A look at how some changes in charter flights affect the Kansas City Chiefs

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Thursday, August 17th
Steve, Ted, and Voice of the Kansas City Chiefs Mitch Holthus talk about charter flights with a road game coming up.

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Station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS we just cause number one news talk and weather station. Depend on. He's the head of the morning Steve Bakken zone instead what we're the thunder lightning high winds and hail. All part of thunderstorms that rolled across south central Kansas Wednesday afternoon rainfall amounts were spotting guess seven hundreds of an inch. Near Eisenhower air portable west side of what you thought that to Barre airport on the east side more than one in the third inches small hail street flooding reported in Wichita. Was some tree damage at Andover. Tree limbs down windows blown out at eureka. Where school classes have been canceled for today. Now the forecast with Kate and as a stampede you all just Dan holidays good morning Dan good morning with a quiet start to the day's sunshine this afternoon will likely be in the low eighties by around lunchtime. 88 for the high with a light northwest wind. We may see few thunderstorms stripped in from the northwest overnight and towards morning are loose seventy. Friday's high 91 I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now partly cloudy and 67 degrees. A pair of accidents as injured as many as six people one critically. Officials said the injuries took place in separate but related accidents in south Wichita. Happened around 915 wins tonight on MacArthur between meridian and West Street police send that in the first accident two vehicles were involved in a head on collision. The second accident involving vehicles striking a pedestrian. One person was transported to a hospital with critical injuries four people were reported to us suffered serious injuries and one person was said to have minor injuries. Both accidents remain under investigation. Dan O'Neil Katie and SS news. Wichita area technical college in goodwill industries of Kansas have developed the mobile learning lab Cedric county commission chairman Dave on group says the mobile labs at 34 foot long trailer. It's going to travel across the state. Introducing students to high demand career as they may not be aware of or considered an option for further study. Allow. Grade school folks to see what is slosh to and be a welder or. If you can believe it via heart surgeon. They have 3-D. I don't know all the technical word that you can how can I took a Hart guarantee that it happened to have messed around with the valves. Put it back and you know my it is dry little glasses and almost little pin you can really learn a lot. The goal is to stimulate more Kansas into career path. Pathways such as aviation advanced manufacturing and health sciences and other Kansas State lawmaker has become the third Republican to enter the race to succeed retiring GOP US represented Lynn Jenkins. The Topeka capital journal reports represented Kevin Jones of wells deal. In east central Kansas Franklin County announced his candidacy Wednesday. For the second congressional district 42 year old Jones has served in the legislature since 23 team. The potential pay out for those who got calls offering free cruises it's all because of a proposed class action settlement. In the lawsuit alleging that resort marketing group broke the law when it robo called consumers offering cruises on carnival. Royal Caribbean and Norwegian here's ABC's Rebecca Jarvis with more. Anyone getting those calls from 2009 to 2014. May now be eligible for up to 900 dollars for up to three phone lines people can check on the settlement website to see if they received a call. By punching and their phone number they have a until November 3 to make a claim. Sudden illnesses have been afflicting a major airline for the third time in a week crewmembers on board a jetBlue flights have become sickened. Here's ABC's David curly jetBlue says in this case it was nail polish remover that was the odor but just last Thursday to jetBlue aircraft were diverted after a half dozen crew members complained of voters in the cabin in one of those incidents emergency crews in buffalo administered oxygen up pilot into flight attendants taken to the hospital in both incidents last week jetBlue says that it followed the manufacturers and the FAA's guidelines in checking out those aircraft and both jetliners were returned to service. He Unisys news time now 835 XT content in the morning it is that time of the morning time for. Entertainment use solar general particulars of it what's going on with Tom Cruise now well. When the major star many things suffers an injury hill that it slows things down what would happen to use you broke here. The your learn certain everything but on perfect I'm not well at a slow download Tom Cruise to recover. Production on Mission Impossible six has been shut down oil start Tom Cruise recovers from a broken ankle he injured it last weekend attempting to stunt in London jumping from a platform to a roof and coming up short slamming into a wall on my video shows him limping away the studio says the film's July 2018 opening is still ago. In related news production has reportedly resumed on the set of dead pool two in Vancouver Canada following the death Monday of a stunt woman the names involved. James Bond will be hearing that a little while longer Daniel Craig will play the super spy for one more film the fifth time to 49 year old actress played double 07. He has yet unnamed movie will be out at 2019. Manchester arena is reopening just shy of three months after a terrorist bombing outside the venue fallen in Arianna grounded country killed 23 people the first show September 9 featuring Manchester native no Gallagher and his band the high flying birds I'm Christopher Watson. Another day another game was thrown leak online this time it was HBO in Europe. Mistakenly put out a new game thrown online does this coming Sunday's episode was online for about an hour before somebody comes at stake to get down. That was of course enough times people rip it put it on the Internet and HBO says it was a mistake and had no connection to the recent hacking incidents. No or any connection to a separate leagues in India. Recently that saw episode four go out on line ahead of schedule but the leaks have not hurt the ratings apparently. Game of thrown just scoring record breaking numbers in the United States this season. Sixty years ago on this day the release of the Warner Bros. cartoon ducking the double. Tasmanian devil escapes from the city's zoo now for 5000 dollar reward greedy enough to try to get them nappy done Daffy Duck. It was the only pairing ever of Daffy Duck in the Tasmanian devil why that's it's easily and it was always that double vs Bugs Bunny and the natural his Daffy you know. This was the only one with Daffy Duck in the Tasmanian devils are sixteen years ago today. Chris Brown speaks out about an infamous incidents and the rolling in the money for Emma Stone. Chris Brown is sharing new details about the night before the grammys in 2009 errors it's hard to describe an uptight he and Rihanna had in his Lamborghini but another woman and aren't either. With a closers are punched. And a busted he says they argue some more than she grabbed his crotch cam question was should do that actually I'm I don't wrong. He pulled over she had the keys she she yells out to Hilton shot you he says he regrets what he did his I. Haiti it is very you know as his personal Hargreaves. The video as part of a new documentary on Chris browns made shaping up to be a pretty good year for Emma Stone for sure when the Oscar for best actress now Forbes says the 26 year old is the world's highest paid leading lady. The publication claims don't raked in 26 million bucks in the last year mostly thanks to low dollar and you tell me. And let's be document Roberts in Europe because it's his birthday today he 74. I'm Jason Nathanson. Bobby de Niro 740 yes you favored Bob de Niro and nobody leave CNN godfather. And in very good and then. The young Don colonial and yes yeah I'll kill him and he was very good at that. The taxi driver. Now that gets so creaking he is well. These post just really didn't he get a bill on beak to grab article. Isn't. And a happy birthday and of course so let's see we had the top of the actresses on Emma Stone top of that list last year's number one Jennifer Lawrence slipped to third. Who's number two Jennifer Aniston. Oh really like her. Almost he's done a lot of movies apparently being well paid for something policy studies of the keynote spot season you know down here. That's what it's kind of front advertising and pay the bill expect. 25 years ago on this day Woody Allen. Admitted that he was romantically involved with his 21 year old adopted daughter Sunnis and gotten. Of course that there adopted daughter with Allen's longtime companion actress there that was quite the scandal 25 years ago if one's in Libya admitted that. And was on that very same day 25 years ago today Wayne Newton. Filed for bankruptcy singer. He owed it to twenty million dollars to 200 creditors arm barely the bills are coming into Wayne's mailbox and he just. Ignored them. Think he had to tailor and he just sit dump a shame on you through the stress I don't blame Newton I don't have to pay hula. Nice being the field and son twelve point five years ago today Wayne Newton file for bankruptcy. Kind of stuff you have to buy a one out of last night's edition of America's Got Talent on NBC the first dozen acts learned which seven of them would advance to the semi finals. Tyra Banks announcing the winners at twelve year old ventriloquist Darcy and a nine year old singer Anjelica both moving on to. Effusive praise from judge Howie Mandell. There's nothing I can say to make them better than they are you just do you you are too perfect little angels the most talented people I can imagine. If for people be on your age just keep doing you look at ain't broke don't fix. At twelve year old and a nine year old and then Phil reckless you know is now closing nine. Sort of fun to do that at a staff meeting and communities may Jackie wise I can do you have a little words into a mountain. And great employee music to order them pledged to use the word dummy that's. And finally. The. Big eclipse is coming up on. As passengers that we'll have the ultimate soundtrack for Monday's solar eclipse when Bonnie Tyler sings her hit. Total eclipse of the heart or less on board. Yes Royal Caribbean says the singer will be. Backed by U. Joseph Jonas is banned her performance and an outdoor theater on it chip oasis of the season is all part of the total eclipse cruise walls. Ship lease from Florida on Sunday that sailed through the Caribbean towards. But my hand on Monday when the moon passes in front of the sun is well equipped beautiful in the narrow band across the city. And Bonnie Tyler will sing her big hit during the eclipse. On the trip that total eclipse of the heart. The billboard charts for a month back in 1983. And I saw. Big hit today. Am glad that Bonnie Tyler has a gig Amy to pago gas daily news in the blur and not a lot of good friends at pizza Johns in their got me you know. You know back when the song was a huge hit. Need to jobless in business always there were certain tasty seeds and even doing it in 1969. Right there in derby. And matters nor easy if you haven't been why haven't you been my good down there gotta get down does take that tape fifteen you stop at 208 cell Baltimore ahead on AM. For tasty pizza there open Monday through Saturday 11 AM to 10 PM me. Pizza at Johns and are paying 843 now Stephen Tim did. Which stock companies like a national list of fastest growing in her bill noise of which stop business journal coming up. Stevens in the morning on Kate and as ass.