A look at creating sound design for Star Wars

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, February 20th

On the Blur we take a look at the sound design of Star Wars: The Last Jedi


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Good morning 830. Even more feedback. Thirteen thirty K and fans and us. Election officials from around the country are gathering in Washington. And the prime topic is what to do to prevent future meddling by Russia or other countries or bad actors. Fox's Griff Jenkins has more the officials are gathering at a meeting of the national organization of secretaries of state many from the 21 states believed to have been targeted by the Russians. They're frustrated by the lack of federal information being shared with him about threats to their systems some even suggesting. The answer lies in returning to paper ballots but Georgia secretary of state Brian Campbell reminding us. What decadent tale that infamous hanging Chad the fraud we see in Georgia. He is what paper ballots. How would be very careful going back. To the old days of dying Chad. No live security officials acknowledge a critical need for federal help and said it's a number one goal to make sure states get the support they need. The Russian government denies any meddling even though several Russians were indicted last week by the special counsel. Charging they did try to interfere with the 2016 election. One vehicle accident caused a power outage in the northwest Wichita Monday night crash occurred near. The intersection of thirteenth and West Street no injuries reported the accident caused more than 2600 west our energy customers to lose power in the cold night. When star restored power to the area sometime after 11 PM at today's meeting that pushed our City Council will consider a new one year contract. With the fraternal order of police major Jeff Long Will tells can't assist news. Bringing. Only. But options now so much more expensive clothes several years ago. I had a friend tell me when he went through all about it well. Or out the nine month court. Longwell commented during Monday's with the mayor on the Steven tip of the morning show right here on K and and Spanish. A substitute teacher in North Carolina has been fired at. After a video. Is posted on FaceBook showing him body slamming a student. Boxes of Michael polar Cheever. Jamaica sheriff and he came Ingraham from here. And to their windows. And then thrown to the floor it was all caught on video bruises left on his elbow shoulder and back Jose says he's had a substitute teacher before it has no idea what caused him to act that way. Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is taking heat on line or something she wore. Twitter critics taking amen duchess Kate Middleton for opting to Wear green to the British Academy of Film and Television Arts awards amid a red carpet blacked out attendees were encouraged to Wear black in solidarity with time's up movement the real turned up wearing a dark olive frock with a black ribbon at the waist naysayers treated they were disappointed some angry that dodges didn't support the movement others like TV personality piers Morgan came to Middleton defensed Morgan tweeting in part apparently. She's not allowed to exercise perp that it is right to Wear whatever color dress she chooses members of the royal family tend to steer clear of all political issues and remain neutral on Christine good when Fox News. Just happy that we are criticized continually for what we Wear on the years. It's eight. Is being criticized rounds are cross to there and if so the forecast with. K as a stack of meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan this morning the winter weather advisory continues in affect until new and that means the potential for icing and freezing drizzle here close to the ground. But way up in the atmosphere different things are going on which means we could have some small hail mixed in sleep. And some rain from time to time with a high near that freezing market around 32 of gusty north winds have the afternoon a cloudy upper teens tonight. Tomorrow 32 home I'm KM SS media while to stand the holidays now cloudy and 43 degrees in north wind gusting to 33 miles per hour. 834 now Stephen did in the morning on K and SS it's time for entertainment news a blur which Ted Woodward Tet. Steve a man who is put into a mental hospital after attacking in CI AS Starr Polly correct. LE es back out on the street. So violent homeless man is back on the streets after serving time in a state psychiatric institution David Merck. It was in the news in November 2015 after an unprovoked attack on that it's. She says it nearly cost her her life I spoke at length. Rid of the capital Hollywood division very involved in the community very much aware of David march release and says technically there's nothing that law enforcement can do. Until someone commits a crime but having said that there are well aware of Merck and is linked to criminal record. And as much as manpower permits a try to keep an eye on him. So actress Polly Perot that she said she's worried. I already tried to attacker now he's out there again. She is successfully she's somebody who has some money should hire somebody in bodyguard or for awhile but obviously longtime TV stone. Redundant and that's Fox's fox eleven LA's Phil Schumann with that report. Birdie apologizes. It breaks money giveaway and the black pound that are soundtrack soaring. And kept Leno to burden the apologized after Manny criticize a performance of the National Anthem meant the NBA all star game the singer's jazzy version on several chuckles from players and fans. Curry told him VM risk taker artistically the clearly this rendition didn't strike in. The money that after exiting giving away with all part of God's plan. The video for the song c.'s streak giving away the money to families. Shots yeah. Rate recently given 50000 dollars scholarship to a University of Miami student. Paid for groceries for supermarket shoppers and more. Drake writes on its granny wants fans to do something to bring joy to someone else and tag team would teach you. I checked the box office smash black panther. Is the top album. In the country in its first week of release this chapter features songs from the weekend releases and Kendrick Lamar that's fox rocks on Fox News. And today we can identify with Fergie can't win. As being creative risks to as he's trying to push that envelope be creative and AG MD NC slicker acts. He's a legendary composer he's coming out with a memoir. On the incomparable composer Andrew Lloyd Webber he was at the grammys in New York City in which how to hold Broadway tribute that included his music from that to celebrating a thirtieth anniversary of the Phantom of the Opera it's been a busy year already for Webber and it's sent to get busier as he releases his autobiography next month I. I signed one of these people who like the people would be so nice of the single plus sitcom back. It without the public you do this on the other nobody was this tool box yeah Bible talk about something easy and but it's funny. He's quite funny I do tells stories you'll never be so before and some things that I think might it. Overall I really did I don't want to write some cooling code FaceBook about an. And then this happened and that that Hyundai Accent all the sauces on the and the problems of the good I think people will be put on that and then all of them you know yes yes this one on the tell you me. Actually a march and Fox News. What makes Star Wars magic for the years. Hours the last yet I energies does support to buck is cute little flying buddy but how did they create org unique sound we had an intern. This Turkey. Forced to sell in the documentary went behind the scenes to speak with the film's sound design team really if you deviate ruin your photos and send. ABC news is Clayton scandal reveals how the team created the effects that create the atmosphere the box office smash director Brian Johnson it's not just a player that's on top of the story telling you use this during. Ports down is available to watch Tuesday morning and abcnews.com. Michelle we know fox and yes. Big Hollywood birthday today Sidney RTA guy is in 1981. Years old today and others say his parents were from the Bahamas. That he was born in Miami while they were here selling their lawyers. Though but he's his citizenship is bahama cold day but. Data first black male actor to win an Oscar in best actor. He was the biggest box office draw in 1967. When he did back to back to back up to sir with love. And in the heat of the night and Guess Who's Coming to Dinner let's get a little Guess Who's Coming to Dinner. JoAnne Harris very close to both. If by marrying me she damaged her relationship but rather view the pain of it would be too much fire. I would know how to deal with that kind of such. In any case I wouldn't even want. I just told officers that there. Don't misunderstand me. I love you or talk. There's nothing I wouldn't do to try to keep her as happy as she blessed that their matter but it seems to meet without your approval Lou make no sense at all. Sydney today. These is is Oscar was for little lilies of the field isn't the one he won the Oscar for. And his first Oscar nomination was for the defiant ones. Ian Tony Curtis were shackled together been on the run Stanley Kramer her. Sydney plot DA is name me 18 years old today and finally Steve. We must finish up with on knowing what you were doing last night. Watching the bachelor the ABC. The drama. As the bat is a course in delegates when he gets down to the nitty gritty and they make the bachelor go meet all the all his you know potential girlfriends families. You get to face them so yeah. One of the fun moments last night was when. CEOs father got in our eighth. You know the only thing I'm a much used what I read on the Internet and give me some stuff putting well worried about bush do you suppose we've Playboy. Did you know. Usually holds the career I got a pretty good camp I wanna numbers speak from now on and even think that was I should point stressful. Yeah I mean it's like there are other relationships. You know there's 25. And I went home because I possibly into the and that I absolutely love who. Yeah. And yet after that loving. Questioning between RE NT is father now teel was eliminated from the competent who. Leon sign up some unknowns out there. And you. So far via. So sorry. It's a new early crew of beta just laughed at me now you are laughing now holds. During middle sound good areas of us are you know. The apologized for these guys I've seen these absolutely ridiculous absolutely. Perfect gorgeous people. The dead young woman not know that you can go and find another man better than what. Without he's got cameras and microphones here drill now before seven yeah they do you know and I wrote whatever that. They kill you to be emotional with being in tune out there and you get matter you Pryor's down in the end it's just the same thing you can slap them. It on the bachelor that. Entertainment news in the blur brought to you by are good friends that pizza John did nerdy kids. He get any size pizza there he knew small medium large even eight giant wave and I'm going to cry. Me and my brother and Ed got the giant at that time all right that was really you can build your own whatever ingredients you want there's an all meets bachelor's Sabrina Barbeque chicken there's a veggie lovers. Whatever you want on it. They'll make it for you and it's always super please the right there on tape 158208. Self Baltimore. Pete did it create forty to denounce these and adds the a tough year for one aircraft company manager bill Lloyd that would stop business journal is on the way. Stevens in the morning on Kate in essence.