Lady Shockers pick up a win at Charles Koch Arena

Steve & Ted
Thursday, November 30th

We hear about a win for the Shocker women over Missouri State.


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Is this station which should talk turns to. First we're live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. 8 o'clock this is the king and his historians the Stephen dead and I stayed back inside. Hot time of the surgery county commission meeting if we get the story. Online video gamers report hearing gunshots in Wichita killings. I'm Dan O'Neill I'm K and SS meteorologist Dan Holliday high pressure is on its way into the plains and that means a very quiet weather patterns throughout the rest of the week and into the weekend with our forecast is coming up. And he's Wichita home was destroyed by fire early this morning a neighbor noticed a house on fire near Christine and Gilbert. Call 911. Upon arrival crews found flames coming from a single story homes kick ass and spoke with the Wichita fire captain Tyler Nolan. Fire extinguished in about a half hour of the homeowners were not at home of the time there were no injuries reported. Investigators are trying to determine a cause for that fighter. So Avery county commission meeting became heated after commissioner Richard runs off took issue with commissioner Michael O'Donnell. Mr. O'Donnell is not somebody you can trust he's being completely disingenuous and he has line. Treasuries we need to refrain from answering don't listen listen to me. The public needs to know that you cannot believe a single thing that comes out of that man's voice. Battle that man's mouth that every single decision you make commission O'Donnell is politically motivated. And you will say you know do anything it takes to make yourself look good. And I'm tired at. During discussion of the county Health Department what data should be used to. Make decisions runs all called O'Donnell a liar accusing him of using his position as a commissioner to help his friends and campaign contributors. A Houston man playing video games and online groups says he and others heard the gunshots at hundreds of miles away killed of Wichita man and his mother this past weekend. Three to four pointers including one from Canada while plane on the line Saturday night when one of them and his mother were shot. Among the players that TV was 23 year old Colby hall who lived with his 62 year old mother here in Wichita. Played on line from Houston was Paul's friend Ashley Martinez who says he and the other gamers heard popping noises so loud. That urges ears under the headphones. When they called pause number all like it here was his phone ringing Dan O'Neill Kagan SS news. It's nearly ten months ago police officer Brian Arthur Burns suffered multiple critical injuries during a hit and run incidents while investigating a stolen vehicle suspect himself which at all. Now police chief or Gordon Ramsay says another chapter. In officer Arthur Burns recovery now against officer. Ryan our veterans returning home and we wanted to welcome him back as the department and as a city. He said a long tough road and he is a very brave and strong man so we are glad that his recovery is continuing to the point where he can come home. Since the incident in early February officer Arthur Burns has been receiving extensive treatment and medical facilities in Colorado and Texas. Officer under Verne talked with reporters briefly after he arrived at the airport. Governors Imus homeowners are children. Does not telling. Us our friend at work and serve public. More complaints of sexual harassment against former NBC east. Our Matt Lauer after getting one complain about inappropriate behavior by today's show host Matt Lauer NBC let him go. But now the network is saying they've gotten two new complaints and trade publication variety is reporting it's done a two month long investigation. And found multiple women complaining about let our. One saying she was called to his office only to find him with no pants on some producers say he'd quiz them about their sex lives meanwhile viewers are reeling. I'm totally honest it's getting out of control is becoming a gender or anything like that every time they say is. Unless they. No response from Larry yet who is married with three kids till NATO Fox News. The senate has voted to start debate on a Republican bill to overhaul the country's tax code. Senate now has twenty hours of debate before they can vote on the final bill Democrats senator Elizabeth Warren of Maryland. Says the bill is not fair to working Americans. Since 1980. Corporate profits have shot through the roof while wages for working people have remained pretty much the same. And with corporate profits op and family incomes flat. The cost of running the government. It's still not clear if the Republicans have enough votes to pass a bill. Police report a man was shot in west Wichita Tuesday night officer Charlie Davidson says it happened at the home with 32 year old woman in the 5000 block of west annual. She arrived home and noticed that someone had broken into her house and she grabbed her sharp on our vehicle. And walked to the front door when she observing known 32 year old male inside the house. The suspect exited the residence in a physical struck a struggle ensued. During a struggle this suspect received one gunshot wound in the in the abdomen area. That man is a woman's ex boyfriend after he was shot he ran away but police who found him. And he was transported to a hospital. In SS news time now 8055. Minutes faster 8 o'clock. And the smooth yesterday at Butler drizzly and at which the state women's basketball team coach in action we'll have the results come in sports. The annual list of popular baby names that story coming up on the occasion as this morning news was the contested. Okay and is this morning news was even dead 808. That's 8 o'clock 37 degrees up and chilly out there. For the month ago in Tony seventeen there have already been 420. Traffic fatalities in Kansas we've here. That's down just nine from twenty sixteenths. Jennifer Hawke is the Tripoli Kansas. Really like you remind people slowdown. That's not just monitoring these granite but that process slowed down situation. Here on a dark road at night you might need to lower that speedy and more adverse blogger or rain or other things like that adjusting your speed is is. One of the best way to prevent tragedies. Says it's easy to become distracted. When the route is familiar. The US congress Office of Compliance says it's paid out over seventeen million dollars. To settle claims against lawmakers since the 1990s that's taxpayer money. And senate majority leader Mitch McConnell tells Fox News taxpayers should not be on the hook when a member of congress misspeak a Yves any member or. Congress ought to be personally liable. Personally liable. For any. Cage let us see your shave lotion. The money's been paid out to settle claims of sexual harassment discrimination and other cases the annual list of most popular baby names is out the web site baby center since Jackson as the top pick for boys for the fifth year around Sophia cops for girls for the eighth year Disney characters continue to give parents inspiration from baby girls with small wanna up 64%. Over last year bell rose 23% and Arie held up 22%. Another trends sports figures LeBron as in James up 64%. And Kevin as interact up 9%. Least Phyllis arraf Fox News. 810 downton minister as stated like Steve intensity in the morning get your name was settlement may be meaningless there. I would again I'm not surprised at all again now the but that's a well this morning we've got firefighters. Headed to the reports of a house fire now is is that. Seneca and Bonnie. Firefighters are now saying that they're not finding much if anything there this isn't probably going to last all that long but again. Might see traffic slowed on their pony in senate yes. Watch out my when we'll flee that area the next few minutes traffic update from cake is this is revealed to achieve what happens this time your laundry and been doing this now radio for 47 years that your. What do you think he sees people will that be a steam vents but it gets cold like it was a little cool. 37 degrees yet and Eckstein comes out and it deeply to smoke coming out building you know that's I've seen it happen from time to time. I let's take what the forecast now with skated since that meteorologist. Then a holiday good morning Dan that good morning temperatures across south central chances are in the low forties with a high clouds and the clearing skies as high pressure builds then it will be around 51 at lunchtime 56 later on this afternoon he'll be clear and cooler tonight. Harlow 34. Tomorrow's high 58 and KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Even with a nasty contended in this partly cloudy. 37 degrees got to north wind at eight miles per hour prairie fire coffee. Got my angle right there and if you're not drinking prairie fire call for you work your boss doesn't love you can. Apparently ours does apparently so I didn't I was just backed by the coffee machine and our manager Jacqui wise and our sales manager Lisa Kreider back there were having a high level executive discussion right here at coffee machine. Jacqui was saying how she's never really taste the blueberry. Muffins back there in Brandon lease was talking about the doughnuts it at a high level high level discussing. But you know the and I have to be eavesdropping on the mechanism. Probably outlined the news that. 812 with Steve and Ted the air force has fired. The leader of the thunderbirds flight demonstration team that experience to crash and an Ohio air show. They're four or air force officials says say the central Jason herds firing was unrelated. Through the June mishap in Dayton and destroyed 29 million dollar fighter jet air force as his commanding officer. Lost confidence in his leadership and risk management style. Now. Kurds commanding officers as it was a difficult decision but ultimately won that is in the best interest of the team removal of a 2 November 20 and what he was doing. Wrong. That he'd lost in that spot that the military if they that you can't do it anymore they've lost confidence in your ability the F. Anybody ever told you that it Jeanette rather than. And everyone to know I. Whatever had been told that have been have been told that someone was. Disappointed in me someone I didn't think had the rights only that Rihanna found it deeply offensive. Deeply offensive. Unit and to hear that from somebody who. Isn't my dad it would take an apartment bobsleigh like that course. But it that's it that's a different story since out. That's taking inning like that from anybody I just don't care you don't and you really I don't really don't and it's one of the great traits about that is he doesn't care. Yeah doesn't give a rat's you know what yeah. Here's Ira. Here's our stupid behavior go a couple of parties more assertive you know it is amazing how how dumb people didn't do things in the dumb things they do it. A Pennsylvania man suspected of firing a gun the in a New York State mall crowded with holiday shoppers has been arraigned on a reckless endangerment and assault charges. Michael Perez Rodriguez pleaded not guilty at his arraignment yesterday. Two people sustained a minor injuries from the gun discharged as. Gallery at crystal run in the Orange County town of Walt killed Sunday afternoon gunfire sent shoppers scurrying for safety. You can imagine pretty complete panic. And here's the other thing that I really we talked about this earlier I really didn't think about this earlier Jim what about this. Someone's there with concealed carry and a jump and certain disconnected it and kill ya he was not. Thinking too well in hand with that and he got to be smarter than that. In that situation no crowded shopping mall had a job now the fleeing everywhere. Who. Florida police officer who punched a drunken female football man has been cleared of wrongdoing. Earlier this month the video showed University of Miami football fans slap an officer who then punches her in the head. Bridget frees us was charged with felony battery on a police officer and misdemeanor disorderly conduct. Of the isn't it Curtis Miami Dade police officer Douglas Ross and other officers tried to carry her out of the stance. According to a report provided yesterday to the Miami Herald Ross's supervisors. Found the eighteen year veterans actions were within departmental rules. And Jan that take a look at the video would have gone to the oh yeah it is all changed being carrier I several people she yet kicking. And all of a sudden she's just three and slaps his Big Bang police officer and I mean his reaction was GAAP. I mean it was Nelson biggest turnaround clobber yup he did and it was it was a hay maker that he noticed unloaded. Gotta feeling many think this guys are martial arts are boxers. Is his reaction. Was incredibly quick yes and she she clearly slap him before he did yeah it is they say and if they she asked for and she got. Our big story one of our big stories this morning concerns and of course county commissioners. Getting into a verbal. 01 of them letting the other one had a verbally. Two rounds out on after commissioner O'Donnell you've you've heard the sound this morning we have you know you know you'll play again we can all. But I just. Say this you one place yet I've got it let's go ahead in the play one more time. Mr. O'Donnell has not somebody you can trust he's being completely disingenuous and he has line. Treasuries we need to refrain from answering don't listen listen to me. The public needs to know that you cannot believe a single thing that comes out of that man's voice. Battle that man's mouth that every single decision you make commission O'Donnell is politically motivated. And you will say you know do anything it takes to make yourself look. And I'm tired it sounds like O'Donnell's and laugh it off and taken to hear it's always laughing engine. But down acting is. Nobody's ever spoken like that to me in public I don't know what I would do Jeanette. Have you thought about this but my reaction I have to think that might be physical and it did one thing I don't would not like to be called is a liar that's true and that would probably triggered me. I'm react like that police officer Miami then again depending on who it was that was making the accusations towards me I might just take Ira and say at that mattered any instrument from that guy. Think guys vigorous dispute in a active dampers and there ready where it's at it cursing and you'll see what happens in the Cedric county commission meetings now could be. Very interesting as we headed there. I season I don't think we probably heard the last of being unimaginable a little bored of the story coming up we'll keep you posted about deck. Telephone 819 now with Stevens in the morning on okay. And as sickness and but it sports with jazz teams this morning in the shocker women's basketball team the Philadelphia pretty good start playing basketball last night right. Yeah they they did pretty good yesterday yeah. Let's see they've got death. Four figures. Four players in double figures last night right they got a seventy to 58 win over former Missouri valley though Missouri State. And this is all Charles Cook arena last night which does state did they improve to two and six they really haven't got off to a great start on the season but their last couple of games they've really shown that they've bet. Got a pretty good team there and the shocker do. Next up for the shocker ladies say Friday matinee game it's against western Illinois tip off at noon. It's the shoppers annual schoolhouse rocks with the shocks game. It was big draw the kids get that gets him out a lot of fun and it will be if Charles of Reno again. That will be Charles Cook Reno on Friday tip off at noon in that game. Each case state men's basketball team had an early lead at home yesterday vs the Oral Roberts Golden Eagles and they just kept hitting threes. In the first half. Is three pointer after three pointer and then they kept up the offense in the second half they held on for 7716 win over Oral Roberts. K state now six and one can't prepare for their first true road game this weekend in Nashville. Vs the Vanderbilt commodores. Tipoff at 130 on Sunday afternoons K state basketball Butler grizzlies hosting independence yesterday. They did not get off to a great start in that game the Indy pirates' lead at the half. 41 to 32 Butler kept chipping away though. And you heard that on 97 and thirteen thirty last night Dennis Higgins with the called Butler down by four. With just a minute left. Rightward stories followers instantly dropped you lost all Adams had. Rebels threaten the front court has left more three on the way. Have a very. Good friends and best three point shooter berries and. And yeah independents had the fallen. One point lead at that point but they had all their free throws me and so they managed to hang on for 72 to seventeen win. Butler made a less than three there but it was a the little. Not quite enough 1770 independents Butler drops to four and 51 and five in conference play. They will attempt to snap a four game losing streak Saturday at Dodge City. Regain start at 245 on 97 at thirteen thirty K and it's that pint. 821 nativity for the Hannity morning minutes. And jobs and talk about CNN. Will not attend the White House Christmas party that's coming up we Stevens Ted in the morning. And right now let's chicken and listen to any minute with match. Take a moment to discuss football with the play by play voice of the Kansas City Chiefs it's brought me. Hi vision and the proud official pro series sponsor of the Kansas City team.