A look at KC's defensive line in training camp

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Wednesday, August 22nd
Kansas City Chiefs Training Camp Update with Voice of the Chiefs Mitch Holthus

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Thank you so the third he's thirty K and it says he was head of the morning's feedback insights and move forward. At 830 here on Wednesday. A week after a Pennsylvania grand jury uncovered decades of child molestation. In the states Catholic diocese. Charges are filed against an Allentown priest or advances on a teenager. Kevin Monaghan is charged with indecent assault after his alleged sexual contact with the seventeen year old girl. This case is not related to the church abuse report released last week. Lehigh county DA Jim Martin's Islamic and met the girl like church last year and shortly after got her phone number the began sending video and photos tour. During some electronic communications. There is aware that watered them sent nude images of himself to convert them. Lonergan has reportedly posted a 50000 dollar bail the Lehigh DA's office is asking anyone who may have been a victim of water again to come forward. Colonel stopped Fox News. So you people were injured in the crash in northwest Sedgwick county the accident happened around 630 Tuesday night at the intersection of north 167. And west 29 that's near coal which. Witnesses told sheriff's investigators that one of the cars ran a stop sign striking the other vehicle. Three people suffered serious injuries and were transported to area hospitals. Channel deal and an SS news. As summer begins to wind down drivers in many places across Kansas and the nation are seeing gas prices gradually drop. And a draw is with AAA. We're heading in to that time we're gonna do that switchover acute that winter blend and obviously is people had back to school and summer vacations are over demanded dipping down now yeah. Monday's Kansas average was two dollars 65 cents for a gallon of regular gasoline. Prices in Wichita are averaging 254 early today. The City Council has approved the purchase of a new records management system for the Wichita police department W peavy. Current system is called. 2000. In march of this year the KBI performed an audit and found a system was not compliant with security standards and requirements. The old system cannot integrate with other supporting software. Vice mayor Bryan Fries says the consequences of not purchasing an up to date system for the department would have negative impact. The city the system we have is archaic. Obsolete. And if we didn't do something. We can be in a very bad position. The new software will interface with the state and also with any future purchase by sage accounting for its record managing. The project is projected to cost two point 78 million dollars and forecast to be online by the third quarter of 2019. Rodney prize KN OSS news. The judge who temporarily stopped 3-D printed gun blueprints from being posted on line says he'll issue a ruling. By next Monday. Seattle federal judge Robert last and it stopped Cody Wilson from posting his 3-D printed gun plants online late last month. After nineteen states and DC sued. At a hearing Tuesday the judge said he'll issue a ruling by next Monday but that this should all really be resolved by the president or congress. Wilson posted the reprinted gun plans back in 2013. And after he was ordered to remove them he sued the State Department. The State Department settled after the Justice Department said they'd lose in a case against him on First Amendment grounds. A Justice Department attorney told the judge plastic guns are already illegal and this case should be dropped. Judge last nick asked why the government wouldn't and wanna stop undetectable untraceable guns from being made in the first place. Jack's got Rosenthal Fox News. To Chicago police officers are in hot water after they were caught sleeping in their cruiser Chicago police say disciplinary action is being taken against you officers after photos of them sleeping on the job spread on social media and denying claims by a mayoral candidate at the opposition are exhausted from working overtime shifts ordered by city leaders after recent outbreaks of gun violence Chicago officials announced earlier this month hundreds of extra officers would be on the streak on the west and south sides of the city where most of the shootings have occurred some officers are having shifts extended by the department says neither officer in the photo was working overtime Lisa listen arraf Fox News. Now the forecast with gay and assist the college's Dan Holliday good morning Dan the good morning with a cloudy sky we're seeing a few scattered showers diminish this morning but we'll likely have more scattered storms develop this afternoon or high just 78 for the light east wind. An additional round of rain and thunderstorms likely overnight Carlos 66. And those will continue through early Thursday morning it will be breezy and warmer tomorrow with a high 89 I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday out cloudy skies and sprinkles around the area 68 degrees northeast wind at five miles per hour Stephens and more now. 836 and means it's time for entertainment to use the border with Ted Woodward. And yet more sexual misconduct charges or allegations are former Hollywood heavyweight facing a new allegations. A new civil complaint filed in federal court in California claims that former media mogul Harvey Weinstein. Rate German actress and producer and Malone and at the Cannes Film Festival in 2006. She alleges that Weinstein used his power as an Alley insider to more purchased a tolerant in France. Claiming that it was a meeting in his office to discuss future projects together. Now she's in for violation of human trafficking laws assault battery and false imprisonment. And it's seeking compensatory damages of at least 75000. Dollars as well as punitive damages. Weinsteins lawyer has not commented on the latest legal action and Alley outlets Fox News director. Danny boy will leaving the new bond film apparently creative differences James Bond we'll have the nude director for Daniel Craig's final film. And a legendary spy franchise. I need time trailers. With the current bond made the announcement be social media. Tweeting out Michael G Wilson Barbara broccoli and Daniel Craig announced. That due to creative differences Danny Boyle has decided to no longer direct bond 25 back in March Boyle said he was working on the script. And future of ten Helm the project really breasted on whether executives in the term bond. Would agree on the script which clearly they hadn't Craig is set to return in bond 25 with a planned release in 2019. Show Leno fox name. It's an actress who made her market in 1970s has passed away actress Barbara Harris has passed away of lung cancer at the age of 83. Paris was most known for her role in the 1975 film national and her performance of the song it don't worry me pay. Mom word and me. He's done. She was also in the 1976 version of freaky Friday where she switched bodies with her daughter Jodie Foster. That seems your she also starred in the final Alfred Hitchcock movie Stanley pot. Harris is on the original cast members at Chicago's second city and a Tony award winner and was nominated for both an Oscar and various Chinese. And at the outlets Fox News tonight just. It Google her because you know I scream I ever heard freaky Friday. In India. When are you did that with the difference and fostered you know he was good and a Memphis yes Khaled lady. Potter Harry stayed actresses well and Barbara Harris has died at age 83. They hit olds are once again alive on MTV. And he he announced that bringing back the popular reality series that launched several careers were at the MTV GMA three launched a series among them Spencer Pratt and Katrina partridge they show titled hills new beginnings will reunite original cast members. Alongside their children and friends. And we'll follow their personal professional lives a living in Los Angeles with Cindy stars emerging alongside series favorites. Lauren Conrad was not present at the awards ceremony and it's unclear whether she will be part of the revival Michelle Leno Fox News it's seen. That the that this is something horrible idea. I'm sure somebody wants it lets us thinking of somebody will watch it but sit down and get closer ions hearing about shark NATO. If I'm a celebrity profile. It's time for the ultimate showdown between flying sharks and humans as shark NATO returns for eighth sixth and final chapter star pioneering says it really is the end of this phenomenon theory. Is gonna be it I mean certainly could be re booted eventually somewhere down the line time will tell it's actually the audience will tell if the people demanded if there's rioting in the streets they'll make another shark name. He reveals part six brings in time travel to wrap things up. Chart needle finally being fined shepherd to walk us scolded scorched earth as the last man alive it was. Only possible to do was sixty if we traveled back in time. Ions says he now has a huge appreciation for the shark NATO fans who made this happen. Like no other project I've ever been associated west. None of 210 really has a strong supporters is still very very popular even though we have and cared for eighteen years but the scifi fans. Are like no other. Actually to mark and Fox News. Shark NATO's start the they'll last night America's Got Talent. Voices of hope children's choir performed an in judged after words by Mel B and Simon Cowell. Love voices of hope children's choir you do get. Many. Children voices of well I mean you sound amazing and incredible together. Enjoying our common isn't a biography of what you web ring. The song choice to me wasn't quite right but that's my opinion why. What did you give her a big activist bay could be always done. Okay because I could not disagree more I think. I think so I was thinking that you're performing. If I had a product code happiness that would be the commercial. Go action on America's Got Talent last night. And of course Steve Macintosh make sure that we checked in with a bachelor in paradise on ABC last night. See what's going on between Kendall and Joseph and who may or may not be the right. Some insignia. He was excessive and grounded guy name and it seems like Kenya had as well because they around him you know. And it's sellers play I. Take care about him like so much. Coming thinking to myself in this. How it and paradise you know they feel like yeah I've been a potentially happening again. And here's finds someone that I can use potentially forever. And I really didn't care by July. They keep thinking is enough for me like isn't. Now that's a good question and it it would literally talked like Alley she says the word like like no but some thousand yes retirement. About men of all I guess according to bachelor and realize that what's going ambiance on TV drama. Entertainment news in the blurs brought to you by are good friends at pizza John Engler did you know they pride themselves on great pizza and personal customers are absolutely and I'd say two for two on that or how about that. They do a great job it's super takes needs located right there on state fifteen. At 208 cell ball and that photograph of as David there's no that's three for 38 that is three for threes so make sure you head on down for a tasty pizza at pizza at Johns and carrying 843 now keep Adair editor bill the Wichita business journal come up. Don't talk about reached virtual 3-D printing involved please. WS shoes that's coming up Stevens in the morning plunged eight and has since.