Local law firm to move into new downtown development

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, January 2nd

Wichita Business Journal Editor Bill Roy says the Martin Pringle Law Firm will move into the Spaghetti Works building.


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Some things that are going on in our country but I think that. We are awesome and I love us. Yes as we aren't even in the morning now. At 746. Here on the Tuesday. Three big thing. Three bone chilling start to the new year across the USC. And shot during street robbery in north Wichita. Blunt man faces charges in California. In connection with the Wichita police shooting. Pretty big things Stephen dead on CNN cents. And this morning we've got death reports. Funny and Belmont the report there of a house fire there are firefighting. There water was getting out on the colony with freezing. And sand traps for health and now they're probably still a good idea to avoid the area funny at Belmont east George Washington boulevard. Ever update from Kate and as as radio on jazz chambers. Becoming partly sunny today with a high of 24 degrees yesterday's high was sixteen it's mostly clear and cold tonight the overnight low fifteenth. Wednesday sunny tomorrow's high 31 minutes. No mostly cloudy neat going to five miles per hour temperature is 99. Degrees gives you wind chills of zero. And Jackson's wishes to thank their customers for a great holiday season. Going now afford great into the year's sale items while they last including a large selection of caps and acts. To keep you warm hat and Jack 601 US Douglas in the Plano at the clock Jones. 748 now when Stephen Jen and hit a monthly index it comes out from my pre. University. Is a measure of the academy here in the midwest right. The December Creighton University mid American business conditions index. A leading in economic indicator for the nine state region that includes Kansas rose for the month pointing to healthy growth for the next three to six months. The business conditions index which ranges from. Between zero and 100 climbed to 59 point oh from the members 57 point two. This is the thirteenth straight month that the index has remained above what growth neutral. Continuing to point to positive growth for the region over the next three to six months are. This monthly supply managers this month supply manager who were asked to identify. The greatest economic challenge facing their company's profitability over the next five years and it's something we've been hearing about. Approximately 44 point 7%. Named increasing foreign competition. As the biggest threat while more than one in five. Or 21 point 3% indicated the shortage of qualified workers now staffing. Be the greatest challenge global marketplace. You know over the past twelve months the regional manufacturing sector has added approximately 29000 jobs. A two point 1% expansion in manufacturing which is. Really good as those manufacturing jobs and you know our aircraft jobs they pay well and they really stimulus are all things that. Trump Donald Trump campaign on now in 2016 to get to the presidency to people's attention in you know the Ernie gust there at Creighton University he's been doing this for several years. And he's gained attention to by Motley is what he's doing it is very interesting index. As a lot of people watching nets see how the economy's gonna go here. In an Kansas and other states of the midwest. Wall Street capped when he seventeen with a loss weighed down by a broad slide in light trading. I had the New Year's holiday. But despite the down beat and to to the week last week the stock market finished 2017. With the strongest years since 2013. Yes and 500 gained nineteen point 4% for the year the Dow ended the year with 25 point 1% gain Dow went up by Dow up 25%. Hand in one year and NASDAQ gained 28. Wow percent. And the small cap Russell 2000. Closed out when he seventeen with a gain of thirteen point 9% to talk about the NASDAQ with a almost a little over 20% at some massive. Most votes say investors will say or advise those in helping get. Ball return of 11% a year that's breeder and goods that are 11% bill. Mark has been doing great the panjshir. Both Republican senators here in Kansas are expressing concerns that. Any major changes to the North American Free Trade Agreement could have a negative impact on the State's economy. Republican president trump has been a persistent critic of NAFTA. Senators Pat Robertson Robertson Jerry Moran say they're open to improvements but agree that NAFTA. Needs to preserve or expand an export opportunities. Moran said in a newsletter that withdrawing from an agreement would hurt farmers and ranchers. And cost state jobs. The Roberts says US economy has grown because of agreements such as NAFTA syllable of our. A Republican senators here. Not too keen on the idea of just getting rid of NAFTA plug on it maybe we can improve it though that's the and guess what the president trying to argue they're wasting and maybe improve it. 751. Now Steven tent in the morning a sales burst for Airbus and your bill Roy that would stop business journal with us this morning to morning bill. Good morning Steve and Ted happy new year history of ear and orders for Airbus company on Thursday announcing 480 aircraft orders that includes firming up a deal. That had been previously announced 430 aircraft for indigo partners. That pushed Airbus's order total for December to more than 700. Almost all of them are for the narrow bodied 320 model one final adjustments are made Airbus could go over thousand orders for the year. Boeing had 840 through December 19. And they study shows which is pause in its top five for start up costs smaller Smart assets as Wichita ranks number four. The organization estimates it cost about 237000. Dollars to start a business in Wichita. In a thousand square feet of commercial office space with five full time employees. The top three Chattanooga and Knoxville Tennessee and Greensboro, North Carolina. Breaking news this morning it's a Wichita business journal exclusive. Maarten Pringle law firm making a move it'll move out of the rough and building downtown to be a part of the new development in the east beginning works area. Last month TTC development group landmark real estate and sample our development. And announced a 23 million dollar development and the 600 block of east Douglas Martin Pringle will be a part of that moving out of the rough and building. Our rob Brian hoar watts has the details on our web site in a story Wichita business journal dot com local breaking business news everyday on can assess. And Wichita business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm bill Roy. It will last person out of the rough and building downtown eternal life so often block up the door the yeah they decided to make a move their lease was up and they have an opportunity here so I'll tell you what I'd love to be here. And the radio dropping building known no the spaghetti works bowing out somewhere and old centers and it would be about all three miles from where I live. I wouldn't write the very far but we are pretty good day right here. Oh yeah it's a nice facility you've been here right I have I was there are bought a week ago and McCain in it's battle time with us library hours it. That was nice like Kevin Jones. Was very nice you know that the old spice Cologne you wares through the a it was on the ship somewhere. And yeah. You can hear the whistle and yeah you. Originating in France cream gloves are also known as pro platoon are all or who all created this is National Press Club today and that's my French which is. No good at all. Cream puff sorry French dessert pastry filled with whipped cream pastry cream ice cream or custard old boy. They may be served plane or sometimes decorated with chocolates analysts caramel sauce or Dustin with powdered sugar. And they have put on a par in pretty good cream profit Defazio Defazio serves up 10 best in town I'm going to Defazio is I'm going cream club while they of that. When we get the W boys where you guys on the cream puffs us. Controversy and boom. Now a fan who I'm not really cream Popper they're not creep rougher you know all I'm more of any Claire guy well you know. The region so that she wrong with a real good acquire. Mike you're just right in the middle of everything out Jabil but the threat is there a good cream puff pace in Kansas City. Are sure there are just I have I don't go seeking out cream shops though you're not in the the cream puff hotline editor in Denton and get. Both celebrate today the national cream puffed taking her thank you gentlemen 755 chemical data plus. Thinking is this morning news is Steve intended. And we telling you about the weather and help. I don't show you are dulled his ponytail out the band is all across the US. That's coming up at 8 o'clock Stephen dead on Kate in a sense.