A look back at a controversial classic movie

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, December 12th

"Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" came out in theaters 50 years ago today


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Is this station in Wichita turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KSS. Wichita is number one. News talk bad weather station depend on. 830 you know you can do in the mornings beat back into Austin what word the US Supreme Court is flooding of death sentence stand for a south central Kansas. Fans who fatally shot the sheriff during a 2005 drug raid. The High Court declined Monday to review Scott's keepers case. Heber faces legal lethal injection for killing Greenwood county sheriff Matt Samuels. As Samuels tried it several more and achievers rural home about 75 miles northeast of Wichita. Now look at the forecast with Candace has staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning day and good morning the highest wind gust we had yesterday it was 39 miles per hour today not going to be nearly as breezy sunny with a high 52 clear overnight Tarlow 33 and another called pro will move in on Wednesday with a high close to sixty I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays now partly cloudy 27 degrees we've got to northwest wind at ten miles per hour a former Montgomery County man pleaded guilty to killing a southeast Kansas woman. And her three children and Tony thirteen. 26 year old David Bennett junior pleaded guilty Monday to capital murder and three counts of first degree premeditated murder. As part of the plea deal the state withdrew its notice to seek the death penalty. Bennett pleaded guilty in the November Tony thirteen deaths of 29 year old cameo mar her and her three minor children and Parsons. Testimony included that Bennett repeatedly tried to contact come barber after they met at a club in independence. You'll be sentenced February 16 is only possible sentence is life in prison without parole. Dan O'Neil came and SS news. Last week which caused largest employers Spirit Aerosystems announced it would bring a thousand new jobs to which on the coming months investing a billion dollars in the community. Mayor Jeff Long Will tells Kate and assist use Wichita has taken a long time to recover from 9/11 and the 2008 recession. Once we see these jobs finally make their way back we are. We couldn't state or finely tune that 2008. Employment level so sure they're taken too long to automate back. Banquet Aaron and our growing at some momentum. Long Will commented during Monday's with the mayoral who Steve into the morning show on K and assess. We're learning more about the attempted suicide bomber who targeted the busiest bus station in the US the New York Port Authority. He apparently learned how to build a pipe bomb on online and plan to use it. In the name of crisis. He came to the US from Bangladesh and lived in Brooklyn. Fox's Todd pyro is outside the bombers home. I had a mullah lived here in Brooklyn after into the US in 2011 from Bangladesh on a chain migration visa it preferential visa available for those with family. Here in the US for the wasn't licensed cab driver from march when he twelfth to march when he fifteen but. His taxi limo license was not renewed after 2050. Law enforcement said willow was inspired by our faces but did not appear to have direct contact with the group. And likely acted alone reports say the 27 year old was upset with the way Muslims have been treated by the US and by recent Israeli actions in Gaza. Good luck he's reported to be hospitalized in serious condition after suffering burns when the device went off. Democrat Doug Jones and is making his final pitch to supporters in Birmingham ahead of the special election. To fill an Alabama senate seat Jones tells the crowd others more at stake than just a senate seat. Please say no more to do to putting people down. That we say no order treating people. And second class citizens we say no mortar discriminating against those that I have are the least of fortunate Amman nest it's just turn. Folks that we say no more. Our own Jones locked in a tight race for the Republican Roy Moore for that the senate seat multiple women have accused Moore of pursuing or sexually abusing them when they were girls and he was in his thirties. Is Dennis Rodman the only man standing between peace and nuclear war with the North Korea. Tensions are rising with North Korea over that nation's nuclear weapons program and its threats to new the United States but former NBA bad boy Dennis Rodman may be the one to calm things down Rodman which traveled several times to North Korean considers himself president Kim Jong wounds friend is offering to broker better relations with the basketball match between the two nations but to make things fair the American team wouldn't be made up of towering NBA players they'd be fielded with people from Guam. Gary Baumgarten Fox News. Hey Unisys news time now 834 ST content in the morning and at the time of the day when we. Check out the entertainment usually tells the polar written but bird this morning dead on another big name accused of sexual harassment. Very would tell high stepping down from both this company and ABC's that you for an indefinite period allocate those surges to the curb. Because I'm about to put a spin on the old favorite with my delicious to peace prize he's being accused of sexual harassment by four women. In an expose say on eater New York the women accuse the celebrity chef. Of inappropriate touching over at least two decades what former employee alleges that over the course of two years he repeatedly grabbed her from behind. And held her tightly against his body. Patel told the website to the behavior described does match up with ways he's acted and quote I apologize to people I have mistreated and hurt. Michelle we know Fox News. It's considered the precursor to the Oscars this 75 Golden Globe nominations of Canon. I don't want in return beautiful thing just throwing. Guillermo del toros Cold War era fairy tale the shape of water leave the Golden Globe nominations with seven nuns following close behind is Steven Spielberg's drama the post with six nods Ridley Scott's drama all the money in the world with Christopher Plummer who replaced Kevin Spacey amid allegations of sexual misconduct was nominated for best supporting actor. One surprise that big sick written by Carmel nines Yani and Emily B Gordon was snubbed leading the television nominees to slime ball and pound people was named to text. The HBO drama big little lies with 69. Jacqueline Carl Fox News. Fox's actually do work and sits down with Star Wars the last tonight director Brian Johnson. And actor mark Hammel. When Star Wars the last Jenna I premieres in theaters December 15 it will mark the final on screen appearance by Carrie Fisher as princess lay up Fisher died last December after finishing filmmaker director Ryan Johnson spoke about her performance and how he hopes her role in the film he's tribute to the actress I think it's a. Beautiful tribute to her I think she's gorgeous in the movie and I think she's gives a beautiful performance I hope it'll mean something for the fans. Her costar and friend mark Hamel shared in addition to being sentimental he is reminded of Fisher's famous sense of humor. I'm terribly sad enough I don't wanna try and sugar coated although I do know her well enough to say that she would want us to be laughing. And even mocking her. Sure to be emotional and powerful appearance especially for longtime fans of the Star Wars universe and a the iconic role Carrie Fisher created actually divorced in. Fox News. There's a new film about the newscaster once called the most trusted man in America but to cry. Type the iconic newsman of him the most trusted newsman in America will be the center of a new film. Etc. it is attached to play Cronkite the film titled news flash will take place on November 22 1963. From Dallas Texas the flash apparently official president Kennedy died at 1 PM central standard time. 2 o'clock eastern standard time some 38 minutes ago. It chronicles how Cronkite and his news producer sifted through rumors and unverified information. To accurately report on the biggest news story of that era. We joked Leno fox meets. He like to play waterfront. About Seth Rogen playing Walter Cronkite. I'm not sure I see that the will try to I guess they'll have to convince me I guess this is going to be a movie about Walter Cronkite Venus donor dummy. That debate and this course Cronkite buried it in Kansas City user. That's Nintendo. According to the Kansas City Star and few birthdays today passed along to you about senior Dion Warwick. Previous. Night and day for background gutter that got a couple of opportunities. And a lot of burden back on experience does she is 77. Today Dion Warwick. Senior Connie Francis is eighties a year and day out all right you like Connie pressure it wouldn't. In a few number one hits along this line and one of my favorites. Former host of the price is right Bob Barker director. Isn't 94. Today I. Still walking down that gold and zero dollar and when I was a kid a young boy you go to the TV program called truth or consequence. In my right. Believe your current debt limit it to these questions if you got wrong either of them chimpanzee with a lot to do over there you with a buzzer man. It was gets that I'd love that. Happens every ethnic and you know haven't monkeys on. That's a loss rate the lost art. Or some big fan game shows Soriano yeah this is a big day for me Bob car buyers 94. In birthdays today and I don't know the still playing. At all. So let's take a look at what's going on now let's we gotta look good movie anniversary today came out in Wichita movie theaters fifty years ago on this day. Guess who's coming off to dinner. Great film great film directed by one of my favorite directors Stanley Kramer. Corset and Dennis Spencer Tracy and his finals on screen old Sydney plot DA right when he was at his hottest. As an actor Katherine Hepburn one of the greats of the cinemas well and Katharine Hepburn niece that's hot right playing the young girl. And of course dealing with the racial issues that we're very prominent in America at that time Guess Who's Coming to Dinner seems to. Make eye infection that you Matt yeah. A big impression that would not uphold it. I I you trying upon it now of course I'm not trying to off me you know his father's an ailment. Retired now lives in Los Angeles found do you suppose a colored me. Reduce disarm with all the qualities to address. You'll find out this evening the. Guess Who's Coming to Dinner. That is a classic line right there. This movie came out at a time. When interracial marriage was still illegal in seventeen. US states now out of this wasn't movies it was really pushing buttons. They wants a very very Lucille. The very interesting topic that I'm going on at that time. And of course the movie evolved to not only were. More than it was another daughter dating a black man they were engaged. They'll meet this ever occurred used that this might happen. They'll never occurred to me. Once. What can you tell me your reaction how do you feel about. I don't know lagged I I was shaken it Frist I still am I supposed but not serious they mean what they say both of them. They know what it delay. No they may mean what they're saying I accept that but they don't know what they're doing I won't accept that. Interesting couple out movies at the person behind Tracy isn't isn't dame newspaperman executive. And a real liberal yet and this really. That intelligence is total it was a shot his world interesting movie it's it's still resonates and has a lot of great things to talk about. This and of course Spencer Tracy gives his final role as we mentioned he was really ill during this. The filming this movie he died two and a half weeks after they've wrapped that film. Catherine Hepburn never saw the completed film he says memories of working with Tracy downs for it to run painful in our. Guess Who's Coming to Dinner came out in Wichita movie theaters fifteen years ago on this day. Entertainment news on the blurs but you are good friends at pizza and John's in donated they've been in business since 1969 conservative tasty pizza Monday through Saturday. 11 AM to 10 PM right there on 208 south Baltimore office K fifteen. It on down for a tasty pizza and pizza jobs and Irish 42 and now all that all of which about citizens. About ready to present ideas for centuries tells. Andrew which it's a business journal's editor bill that's coming up Stephens of the morning on tape and assess.