Little Bibles in Heringon, Kansas

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, February 14th

Guest: Fox News Commentator Todd Starnes


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9870. Feet thirty. Feet content in the morning. It's 42 degrees Allen Valentine's Day gusty wind contributed to a grass fire in southeast Wichita. That plays reported around 430 Tuesday afternoon in an abandoned building on the joy let amusement park property. Fire crews were unable to fight the fire from inside the structure due to the possibility of collapsed. The cause of the blaze in remains under conduct investigation. They're Jerry Falwell back in his familiar scene in the Wichita City Council chambers Tuesday after his trip to Washington DC Monday. The City Council unanimously approved industrial revenue bonds for Textron aviation. Not to exceed 434 point eight million dollars. Since 1991 of the city's approved bonds totaling over one point three billion to Textron and its predecessor Cessna. In other business that council to further requests for a temporary street closure during next month's NCAA men's basketball tournament at Entrust bank arena. The council heard comments and concerns from citizens and businesses. About the courtside on commerce the Alley too excited that a bit. How when Brandon Johnson from district want asked for a deferral on the motion to allow all affected parties more time to review the plan. The council voted unanimously to defer the motion to next week Ronnie Price Canadian assets. News the Kansas state board of education has approved an audit of how state funds are distributed to public schools following questions about the allocation of transportation funds. The Topeka capital journal reports the board accepted the recommendation Tuesday from education commissioner Randy Watson. Use expected to begin within two months and we'll examine whether funds are distributed in keeping with the state school funding law. A legislative audit set in December a calculation used for decades to distribute transportation funds to in school districts wasn't authorized by state law. It's of the state spent an additional 45 billion dollars over the past five years due to the calculation. The board agreed to the broader audit after rejected a push by some legislators to suspend deputy education commissioner dale Dennis Dan O'Neill and SS news. And other federal judge rules against president Trump's decision to ended -- a US district judge in New York's ruled attorney general Jeff Sessions was wrong when he concluded daka is unconstitutional. That judge granting up preliminary injunction requested by state attorneys general. Last month the US district judge in San Francisco ruled doc has got to stay in place while it's being litigated. President trump announced last fall he was ending dark of the deferred action forward childhood arrivals program. Buddy gave congress a march 5 deadline to come up with a replacement. Doc has been protecting from deportation about one point eight million immigrants brought into the US is children till NATO Fox News. An attorney for a chemistry instructor who's fighting deportation to Bangladesh. Says or offices considering all possible options to get him released from a Hawaii detention center at home to his family and Kansas. Ray can Sharma Crawford says immigration officials could voluntarily returned cited Ahmed Jamal to the mainland US but if they don't her firm. We'll ask a federal judge to order his return. Jamal got a flight to Bangladesh and Hawaii Monday got off that flight after getting its day. President comes personal lawyer has revealed a payment was made to a porn star who claimed she had an affair with a. President Fox News has confirmed president comes personal lawyer Michael Cohen paid adult film star stormy Daniels 130000. Dollars to when he sixteen. But this is the fund did not come from the Trump Organization or presidential campaign. Cohen tells Fox News he used his own funds to make a payment to the adult film actress and that it was lawful and our campaign expenditure. Cohen also tells Fox News quote. Just because something isn't true doesn't mean that they can cause you harm or damage I will always protect mr. trump in Washington Sharma Angel fox. She did not trust security staff with its or its contents believe to be wads of cash. Traditionally given away as gifts for Chinese New Year she got her way to X rays ashore on all four is riding through the scanner bag in hand. The stun staff was speechless did not stopper on the other side as she ran to her train. Kevin battle Fox News. And 35 down Steven Ted in the morning here on 97 and thirteen thirty K in assets on this Valentine's Day. 2018. Andy Beckley has a dubious distinction she's the first known human case of the parasitic infection spread by flies. It caused worms to come out tougher guys attack. Fourteen tiny worms removed from the left eye and she was diagnosed with the lazier blue Los blows up. A type of I worm scene in cattle in northern states and in southern Canada. But has never been to been seen in humans before the worms deterrent translucent and less than half an inch long. Are spread by a type of fly known as face flies which feed on the tears of lubricate the arrival. He had been horseback riding in a cattle farming area of Oregon. And now she has been suffering from I worms no. It took it on that. Creepy right. 736 now Stephen Tim Leslie and I happened so long it still sounds huge once in your eyes. Looked. I ports. Fox News commentator Todd stars of this this morning entries have it redirect and it's important that. I really creeped out. Now. Oh my god. Should I worms. Hey listen Valentine's Day anything special going on for you on Valentine's Day just to. Yes southern without worms and yet much has the big or this Valentine's Day and you know I. Not this Valentine's Day and you know I'm kind of glad because quite frankly Valentine's Day based on the other news headlines over the past year it could be up to be like walking through a minefield as well though. So I'm I'm not sure it was funny I was India the market the other day and that they can't be Iowa's packed. Activity at the Valentine's staking Indies right and done I'd. I had to be honest I'm I'm partial to those little chocolates with Thea bit that cheerio inside a little sneaky. So I was up. Try I was taking my card we beat my card through via the track and I hear these two ladies and don't want that said the the other. Is that bad that I'm buying this for myself. The did though not really at all Graham I just kept right. You're probably only person I know other than my late father who who likes cherry chocolates. And he would get those things that I think he got them because he knew that my Brothers and I wouldn't touch with a ten foot poles. And a halt it was O. It listen you get to go to the commentary today about does some folks and Harrington Kansas not too far down the road from Wichita. Gotten a little Bible problem up there the grade school. Is that right use the ought to. You'd see I do my commentaries and debate it tonight oh yeah a lawyer. This is the one that. Somebody got to objected because at the grade school and Harrington neighbor that they gave out bibles to the kids herself only. Yes yes yes they did the job of that big. The Gideon's. I remember it when I was skeptical about use people I was to get to didian used to literally covered our clients were. And they would give all of us a little tiny pocket by people. And they've been doing this for for generations society Gideon's of course a volunteer group of businessman. Grew up to spread the word of god literally. And the other to order a lot to do at the American humanist association. Filed a complaint at bread too soon if the at this school did not stop the Bible giveaway. There's a time and Gideon Bible was a mainstay in any hotel room and America. That they'll list is still that way to connect. Yeah I think yeah. I'm with Ted yeah I travel a lot and I always site DB I have my own personal. Bible that I travel with them up from my quiet time but yet there is so there's a good book they're India and the desk job. You know it does sort of temperament it spoke with an area properties they also throw the book orbit so. You know being that area so but on orbit so at least they were on non traditional. I don't like coming to Wichita yes what does that. The Republicans are in town Wichita and so you wouldn't come into the beast he's given to her. Well I'm applying it after we're after the talk show Friday sort of Friday night in albeit airport through the weekend. About Monday going to be your Monday. Will appear Monday haul will. That disappointed because you guys actually have a bite or studio then we have approximately I don't doubt that a bit. And I sold I've told the bosses here I'm like you need to go to Wichita onto a patriot and we need to do. Well we are the very profitable and productive company years that's like. Ha okay so what are you gonna have a couple of Terri Schiavo since the sweet tea today and that's going to be your day up. Yeah that's pretty much dead we're playing replaying Valentine's Day trivia Warren. Albeit the radio program but that's about it by the way there's an interest story we're working although there's ideas there's school district that has decided. They're not going to allow kids to pass out candy or cards. They don't want people to be appended to. That's getting to know that's it's hurtful to people don't receive candy you know I was history as we used to have to give it to everybody and applying deals and so what are and we near Wichita what do you do quickly and tell us about that she gonna have a. I pierce became president the Republican candidate in town and I'm going to be speaking at they're on their their Saturday launch and I'm bill I'd be keynote speaker docks. I think we're doing a book signing while we're you know while there and done via do a lot of Republican related. You need to read my don't remind those people that listen to Stephen Ted every morning okay. Actually I played actually I've already prepared remarks and there's of their a couple of great line about K in a sense of the independent. The remark will excellence will trust you that the I would imagine jet. Do you. And nobody ever mentions yet okay. Davis it thanks a lot. Yeah thanks guys helped CN downed SA travel safe travels 742. Now. Stephen dead coming up we've got editor bill Roy the which the business journal local company files for bankruptcy. That's all the way Stephen dead on tape and assess.