London restaurants are feeding the "fatbergs"

Steve & Ted
Thursday, October 12th

Recent fatbergs in London sewers have weighed as much as 11 double decker buses.


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OK get SS Wichita is number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. David good morning Steve back inside Ted Woodward. The Boy Scouts will start to accept girl's new organization will have a cub scout program for girls the totals of scouting program for older girls. The cup program will be separated by gender. Chuck Heaton is with boy scouts of America eastern Massachusetts are terrific programs so vital for. Lots of girls and lots of families that want to be a part of it. The choice to admit girls will be up to local cub scout packs. Now the forecast on Thursday morning with Cain and his sister urologist. Dan Holliday good morning Dan good morning with a mostly clear and cool start this morning in Wichita you won't need a life jacket once we get to this afternoon temperatures are going to be soaring well above average or normal high this time of year is 71 to today's high eighty with a gusty south wind clear overnight Tarlow 62. Sunny Friday with a high 85 I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now affair fifth. One degrees southeast wind at ten miles per hour. Wichita police are investigating the case of a neglected animal. Early Monday morning a fan drove through an Alley in the 18100 block of north. A resident had observed this activity and went to see what was left and he found a brownish color. Female couple. That was nothing but skin and bones. I was left for dead the dog was picked up by the resident take it to a local vet clinic. Where it is currently still being treated in extremely critical condition. Police officer Charlie Davidson says the person who left the emaciated dog in the Alley. Driving in 1990s model blue band the Kansas inmate accused of stabbing and injuring a corrections officer has been charged in the case. Put them because capital metro reports 27 year old Allen shorter junior was bound over for trial following a preliminary hearing Tuesday. You be arraigned later today. Shawnee county corrections officer of lacy dole ledgers Schroeder became angry after she threatened to write a mob for screaming and inciting a riot in April. Witnesses testified that Schroeder sharp and a broken door handle to step bowl. She says she was struck on her face back and shoulder Dan O'Neill Kagan SS news. The city of Napa is now under advisory for an evacuations because of the ongoing wildfires in northern California. That doesn't mean residents have to leave now but at a town hall community meeting last night fire chief Steve brass feel asked for full compliance. You cannot be overly prepared. Be prepared to the point so when we come into your neighborhoods and we say now's the time to go please go. Commit to us that you go and we say go. President trump was selling his tax cut plan to the nation's truckers Wednesday. The president hopes grassroots pressure gets congressional support the president Pennsylvania standing before an eighteen Wheeler with a sign declaring truckers for tax reform what you chops hoping. America is growing the president repeating his tax plan Al lying saying it will benefit the middle class and small business not the rich but he needs congress' help you better get it passed a similar plea the president made with the health reform that failed this year in field ABC news. When it comes to checking accounts one may not be enough do you have just one checking account. Justin coupled with the website the penny orders since you really need to have a leased to have a single. Bank account of what happens is different it's just and they kill little bit muddy so we'll open another one and then give us odds and enough money from your paycheck into one account. Does she handle all your bills that second checking account deposit on the left over money to handle your fun stuff you neglect to eat you think they kids out to an amusement park deposited in that account even better make it an interest bearing checking account. Dario all think ABC news skate. SS news and now 633 Steve Tim points out like a terrifically bad idea to meet. You. My wife and I share checking account since we were married 47 years ago and we've never had separate accounts. We've got to keep track of the money. You go to anybody art and you'll federal way. If you well. You know the whole thing is just a psychological. Thing to. Get you to pay your bills and then know what you have left over for those little frivolous yet that it's like a budgeting what you need lawyers and lawn and if you give me if you are not mature enough to keep track of that. With one account and it'll twos can make you even Maury responsible. For birds love to talk about fat burns and eats at nine in ten restaurants and takeaways. In London are feeding Seward clotting fat Berg's. By a letting Greece oil and scraps slide down their waste system gathers dumbed down the drain yummy ha. Tim's waters says visits to hundreds of food outlets across the capital reveal the majority had no system for dealing with exits gunk. The company which spends about a million pounds a month cleaning sewers. Called the finding staggering recent fat virgin London have weighed. At the same as he level of those double liquor boxes and stretched out the league of a couple of football fields. They're copper on their comprised of Greece can deal fat. Wet wipes diapers. And a couple of other unmentionable that I will not mention. And other pretty disgusting things left church and well they have the other day at Baltimore's own place gap now. Elders plus it's a sewer I can imagine what other things respect and especially in a city is old is London maneuvers some parts of the infrastructure hundreds and hundreds of years old. He beat you know it's nasty on the anti human feces in there. You know I mean could be is the Oklahoma authorities are hoping to solve killings and other cold cases. By selling playing cards that feature the cases to prisoners. The first in a planned series of Dex is already on sale for a dollar 42 at six of the State's lockouts and the second deck is already being planned. The cards are reminiscent of those distributed to US troops during the Iraq War that featured members of Saddam Hussein's government. These feature hundreds unsolved cases from 1978 through 2013. I guess the theory is that the cons what looked into auto outlook and terms of body and by the way Dave Ball do that unless they get something in return. That's the way crime and criminal work rate it. The story Aaron Thomas yesterday said that four other states are doing on this and it has led to the solving of forty homicide kit may oh it's doing artwork. And it worked Colorado's one of those states like Colorado and South Carolina a couple of others. And they said they've sold forty homicide cases and business being denied it must work on some level in the strike here in Kansas. He's now Oklahoma is gone over all the and a right. Right in the news today if he's been listening this morning boy scouts of America will allow girls on the cub scouts. Elegant separate now or have their own cubs I'm not really. You know and everything it's gonna happen here but it 28 to eighteen the girls will be able to join the cub scouts. Blue birds brownies all those things for that well enough. What do you what a deal order well I think my girls my grandma got one granddaughter Sammy GO five human wanna join accounts I don't know. Eagle and the it's been so launches of the cavs got a forgotten the U whip he do these merit badge you do these activities. At an appearance goes about it. Now is not these little badges it to its on this year and then that was it work. And the kind of things we did you know. Looking at birds category you know all kinds of stuff but we fund. I don't see is going to be a lot of harm done now you've eaten. About the story of his own people say it's harmful in some won't like every other issue and a 5050 people get all upset about it. How about this story from PD the emaciated all. Left in an Alley in north Wichita. That is. That's gonna make. Everybody receipt. Chad was getting upset about the picture pretty sad story when you see the pictures on August in the picture of the dog on our website with that Sundays or somebody elected dog like now. This is disgusting it is going to be a pat albeit that'll be responsible in terms they get a neutered taker that the of the animals. Am I wouldn't mind a punishment fitting the crime here just blocks embodiment cooler and not let him many voted for about a month but just to tip. I deal march. The data or information other than a blue van that's what they're trying to figure out does anyone know businesses distant. Blue van from the ninety's. Somebody knows somebody can't just can't have a dog like that around I don't think some neighbors some little. Ewan thinks. We'll see if they catch this person. That the the emaciated. Dog story this morning. Ice coming up on 638. Now Steven Ted and its time for our Candace has commodities up date but mr. Tom Butler of left the commodities Boeing dot com. Good morning speech on Wednesday trading started too excited for get a complex and most all the like Kim and Peter Kim of futures closed. They did it well laughter session lows as we have not communication channel Creighton RP yards but it can't change yesterday did not help any of their show list. For the second straight patiently in our teachers get higher on the open and close possibly. At the close yesterday somebody like cattle 27 at Lowell won 1852. November of Peter's they have 47 settled 15567. December lean hog and I besides the entire 6250. Trading for the greens were there were all quiet in the lower yesterday the record including the Oakland negative. Despite the announcement of exports so of course and so people in our group when that we'd be in and outs yesterday. Today at 11 o'clock is viewed DA but we like debate report that is expected to show only tweaking of the numbers from last month. We've been mostly higher overnight December Casey way to promote a penny and a quarter hired for the 49 they have. December accord that they have put an 8346 so they have November soybeans and that's the entire ninth 67 and three quarter. We'll look who almost won 70% toward 5056. December gold and dollar and twenty cent 12198 dollars and 25. Number if some people I've been hit point four point 547 and amp. Number dollar index seventy cent higher at 9298. And December their juice futures point six point lower point 200790. A commodity trading like marketing advisory contact corporate commodities on the phone on the web by using 866. Do. Tom I'm not. Are you aware that today is national farmers day. Now own seed and yeah he's a stay with the air. I know about this stuff. Is today when we just celebrate the farmers and how much we appreciate. You belittle others resent her right. You know I'd just slipped to debut on October 12 is that the apartment he got me to go to the I would expect that would. Fact checking me now think him good and they can do they use about national farmers state. Script this thing up out of them might hit a minute. Now the court today and I here's here's one for today is national adults. Adult movie day. I'm guy average kidding about that when a we won't we won't do that today is national farm Tuesday and you know it usually talk about these kids to go around it schools especially in the cities and where is bill come pick up from village. Well you know that's kind of like a joke but to work from 2.0 years. Direction and it's not just he would urge people that know better that honestly do not understand where their food comes from. Now is produced anything like there. We live in a society Tom where people don't go too deep on any thing. Okay. They don't understand the second level of any effect. You say you know we got politicians who say we're gonna create jobs you don't create jobs. The economy creates jobs you know he thought he could go deeper do little research find out that that. That milk comes from from a farmer's refrigerator. At least I know that much right. Peppered with her and when you and I think yes thank you for that fact check okay. Because I've been told that on the other hand Tom I trust you detailed it's okay. I appreciate a little a little trust for me would be good since from your point you know. Did you who did you work on little bit of work but I appreciate you expect. That's a no outside its national farmers being we do well on slate. And seriously bill appreciate the work its done all of our special here in Kansas a rural state we have it's such a great agricultural. Economy ended where for you farmers out there were in your corner on all things printer. All right thank you done it says 642 Dow's been dead after diss on a little bit every day gets. If I don't nobody will 642 was even dead and coming up we got done grass. The CF he's the money tracker talking about used cars flooding the market. Stevens in the morning on Kate and as fast.