A little more winter weather may be on the way this afternoon

Steve & Ted
Thursday, February 22nd

A look at the KSN Storm Tracker 3 forecast with Kansas Today Meteorologist Laura Bannon ...


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Radio talk. Is this station which should talk turns to. Hours for live team coverage of breaking news CNN SS Wichita is number one news talk can't weather station. Depend on. 7 o'clock. This is the case and is reportedly receiving tonight he's back into on. Icy roads going cancellations across south central Kansas we've got the story. Step mom arrested in the Lucas Hernandez case I'm it would word those details just ahead. I'm Phil Noble brand new details surrounding the alleged assault of two children at the downtown YMCA have been released. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. Roads are slick again this morning but freezing drizzle so far has been light we'll talk about what we can expect later on this afternoon and our forecast which is coming up. Many streets and roadways across south central Kansas are ice covered or. Ice spotted this morning that means hazardous driving conditions and if you're venturing out. You'll need to take it slow and easy the emergency accident reporting plan is in effect for the city of Wichita. This means closings and cancellations for many schools and organizations across the area. Including Wichita as public and Catholic schools as well as Wichita State University Newman and friends. Wichita police have made an arrest in the case of Lucas Hernandez the five year old boy has been missing since Saturday. Deputy police chief Gavin Siler says the boys 26 year old stepmother Emily glass was booked into Sedgwick county jail yesterday app. And this case is now considered criminal investigation. Investigators have arrested a 26 year old female. On two counts of child endangerment. Charges are related to new information gathered during this investigation. The search for leak of Lucas is ongoing and we are still asking the public for assistants. Anyone with information is asked to call the tip line at 3163834661. Wichita police have released new details associated with the alleged assault of two children. At the downtown YMCA. The listing of evidence that led police to arrest 21 year old Caleb gassed and a probable cause affidavit. Was released on Wednesday in the affidavit a mother says she noticed problems with her four year old daughter after she was that the white kids own. The girl was checked by nurses and doctors and the mother notified police. And review of security video from the kids zone was also done by police. According to the affidavit the video shows gassed and striking the four year old girl twice in the face and then at some point taking her to the bathroom where the alleged assault happened. Kasten is due back in court on February 27 he remains in jail on one million dollars bond. The little the brand can get SS news. One week after the nation's latest school shooting hundreds of students and staff gathered at the State Capitol in Florida demanding change. And a future in which mass shootings are a thing of the past. Across the country students read similar demands protesting and walking out their classes it seems like they have the country and Washington year. The president hosted a listening session at the White House the topic improving school safety. And edges of the people. And when you began the strongest. He had good where we can get them done. I think he's tall and has been. That's president trump has signaled he is open to tighter gun laws a White House source says he's considering supporting raising the minimum age for owning and dine. This week he directed the Justice Department in the end rapid fire devices like bumps stocks. In Washington. I'm Alison barber Fox News. More legal trouble for former trump campaign chair Paul Mann of port prosecutors have filed at least one new charge against president trumps former campaign chairman Paul man afford any as they'd rape gates. That filing is under seal so what's included isn't being made public. But the move comes after prosecutors say they uncovered additional criminal conduct related to a mortgage job what a man affords properties. Prosecutors say metaphor committed fraud by giving the bank doctored statements that overstate the income of his consulting business by millions of dollars. Man affords previously denied any wrongdoing regarding his mortgages in Washington until NATO Fox News. Crews used boats to help residents evacuate their homes in northern Indiana after rain storms sweeping across the midwest Wednesday. Combined with melting snow to flood rivers roads and other low lying areas and several states. The weather has already been blamed for hundreds of car crashes and several fatalities including a crash that killed four people along a slippery interstate in Nebraska. And assess your time now 7055. Minutes past 7 o'clock. Coming up in sports will fill you in on basketball action last night for the shocker in this case State's mammoth. Let's details coming up in the sports. And alert school security officer may have stopped a mass shootings in Los Angeles. That story coming up on the case and assist sporting news was Steven says this. McCain as his sporting news even to now 709 minutes 9 minutes past 7 o'clock. And alert school security officer may have stopped a mass shooting in Los Angeles. The only county sheriff announced a seventeen year old has been arrested for making criminal threats. Marino Chavez as a security guard at alchemy a high school and two days after the Parkland Florida shooting he heard this teens say. That within three weeks there would be. He's too cool shooting. On campus the sheriff's department was called in detectives searched his home for weapons were found. And ninety high capacity magazine his brother who said they were all his was arrested on a variety of counts. Since February the fourteenth shooting in Florida our department has dealt went nineteen threats of violence targeting schools school administrators was students. Sheriff Tim McDonnell urging people who see threats from social media to report them. Jack's got Rosenthal Fox News. Fidelity bank and its owners have donated one million dollars towards a new business school at Wichita State University. The university announcing a donation yesterday from the banks foundation and the bank's owners the bastion family. The donation brings total private donations for the building to eleven and a half million dollars the university says about half the buildings estimated fifty million dollar cost. Is expected to be raised privately the remaining amount coming from university funds Oklahoma educators frustrated with low pay and another round of proposed cuts to public schools. Are mulling the idea of an organized to walk out to show that disappointment. Momentum was spurred this week when hundreds of residents packed a school board meeting in Bartlesville. Organizers hope to read replicate the success of a four day teacher strike in 1990. That led to tax increases to fund a broad range of education initiatives in Oklahoma. K in SS news I'm. 071010. Minutes then 7 o'clock. Traffic update here on this Thursday morning commute so traffic is running fairly smoothly in the Wichita area right now we do have slow moving traffic obviously was some. Slushy main roadway is very slick side roads the people so far stealing pretty much accident free. We do have an injury traffic accident right now emergency crews are in the southbound lanes of the Kansas turnpike just south of Hays bill. We've also had a car slide offs. Eastbound 1996. Between west and Hoover. That's that's all we have to report right now couple incidents right now so. Stay slowing get to your destination safely traffic updates from paying into SS radio this is Ted Woodward and now the key is in store secretary forecasts. We can't just today meteorologist. Laura abandon you morning Lawrence is there it's definitely a slippery morning air account and I didn't fit week I mean like last week they're like great great. During your again now. Hey Ed in and out the door on current condition media have overcast skies 28 degree. A three lol in that re read all the did he they wanted that you're this morning that you get right to go out there and it wrote it. It beat out in that looked like it wet as it is right. Your beat it just 888 there's no rush it just hours and at the. It early part of the afternoon adapt and expecting another wave of wintry weather or really not. Completely done with that I threatened to get yet. In the afternoon the evening hours to watch in the light wintry mix included the reading dated neck that easily allow for additional ice accumulation on that. Nothing major that we know even the smallest bit of IE that easily. A lot but the problem pain in the gravelly though and expected this to clear out at the head by speaks 7 o'clock in the evening hours. By 10 o'clock. Eight by eight and right temperatures drop back down below freezing at night. Additional what wrote can be expected with Reese green keepers we spreading morning or are they call a high. Thirty I'd get an opportunity port on the east and I'll stay but add that extra layer on this afternoon. Get it could be slippery for the right I'll a high speed day all are canceled work they had an area but without good call they make you think that school will be. You do I guilty. I've only gotten up and an opportunity here sport that broke out they average. Don't act. A long opportunity right there to clean up that. All those students listening to Steve entered. And I. All her aunt. Yeah easily got bored after about one snowed in wanna get back and see my friends and give back and further my education in my knowledge always an app that attic and we had an unquestionable thirst for more knowledge. And school was where you find it in and they act exactly. Opposite that Internet thing. As you know you can't and yet but at least have something called the Internet to admit in my grandmother's Edwards air. That we had debts of our basketball goals suit you know I'm talking nets right now nets. A finite sort of left in the dust there. Yeah like twelve I itself to that today's high 36 tomorrow's high maybe 46. And oh yeah. That we get enough sunshine to attempt actually one night laid out outweigh all the ice. We you haven't noticed it on that web more about the. None other than being. They'll talk about it tomorrow OK okay. In the meantime I'm talking bikinis on Friday. Aren't I. Cute lower the KS in storm tracker report yet. With Kansas today meteorologist lower. Marley is the home opener for shocker right well. We're really out. The right now we gonna put out these guys in 28 degrees not much wind this morning which makes a lot of milk of bleach a little bit easier. You know Eastman at six miles per art funny for a high yesterday and this is the 22 day of February and his. Is very well known to Americans because it is. That's what he's got a February anyone Baylor. George Washington's birthday. George Washington was is considered the father of our country our first president and you know Ted this used to be a federal all of stimulant by diseases. Abs 22 off you know and he wore. Yes George Washington was at the very wealthy planter from Virginia he used. He would I've fought the French and Indian war handle experience though he and the revolution. I understand that he was one of Nortel president's going about 63. Which and the only time he was a giant the the average. Militarily and figured average male with probably about 57 in those days but that we celebrate. The birthday of our first president. And on this date in 1986 Wichita. Says an all time record high for February when the Mercury soared to 87. Degrees. You. 87. That they were gonna get 36. 750 counseling that are hottest day in February ever on this day in. Go back to 1971 and we are finishing up on massive snowstorm on Tuesday and yeah granola February 22 lines to inning and it happened 716 Stephen didn't that they if you are like Ted and I. Now among other barrage of my wife keeps our family. Busts in there that I am that my utility suvs that I use for work is its its outside so. Again to scrape the Winchell sporting took me awhile to new stricter about three times in the past Hitler than it. Well now you're on shocker in locker asked dawn hours straight after the shocker game I discrete after the walker who showed men and scraped them in this morning and was hit mines aren't I thought that little plastic thing you know break this morning news or get a bigger points up a little more reinforcement to. But yeah its. It's one of those days to get to your outdoors the only updates. This little time and the other thing is just a slight up about this two it is boring. And again just a reminder. Starting your car and letting it warm up when you go back inside not a good idea. Because we get a lot of cars till now behind and look the police seats yesterday there can be every three or model that's yesterday morning of people leaving their cars running the keys and it got stolen. And you know it. To a 30 I happen again today at least there will give up on 718 now Steven and Ted time for sport Ted Woodward red basket. The last night's shocker for inaction here atonement and the Kansas State is playing well right that's. Capital basketball games last night both very different games but pleasurable results for the folks here in sunflower state last night at Coke arena. Second the last home game of the season for the Wichita State men's basketball team. Twelfth ranked shocker taking on a team they'd never played before two Elaine. Shocks and Greenway last night scope arena might Kennedy and gave all had to call the game on KE YNN. The shocker is built up the big sixteen point lead by halftime. But they did not really build on that lead to lane came out of the locker room. After half time and got things grip revved up some hot shooting and shopper's gotta hand to hold off the green wave down the stretch. Thank goodness the shocker is obviously very talented and deep. Roster to handle things like that Connor frank camp the shocker senior out of Wichita North High School came up big last night. You got a split two defenders then the wind blow up for ain't gonna. Another pit mine has. Big night for the senior frank camp tying his career high with eighteen points eleven of those in the second half. Landry Sam at Wichita State point guard was not feeling well and he did not suit up for the game last night so. Honor frank campus called the service says the point guard and he didn't job instead scored eighteen. He also dished out four assists. And he had zero turnovers were held may get like what's one of living and B is out Steve Connor Franken camp this year this season. He has. 169. Assists and eight turnovers. I'll. Now while the seven and a half to one ratios that are taking care of the ball and yeah well and he has not missed free through the season. An 816 for 26 of free throws. I hope you didn't jinx him but at a and he's made 27 and are going back the last thing I'll hand the shocker is held off two lane and won the game 9386. Big game O'Connor frank camp among other shocker last night here's soccer head coach after the game Gregg Marshall. Connor Franken was incredible he he's you know ran the show for 32 minutes. And you're seven for twelve to perform from three both of his free throws. Eighteen points four assists three steals no turnovers. You know they isolate him a little bit on defense and try to post them and drive them and bully him a little bit. You know he he did okay of that crash we we really needed him for sure tonight he was great. And some postgame comments from Conor frank camp. We work on late game situations and these kind of situations every single band practice so the guys feel pretty confident and it. We simply negative defense in the second half they scored I think 55 so that's something really get over. Shock still survive and win a game 9386. And once again another team that just does not have an answer from Wichita State Shaq Boris. He'll Morrison's. Tied his career high with 25. Points seven of eleven shooting. And he had nine rebounds and he went ten for thirteen free throw line putting good night yeah added that with the right in there. It's Mike Duffy and a big night for the shots with fifteen points CJ Kaiser had a career high eleven points. And the shocker when it last night 9386. Shocks now 22 and five on the season. And just a half game now behind first place Cincinnati in the stand. OK a lot of scoring at Coke arena last night. Not a lot of points in Manhattan last night Kansas State in Texas going at it. Neither team had passed the forty minute mark at midway through the second half. Kansas State finally with a late scoring surge outscored the longhorns sixteen to four at the end of the game. Fourteen of those sixteen points came from junior very brown. That's K state wins it over taxes 5848. As K state now six of its twentieth win of the season fourth time in the last six years the wildcats with twenty win mark twenty and eight now on the season. K state has beaten Texas four times in a row with dead win Kansas State now up into a tie for third place in the big twelve standings. You go men's basketball last night we were supposed to have Butler community college at twelfth ranked coffee build that game got postponed because of the weather. And tried again tonight Dennis Higgins blood covered the Butler grizzlies at seven. I'm sorry it so yes 7 o'clock tonight that's right here on 987 and thirteen 38 and as best. Copy bill has won eleven in a row butler's won five out of six. Mean tonight but workers lose. The end in women's basketball last night in which you sought ACC tournament quarterfinals French women beat McPherson 6662. The friends ladies have won fourteen. Games in a row and around 121 in the nation tonight is the case CAC men's quarterfinals. Sports Steven Ted KNS. Fans posted 722 now keep their Rush Limbaugh morning update. Nancy Pelosi is comments on well at a town hall meetings Stephen Ayers even dead in the morning on eight and as vast.