A look back at this year's Riverfest

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Tuesday, June 12th
Guest: Wichita Festivals, Inc. President Mary Beth Jarvis

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Is this station which should talk turns to. First we're live team coverage of breaking news KM SS widget because number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. Why this is the case editors' morning users even dead the site Steve Macintosh. President trump says North Korean leader meet in Singapore we've got the story. Motorcycle rider injured in north widgets on trying to Woodward those details just ahead. I'm Kayla says meteorologist Dan holidays we had thunderstorms all around this last night with a chance of rain and storms returns later today and tonight. Our forecast is coming up. In Singapore president Donald Trump the North Korean dictator Kim component and there's some of the two leaders had a 45 minute private. Median later signed documents. That claim North Korea will commence commit toward complete denuclearization. Following the signing president trump commented does work very. Proud of what took place today. I think our whole relationship with the North Korea and the Korean Peninsula is. It's going to be a very much different. Situation than it has in the past. We both wanted to do something we both are going to do something. That we've developed a very special bond. The documents also promised that the two nations will continue to work toward peace. Last night a motorcycle and car collided on the southbound exit ramp from my 135 to 21 street north police officer Brian Bachman says. House. There were dispatched to injury accident. When they arrived. They located a victim. In the street he's been transported to a local hospital in critical condition fortunately. 39 year old driver of that motorcycle was not wearing helmets the driver of the car was not injured. The man was shot and killed in southeast which it's on not far from Harry and the Kansas turnpike. Which police officer Charlie Davidson. Approximately 3 AM on Sunday. I homicide occurred at factories and 7000 block of east series. The victim is identified as I think Lewis the 37 year old male of Wichita. Police arrested a 36 year old suspect who was booked into jail on multiple counts including murder. There have been 22 homicides in 243 weeks this year in Wichita. Fire captain Jose okay eighties says a woman cleaning her family's restaurant after closing time has died and her sister remains in critical condition. At fire happened one month ago in north widgets on your 21 in Waco. One of the two victims from below most best restaurant incidents. On May eleventh has passed away. Rosa Martinez 51 years of age. The second victims still in the hospital and unable to speak in gather more information on the cause of the fires so the cause is still unknown. Last year there were six fired deaths in which it's off this year they're already been five fire fatalities it's a bit early for such a large out of control fire in Colorado but for people who live near Durango. It's not all that surprising. Looks like county spokeswoman meg in grand says more than 2000 homes have been evacuated. Hundreds more are under pre evacuation orders. I don't think anyone can say that this fact that we are having significant outside our. Is it surprised. The area around rain has been classified as under an exceptional drought. Fire information officer came and access current weather conditions helped this fire broke quickly. We're facing extreme conditions with very dry vegetation hot temperatures. We'll immunity islands in the rugged inaccessible terrain. It's too rugged on the west flank to put crews on the ground but they're doing structure protection in every other direction of the flames. And Jessica Rosenthal Fox News. Animal shelter workers and sheriff's deputies have rescued 37 small dog from a trailer home in central Kansas. After someone reported finding one dead dog another extremely sick one at a nearby dumpster. Lyon county sheriff's officials say the sick animal was given emergency medical treatment. The sheriff's office said deputies and discovered 37 dogs living in the home near OP. The owner asked for assistance to find new homes for the rat terriers and rat terrier mixes. They and it's just in time now 7044 minutes past 7 o'clock. Even visiting the royals tonight that doesn't come into Kauffman Stadium very often we'll tell you about that coming up in sports which don't mayor calls her pastor a success. That story coming up. On McCain as a sporting news Stevens had that. Mcginnis escorting use misty content now. 777. Minutes past 7 o'clock. Officials have Wichita principals seem to estimate this year's super festival attendance of about 460000. Over the nine day Iran that concluded Saturday. Mayor Jeff Long Will tells K Unisys news. About what we've planned on that about the target number we've been hitting here lately they've had. There's a great way to kick off summer and I think that it might have been even a little bit better this year and pay down there a couple of times and found them. Pretty tasty and healthy choices. Longwell commented during Monday's with the mayor on the Stephenson Joseph right here on K and assess the Department of Justice says some cases for asylum will no longer be considered acceptable reasons for admission to the US. Attorney general Jeff Sessions says many immigrants are coming to the United States by abusing the asylum sister. The number of illegal entrants has surged. Credible fear claims have skyrocket. Prevent. Recent sessions there's no longer will people claiming to be fearful of domestic or gang violence be able to use those avenues to cross our borders according to be attorney general. That's because. The vast majority of the current asylum claims we've seen are not valid. He says cases of race religious and political persecution will still be considered. Colonel Scott Fox News or Hawaii and vacation is about to get more expensive. Visitors to Hawaii already paid the nation's highest rate for hotel rooms but those calls could increase under a proposed law expanding the State's hotel tax. Attacks is currently ten and a quarter percent on the room charge which averages almost 293 dollars a night. Lawmakers have passed a measure expanding that to all hotel time share and resort transactions. Such as Wi-Fi bottled water parking and other expenses like resort fees. Analysts say that could add an additional eight dollars a night to the current average of just over thirty dollars a night in taxes. Hotel workers unions and tourism groups opposed the bill. Governor David Vijay has until June 25 to veto the measure or it becomes law. Rich Dennis and Fox News. K Unisys used time now. Owns 71010 minutes past several blocks. The gasoline prices in Wichita this morning a little bit unsettled I've seen prices anywhere from 74 and 217 winded. This morning the best price traffic tracker Jason called in earlier. K 96 and ridge roads in 69. There. The prices a little unsettled. Traffic epic from street and as best radio on jet chambers and now the KS and storm trackers record canister at Kansas today meteorologist Laura fan and good morning Laura. Good morning it's and a busy morning so Hartley has sent strong to severe thunderstorms that plowed on through and like you just went right around town. But the way we jointly accept that you just witness the way it always so we watched that gadget crazy any I saw picking on us data yesterday nose leg. There's no way there's no is actually holed in one. It's true it would right in other words literally writer dance crash and a member us at. Yeah we did house of storms this morning and some folks may have gotten a little bit of hail and gusty winds all that now is to southeast Kansas parking out into Oklahoma. We're working with the clouds. It is muggy too we've got temperatures and high seventy's to right around eighty degrees of breeze out of southeast at seven miles per hour clouds should begin to thin out throughout the morning hours. They stating mostly dry weather to take over it's still going to be hot and humid calling for a high of 93 but feeling hotter than ads. But nonetheless it is huge improvement from yesterday. It's not until the evening when we see storms moving on across parts of Keyon is a missing after 910 client that's going to be your best bet for storms here in the metro with that unsettled trend too well linger through early Wednesday morning with the clouds on Wednesday that's going to keep us on the cooler side of the that's when you actually feel the changes with highs in the mid to upper eighties but then he picks up right or left off through the end of the week as it were backed in the eighties I'd sold still. Do you today I around what 93 using 93. And thank you currently is in storm recovery forecasts with Kansas today. Meteorologist Laura button now 7-Eleven. 11 minutes past 7 o'clock we Stephen Ted and as in we've been talking about this week. The river festival came to an end over the weekend and with a us this morning. Is the person who does all the work down there Mary Beth your purpose of which tough festival's laid right Mary Beth. I reckon that if I had to do other work river Cutler like yeah it just wouldn't happen. Yeah one of the things we talked about as is the number of volunteers talk about you volunteers are just a minute and a apparently. I'm about 200 volunteers that work record with just wrapped in here and they're gonna mastermind behind. Planning activities. Not only all the operations and financial. You know other certain aspects of the festival from the what you see many of Wichita. But also. Instead of apology as commander in. It looks like a record number apology issued her chest under a thousand. Came out and. You know did. The result they get they cleaned up the truth court date you know where. But sellers or whatever it is it needed to be done at her fat diet it kind of helped make it an amazing party. So what do you think you how many people do you think in I don't know how you do this but how do you estimate and a bully maybe 460000. Total came just one or more events is that right. Now yep it was absolutely broke last year from an attendance perspective than what we view it here for things like. Concerts will take over at pictures you'd greeted child and then another thing. We either replace it process. You know no person shall execute court you know second I think some event we used quicker and specifically count everybody coming out. And serve our side by. That way it'll. Healing really well and festival mother nature with carted but frankly I heard over and over again. Whereas that we had. Programming whether it's entertainment concert tour was unique performers I came into my all around the country other really are people and. But how does that would 460000. With a compare with the pass estimates for the river festival this for years. About that it was about last year of about 410 last year. Even here this war torn extremist with a wonderful as well it ended with the incredible concert with the roots we had good weather all year are all acceptable. That was about 465 that you and exceeded. That definitely one of the larger festival. We've got data for it in the last couple of decades. And we have we've talked with a police department nearly every day and Chrissie were the of the remainder a big part of your. Security for for everything went on down and days you know like two arrests. It's only candidate here is it's amazing. How well behaved people worker. And. That's exactly right I walked to the crowd every night and yeah you gotta since the news and make sure that nothing is brewing and the fact is that we had. Every representation and you know out of ages and groups around the community in from out of town. And everybody was paired together in the spirit of the festival that we had. Italy had a couple of folks at. You know share at about judgment and Derrick Knight got a little bit worse that. That would absolutely accidentally hit a record low number. Security incidents and we're just really really pleased with everybody. Pier it in that respect. What what you want to put button sales to Vitale that a merry band. Well we can only we only know it it's like our onsite button it'll just spoke right at the gate. And those were up 26%. Last year. You know you get just a couple more weeks. To get in numbers and the tail around Dylan been quick or so of the community. So we won't know that little button you know until later in the summer but he aren't they indicators. Really try our quick with a robot constable. You know and always think it was saying was going on bouquet were not committee arraignment. Good gravy some of those dig a little warm and toasty down there ever dated that. Al-Qaeda and you would have thought that it made people grumpy that now al-Qaeda in the summer spirit of the festival and it you we could not a trick the better here you know make available that giant. I note that that helped make it. You know cheaper and more pleasant festival and we were just happy we were able to do not solver and. Yet in our vets at Woodward here. I was you know we have mentioned earlier about people coming in from out of town on some times we don't think about that that I was up I was down their Friday night there are people right by me that could come in from Arkansas and they were here for two days they were talking and how they were they are coming up to see the concerts and staying overnight so. It's just panicked a little. Portrait that goes to prove that people are coming year we're drawing people mobile wide area that SI read into a woman from California so they're committed from all over the place. Yeah with that Friday night that list fair concert and we had a one of our entrance to kind of walk into the crowd and he couldn't get through more than. It's 300 people to counsel from fourteen different states and we also had that even blinking nod to the sectors so concert. Our evidence. Let's get written about England that was going to be a long night during the you know Israeli nineteen are there. We are excited about making. If person you know whether you thought reggae or gospel or pop or country or rock. It was there and we just Suffolk you know drug. I just think if you if you ask him wind wagons Smith Tim Norton will say he was probably the key for. For the for the attendance this year when you're doing you think are. He now right yeah if called the mother nature and either she stepped out I would give them all the credit. You think you would win when united he was probably does. It well somebody that Reverend Wright. So what are the science that while I'm gonna surprise you talk to us this morning up on that do like the day after. You'd be hidden for the Bahamas for a couple weeks. I don't echoed what are. It really it is if you have a couple of weeks to get the sensible sent out that those who watched down accountancy. You have to boot from other things going. But boy we really try to get down come back. Quickly and Europe Sunday. From early in the morning until. You know 6:7 o'clock and he not a hotbed and our policy has just crushed. And contact mr. a couple of in the court let us useful to look at her daughter and looks up within the industry Dawkins back open and everything before the work we start. Which are also are. Optical. Hey how many admiral jackets are there. Well you know they sometimes they get cannibalize or if it in the that says it true not for our just genius. Sure probably only house or societal. Yeah hanging in the closet and some of them are. That page that this style and they're not not quite work out for. It at a crawl our. Noon and it obviously list jacket for Norton huge draws those guns in his right. Al-Qaeda it was I mean what does that merit and Norton he's got. He just personality. You know looting and it it was just a pleasure any yet risking your mate and that Abdullah relationship is special every year there's. I schools can be seniors got to spend time Islamic. And then represent their schools at all the current president but also around the community went out to the days. Out visiting in hospitals run in the future organization. I know he had a great experience but. The fact is he touched a lot of people including a scary but beyond that and not British. Delighted by what. Picture tour of the admiral. After the festival mean it is unique here at home town. Pride and unity candle we're just. Let's hope that we currently are reluctant yes. Thanks for being with a citizen is always a great river festival this year thank you Mary Beth for your efforts and all of your folks in the volunteers. Looks like will be doing again next year right. Yeah yeah you know we've gone 47 government we never quite get it right. Yeah right. Thank you Mary Beth Mary Beth Jarvis is a president of Wichita festivals linked. We're talking about the river festival concluded this past weekend seventh when he announced even dead it is sports time we did Woodward got that little. A little baseball this morning great to him. Yeah after a day off Kansas City Royals are back data against the team that is at the bottom of the National League interleague play. Per couple days for the Kansas City Royals a team comes to Kansas City doesn't come very often the Cincinnati Reds for only the fourth time ever. I mean Kansas City take on the royals. Royals are trying to get things right they've lost seven of their last eight they've struggled all season long at home this is only two game series very short. But it does begin an eight game homestand for the royals. And Kansas City. Though in its short history with the reds has beaten them five times and arrow in Kansas City. The reds have not won at Kauffman Stadium in nineteen years Steve the royals can. Somehow keep that Mo Jo going against the reds tonight live coverage of the reds in the royals at 630 tonight game will start. 715 to listen to a live on Sports Radio Kate at 81240 AM 975. FM. Last night the Wichita wing nuts are on the road beginning a weeklong assists. And weighing in taxes they open up before game series the cleaver and rail errors last night. On Twitter the wing nuts wrote. We not watch money ball for their series opening game against cleaver and immediately. Drove. A season high thirteen. Walks. We're six to one win thanks Brad Pitt commitment able that this that the movie. The move your money ball and there's the thing about today. Watch him and pitches that are just unleash the the objective is to get on base what were they have so walking is as good as a single bound and is if you get runners on base you have better chances to score runs the so what the willingness did last night they only got four hits while I got thirteen walks issued by the cleaver and pitching staff right and that certainly helped and we know it's one game six to one back to back wins the wing nuts in cleaver and again tonight. At 705. St. Louis Cardinals won yesterday as they were home may be the last place San Diego Padres 520. Cardinals won four out of five there are only two and a half games back behind the cubs in the National League central. And the this is a notable day in shocker baseball history it was 25 years ago on this day at the soccer baseball team. Played Louisiana State in the national championship game at the college World Series she won that game eight to nothing. That's the last time Wichita State would appear in the national championship game that was 25 years ago today in Omaha sports with Stevens. KMS. Andy cyber. In the Wichita area because prairie fire coffee beans are roasted fresh right here in Wichita. And you can get prairie fire copied your office just like Steven dead like going 2673771. Bit. Or online to prairie fire coffee dot com 723 now keep it here for Rush Limbaugh morning update. Obama is Iran deal and trumps North Korean meeting that's normally Stevens in the morning on faith and as ass.