A look back at the movies that came out on Christmas Day

Steve & Ted
Friday, December 22nd

On today's Blur we talk about all the movies that released on Christmas.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news K at SS we just cause number. Who won the news talk bad weather station depend on. Your voice your head in the morning she's back in time. Ted Woodward house and senate leaders hope present former Republican senator Bob Dole with the nation's highest civilian honor. To recognize his decades of service as a soldier lawmaker and statesman. House speaker Paul Ryan's office is dole will receive the congressional gold medals. In a ceremony scheduled for January 17. Now 94 dole represented Kansas in the house and the senate. And was a GOP nominee for president in 1996. Now look at the forecast with gay and SS staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan. Good morning wanna grab the heavy coat on the way out the door a big difference from where we were yesterday at this time with temperatures starting below freezing only getting to 36 with a gusty north wind this afternoon. Partly cloudy tonight are Lou 21 that we get to 39 or forty for the high tomorrow and then on Christmas Eve sunny and 35 I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now cloudy 26 degrees the wind chill is. Fifteen minute. Congress has passed a temporary government funding bill keeping the government open through the holidays. Fox's ten paired him has more. Here's what the government funding bill does it fund the government at the current levels until January 19. It temporarily renews the domestic surveillance program which is a key tool in the war on terrorism caught finds a 702. And there's also some money in their for the military and also for children's health care. This gives congress time to try and find a permanent solution for government spending. AAA has forecast 107 point three million Americans will be traveling from Christmas to New Year's. Valerie wise with Wichita is Eisenhower airport tells Cayne has has used. An estimated 2700 passengers were scheduled to fly out of the airport Thursday how does that count compared with a normal. You can you know that stays there and you're 222300. Something like that is just a parent. Like they're pretty all every day. AAA estimates six point four million people traveling by air over Christmas in the US. Wichita police chief Gordon Ramsey tells K and assist use violent crime numbers have been going up the past few years what crime category concerns him most I think. Gun violence is the number that since Torrey fourteen we've seen. Increases in our aggravated assaults associated with. Gun violence and what we're seeing is a lot of people are choosing to resolve conflicts with with the guns then. It's a concerning trend and it's something that we wanna turn around. Chief Ramsey our guest this weekend and issues Tony 17 Sunday morning at eight on K and assess. During the holidays Internal Revenue Service reminds taxpayers who have not filed a tax return for 2016. Or prior years. That now's a good time to get current on their taxes. Ira spokesman Michael DeVine. If you didn't file last year and you file a 2017. Return and you're due a refund you probably won't get that until. You get current on your taxes you know because what we think is well maybe you Rhode last year you didn't file you gonna get a refund this year so you file what we want you to get current on your taxes because. It is a statute of limitations on claiming your refund. But that balance in June the money you wrote that interest and penalties that are growing on that. In general law provides most taxpayers a three year window of opportunity. Or claiming a refund or the money becomes property of the US treasury for more information go to IRS dot gov. Vice president tri band of the president trumpet vice president pants are both taking time to thank American troops before the Christmas holiday vice president pence making a surprise visit to Afghanistan to meet with president contrast Ghani green US troops. Thanking them for their service will stressing America's commitment to the war torn nation the armed forces of the United States. Will remain engaged in Afghanistan. Until we eliminate. The terrorist threat to our homeland. Meanwhile back home president from spending time with troops at Walter Reed medical center awarded a purple heart to first lieutenant Victor prod them survive an IUD blast in Afghanistan last month some Angel Fox News 836 now Steven Ted in the morning entertainment use the blurred Ted government is this morning. Thought about what it add yet another. Case of the alleged sexual misconduct is yes well this time it affects the Boston Symphony Orchestra. The renowned conductor Charles to toi know the target of accusations. First reported by the eighteen. Three opera singers and one musician charge she sexually forced himself on them. On the sidelines of some of the nation's great orchestras in Chicago Los Angeles Minneapolis Philadelphia and Saratoga Springs. Including back seat shortly before a performance the incidents as recently as 2010. Dating back to 1985. He try now the 81 year old artistic director and principal conductor of the royal philharmonic in London. Renowned as a guest conductor but no longer welcome in Boston for one. Teresa Crowley Fox News. And a long standing relationship in the beauty pageant industries coming to an end. And there they go oh Dick Clark productions is cutting ties with the Miss America Organization. Over internal emails sent by CEO Sam Haskell. In them Haskell ridiculed past winners looks intelligence and sex lives television production company calls the emails appalling. The comments are in contrast to how school support and ankle lowering public statements about past winners Haskell says he'll respond today. The Miss America Organization says Haskell did apologize to the board. Tom got eight. Fox News. The X-Files is returning and not just for six episodes. X-Files David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson drops and serious tents in the new super teaser trailer. Pretty ten episode second installment of the series return however when last we left them pluses and it was. Keller says justice series returns as the more quintessential X-Files with everyone back in and more importantly details on the cigarette smoking man. We learn something. Interest in things this season approached cigarette smoking man and I think those will be shot. More of what the company called the deep stage feel of the classic series the event series returns to fox on Wednesday January 3 at 8 PM. Michelle Paulino Fox News. All right heading into the weekend before Christmas let's take a look at the box office. I'm Michelle we now welcome until one came Jumanji welcome to the jungle for teenagers discovered no video game console and are literally drawn into the games jungle setting becoming the head to hold out. Avatars think yeah. Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart and Jack Black. He Tebow is the greatest showman is inspired by the imagination. A PT Barnum stars Hugh Jackman in an original musical that celebrates the birth of show business. And tells of a visionary who rose from nothing to create a spectacle that bikini worldwide since it. Pitch perfect three pounds the ballot. After their win at the world championship. It now separating gang reunite for one last singing competition headed overseas USO tour how ever he faced a group who uses both instruments simply. I doubt about it translates to. 212 million dollar downsizing is as social satire which I realize you have a better life if you were picturing himself Matt Damon and Christa weeks' time that's talks on film on fox. Vince McMahon is selling off he shares in the WW eat it and that's causing some speculation amid talks of trying to revive the except L McManus sold off over three million shares in the WW equally about 100 million dollars in a bind with the US Securities and Exchange Commission the sale was noticed primarily bombing a separate entity from the company called alpha entertainment to explore investment opportunities but here's what gets interesting. Alpha has filed for five trade marks the except fell the filing seeking to trademark the exit polls a professional football league and also cover merchandise with previous trademarks abandoned over a decade ago after the exit polls original one and done season in 2001. -- a policy on how Fox News. Go back to the movies take a look at the guys that. He looked to hit spilled all wallow land Oscar winning song writers then spastic and Justin Paul famous for last year's La La land also did the music for the new Hugh Jackman who led PT Barnum is be the greatest show -- I asked if they thought lot Aaland opened doors for the original movie musical. Which are coming on the heels of something like frozen and are Hamilton. These musicals that sort of puncture the generals sort of cultural zeitgeist I think that com. DD do open people up saying like maybe I don't hate musicals like I like I don't hear like ten that I like flow and a. As for writing songs that express such big emotions. Music because it's really unique ability to just cut right to the core of a human being and you feel emotion with music right away and I think it can bring you inside that Medicare you can get to see your thinks that someone wouldn't necessarily say out loud. A great example of that is one of the movie's songs this is me I guess he's your neck character and how she's feeling and the themes of acceptance and and Tony you're a day actually to mark end Fox News. Course worth three days away from Christmas there are some. Movies and enjoy anniversaries that did make their debut on Christmas Day culture. The Crosby. Hope road movie road to Rio open on Christmas Day seven years ago. One of the touchstone of American culture old dealer. Was released on Christmas Day sixty years ago. Now Tommy Kirk can't you do that emotion off on Angel yeah color. The Mel Brooks movie high anxiety. Was released on Christmas Day forty years ago alone that's I know you love them and doing. Take take off on vertigo and you love Cloris Leachman voice and a nursed each hole. You've ever ever seen that that's Cloris that are best periods Larry. Broadcast news came out on Christmas Day thirty years ago today and what a big fan. And at the postman. Was released twenty years ago today. OZ Kevin Costner movie apocalyptic. Post apocalyptic movie the idol ever resolve them. I want sought the theater however saw myself I heard it was terrible it isn't as bad as it was. The trade but it is not a great fan yeah there had been that bad in waterworld so I was I it was an audit is waterworld. Now I agree again I don't waterworld. It was is better than waterworld. Not sure how our ranks and his daddy you know something great but I managed to sit through an all right not quite as good as his quieter moving. And good it was at a news station are open and we do you have AST pianist art. Today we have a movie anniversary and fifty years ago today in Wichita movie theaters and movie called the graduate. And celebrating its fiftieth anniversary today. She got Dustin Hoffman. And Bancroft Catherine Ross. Got to get cast William Daniels but cannery Norman fell Alice ghostly onslaught and a it's a single movie directed by Mike Nichols asks yeah here's a here's a little bit of the graduates. Then. It was Magloire. Then. Mr. McGuire. Come amid a minute I like twenty. Think she's a student. Plastics. Certainly ooh. A great future in plastics. And passed its. The adjusted for inflation this is one of the top 25 grossing films of all time in North America. Very popular movies on the US national film registry. Number seven on American film institute's 100 years 100 movies list. Agree won the Oscar for best director for Mike Nichols we got nominated for six other Oscars. Did not get any. It's the last films so far to win best director and nothing else. Oh celebrating its fiftieth anniversary today. The at the graduate plus get the soundtrack. Which is follow lot of Simon and DARPA Perez I'm very very contemporary in time and variant of it all right there you go entertainment news in the blurt. Popular good friends at pizza Johns in any. Merry Christmas to those folks had serves up tasty pizza a year round Monday through Saturday 11 AM to 10 PM. Right there at 208 south Baltimore off. With K fifteen feet and John Vander ark Asia forty Bordal Stevenson coming up the Wichita business journal update it and we're divergent that you big book a couple of minutes. Seated at the morning on Kate and SS.