London museum to display part of the reeking fatberg clogging up its sewers

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, December 13th

The Museum of London will display small cross section of the over 140 ton mass of oil, diapers, and human waste.


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Is distinction Wichita turns to. First we're live team coverage of breaking news KSS. Wichita is number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. Good morning 7:30 seated in the morning on Kenyan ancestry Macintosh Ted Woodward. A new report shows Kansas is experiencing a shortage of childcare services. The report from her. At least by child care aware of Kansas the agency administers the State's child care referral service the Wichita eagle reports the agency found that Kansas counties on average. Have capacity to meet only about half the potential demand for child care. Sedgwick county can meet 45% of potential lament. The lower the percentage the less likely that parents will find the right childcare provider. Now look at the forecast with Cain is a step Nero just damn holiday and good morning Dan. Good morning were starting today with temperatures in the thirties but quickly climbing in the forties and eventually up to 61 this afternoon and but another frontal boundary moves through today they'll give a strong gusty northwest winds up to thirty miles per hour and that raises the fire danger to register bit through tonight cloudy your overnight low 31. 46 for the high tomorrow we could even see a few sprinkles Thursday night I'm Taylor SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now partly cloudy 38 degrees we have a west wind at twelve miles per hour. Before concluding his winning speech Democrat Doug Jones thanked his supporters in Alabama for coming out and showing their support. Alabama has been at a crossroads. We have been at a crossroads in the past. And unfortunately we can't easily taken the wrong word I. Jones' opponent in the special senate election Roy Moore has yet to concede saying that he'll seek a recount is possible. Republicans say they are getting close to a house senate compromise on tax reform reports suggest the final Republican tax bill could lower the top individual tax rate expand some deductions for mortgage interest and reduce the corporate tax rate to 22%. That's a bit higher than president trump has requested. There are a lot of rumors going around a lot of ideas being promoted him in the truth is I can't confirm them because we really are working I think on us. Comprehensive agreement. House Ways and Means Committee chairman Kevin Brady says he expects a final plan to be finished this week which votes in the house and senate this in this next week. On Capitol Hill Jared Halpern Fox News. A. Former city administrator in southeast Kansas has admitted he misspent taxpayer money. Including buying GPS devices that he used to track his former mistress former front next city administrator Doug sellers pleaded guilty Tuesday to misuse of public funds. As part of the plea agreement three other felony charges and a misdemeanor were dropped. An affidavit said sellers plays GPS devices bought with city funds inside the bumper of his former mistresses car. The Kansas bureau of investigation uncovered without Sonny Citi credit card after sellers was accused of stalking the woman he resigned in September of 2016. The Pittsburgh morning sun reports Crawford county attorney Michael B also says sellers will likely getting suspended sentence and probation. He also will be required to make restitution of about 8000 dollars he'll hold a brand KN ISS news. A company that helps to manage the Kansas Medicaid program has fired an employee who was accused of sexual misconduct while working as a state social services administrator. Amerigroup Kansas spokeswoman at all go to Gallardo says Brent Paine no longer worked for the company. Pain formally was the administrator. Overseeing in home and community services in the Kansas department for AT and disability services. The central Kansas sheriff who's accused of striking handcuffed man has pleaded not guilty to a misdemeanor. Great bend Tribune reports Barton county sheriff Brian bell and gear entered the plea last week through his attorney to the charge of mistreatment of a confined person. Charged which was filed last month by a special prosecutor. Alleges that villain near spoke in a vulgar rude and or angry manner to a man after he was booked into jail in August on a probation violation charge. Volunteers also accused of striking a man on the cited head. 734 now Stephen did in the morning here on a Wednesday December. 13 Tony's seventeenth. And just oh on tape at that bird. But the fat burden. We like and I was bird that is the big one in London one in London part of Baltimore now the monster fabric that clog one of those London's sewers is destined for fame and museum. The Museum of London says it will put the only remaining chunk. Of the 143. Ton mass of oil fat diapers and baby wipes on display early next year. Workers for utility company Tim's water. Spent weeks this year dislodging the smelly 840 foot long blob thing by breaking it up with high powered poses one. That are being high powered a right to museums shoe box ice chunk is all the remit Soledad it's all yeah I was hoping for something much larger. The wrestlers that impressive the rest has been converted to bio fuel and the curator says it will be one of the most fascinating and disgusting objects they've ever at a bigger hit on display size shoe box yeah. And and just teach you were wondering it's been air dried to reduce spell and will be displayed in a sealed unit. That's not the whole thing outsourced not even very big. And they made it less smelly too fat for I I can that's all very disappointing yeah really and it's why is that. Did you wanna smell lists all the us what people wanna go to see something grotesque. And it's a part of the overall experience listening again so let's put it that maybe cute people in England feel differently about those sorts of things they needed. Being a yank. Prosecutors say a woman swindled Philadelphia schools out of tens of thousands of dollars by posing as a tutor or relative with special needs. Federal prosecutors announced fraud charges against Patricia clearly they say she received nearly 60000 dollar from the district for tutoring services that were never provided. And try to get 30000 dollars more. Investigators say she used her maiden name patrician Goldstein. As the name of the fictitious. Yet tutor. And submitted falsified teaching credentials. And that they tax for now thoughts in pretty good scandal on their gambit somebody figured it out. That takes tax form and that can be and I'm honored to be a real problem. Idealistic in the news this morning you know about the City Council approving a tougher panhandling ordinance obviously stuck it to go into effect for a year. And it's two ordinances. Advocate for the next year they're gonna educate people. The first step or does prohibits pedestrians from soliciting money or rides from motorists. The second forbids people from giving money to those in the roadways. Of the previous find twenty dollars plus court fees now has been dramatically increased to up to 500. Dollars. And after thirty days in jail. And if you don't you'll have a misdemeanor. On your record. Courses up I don't know is it an answer to these folks are paying illegal street corners and some of them pretty close. Highway 54 over here when I guess being worked every dale over a rock road. LaSalle then going westbound upon that ramp out there's always somebody always somebody right there right there Tommy squared her and it can be it can be very dangerous situation itself. The City Council taking steps to to remedy that situation. I have another year where people against gonna. Get a warning. Or the last thing they tried didn't really work they did. They gave it tried to get people to hand out cards. Now now the image that a minus and giving someone money giving him these cards that have a list of places where they can get help and assistance. Apparently that that's league did not at all. What the money. And 738 now Stevenson and a last night at Weaver. Privilege to be part of the seventh annual air capital courts yes we or Christmas radio hour. Right there at the yeah. Scottish rite center grand well I was actually in the theater in the third fourth area which is it for rent that place I mean if you've ever seen it to the permanent building. It is something else but anyway we did the radio hour last night and by the way this this will be. Recorded it it will be played back. On the Christmas morning at 8 o'clock. And what you have there is as the year capital courts shall be great groups and singers. Providing via the musical entertainment and in you and I didn't. We have we have troops skips we did some fun stuff and actually had a very good time. And it you're gonna say well we had a visit from jolly old saint nick allele saint nick he brought to and then as senators helper with him. Sierra Scott was assesses yes which it was a big surprise not realize well that was going to happen. And that they were you path and they were talking about and recognize that fact when that Marconi award national award. So senate gave us something a little little different there he gave us. By Abel or right. A major award major award in up just like and that of the movie the what does Christmas story. The leg lamp we got to lately many leg went out. That this actually works it does plugged in right now right there behind us in the stagnating us that the globe electric. Even if fish net stockings and a high yield right obviously unbelievable I proudly I started caressing it yeah. Most Asian impaired you're I don't Ozal embarrassing now but then anyway we had a great time list I thank you for those of you came out. This is an annual thing to do that is a fund raiser. For the Kansas food bank or and food great opportunity. The admission was as some sort of a right food product or some money laundering some food we all donated to the Kansas food bank in great timely did you meet listener Andy. Andy great listener and it was a big a big fan of Mars right we made that we autographed a teacher at last night. And he put as you play a few minutes ago one of the people who. Talk this was so what's her name she's she's a teacher Kerry Kerry. And she's got like forty wild and crazy where he teaches and she's been adamant before and she thanked us for. Helping our honored commute every morning isn't going to school he said she picked up tidbits from are show that she shared whether it's on us because students. What's going on the news abstain history. National donut days uses that time she. Kohl's solid information is that there teaching for the day I just yeah I didn't know she had a little Lilly with her with the the pretty little code yeah evidently it was nice to meet those Lilly didn't have a clue who we are. Reverse standing next to Santa Claus a funeral yes. Yet there to think that that some of the show is educational it's only is pretty flat well we trot. And thanks everybody coming out what I'm I'm literally it was pretty cool to at the end of the night we met a couple. Who came up to listen simply enlisting new first three or four months we all thank you. It novelist Dominick have been huge in PR guy for twenty years. Got sick of it and he came over to us and found us few months ago money's a big fan now. You got made big switch there now so I was I was very nice to meet those folks I'm reasonably sure we're going to be doing this again next year. And it will be the eighth annual or capital chorus Christmas radio hour and again if you wanna hear at 8 o'clock. Christmas morning right here on K units and 742 Stephen did give their sports editor bill Roy of the Wichita business journal. Which the City Council decides to move forward. With new development in the plain old neighborhood seem to get in the morning on K and assessed.