Latest Freddy's opening in Wichita

Steve & Ted
Monday, April 16th

New Freddy's going up at 3450 S Meridian.


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98 cents at thirteen thirty K and says we are even dead in the morning yet there's 745. Here on a Monday. Now three big thing. Coalition airstrike on Syria called huge success. Tiger heavily damages an apartment complex in west Wichita. Why team killed us car plunges into our Kansas river in north west Wichita. Pretty big things even dead on tape and assess. And heavy traffic right now watch out he's found a on king 96. Right around hillside that's just passed. That's just best B I 135. Like 235 north junction. Again it is a T 96 eastbound about hillside dissent heavy traffic slowing things down traffic updates from Kate and SS radio I'm guessing. Sunny today. With a high of 63 degrees partly cloudy tonight the overnight low 438. Tuesday mostly sunny and warmer with a high of 82. Now partly cloudy we have a southwest wind at seven miles per hour and 21 degrees. 746 now seem intent in the morning Cleveland State and assess. US consumers bounce back in March and bought more cars furniture and appliances. After three months of declining retail sales. Commerce Department says retail. Sales rose six tenths percent last month the largest increase since November. Auto sales jumped 2% the most in six months some good news coming out about retail sales. Retail sales slipped in the first two months of the year as consumers pulled back after heavy spending during the lunar fidelity has an money after Christmas holiday yeah at the hunker down for a couple months last month's figures suggest Americans are returning to more free spending ways. Economists predict that healthier consumer confidence steady job gains in the impact of tax cuts will fuel solid spending growth in the months ahead and we sell right now but he got you get the refunds. From from the tax tax refunds coming out. I really can't assess whether it brought you by the monarch voted one of the best suburban bars America by the Bergen review it yes located at 579 west Douglas in historically no. The monarch by the way Ted just quick note. Friday. Not mass Friday but the Friday a vote of gridiron is like to the mark to nova and a much my son Scott was in for stymied ever Lamar really. Me and agree to you guys haven't swell time we had a wonderful good for you. From the New York Times web page Americans are more concerned than ever about retirement at the same time. They are less confident that through they will be able to retire here a survey of nearly 5000 US workers released last week by Telus towers Watson. Indicates that more than one in 337%. Expect to work at age seventy. And that's an increase from 30% two years ago. Only one in 426%. Expect to be able to retire before age 65 down from 29%. In two when he fifteenth. So bottom is gonna wait till after seven years old to hang it up. Three and four responds to the WTW surveyed. Believe that their generation is likely to be much less financially ready to retire than their parents' generation. Two thirds believe Social Security benefits will be not much lower when they retire. Well roughly the same proportion predicted government medical benefits will be worse off. They're gonna work longer get benefits there are very optimistic about the jobs now only folks. Serving also revealed a gender gap when it comes to retirement 60% of working men ranking saving for retirement as a top priority. Well women scored 44% according to this measure though. Just some thoughts about retirement and those of you are thinking about it or maybe it may be thinking about it says there are some things for you think about we have enough money. When you retire that's the big question and is elected. Today is Monday April 16 2018 tomorrow is tax day midnight tomorrow you deadline. For filing taxes on this date in 1971. Patent on the best picture and best director Academy Awards it's starred George C. Scott. Was named best actor but he did not accept the report. Because he didn't like the academy's voting process. Today. He was the first actor to reject an Austin. I don't know if they gave me an ostrich and go and get what you Bernanke and as US despite objections you might have you probably if they. And if they give us an award we're gonna show up and down on that's true it's absolutely pitcher. 750 now what Stephen did is pretty good and then he deserved the Oscar he did he was very he's really good and Karl Malden was. Was a starring as Bradley Bradley you know Omar Bradley the via. General who is from Missouri Patton was from California of course the other great general in that war is now or from Kansas. By the way at central by which is Thursday here Thursday morning and Obey the Pembroke. Academy there in in Kansas and right. Beautiful beautiful area Larry at the there in him going down a ward parkway aha right yeah trying to find my way around Kansas City is analyzes that are Stroud. The little right there on the and broke academy that'll statute bill Roy stand. It's just that it's like majestic it is it is something I'd say ha ha yeah it's little lord follow early glory that bill I did think about to show an average Kansas City guys that we didn't think about it. Colorado I didn't particularly goodies for your feeling sorry about that. We thought about it but I'm not Orion is on you had a great time in my home town there you go 751 now Stephen did Freddy's by the way expanding himself Wichita. Bill Roy editor of the which stop business and with us this morning good morning bill. And good morning Ali he latest Freddy's frozen custard and steak burgers under construction that will be the seventh Wichita location for the chain. The restaurant being built at 3450 south meridian near the south branch of the YMCA. CEO Randy Simon Says he expects the restaurant opened this summer excel construction during the building we're architects to design they've worked on all pretty stores. Since the chain was founded in 2012. King fit preventive health and performances moved to a new location. Miguel Johns has moved his start up to 2420 north would launch sub leasing space from key centrist. John says the move will help his firm grow and we'll help keys and critics the businesses will be able. Worked together on various projects team that provides diabetes education contents and videos from experts. The new CFO and occidental management comes from Kansas City he's having he's saying is he says having a grocery in the downtown area. Could be transformative just like it was in Kansas City says grocery store was a catalyst. For the development of Kansas city's power and light district says it helps solidify residential growth prospects. Local breaking business news every day on can assess and Wichita business journal dot com but the which is obvious mr. I do rural village weather's been something else says that accidents while you suffer from allergies at all. A little bit umps as I get older I developed a little bit more. Allergies yeah about that because I usually don't have any trouble but it. This win the past couple of days here is I've gotten a little nasal problem little coffin Allen on. I think in my hips. Allergy to be allergic to whatever blowing in the wind up there you know where that little warm spate running awhile ago right arrest that man everything came in bloom and it hit me occurred again the answer is my friend wanted to win. Voucher option but that it's got to going into a folk singer moves that is he's now. Got his guitar and I and a hammer and Peter voluntary yeah yeah. Elicited we saw the royals play in your hometown as well and they did not do well against the to. But darn it we had great weather though Wednesday afternoon up there watchable game and then I guess that the next couple of nights general went into it to pieces on Maya went south yeah. That you it's always fun to go the ballpark up their effect you know what my wife released I think he's bigger royals in the night. Rarely yeah I can you know I'm I'm you know George Brett to not play and I don't care you know aunts and but it shows how far back I act. Well now that you're gone back to the early losses and the pressure off to a time warp it. And I still open to zero also show up on those two road games and here's an understanding pot they project a hero on some Jose had a year ago at this point shows. It remember Jose of the do zed yeah I think that was named ZDGDP. Up. And I in adjusting players up there it. Anyway we had a great time and home to everybody appears as they say had a bill I went down in which I don't think that a blessed our listeners Devin sixty thanks guys 750. I've now's David Stevens did for the 8 o'clock hour plus the latest on new economic sanctions for Russia after the teen driver in northwest Wichita. Ted has plays sports and entertainment is on the board Duma. Ought to just go see teams. Taylor and the couple tickets go to Canas and out of the ballpark right ticket at 8 o'clock hour coming out all of the 8 o'clock hour you there was even death on tape and asked us.