A look ahead at what's new in theaters this weekend.

Steve & Ted
Friday, March 16th

We has a box office preview on The Blur.


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It's KS in news speaking with David Claussen of Claussen farms. If you. Big and you are NCAA tournament bracket. Claim those winnings on your taxes make ray committee is a senior tax research analyst at tax institute at H&R block. Whether you are participating in your office pool Lauren gambling and casino. If you win money its taxable in the IRS doesn't care how you wanted to alert. Where you line. All income is taxable from whatever source drive unless it's specifically excluded by the IRS and gambling winnings are not excluded. And if those winnings are significant enough they would also be subject to mandatory withholding by the tax Payer. At Christmas it's the national Christmas tree lighting. At Easter you have the Easter egg roll M don't banks giving the president pardons at Thanksgiving Turkey. But when it comes to the White House holiday traditions not much is known about this one the presidential shamrock ceremony. Since 1952. US presidents have carried on the annual tradition of accepting a bowl of shamrock from the Irish the island nation's famous greenery. A gift symbolizing friendship in honor of Ireland's patron saint saint Patrick President Clinton took the ceremony to a new level. Using the occasion to highlight the United States' commitment to the NORTHERN IRELAND peace process. George W. Bush opted to return the symbolic gift giving ceremony back to its roots and away from political overtones. I've Oxnard. It's 835 we seem intent on KM SS let's take a look at the weather forecast heading into the weekend meteorologist Dan Holliday is Liz hello Dan. Good morning we see very windy overnight and that will continue forest today sunshine temperatures around 74 would gusty south winds as high as 45 miles per hour to a red flag warning again posted across south central Kansas. Clear and breezy down to 37 overnight Saturday side 63. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Thank you Dan currently in Wichita sunny skies breeze out of the south it is 57. Degrees. And it is Friday march 16 and at this time every weekday morning. We start to talk about entertainment news in the blur as we blur that fine line between news and entertainment. And your host today is jab at chambers. Added. Yes it's a look at somebody who has a license to kill that's right. The next James Bond film work talking about it already. It has a director now oh. Now here's a little bit more from Fox's Michelle Alina. Trainspotting director Danny Boyle confirmed he's directing the next installment. James Bond series. Oil is again teaming with frequent collaborator John hi John the screenplay with production set to begin. At the end of 2018 the slum dog millionaire director will Helm the 25 installment of the bond franchise. You'll also be the final film for the current. The names phone. James Bond Danube correct it's currently slated for a November 8 2019 released. Michelle police now Fox News. All right so yeah Danny Boyle I like him it director lining up folks in place. Snoop Dogg has a new album out today ice off that he saw this box is Tonya. This new album may surprise some Snoop Dogg fans. Rapper snoop dog's new album has a whopping 32 tracks but that's not the thing that may surprise most people. It's a gospel album called bubble glove right. That's a clip of the new cut to the words are fears. The album features several gospel stars including B Slade and Faith Evans Tanya. A bit dirty who tracks happening. A lot of gospel music here. Of course a bit but of course you know oldest is only one a couple of grammys the they are both for his gospel according to answer it. Well blood during last night's monologue Jimmy Fallon joked about a poll CNET 17% of March Madness viewers. Watched the game with their boss last year. I read it sink hole it says that 17% of March Madness viewers. Watch the game with their boss last year. Bosses called the tons of fun while employees called that mandatory. I gotta say. I like the management here really do but. And the fifth set I I would feel similar but but clearly out. Exactly it's it's mandatory equipment at that everybody can hear losses candidate who can all right. During last night's monologue Seth Meyers joked about Warren Buffett offering his employees a million dollars a year for the rest of their lives if they can fill out a perfect March Madness. In billionaire investor Warren Buffett is offering his employees one million dollars per year for the rest of their lives if they can fill out a perfect March Madness bracket. Said Buffett is just a fun little way to remind my employees that I could buy and sell each and every one of that. Yeah yeah the but I think he is imply they probably lawyers know that yeah but they've repeal only did. Well we have some birthday he's OK in music today. Now this one's a good one turning 59 years old today. Play not play. And like Steve McEntire to get a big huge flock around and of course born William Drayton junior early injury juniors yes he was the member of the influential hip hop group public enemy. Best known for being there hype man that's. If that's the 2004 he had kind of resurgence of popularity. String a reality show hits like the surreal life and the flavor of love. So yeah. If that's the stuff from. Quite the flavor there. Hollywood birthday today. And so left got a little bit of a theme permit us. That of course the chips dips chips being Eric astronomy Erik Estrada or Larry Wilcox Erica start Estrada. Both of franc bonds puncher LO on ocean Byrd 69 years solid today hit it right he was just on. Battled a network stars yeah they did a few months ago gathered that three yeah reissuing summaries it. He's got this just. Black hair defect at the end of 69 AIA's job but don't sheets it was pretty yes really bad. And finally had a first Friday. We've already heard once from fox Michelle Leno might. The one taking a look at the box on every middle and we'll go back to box we feel we know with a look at what's coming to theaters. In Tomb Raider at least he had Vick candor takes over the role of Laura croft made famous by Angelina Jolie. Croft is the fiercely independent daughter of a missing inventor. I'm Michelle Leno. Must stop. In Tomb Raider at least he had Vick candor takes over the role of Laura croft made famous by Angelina Jolie. Croft is the fiercely independent daughter of a missing adventurer who must push yourself beyond limits when you find yourself on an island where her father disappeared. He cares Dominic West plays yeah. My name's Simon who just like you left Simon is it teen love story with a twist Simon is gang but he keeps this from his family and friends and Elvis classmates until that secret is threatened and yes to come to terms with Julianne you understand yeah. Jennifer Garner and Josh do now starts. And it is inspired by the true events of the 1976 hijacking of an air force plate camera from Tel Aviv to Paris and the most daring rescue mission. Ever attempted stereo. Rosemont hike and break out of it Eddie Morrison stuff that's fox some film on Fox News. That's kind of I'm really hyped for any of those I'm a video game guy and I don't even really wanna see that Tomb Raider movie not not. Gravity and not really don't know. I don't get rather played an idiot in nonetheless. If I suppose. But that's all we have today for the blur and of course the blurt every day brought to you by our good. Friends of pizza Johns in derby I'm gonna be their carry out phone number how much hoops this weekend and have a gallons carry out some great tasty pizza. Yet McCall 78820117882011. Of their located right they're off K fifteen it 208 south Baltimore. And they have delivery to 5 o'clock PM to 9:30 PM there are open Monday through Saturday we love them so much pizza John Denver agreed. It is 843 was he attempting an SS. Our correspondent Steve mackintosh is live at the Blarney breakfast we'll be checking it was Steve shortly and see if he's made it through his three hours of revelry this morning Steve instead on gay and assess.