A look at health savings accounts and high-deductible health care plans

Steve & Ted
Thursday, November 30th

Moneytracker Don Grant says health care costs are very hard to plan for, and high deductible plans are becoming more popular.


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And Nikola. While the number of international visitors arriving in the past declined nearly 4% in the first six months of this year. Campaign to bear the same period of when he sixteen according to data released. Wednesday from the US Department of Commerce national travel and tourism office and 652 now Stevenson in the morning how about those. Health savings accounts a lot of them on grants the FB some money tracker dog. A cap may get a little not political that you and I may go on a raid sheer populism to me health care is. A mass. At our financial planning view the it's it's a moving number it very difficult to plan around personally. I tear my hair out. Because as a business owner I pay an astronomical. Premiums for coverage that essentially lines the pockets of health insurance company has shareholders. And that is a high paid executives. In spite of that there are some ways to cushion the financial blow a bit so thank you for letting me vent ups that I am about. All right partner Everett high deductible health care plans are growing in popularity particularly those of us who don't. This is the doctor very often and essentially want to have a catastrophic health emergencies covered. Exclusive to high deductible plans is the opportunity to put money away in a health savings account or HSA. Now the beauty of health savings account is that a participant can contribute pre tax money to an eight count. They can be used to pay for health related expenses HSA's are essentially triple tax exempt when you think about it. Contributions are from untaxed income. If you invest the money within the account it grows tax free. And distributions for health care related costs are withdrawn tax free. Tripled tax exempt. 42018. An individual can contribute to. 3450. Bucks into NHS say those 55 and older. And put a catch up provision of 1000 bucks the total for a family is 6900. And if two are older than 55 with separate accounts they can each add another 1000 bucks to that. Now a survey from consulting firm debonair. Reports that the number of agencies increased 16%. From June 30 of 2016. There are more than 21 million accounts and growing. More companies are removing healthcare coverage from their benefits passing responsibility onto workers and the tax advantage and and charred charging healthcare environment canned have added to that surge obviously. Another advantage of HS days that they have no annual use it or lose it provision as with many flex plans at work contributions can be invested. And they can be rolled over from year to year as they grow of course if you have any questions about ages eighteen to be called number 634. 2222. As we just recently was effective yesterday was a deadline here that into account for listed to read Rea. On health insurance for your help every year you get it and he would go through the the deal cry frankly the computer program this year get a new deal it was. And it's online giant a couple of people around it's bounded disturbingly complicated slowed man I'm sorry about it I'll get there by feedback from the did it fast it was really easy they would show what you had before. And you can be imperative compared to go higher priced version the share but this is at a campers and anyway that's my opinion about it but you know what I was talking with this. Of that cannot tell you hood is a bit someone who but I know pretty well. And there's there and small business action their business is not real small mammal were uttered employees ride and laugh and that what he was paying for health insurance. It's under. Real that it gives Ericsson loosely on real down in infamy starting an artist indeed they tackle that if summit it will finally tackle it. You're gonna save Americans. If you figure it out and do the right way and I know what the right way he has millions today but he gets right it could save billions. There can billions of ball there can be profits for everybody dance and they can be reasonable but right now as the Jeff vis those and an out and now and that tests Tesla guy and you know we're all these people when it comes to health care because you know they are the kind of brains you can figure this out don't leave it up to her immediate politics no sorrow there have been started Ari. Story at today's computer security day after we hear about that American Airlines glitch there yeah out of violence so this is today to think about identity theft. Fake fraud ransom where viruses and then make our online experiences that make her online experiences challenging computer security. I'm good Don always a pleasure. It back to see is an idea what I'm not so mad. Your little annoyed and I kind of event at 7 o'clock. I'll have better in this as sporting news is Steven dead. Hot time of the Sedgwick county commission meeting flew historian lord you seen and literally on KUSS.