LIVE from the Wichita Wagonmasters Downtown Chile Cookoff

The Good Life
Saturday, September 30th
The 2017 Wichita Wagonmasters Downtown Chili Cookoff is yet again upon us! Saturday, September 30th one Douglas and St. Francis. $5 all the chili you can handle!

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This is the good life. Food wine and all the good things of life now here's the host of the good life. Guide our. If you're not. I'm not really badly without bottle back in bad. You're out of the month though I'm down here will be broadcast live on the idea about outlook update there. But things that are going on why he should be here how it happened. The people look good together when the money goes and I'll consequence stuff I've got some really cool quietly what goes with Chile. Beer right revenue bureau wanna look. Sparkling wine ABBA from Spain that great model. Apartment one. It would pay about the cut or get started Libby did it. You know get my package of one appreciation of Wichita State and that the basic class and does that next Monday that we put that would give them in the but then on the 22 of October. And the thirtieth two Mondays and wrote my great find worth the money that's the overall I don't on Monday that when he checked in its prestige white. On Monday October 30 it's populist red 75 dollars for both classes but you can pay 45 dollars for one class to go 11. How do you find it dot issues dot edu community education look under culinary. And it you'll find it again Mercury wasn't worth the wait only two Monday literally he could only come to what do you want but you really want a comfortable. Now they'll do we're coming out to get rated week a great big it is there. I got my chili paste in Connecticut weights when the show's over a month get a chilly on. Birthplace companies stop. Is that what it meant that they always. About a whole budget you would have been working on all night and then it's always great but there have been out Steve Moore he has the honor the distinct honor. Attributed Julie dipper Steve welcome to the. Well thank you. Glad to be here what a beautiful day it is absolutely severe clear outside dandie dinmont they'd better get much better as abusive and won't do it happened c'mon down. If you're sick at home don't say come on down give it up and come down man down your misses a lot of fun and I would not wait until 3 o'clock even one only half yeah. Need to get down here because even. It's people that make a lot of children are made when you're made 45 gallon yeah. And I made it until 330. But went a lap one. Because that's I stayed. You're the chili dipped her you know I talked individually to every year I had the privilege and honor of being in the states are right now that you did very well. You know it it's such a fun deal but it takes a lot of people to put it on. Yet does a little bit enough by the it's a the white. Masters or a bunch of individual business owners upper management civic minded individuals that. Our mission is to promote the good life which. And the which felt like it masters them count chili cook off is our fundraiser. For the year to raise money that we give to local charities. And this is a big deal last week. Example is Thursday night we picked 500 pound hamburgers just for this you know. And we had teams down here this morning says that got back around ninety teams cannot. And they've been down here 536 clocks were set up their boots. And particularly for the public so we've got an excess of 3000 gallons to actually get here today. Have them they need it my and it was you know Alice Walker alluded before that showed diamond. What that is far north on same Clinton that particular scene again this is the largest Juliet that we've ever gone through this every year we get bigger. And hopefully better. But it's it's a fun time actually. They're trying to go around with kids strollers right now what a beautiful day we've got kids zone face paint pilot Gary is here handing out ice cream in fact. Guy you might even go down here along its place. That's got or at least me. And I got it all in metric chilly this problem. It's a cluster right approach road there closed let's talk about location were just where I'm Douglas were just to the west of the train over perhaps correct a vital from that area. And it goes pretty far out art it goes Clinton to veto it and then we go to north of Saint Francis from Douglas clippers street. So work from train tracks west on that list view that. To peak and north on sync France's first now. There's a lot of things going on and tell us some of the events you know. But first year when I came it can't let you know ballots and third years. I competed in the Palestinian every con. And I'm pretty unity hot pepper yeah. Well today's your day now now that. 812 that day and was fairly in the last ten. Yeah well we have a mr. hot stuff contest. That's for guys eighteen or older. Of this chili pepper contest and then what you're talking about that pepper eating contest at around 245. So in that we are at 2 o'clock we're gonna have a World War II a couple possibly three World War II things flyover. And math we've got lucky people who can't today they're playing right now. And got like said that earlier in the face Beijing for the kids. The kids on where they plan on trucks and we've got out. How old World War II plane right are right that the kids can. Quite lucky to insert the cockpit get your picture taken with the canister it's everything so. So cool yeah I was really. Latin. Happy. It we've started club. Which would let you know with the national. Staff yep end. I jokingly said I hope nobody takes its that's what we have also followed up with nobody here in the. Megan hey if they didn't dead but as far as I could see everybody was grabbed the other hand over the heart. Hats off. It was nice opening in the debt get under the old rate of high school band came through played we got the we that would shock down here to do what we need cavs have grabbed the kids come down its picture taken in that. And we have mr. Bob bullets that are chilly but JP. It's going to be a little bit lighter car. I think he put up against go better that I like it out. We what else is there anything else but it Pat Roberts going on god as we speak spearmint aircraft is flying over and their bully me banner. I ever tightening. Russ. That would style white masters downtown chili cook off. Outlook that and he'll be flying around the downtown area and he certainly down a little further effort recommend not recommend this is such a good deal of such good spam in your candidate does. For five. Five bucks for bullet chilled for all the Chile Guinea. And we've got beer popped. Water that we sell here also it and like senator earlier. Pylons given away a little while I streak samples capsized for some growth and it's. Beautiful out and there's people everywhere are already looked at this rate. Do you shape park indeed be no matter where it's just come in on any of the streets that lead to Douglas and it did find a place GAAP the the you know it's going to a 4 o'clock at like at that the challenge does it it's been crushed art Fred Noonan. It's what you're not here yet you gotta get that car load a much bigger drive it around finish up here aaron's. Get downtown Ron Douglas from the railroad tracks all the way down to the peca or more and oh my goodness that's the fun look at all the people now. Monitors certain development will be to the plate with the with Greg Julian have you noticed people's mentality that I know I'm hungry I couldn't put down that path. We need to open that bottle wine you're talking about we need to flag that's a lot of the way British Chile right now laughs absolutely. Speak to the Chile beat you guys been it's not just here you got it says that you do a lot of other food for a if people here talking about wagon masters I don't know that it. The great special organization. Tell us how one might consider getting nominated. But his name in the hat. It's an invitation only. Where I have read that our membership pretty good because. We do a lot of other things during years some of them be for a hamburgers hot dogs states for various charities and organizations. And so it's pretty time consuming. More so than. It's not just the good old boy. Club that we do a lot of work behind the scenes that we knows about but we don't mind that we enjoy it. I think that my favorite event and it could make it this year oh count down 10 yeah it's the other day you have to. Are always there but yeah it's barbecue all the victims and it's just a great artwork you can't wait to talk to Don grants. You let these business Julie differ yes everything now that I guess that it's in the yeah. Now go week we have a certain criteria we can't allow that. I have a I'd later like an ogre yeah he'll. He'll stand right here next to me so it. The good black and he's the greatest act yes and it's been good my grants that that that's where the commitment ago. Two a number of great cause appeared which. But you know like that. Which consequently. There's nobody but they could do it it's just probably one of the best. Well thank you we we we we put it on its a lot of work. In fact isn't this events over starting next month will start planning for next year. And it. I'm really appreciate it taken time you're doing what I do it's good to have you sit down for a minute. The windows were about I can. It you're welcome died in the the other appreciating god thank you love your show well thanks Dave Morey the chilly pepper is from the wagon masters and he was the guy who got. The honor and privilege of overseeing the production of this year but it mastered them out to a competition but you know we didn't talk about it. It is not just the public face that's an official at. I hope this is also we have some teams here that are are trying to compete. To go to the nationals which is next month in Reno Nevada it for the international chili society. And those guys are serious they're doing here strictly to make. Chile. To qualify. To go we're the last while fight it in the country to noted the nationals we a lot of which got me. Illinois Oklahoma Texas. Nebraska Iowa from all over. Surrounding areas and that's part of the lot of them did some other truly yours or didn't publish an app that yes come on down there's an old. Give up it's beautiful out if you get a boat yards but it off until tomorrow when it rains. A couple of apple app. If you want more information about them not calculates. Silly competitions the basically got a good laps got that comment got links to all the other appropriately as we've spoken about Steve Moore thank for thought about it you appreciate it guys have a good day you were. We're gonna take a short break we come back. He's the potentates. And what is his tour he was driving around before the Canon gets enough. Look at all the booths I've already picked which when I think you're gonna win because. It's an honor for the boot to get that the most coveted. That's decorated. And it it's right over there I was a. It's even let him write edit and inadequate or that they'll. Honestly what guys start but yeah you'll agree with the bit about is we're right here on Douglas rep I think rapidly. That's southwest corner. Come stop spot that you could be on the radio. Good luck short break it will be back with. Bob boots that needs the built on grant of one of the week and hope bunch of fun upcoming event of the way.