A look back, 2017 A Year in Review

Steve & Ted
Thursday, December 21st

Fox News takes a look back at 2017, the President and Twitter.


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Reform wireline it needs to do. I supported it's fair to everyone. KE NN says we aren't even in the morning you. 8:45. Here on Thursday morning. Three big things. Congress working to avoid government shut down. Court documents revealed details in the death of toddler Evan brewers lie and died in French collapse in Bel Air. Three big things even dead on K in a sense. M a traffic accident. Now southbound. Blue ridge road and at Kellogg. By the airport yeah Eisenhower yet. Yep I parkway there southbound bridge road at Kellogg and semi CNN traffic accident urged the car there so let. Expect to slow down traffic updates on eight and as that's brought to you by Judith Robin throws Goodyear tire. Get it downtown market and Waterman the east ferry street Moline on mine coal fired I'd come home of the 3495. We'll see. Cloudy and turning colder later today with a high of 51 degrees. Mostly cloudy cool tonight the overnight slowed down to 25. It. Friday sunny and cool tomorrow's high 37. Now fallen to miss south wind at seven miles per hour and 43 degrees. At 847 now Steven dead in the morning. Many delisting Stephenson driving on Keller right. Now or you will sometime today possibly. Which does main east west highway carrying thousands of cars and trucks everyday along with people behind the wheel and their passengers. We recently talked about Kellogg the Wichita police chief Gordon Ramsay. I still think we can have a great reality TV show called the Kellogg daily drive. It is something else I don't make it definitely gives it during the afternoon you know boring drive very often but when I do well yes it's amazing yeah. I've written two tickets on Kellogg this year. Myself just because of the craziness but also I also pulled a guy over who had debris fall lot of mistrust and I almost. My life flash before my eyes and a guy came within inches of it is a dangerous roadways with Fiat and there's no doubt that we've got to focus more on. That was part of my interview with police chief Ramsey. That will air this weekend and is usually 17 Sunday more morning they don't cadences of his thoughts on spillover kind of amusing. Yes so be careful out there you're driving telling the police chief just might pull you over never know about that careful yeah again. The number of people seeking US unemployment aid rode the rose last month for the first time in five weeks but remained at a low level. That points to a healthy job market Labor Department says applications. Or unemployment eight increased. 20000 to a seasonally adjusted 245000. The US economy grew at a 3.2 percent annual rate from July through September slightly. Slower than previously estimated but still enough to give the country the best back to back quarterly growth rates. In three years in 48 was Steven Ted Fox's Christian Goodman has today's end of the year special Tony seventeen in review. Seven tomb. -- view throughout his first here in the Oval Office president trump remained a social media powerhouse. -- did not top Google's -- insert shall list the commander in chief was the most tweeted about elected world leader of 2017. Some of his top trending moments include sparking an online debate over his use of the mysterious term -- -- -- talks were left wondering it was a tight belt for the word coverage president trump became the first US leader to use social media to announce the departure of a White House chief of staff taking to Twitter to thank -- extremist -- his service and declare general John F Kelly would be taking over the position while the commander in chief has over 66 million Twitter followers between his official how does account in his personal handle -- follows less than ninety from election night -- sixteenth and November this year the president waited over 2400. Times averaging about six to seven tweets per day. Compressing good when Fox News. Local business news now from the Wichita business journal published a City Council this week moved to extend property tax abatement periods or three companies. Atlas aerospace LLC Maggette machine. And red guard all received approval from the council for the second of 25 year. Tax exemption terms. All three companies in 2012 qualified for an economic development tax exemption. For expansion projects as a stipulation but the city. Companies were required to meet certain capital investment and job creation standards. During the first five years to trickle of triggered the final five year period which city officials. Did on Tuesday of this week. US Commerce Department is upheld import duties of nearly 300%. On bombed by GAC's series passenger jet in relation to a trade complaint brought by Boeing it. The ruling upholds a preliminary decision from earlier this year sparked by Boeing's claim a price dumping related to a sale of somebody five C series aircraft to Delta Airlines bombard day which has taken on Airbus as a majority partner on the C series. Has maintained that Boeing's claim has been a deliberate attempt to stifle competition and innovation in the industry. Local breaking business news everyday on K and assessed at a which style business journals dot com. And of course I think Steve Macintosh it's 851 now Steven didn't. Ted that pretty good shows for a lot of fun gone under the volleyball coach Chris lamp from Wichita state of generally. Spoken admitted he was already tense during some Christmas here with us and I thought it was is an excellent job. No and I enjoyed arsenal on his childhood in Sonoma and Lake Tahoe left hook. But things he does yet not exactly. A Charles dickens' upbringing there you accuse of being rich and he didn't. Is Iowa. He tried to laugh it off. And there was no deny it and nothing wrong with being. You know the wealthy kid from the wine country or. There I don't think he seems like if I don't get really really fine person. New good jobs the volatile up there which does that twelve gosh is it ever has amazed because you know I played volleyball. In junior high school we had co there was was to two guys who had coed. Is it classes volleyball Islam. And dancing. We did some square dancing until we get them over there and opened that the big shutters big partition Hadley and we can. Comport with the girls there's if this is just gold for me. Volleyball. With girls. Make it fun of them crack in my funny jokes. You know spiking the ball down and and make much of a break a nail tech Brian. That's fine you like that in like where I go back to former shocker athletic director Jim shouts. Thank you made three unbelievable hires all he was here Mark Turgeon. Turnaround men's basketball now. Coach Gregg Marshall to further that process in men's basketball and hiring Chris slam. To come to. The middle Kansas and started volatile additives will not start the tickle her volleyball program that wasn't doing much and he's turned him into a national power. During his time here the amazing hire a good iron you bet. Dusty and huge and shouts for hiring Chris thank you. We are talking about favorite Christmas songs today and got a list from the digital dreamed or not comment on it. Being Gillis from almost anywhere they're all just pretty pretty crummy pretty new features that whoever but everybody says you don't even know how did the research but. Like Christmas of Bing Crosby tops the list. Which arteries throughout time classic. Number two the chipmunk song by the chip monks number three Rudolph the red nosed reindeer by Gene Autry. Number four I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus on a novelty songs on this list five jingle bell rock number six the Christmas song by Nat King Cole which I think there you know there's another classic that we should be up near the time a great album that tingle you know one of the songs that I likens it's been instrumental sleigh ride. LeRoy Anderson Dan wrote this great song called slayer ride it goes orchestra are ended and that it's great piece of music yet. Using using the trumpet to echo horse named Hillary and the 08. That's part I look forward to. Favorite Christmas songs tomorrow on Stephen Ted is kind of like just like Christmas Eve tomorrow right. Last working day and we're gonna talk about. Christmas movies to test we'll focus on math beacon which the or BM is showing miracle on 34 street tonight down to you can. Today is. National re gifting days each year in a Thursday people across the United States participate in national re gifting day according to this. Blurb like that photo op Ed page says at the end of middle most of the Christmas parties are being done today on Thursday. That we had ours last Thursday right. As legally ours a week ago by the way that could party went very very well. We talked about I'd stick around for the and I bailed out right after the stratus chicken and got out of there. So like that I had a great time I don't know but you don't want your belly is full you used to battle and I hear. 855 you were so jolly Stevens that coming up. Data is asking is it dying congress working to avoid a government shutdown. Stevenson in the morning on CNN SS.