Legal troubles worsen for Dennis Rodman

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, January 16th

The Worm gets a DUI, may be facing jail time.


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Listen online ads in SS radio talk. Is this station Wichita. First we're live team coverage of breaking news OK at SS we should toss number one in the news talk bad weather station depend on. Good morning 6 o'clock news the CNN news or use misty content on these packets on. Schools have canceled classes across south central Kansas because of extreme cold and wind chill. Which the Republican camp which schools will not have clashes today he received 259 spokeswoman Susan aren't content and an emailed a little high school athletic practices and competitions. We'll take places schedule and the all non attendance centers will remain open. The average busted university offices will be closed classes will not be held today instead the university anticipates starting to spring semester tomorrow. However the women's basketball game will be played as scheduled tonight in Charles Cook arena. Human university has also canceled classes for today the French university will delay classes due to the cold weather that's useful started at 7 o'clock this morning. Cold weather's causing concern for health care officials in the Wichita area. Amy granderson registered owners with via Christi Saint Francis burn unit tells KFC and use she went to make sure people are taking this kind of weather seriously. It's very important that if you're going to be outside for any link that time. That you especially extremity here and tell me your fingers on that we're keeping up covered with a warm dry eight covering. Anderson says the cold frigid temperatures we've had so far this year already proved to be harmful. One person was injured in an apartment fire in north Wichita it was reported in the Torre 300 block of north one month. Just after 8:30 Monday evening person was injured in cooking fire hospitalized. In serious condition. Three people were injured in a two alarm fire to business in south Wichita Monday afternoon at fleet maintenance in the 3700 block of west thirtieth street south. Two people were treated on the scene for minor injuries one person was hospitalized. In fair condition. Employee Jason Allen tells K as Kate Hudson news in order hissing noise and an explosion. Whatever went out the door immediately smelled it like going to take and inhale and could it so I put my face over my shirt. And went to the back garage doors and everybody was thrown in now way Enron and how the front. As the fire remains under investigation. Firefighters battled a massive hotel fire in Florence Monday. And America's best value in on McDonald drive about a mile to half north of the Kansas university campus. Firefighters had to back up fight the blaze from outside the building one firefighter fell through the Rupert was not injured. Additionally units were called in from walker is a public park and clinics of fire departments parts of the building. Collapsed. Two people in Southern California have arrested for allegedly torturing their children and she tackling them. The Riverside county sheriff's department has Sunday a seventeen year old girl call 911 from a cell phone she said she'd found at home. And told the cops that she and her twelve siblings were being held against their will by their parents. When deputies arrived at the house they found children and adults now nourished shackled to their beds with chains and padlock. In what they called foul smelling surroundings. Seven of the people ranged in age from eighteen to 29. Youngest was two years old. Children were taken one hospital and the adults to another. 57 year old David turbine and 49 year old released her and were arrested he revoked for torture and child endangerment with bail set at nine million dollars each. Gasket Rosenthal Fox News. Following a false report of a missile threat Saturday Hawaii governor David. Says every effort will be taken to prevent a repeat occurrence of a false alarm. Let me be clear false notifications. And waiting for what felt like an eternity. Will not happen again you have my promise on this. It's a worker reportedly sent the false alarm by accident causing concern and confusion throughout the state. What 38 minutes. Kagan as an excuse I'm now 6044. Minutes past 6 o'clock. 713 38 and answer and it's weird feet into the morning now. 61010 minutes spent 6 o'clock on a Tuesday morning. And this morning you're gonna wanna watch out on the side streets residential streets of you're still snowpack still. I seem to be very cautious and slow there. And probably get an idea is to be cautious everywhere that highways in the main streets here in which are looking a lot better today Flynn. Could have some re freeze out there. And definitely fits the slick spots on the roadways so let's just take it slow today. And at the clock is out there if they from Kate and SS radio and gadgets in the emergency accident reporting plan into effect this morning. It is birth is in effect. The appeals court definitely dangers that meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan. Good morning to wind chill advisory is posted across Wichita in south central Kansas would dangerously cold wind chill readings running ten to fifteen below zero as we start today. In sunny throughout the afternoon we just don't warmup much at all for the high in the teens and wind chill readings fifteen to twenty below. Clear tonight Carlo with a single digits sunny and 32 on Wednesday and Taylor SS meteorologist Dan. Holiday partly cloudy for these dreams for degrees they have opened at sixteen miles per hour. And gives us a wind chill of the remind us in the everybody in front of miners. Or minus sixty but it is it is cold out there push temperatures plunged Monday the wind made it feel even worse. Which does high temperature yesterday of 45 degrees early in the morning. Before dropping into the teens wind gusted to more than thirty miles per hour at times of course admitted just plain miserable. 611 announced the content on K and assess today is Tuesday January 16 when he eighteen it was a mistake in 1920 cultivation. Began in the United States as the eighteenth amendment to the US cast it takes to configure effect. One year to the day after its ratification. It was later repealed by the when he First Amendment. Again so tea it would make him adamant that we can always go back in Reno yeah Manassas aptly what happened. And never seen McCann burns' two part. Documentary on prohibition. Check it out it's really really interest in how did Roosevelt come into play on that as I know he's was president when the when the repeal took place study campaign only campaign don't eat every year I don't want this thing platforms were getting rid of this thing and made him in on their sleep pop. Right there and we got him elected. Holding your nose in closing your mouth why are you sneeze might seem harmless thing to do but doctors. Have advised against it following the case the man who ruptured at the back of his throat doing net. If you blow yourself what do you think I'm finally had to kind of do that to get rid of in only two Atlanta a couple of years ago we got back from that flight my years in my hand were plugged up and that's. Pretty much what I had to do it's yeah that. I had a doctors that they were when I was young acts. Blue air to air them on a minor to lose and a I'm lucky didn't break a year ago ear nose and throat specialist in England say trying to contain a forceful sneeze could lead to numerous complications. Writing in the journal BMJ case reports they describe the case of a 34 year old man described as previously fit and well. Who spent two weeks in the hospital and was let barely able to speak or ball at a suffering spontaneous. Perforation of the Eric's a mounted at the larynx to larynx. So they you'll be careful when you when you sneeze. As a lot of sneezing all around I think you'll wind chill is sixteen below and try to make the right minus sixteen C to. The link is not there have been yeah 1630. Days but we know it's cold. Now it's colder little get a better out there. Dennis Rodman's do you lie. Problems have gone from bad to worse because he was on probation during his arrest Saturday. That likely means he'll be thrown in the old slammer. The probation stems from a plea deal Rodman struck over at July 2016 wrong way crash where he was going the wrong way. On an Orange County California freeway struck a car and allegedly fled the saint. Witnesses also saw him drinking at a karaoke bar before the crash but he was not charged with the U I've of that incident ever Robin was placed on three years probation with a condition he stay out of trouble. Good deal for Rodman considering he was facing a two years in prison. But now he may just have to go back conserve time. Well it was his one phone call you can call his buddy if you let North Korea in no go on how to get in other thing is you eat you're involved in the crash. And you looked like he looks you don't think they might find you. Hope as well gonna rub against government until attaches him the only body piercing blogger ready to think it does and it's that's not unusual now I knew it was Tony. Five years ago Libya and that's not a very good description of good police identifier you're attached. That anymore. Everybody's yeah. I think. I think the mayor's considering it Stephens intent to have some sort one not. In fantastic this as a re election ploy. He's under the weather by the way I don't really big and it's a City Council meeting today at vice mayor against the new will have take oh. Yet we both have won yesterday he'd get his flu shot no apparently not early oh FL view on now takes. Now last night but it money Branson looks basketball game. And all of a sudden here they go the parents Olson there well no school tomorrow mean alternate I social media. And they were comparing notes and what not me you know by social immediately lock in and a and there you go so they were finding out last night they wouldn't you know it meant. It was a very unpleasant last. And you can't beat you you get a day off yesterday. So you play the fun activities outdoors rights. Went to standard time I say get out at all. I did last night I did it I went to the cape in Salina south. Boys basketball game last bet if you get your nephews play it out and nephews clients of one another and on top their act. And had a he had another night's game and I had a had fifteen points. Katrina. Picked up another win for the crusaders. Is it doing well this year. Course we've been talking a little bit with the experts about the dangers of cold weather don't you know don't be stupid if you're going outside for any length of time the gloves at. And more rapids about twice. On the way to work I thought I walking down the street he was bundled up but. What are you could what is. Out this time a day. This Walken someplace he can you don't have to be up and don't get out and again most schools new area. It was shorter list could be who's having classes and don't think anybody would. You know everybody's out of class that we had a one day and dad coming last night quick and careful. And it's always eat anything in Iowa poll. It's a different day at different criteria. And what does that the public school to Susan linesmen last and we. We head of the pro which incidents of committee of people with UST 259 or four by people who. Actually compare notes early in the day to figure out what they're gonna do they compare notes yesterday. But he knew this was company came back with but I got classes. And the Catholic schools wrote today so only hearing kids Earl. L I hope they don't burn things down. Unsupervised actually in its lack of about 618 now Stephen dead on UK and SS. I brought it up sports with Tim Woodward and does. The jayhawks played basketball last night against the number two or number five ranked team rattled over yesterday. Because West Virginia got the rankings and and they played right that. Yeah off big matchup so evident that it regardless you cannot go on between Kansas and West Virginia and number ten Kansas number six west. Virginia last night on the road in Morgantown as we did not go well for most of the game for the jayhawks they were down by twelve points with under nine minutes ago. The case you found a way last night boy did that closing out the game on a 28. And the jayhawks win at West Virginia against the top ten team massive wind for the jayhawks last night you heard the game on K if they. I'm del potro overall West Virginia they're fourteenth. England the brick could grab for the time. Those clubs. That would tip in the box of both look good then as if they've tied it up but UP I don't know. Yet it was the senior guards were doing it you've heard Graham right there it's vehement Kai looked. Two of them combined for twenty I'm sorry they combined for 33 points. One of those in the final eight minutes of in their teens stayed gently used largest comeback win on the road in 21. Years. Kansas comes back to when it's 7166. Here and and here's the stat though blowing reminded me that that is kansas' seven straight road win over top ten team. We ran a body again at that's amazing. Seventh straight win over top ten team on the road. Wow. Jayhawks are now fifteen and three on the here and after the game kids. Head coach Bill Self it's one cup as well as we've ever had since we've been here I mean it's that was we didn't play well early. We were on our heels. You know little things matter about the font face three at halftime because that's what twelve. The or whatever was social me. And then you know that it seniors bad it's fifteen. And then second half I thought we played pretty well offensively and defense I thought I thought we got some great looks in the second half. And Kate you knock him down big win for the jayhawks 7166. They come back and beat. Six ranked West Virginia last night on the road. Kansas State will be in action tonight K state taking on fourth ranked Oklahoma this will be in Manhattan top five team against the wildcats wildcats to two and three in the big twelve. Oklahoma is four and one in the conference. Oklahoma fourteen into overall interstate twelve and five so the sooners and the wildcats tonight in Manhattan. And that little tip off at 8 o'clock tonight and it'll be nationally televised on ESPN UK state and Oklahoma tonight. And the Wichita State women are home tonight at Charles Coke arena. As of the soccer women are hosting SMU tonight soccer league is going for their third straight win. And the soccer man tonight after all hostess and views of soccer women and SMU tonight suckered me in an SMU tomorrow night. At Coke Arenas that the soccer women's basketball coming your way at home in the middle weight supports the Stephen Ted KNS. S cars for charity run custom car show starts Friday the nineteenth through Sunday at century two convention center. And now we've got a couple of us tickets. You go to the show 24 dollar value very nice and that would. Still didn't get away now okay we're gonna have a pair every morning Newsweek and excitement that's in the early bird today from the Wichita is great annual events each 6913. Thirty if you and a friend would like building cars for. Charity rod and custom card shield. Beginning Friday. At century to. Six why anyone else even had given her for Fox News commentator on dimes. Plus traffic and weather coming up into the morning on an innocence.