morning there's a young lady with her hair is all put up put him to get this really beautiful costume on few bouncing up and down and kick your feet. After the and earth and that this. It's something that you can he keep this in gridiron now I think a little light refinancing Ingraham will be good how. Many years ago we did early did the river dance. Leah mirror that was really popular we did go to river fest stance was our closing number one here. No she didn't think it's hard to us there in that pixel. At least it's mills and there's a big hit. Of course that you've got to pinch right now undersized like him who runs right up now you know like Rock Hill ultimate sign of trouble with the episodes. Sounds like that sounds like the joint just jump on already did some fairly yeah. It's 630 and think what in a warning people have a great time in which I can't just. This is the center of the activity I don't got a basketball tournament going on but hey. This is even bigger. The 43 annual original blog breakfast for you hit and he would have a hold on your well there's no basketball today the Blarney breakfast is it maybe okay so we don't have BBB so with the privilege to be here exactly. Skip the other BP attempt this BB deployed at the right now. That's announced that Steve thanks for general awareness but I'm a marketing genius Belichick really tell your portions for two so I can enjoy a breakfast. Talk again I'll act. Sounds good. 67 minutes. All right. Ready sounds good and Steve Macintosh with us this morning lol I have any east Wichita it's at the old Scott released the 43 annual original. Blarney breakfast will be tricky with Steve all morning. And Billy filling us in what's going on at the Blarney breakfast thank you very much Steve Macintosh. It is 618 with Steve instead on Kate MS ask as we get going here on a Friday morning. A big day in sports yesterday. And today as well the NCAA men's basketball tournament getting under way in earnest yesterday with 161. Round games. And there are sixteen more first round games today. Horse today's match up two of those games include Wichita State in the afternoon and then Kansas State in the evening. Wichita State will be the first team up for local folks today the shocker is our in San Diego for a first round game today taking on the thundering herd of martial. Wichita State and Marshall go added that game will tip off at 1230. This afternoon. And shoppers are trying to soccer scores are in the NCAA tournament for the seventh straight year it's been awhile since marshals bin. But let's get a preview from Wichita State head coach Gregg Marshall. Crazy things the contrasts between the two schools of estrogen. Marshal all the work. And there are three flowing that are Harlem Globetrotters passing and we he had three shots at their funeral. The defense and it is not their bread and butter or people. And at West Virginia and Uga and polar opposite. They are great aren't out of the opposite and if their heels or Haditha and create easy opportunities profits don't take that. This is a lot for our four feet color press Virginia. Of course the shocker to taking on Marshall in the first round and if Wichita State wins and advances they might play at West Virginia in the second round so we'll see. If the soccer's can advance Scott take care of things first shocker and Marshall. Mike Kennedy Bob holt we'll have pregame coverage beginning at 11:30 this morning the game will tip off at 1230 listen to live coverage of the soccer of course on one or three point seven KEY and and then after the game I'll be joined by Jeff lutes will be taking your phone calls live on the shocker locker room shell out at twin peaks in the east which it taught when he first and rock. See there this afternoon after the shocker game in the NCAA tournament. Of course which it's always the site. Yesterday for 41. Round games as the city of Wichita hosted the NCAA tournament for the first time in 24 years it was an exciting day in downtown Wichita of course the first game featured the number one seed in the region. The Kansas Jayhawks taking on Pennsylvania. Kansas got up a little bit of a slow start but then they are really started coming on toward the end of the first out. You heard the game yesterday on KFH. I got up the court. You would the first 50 cool. Graham took care of us who watched the three floods. There. Finally. Yeah. It's warm. Our jayhawks would eventually go on a 22 to five run at the end of the first staff and cruise on in for a double digit win over the Pennsylvania quakers. K you has won its opening round game twelve years in arrow that is the longest streak right now in the NCAA Kansas advanced to the second round playing in downtown Wichita. Against Seton Hall on Saturday. So let's that's next up for the jayhawks and interest bank arena tomorrow. After the game Kansas head coach Bill Self. You look at you think we're not playing good defense easily killed a team to nineteen points and thirteen minutes you think that it's not your defense it's probably your offense but the problem is we only had eleven and thirteen minutes but in the league came off a little bit Lleyton device they got us going in the in the first happened but I think if if if we were poised to Dulles is the fact that we didn't panic. But I don't think our execution was. Good by any stretch. Jayhawks get the win the nonetheless and move on into the second round. Mother action in Wichita last night in the evening session. Pretty good game between Houston and San Diego State it came right down to the very end of that one in downtown Wichita quiet. Of course is over drive sleeves pants. Rob gray for Houston got this. Tortured Wichita State this season and you all you know I got the aztecs last night Houston advances into the second round against the winner of the Michigan Montana game. Late last night that ended barely before midnight in trust bank arena Montana has the basketball. Three from the left wing. Good defeat Montana 61. Through four. 47. At the wolverines will ride 810 game win streak into the round of 32 to face Houston on Saturday in Wichita. There you go there's your lineup for Saturday K you Seton hall and then Houston against Michigan those two winners wind up going to the sweet sixteen. Soccer baseball is on the road this weekend at an Omaha take you on the Creighton blue Jay is. They were supposed to played today but that game has been postponed instead it'll play a double header at 1 o'clock tomorrow singing big single game at noon on Sunday the shocker that Creighton. Chain Dennis we'll have live coverage of those games this weekend right here on your home soccer baseball 97 and thirteen thirty page and ask us. And I'm sorry I forgot to mention Kansas State men's basketball in the NCAA tournament they are in Charlotte taking on the Creighton blue Jay's case states. Tipping off about 5:45. PM tonight right before 6 o'clock in the evening game. As a K state in Creighton delighted in the opening round of the turned the big sports weekend Stephen says here on K and S adds. It is a 624. Which Stevens said in the morning. Democrats have turned San Diego into a hell hole. Both myself but that's all about. Hopefully the shocker though encounter any of that San Diego Fox News commentator Todd started with his commentary coming up on tape and as an us.