The Legislature is having trouble hammering out an immigration bill

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Tuesday, June 26th
Guest: Fox News correspondent Rachel Sutherland live in D.C.

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Is this station in Wichita turn. First we're live team coverage of breaking news KN SS Wichita is number one news talk and weather station. Depend on. This is the case and is a sporting news Steve says the I seen Macintosh. Please ask for public's help after gang related shooting in northeast Wichita. We've got the story I'm writing prize the Kansas Supreme Court says the state spending on public schools is still inadequate. Three teens charged with shooting new keeper of the planes trying to look blurred those details just ahead. I'm KMS just meteorologist Dan Holliday and other typical summertime day in south central Kansas for this afternoon. But for the rest of the week the heat is on our forecast is coming up. House Republicans are regrouping for another attempt at passing immigration legislation after twice being delayed past week house Republican leaders are planning to vote. This week and a wide ranging immigration bill that would include a path to citizenship for young immigrants brought to the US illegally as children. And provide 25 billion dollars for southern border wall. Who would also allow parents caught crossing the border illegally with their children to be detained as a family. President trump has offered mixed signals on the approach last week meeting with Republicans to give a support then later tweeting it's a waste of time until more Republicans are elected to the Senate's. On Capitol Hill Jared Halpern Fox News. Can't the Supreme Court has ruled for the third time in two years. State spending on public schools is inadequate this despite an increase approved earlier this year. The High Court rejected arguments from a state that a new law phasing in a 548. Million dollar increase in funding over five years is enough to provide a suitable education for every child as specified in the state constitution. But in a nod to the legislature's effort to court delayed its mandate until June 30 2019. Or until further order of the court. Its decision allows Kansas schools to remain open for the upcoming school year. The court said that by making financial adjustments the state can't satisfy the remaining issues largely to account for inflation and at school finance plan. The court last year found that parts of the school finance law were unfair to poor districts the court said in its ruling Monday that the new law resolve those problems. Ronnie Price Kay an SS news. Police are following up on the shooting of four people during a gang related disturbance in northeast Wichita. Some of the victims were inside their home Saturday afternoon. In the 14100 block of north Harding were multiple homes were hit by gunfire. Coming from two street gangs. Officer Charlie Davidson wrote a statement from Wichita police chief Gordon Ramsay. But don't repeat will be increasing patrols in the area. Allocating resources. And working with the stakeholders to identify those responsible. And involved. To ensure they are held accountable. A continuation of this violence will not be tolerated. When he people who have information. About this incident. To work what are investigators. He went on to say is so far police detectives have received minimal cooperation from witnesses slowing the investigation. Before people who were shot included a 66 year old woman. A 48 year old woman an eighteen year old woman and an eighteen year old male liberal given medical treatment and released and from a local hospital three teenage suspects have been charged torrid June 9 shooting near the keeper of the. Line in the incident occurred and a nineteen year old female as exit in a spots party bus. Police are initially called to a drive by shooting near the central and m.'s area when a party bus was dropping off passengers and a sixteen year old suspect fired several gunshots at the bus striking the victim. As a result of the investigation as sixteen year old male was arrested and charged with criminal discharge of a fire arm into an occupied vehicle and juvenile and possession of the firearm. The seventeen year old male was charged with carrying a concealed firearm and an eighteen year old male was charged as a felon in possession of a fire arm. Another vehicle struck but no one was injured the woman was treated and released from the hospital police say this was not a random incident Steve Boyer KM SS news. Democrats appear to you on the defensive over comments made by California congresswoman Maxine Waters waters all the encouraged members of the trump resistance to harass members of the administration in public during a speech over the weekend she now claims that's not what she meant. I believe. In peace well. Very peaceful protests. I have not calm but the harm anybody. But Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer says she doesn't like the tone of waters original comments I strongly disagree with those who advocated harassing folks if they don't agree with both White House spokeswoman Sara Sanders and Homeland Security secretary cures to Nielsen recently forced to leave restaurants Tom or Gotti Fox News. Unisys news time now 8044 minutes after 8 o'clock. Make up game in Kansas City yesterday royals angels blog highlights coming up in sports fighter fighters shot and killed it arson blaze in California. That story coming up on McCain NS has morning users even dead. And it's just where you can Stevenson now they released the minutes after 8 o'clock. The City Council is not agreed on a new aquatic plants after citizens expressed concerns. About the lack of a swimming pool in northeast Wichita mayor Jeff Long Will tells K and assist news the council postponed action after it became obvious that the plan is still not solid. We're still trying to figure out directly ought. You know our rules should look like. Over the next several decorate and so we don't have that all work out that. Or all of when that. Hey maybe prematurely. Analysts. Couple weeks ago and it out just did not have. Or or or ready even make recommendations. Longwell commented during Monday's with the mayor of the Stephen Ted show here on K in and stance. A man has been arrested for murder and arson in California after a firefighter responding to an alarm and explosion at an apartment building was shot and killed. Firefighters in Long Beach responded to reports of a fire and explosion at a high rise apartment complex early Monday morning it appeared the windows had been blown out of one unit. A few minutes later they heard shots fired. Three people were hit an elderly resident and two firefighters one of those firefighters captain David rose at a seventeen year veteran of the department was killed. The suspect has been identified as 77 year old Thomas Kim who is also a resident. Of this building. Long Beach police chief Robert Luna says they recovered a revolver he also called out the LA county sheriff's bomb squad which had surrendered to suspicious devices safe. Jessica Rosenthal Fox News. Madison Wisconsin man was arrested after running away from police. But wait until you hear why he rant went 44 year old Antonio do you rose parole officer told him to stay away from the police were pretty sure he meant don't get into any trouble that would cause the cops to stop him. Roll apparently took that advice a bit too literally at least that's the excuse she gave them but police say they're pretty sure the real reason he ran away from the car he was standing next to when officers approached him was because it was stolen and they chased and arrested him. Gary Baumgarten Fox News caters excuse I'm now. AT and 10 minutes past 8 o'clock. He just should stay away a little faster yeah that was problems stolen car that. This morning watch out for work traffic slowdowns we get traffic slowdowns Iowa 35 up around the north jumps and some heavy traffic the air heavy traffic and road construction eastbound Kellogg veteran IE to 35 traffic update. From cape and it's as radial lines has chambers the single to forecast now we've pianist his staff meteorologist. And holiday good morning Dan. Good morning we have an area of low pressure well up toward northeast and that's wrapping some cloud cover around it. We could see a shower or storm popped up through about mid morning otherwise breezy today with a high in 92. Tonight there may be an isolated thunderstorm along a frontal boundary. Most of those will be to our east though Carlos 73. Putt for tomorrow with the heat advisory in effect for high 101. I'm KM SS meteorologist in Holland. Hey now partly cloudy 75 degrees and the wind has now begun to pick up a little bit from the southwest. Gusting to 24 miles per hour. Eleven now eleven minutes fences like Washington. And in traffic is going to hit anything going on out there. I thought I almost forgot about drugs are now you yeah traffic. Yeah OK the reminder not after everything over the Toronto okay yeah. I keep me on track here I'm so excited about the fourth of July's illegally collect. 811 now and I want to talk with the Fox News radio Rachel Sutherland now about the immigration debate. And the latest tonight note to racial that it congress folks in the house or try to cobble sub together tributes some sort of legislative entered this but the what's happening right now. They are either there working on. On it to it is not really looking good out there is that actually parity at one point failed this is version two point now. Immigration bill which it provided. By a billion dollars for reporter wall. And eat there I'd programs that it was super docket. But it appears based Hmong minority in the house Republicans that. Don't want to vote for immigration thinking get really smacks of amnesty though. Republicans Italy and it was about sleep and that indeed may happen without any democratic support. Mean they're not really in need to negotiate right now and though even afford to speak out how. And that it it bases when he didn't Patrick climbed in the take cure Republicans as it is on margin and knock it down. Though it really looks like you know in the present to leading Hayden might await election in mid term elections begin meeting on an immigration maybe in a unit at the point there. Because Republicans really aren't able to come together on the net going on for years that the district being defeated the Republican problem on makers. Talent circling the issues for years immigration and not payable amount of pollution. And not it doesn't mean it may sound cynical but did that from experience we know that. When you're at mid terms your facing mid term election a lot of times not much gets done and in congress. Right because a lot of Atlantic cancer nothing major going down. Right before their election. And it it's these issues are campaign issues. And both sides in making hated it. Immigration and other issues as well and in the had been scary persona president trot. Really an issue of the campaign trail means stop the president last night. Is enough. In west Columbia, South Carolina you know campaigning for the incoming governor there he had a hard time. And it basically the president waved and every element here congressman Mark Sanford really you know south Carolinians were Camelot thing Appalachian trail and everything else but. He didn't support president trot it out. Though. Really the president have a lot of military deterrent. Had a disease being given an impact there and so can campaigning out their for the candidates he'd he'd bring some weight to the table when he goes and campaigns. Our weight actually showing epic theater that we can probably answer absolutely. Not a right. Hey thank you appreciate your time this morning. That's Fox News radio's rectal Sutherland talked about the immigration. Debate in the latest it's going on there it's up. 814 now with Steve and Ted hey the rain and a milder temperatures yesterday across Kansas and a which does highways 87 degrees normal high is ninety in rainfall recorded at Wichita one and 72 hundreds of an inch now. That was a record a record for the date. And into 7200 set the eclipse the former record which is set back in 1939. Now earlier this morning Imus Lincoln but why would we. You know including kind of rain in the forecast the hate. We talked of course this isn't storm tracker threes the year old Katie western while ago and they she said yes at the gonna crop up and sure enough it is start and it's up between them. That area between great banded Dodge City in fact I think pony counters get a severe thunderstorm warning you're talking about. A 12530. Miles west of Wichita. But all moving in our direction in itself something could be coming into our area here in the next couple of hours I'm. It's right over my. My mom's hometown and my grandmother's home in Bern debt rose outlet place. And get to my high wind possibly some mile there that severe thunderstorms moving. In this direction. Did you covered a story yesterday at City Hall about the yeah. The shooting incidents with gangs you at fourteenth and Harding in the fully exit he's the chief is made a statement again it. The to have some brief sort of puts of people in the area keep around things. Traditionally not. How can I put this or not that most peaceful neighborhood in town. And that's close to where that quick trip used to be that's no longer there we had several shootings. In the Wal-Mart used to be there are little runner on and you know some of that has to do I'm sure those companies leave and has to do with it to violent neighborhood. And there's no other way to put it and you talk about these people who are in their houses and promoted. And they're not gang doesn't sound like they're gang bangers and urged the sixty years old. So it's coming pregnant again and our attention and nobody got to street gangs going at each other and bullets are flying balls of planet we're not good got to get to nodded situation here's the deal. There was an appeal by the police say we want somebody come forth and not in any cooperation GAAP pleaser guy trying to figure out who loses and and and you know people aren't taught them all I think the way to go through that did in the way to do it is to go through crime stoppers at the known anything because. You know if you turn to witness and you know managed to go to the court to testify against people. These are not. These are these are ugly people. These gang bangers they'll doorway or street they don't care. If you're gonna go testify is actually admit you gotta think about it a little bit it takes encouraged to come forth. Anderson polite yet I know something here's what I wanna tell you know or Honda Civic minded person I'm gonna do this well. And about your own personal danger there so I did the police base when they do an investigation like this trying to find some good witnesses. I've been to trials covered trials years ago and that covered trailer remember the trial of the or to a police officers who were shot. And no one killed up in in and in Wichita and a what's the trial they trotted out. I would I watched a stream of witnesses all of them were just terrible I didn't know what they didn't know anything that they got on the witness stand they dumbing up I mean it was terrible. So all of these things can be tough and it's it's a tough case and a police detectives are working on it they know what to do on. The needle helpful via crime stoppers to six haven't won in eleven if you know something again as always. You can remain anonymous political or who you are right and maybe that's the way to do they I noticed him mention the phone number again the police in their briefing so. They go yeah trying to use lies all the resources they can the start finding some of the suspects in this shooting my goodness gracious you live in the fourteenth and Harding neighborhood or is it Harding. Yeah charting album and you're just a person live and you wanna feel safe and year old girl for goodness sake. And that's and it's really get the attention of the police department eighteen now Stephen Ted hey let's lighten up a little bit take a look at sports we have the royals got. Some good pitching and then they got. Good really pitching yesterday how about that and on about that yeah youngster 22 year old Brad Keller getting his fifth career start in team was and how. Pass stick for the royals yesterday. A makeup game between the royals and angels just one game between these two as we go back two months ago when these two teams were. The team play because it was so cold it was below freezing at Kansas City. There's only two months ago now are talking about temperatures in the hundreds next day or two. So let things change but the day of the make up of the freeze out it was yesterday in Kansas City in boy Brad Keller was fanned ten. Half stick on the mound for the royals yesterday you heard the game on K. At age they're at right now clapping his hands as I take a look at that royals' dugout. Knitted encouraging the young righthander. And they did as you know the offseason. Lips on his ranch in Georgia saw him. Sure he's pretty proud of the way this young man is good pitching for flowery branch Georgia. Pitch ground ball left side fielded by Bobby seats across the diamond in time how about that. Brad Keller the 22 year old right hander from flowery branch Georgia seven shutout innings the royals leading one nothing. Referring to admit their royals manager Ned Yost yeah like this he is pitching staff in the worked on yesterday. In fact for royals pitchers would combine for the three hitter and the two nothing wins the royals think that one game only affair with the angels. Kansas City now resumes the road trip after that one home game Kansas City visiting the top team in the National League. The Milwaukee Brewers for a couple of games coming up the next two days. Live coverage of the royals and the brewers at 630 tonight from Milwaukee game we'll start laughter seven that's on Sports Radio KFH. 12:40 AM 975. FM. Baseball action but the Wichita wing nuts they went again they win in Winnipeg. Beat the gold eyes in Canada six to one wing of the 19 and the last ten. Stills Reno halfback in the south division wing nets are in Manitoba again tonight for game two with three game set with the Winnipeg 6 o'clock tonight. Get a Minor League Baseball update on former Wichita State soccer Casey Gillespie eastern Tripoli with the White Sox playing for the Charlotte knights. Let's BS last night they doubled his twelfth of the season and walked up to 94 on base percentage former shocker Casey Gillespie AAA. With the White Sox. Happy birthday today to former Wichita State football player jumpy gathers change jumpy Geathers 58 today. Great football player for the shock he ended up being the last shocker football player play in the National Football League. He's 58 today got himself a Super Bowl rings to about the Washington Redskins. Jumpy Geathers happy birthday he's 58 today and speaking of football Kansas City Chiefs have a doctor. Not on the sidelines he's on the roster. We brought you the story last month at Kansas City Chiefs offensive line Lauren do an eight part of graduating with his medical degree from Montreal's McGill University well doctor do Ernie target. Actually requested a name change to his uniform asking the NFL to allow him to put do donate part of MD on his nameplate on the back of his Jersey this upcoming season. But according to Montreal station TV sports the NFL turned him down the station based out of do -- targets native code that says the decision may not be airtight as the chiefs' offensive lineman who signed a five year extension with Kansas City just last year is hoping the buzz from his medical school graduation will lead the NFL to reconsider Matta called Tom how fox names. Of course being the chiefs were just about a month away from. Our training camp reports Whitman told that's coming up starting in late July so. We're not too far out during training camp we did did daily updates down ms. checks in with a daily all throughout the month of August. And we want people say the really like that so it's always good stuff yeah yep of course Britain where the home of the cheese yes your home he's football right here in 97 and thirteen thirty KMS. Fort Stevens says 822 now given your for the Hannity morning minutes restaurant troubled port trump people that story coming up. He did the morning on tape and as answer.