A look back at 2017 celebrity obituaries

Steve & Ted
Thursday, December 28th

We take a look at a list from Fox News


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97 and thirteen thirty KM answer as we are Stevens did in the morning now. 7:45. Here on Thursday morning near three big things. Winter arrives in force across the United States news Wichita police report more cars stolen while warming up unintended bit. And shot story police chase in west Wichita but big things she was dead on K innocents. Okay we've got traffic accident this is northbound I won 35. South of night Rawlings Nolan northbound I want pretty fun stuff hydraulic. Three vehicles involved in this traffic accident traffic on K in assets brought to you by Joseph profit I'm Charles Goodyear tire. We'll get a downtown market and Waterman in the east every street Mullen on my girls are dot com. Your home for complete dark hair maybe coming mostly sunny and warmer today with a high of 39 degrees after yesterday's high of 22 with. Mostly cloudy and cold tonight the overnight lows seventeen. Friday partly sunny with a high of 38 degrees. Now partly cloudy 21 degrees we have a south wind at ten miles per hour giving us a wind chill of ten. Pet and Jackson's wishes to thank their customers for a great holiday season. Going now for a break into the year's sale item while they last including the largest selection of camps and hats to keep you warm. And Jack 601 west Douglas and delay know at the clock itself. Well as become to the into the year. Steagall back at some of the major obituaries of the year boxes Hank wind blew 27 and yeah. View among the people who died and 2017 the founder of Playboy Hugh Hefner sex you know with the dirty little secret cult leader Charles Manson rob I found guilty about anything Jean cern in the last human to walk on the moon this is another body Roger Ailes the founder of Fox News job is to be objective to do fine journalism the super suave Roger Moore and his bomb. James Bond the more homespun go Arpaio Jim Nabors she's signing Jerry Lewis. Sportscaster Dick amber. Hi Mary Tyler Moore who played a feminist hero get this straight. The only meat and. He was Payton went and I can't it's. Because he was a man Tom Petty. Rock and roll pioneers Chuck Berry. And Fats Domino. CAA and Glen Campbell. Pretty good list not a completely as did jets they came up with a few more that if it were not left yet do you get to a new list of people who have a leftists here and it's what seventy well it's just a few weeks ago we lost Della Reese robberies now and her great singer and as a congress yeah a country star Mel tell us they'll tell us yeah. AC DC's Malcolm young. He would you. No longer with the day the father of the sobbing movies George Romero. Visa. No longer with this also Adam West Adam West now there's one now can donate Lister aren't there yet and well Ted and Adam West on Rickles and freckles Don Rickles and yeah that Ted's favorite so. William Christopher. Or father Mulcahy on match yet. Bill Paxton Bill Paxton. Well yeah with Bill Paxton this year so look and of course Stephen first. Rounder louder animal animal house Maarten Landow team. We do Martin Orlando we do have one of our salespeople. Is running up and down a hole and I've never been in introduced to the mantra analyst famous. But I've talked him. Almost every day yeah and he's going on white beard and a little plot and looking for all the world like Santa Claus yeah so from now on now I dub him courts. He will be known as Chris that's Chris Pringle. A live telling don't know him on you know the guy and a and the employment you know his name now while is Chris Chris it's okay Packers. 749 now Stephen Ted taking a look at local business news. On the which is a business journal with time left to potentially still added its order total for the year. Boeing has already easily surpass the number of new net orders and amassed in 2016. According to the company's website Boeing had logged 844. Net orders for commercial aircraft through December 19. The company booked 668. Net orders in Tony sixteen. And that helps Boeing maintain a wide order lead for the year over rival Airbus. Which reported 333. Net orders at the end of November. Spirit aviation and local contractors do a lot of work for Boeing. A 2.3 million dollar project will add senior living capacity in valley center mennonite housing. Has plans to expand the sunflower garden's senior living campus. In the northeast part of the city with 28 independent living units at. Excel. Construction LLC was selected to build the residences. And enterprise bank is moving forward with another component. Of LaBranche improvement plan on the organization's branch at 2323 south hydraulic. Is slated for a re model. Simpson construction services has pulled up. Commercial building permit valued at 200000 dollars for a tenant improvement at that location business journal. Has been unable to reach bank leaders to comment. About the project local breaking business news every day on Candace has said which is a business journals dot com. Although it's a business journal and Steve Macintosh. And I attended to it's a cold and we've just got a few days left and Tony seventeen and thinking about the end of the year. Were just talking about the people who passed away but an interesting year for Steve intent. In September we did our 5000 Stephen Ted morning shifts again up. I milestone not 5063. And it. Got little attention density all went on a city councilman also talk to us about our Marconi award which one this year. That's a big high point for 2017 for Stevens natural laws. Ramos who would also love them at the Kansas association of broadcasters. We won the best. Newscast on radio on Kansas or second year role. So we don't we will look back fondly on 27 in pretty good year treated us pretty doggone good you know he would stay in good health you an idea and it. Basically work every day. That was supposed to be here well I got knocked down money you know in February OK a little flu is a whole week at. It was almost got me bad but of the of the net to other map the other 51 weeks I was able to make it in here and coming up in January the first part of January we're gonna we're gonna celebrate twenty years. Twenty years and I've been here so that means Tony years you know I've been working yet he started working here early and then in January of 199098. Ended its fifth when he airs what affirm my seeing is pretty interesting that it's like my second career in radio I was out for a couple of years to and other business. And as Saudi city and I lost that job and then Jack Alderson to be back radio kimono over here they'll. That's what we did I'm glad Jack de LA watt the second career after 25 years and then now have another twenty. It's pretty doggone good nights in SS has been in good to me as far as Mike rivers entered and years to ethnic. It's 753. Now with Stephen did today is pledge of allegiance state pledge of allegiance today yep congress formally recognize the pledge of allegiance. On December 28 1945. That's how are young right now play the war was over. Thought to have been written by Francis Bellamy the pledge of allegiance was published anonymously by a magazine for young people. The use companion. And was written into celebration of the 400 anniversary in 1892 of the discovery of America. The words under god granted by congress on June. Fourteenth 1954. That was in response of the anti Communist opinion sweeping the country right during the Cold War. You'll. And and I grew up in in public schools or we started the day. In great abilities we started today with a widely awaited soup and the more cranberry we did the lord's prayer in schools in those days so it's. That's unheard of day to have prayer in public schools but it it is now he had those days that's okay. Nobody got two X nobody at the shorts twisted about it when we start Saturday. All right so old the pledge of allegiance day. A legible I pledge allegiance wheels this boomer kids I pledge of allegiance now you clinch a anyway pledged allegiance pledge allegiance day here in America aren't. 754 and up coming up at 8 o'clock it is this morning is that Steve dead. At the top of the hour we're gonna. Talk about shots fired during a robbery itself Wichita and Flickr has arrived in earnest. Seem intent in the morning on K and SS.