Local churches and schools expanding

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, November 28th

Wichita Business Journal Editor Bill Roy talks about the projects at Central Christian Church and Clearwater USD 264.


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It's an honor I can't thank you Americans eat do you Jamie Jack. About national teacher that has come into my eyes I didn't make the call me. Think you've. 97 and thirteen 38 and answer as we aren't even 10 in the morning. 8:45 here on Tuesday morning November 28. Three big favorite he's. News for allegations of sexual misconduct on Capitol Hill to. 300 cotton bales burned in Hartford county line which is a police investigating fourth weekend homicides. Three big things even dead on Kate in a sense. Stalled out vehicle westbound Kellogg right around Oliver watched her in potential slowdown there we also this morning of us gasoline prices. This slide down to about 228 again when I did but better. He's 27 Douglas in Seneca traffic from cake and assist radio. And at chambers looking for a change in the weather today partly sunny with a 30% chance for rain and high of sixty degrees. After yesterday's high of 74. Which was a record for the date. 60% chance for rain tonight the overnight low 48 Wednesday 20% chance for morning rain then partly sunny with a high of 53. Now partly cloudy south wind at thirteen miles per hour and 56 degrees. Kate and assess whether brought to you by the monarch. Featuring the largest collection of Kraft ribbons and Christie's in the state of Kansas. About our coverage of military discounts for current and retired veterans the monarch he delay you know. 847. Now Steven to add and Stephen Ted which shoppers dot com poll right there on our web page Cayne has has radio dot com we have a I Yule tide of flavor of how early do you finish your Christmas gift shopping is our question with will have three opportunities for yeah. I'll be rushing around right up until Christmas Eve at 42%. Al finish for the capital weeks to spare 58%. And by the time December rolls around I am almost done 0%. You can take a poll on the likely only get really too. Options. Out that pretty much process doesn't really seem to apply if you can take this Stephen did which Stoppard Dutch couple and a web page. Cain is his radio dot com. After breaking news this morning Ted authorities say two people. Have died of carbon monoxide poisoning in Haiti's cancers. That he's post reports of victims were found dead Friday afternoon inside a mobile home. He's police chief John Don Seidler. Says aghast generator is found running inside the mobile home. Because a coroner has ruled this accidental officials have not released the victims' names. Again that sin in phases at time of the year yet be careful about. That canister of space heaters and so forth. And things that. Can give off that. Carbon monoxide out thumbing its silence you don't know what's coming in it that could kill you overcome insurmountable. US home prices rose at the fastest pace in more than three years in September that did buy a record low supply of houses for sale. Know enough houses price goes up. The Standard and Poor's core logic case Shiller national home price index a mouth hole. Rose six point 2% of Deborah from a year earlier six point 2%. Largest gain since June of twelve to fourteen. In thirteen of the twenty cities tracked by the index yearly price gains in September. Were faster than in August. Homebuyers are desperately bidding up prices because so few properties are available apparently not build a fence and a Seattle Las Vegas and San Diego reported the highest year over year gains. And it very very good friend whose son is in the Seattle area in need. Mr. a couple of months ago rubs to me about this and try to write some decent housing and in Seattle it's almost impossible immodest of the prices are way way off the charts in Seattle. Here it's a great place of major restorers who were not the only ones offering discounts to shoppers and in Las Vegas on Black Friday weekend and dispensaries. We're rolling out Beatles as well more than forty dispensaries. In the sin city area offered discounts of one marijuana flour products. Edible such as chocolates and concentrates. During. The first Black Friday event since legal sales of recreational. Marijuana began in Nevada in July Mary go. Senator tick senator bald look. Who helped legalize recreational pot from the states and it's it's a great stocking staffer. And now you can treat it like alcohol in that regard. Today. Another Vegas staple yet and as long as no kids can get to it it's for adults only top yeah it stocking stuffer. Marijuana. Is. A woman in southeastern South Dakota. Is asking the thief who took their cremated remains of her mother. To return the earned without fear of reprisal. We earned disappeared from the family's home in Sioux Falls sometime between Thanksgiving Day and Friday night. Only his violent the police report but doesn't plan to press charges if the actions are returned who would steal. Actions like it was Eleanor I don't highlights the he earned and Bryce did it upon shot gathered stupid they don't know and I don't know rules Booth who news hopefully hope. Great care was taken out there we've got a good regularly goods big story for you always like this big old courts now. Pigs from several states are being sent to Georgia to help students restart and agricultural programs and ex champ broke fired now. Filled gentry advisor of the future farmers of America program and Perry Georgia says pigs are being donated by farmers and producers from south Georgia. Indiana asked North Dakota and Mississippi now things get old vacation out of that. November 18 fire destroyed the organization's agriculture barn and killed 5506. It's still under investigation at the local fire chief says it's possible the pigs knocked over some heat lamps. Pigs being with housing and a this little piggy went to Georgia viewing like pigs. 850s. And now was even Ed. Bond improvements for a local school district editor bill is with us right now which is a true bill they get oyster. Good morning Steve and Ted yak construction work getting underway on what to die area school district's bond issue projects Clearwater UST 264. Passed a fifteen point eight million dollar bond issue for a variety of projects. The elementary western Clearwater middle school additions are among the first projects on the list are also working on the intermediate center and Clearwater high school. Simpson construction services as the construction manager at risk. For the bond issue work. Wichita area contractors that more people are heading to church several area churches ready to expand prankster growing congregations. Central community church beginning an expansion that. 6100 west maple. Who's doing that work CBC guy has a three and a half million dollar bill building permit. For a church north of 29 and base and risen savior Lutheran Church spending more than four million dollars to double its facilities. And avionics company is upgrading it white guy the Eisenhower airport. DeVon rebel those upgrading office space company renovating 101000 square feet. And adding to the building Jake go general contractor doing the work expected to be complete by early next year. Local breaking business news every day on can't assassin what's a top business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I do law. You may be at least in my mind the best or best known at Kansas state university graduate here in in America so. And we just contains it. I don't know how the wildcats pulled out unions it was I have no idea either idea. It did in my in my vocabulary was getting an exercise game on Saturday and until last and they scored at the very last possible second it. Well get a freshman quarterback and gone to what four quarterbacks this year or something like that now the three yeah three enemies the third stringer and he's he's he's he's banged up to so we're going to have possibly they're going to a bowl game is some kind era it. Since somewhere now there's so he did it again you're just point to sell because you're such a Kansas State booster. And since passionate about my university yeah I picture you watching the farm again in game now wearing bib overalls. Bib overalls my blue stem Matt and yeah do you have any bib overalls. I know I don't right now I used to have a photo. That might and it's blown up photo and name or showing it might sixtieth birthday party. Of myself with a pair of those kind of overalls on a long night by a booted foot up on the on the bumper applying 1954 Chevrolet. Losing young. Down about sound pretty caption caption. Chick magnet. I think that's what. Today is the end national day of giving me I know that your very giving person you're a people person. Out you would give people the shirt off your back. You might even by some lunch for somebody sometime that. I absolutely would do this is about to look at celebrating generosity giving to get it can be you know community centers carries so forth so. This section district admitted to a national day of differing I don't thank you sir appreciate it ambassador at 855 Steve did coming up at 9 o'clock. They Kagan as if you use it ninth. 300 you gotten burning in Hartford county Steve is that the morning on Kate in a sense.