A look at the plans for a downtown medical school

Steve & Ted
Friday, June 15th
Are the plans dead or alive?

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Most important subcommittee even though it's kind of like a bad stuff going wrong. The most relevant. 713 thirty K and it says Steve good morning. 745. Here on Friday. Three big things. Report released on the handling of the Hillary Clinton bay hill probe us. Former Wichita YMCA employees will stand trial on sex with children charges like one person dead after firing Brooke Baldwin park Kansas City. Three big things Steven dead on K and a sense. The gasoline prices in the Wichita area this morning. I want we're looking at thirteen 69. A gallon I did see better as a T 67 and a couple places so that's the low end of things and traffic. Especially northbound and Ike to 35 approaching the north junction. That's hurting as far back as meridian. Pretty slow right now traffic on KNS as crusty by judge province Charles Goodyear tire. Located downtown at market and watermelon in the east every street small and on line across tired dot com your home for complete dark hair foot. Like a hot weekend shaping up without any real well little rain in the forecast to look at those sunny breezy hot day today and I around. 99 degrees wouldn't surprise anybody we've top 100. Mostly clear tonight Gilbert and those 75 Saturday sunny. Breezy and hot tomorrow's night's ninety. Now partly cloudy south waited fourteen miles per hour and 76 degrees. For Unisys weather brought to you by the monarch. Featuring the perfect fuel for conversation and cocktails the monarch offered to military discount for current and retired veterans. The monarch. And delay no. 7:47. Am Steve intent on K and assess and we had a mixed day on Wall Street Thursday. Stocks on Wall Street finished mixed the Dow Jones Industrial Average down 26 points when he 500175. The NASDAQ Composite up 65 point 7761. Back that was a record close and the 100 record close since the election. The S&P 500 up seven at 27 Q. We sell records on Wall Street Amazon Netflix and FaceBook finish at all time highs. We also saw all of the media stocks moving to the upside Comcast fox Disney discovery charter just to name a few. And everyone's wondering whether or not Disney will upped its stated. Or 21 century fox the parent of Fox Business Network. Since Comcast stepped in yesterday with its 65 billion dollar bid on the floor of the near stock exchange hope for the Levys Fox News. It is a Friday June 15 and this is today. We mark sixty years ago six years ago on this date in 1958. The first Pizza Hut restaurant opened right here in Wichita Kansas. At the corner of Kellogg and blogs tend to some research on this and it. Now that the most of the sources are saying he was on the state although. The company itself claim what 31 of may 1950. Now seen either today or may 31 in time still have yet to be able to figure out what the actual starting here is move where we're sitting right now isn't what time was it. Part of way to peace at world headquarters. And I grew up on south Clinton are you pretty close the deal with forty yards more of the original Pizza Hut. We existed for years and years is now council which dusty university campus a candidate turned into a museum Alex finally they're finally putting it to pretty decent used it's kind of a little Pete's a museum. And we can't see what it should be all right we have been we've had visitors can Dante you wanna see the first beats drive on the campus and take a look at you've got to be a tourist attraction. Yeah they got to open for regular museum hours it's pretty cool having his roles or silver dollars but it's. Nice destination it's the deceit and if that he had two Brothers. Here in which Franken and army. And they got 350 bucks I think are a few hundred bucks Guatemalan and and got an Diana McConnell knew how to cook pizza and hot and how to do it. Though boomer I would say in the 1970s. Work for a KE one and radio and we were owned at one time one of the owners was frank Carney so I've actually. Worked for frank and didn't get to see him much or know much but he was always very very polite very nice man to me. Never gave me trouble anyway. Did you stay off the radio so huge name in the Wichita entrepreneurial spirit yeah. And one of those several we've got over the year to look at for more of those people. Brand new new ideas new content anyway. 195860. Years old and now sixty years since pizza opened its doors often Kellogg now about that. An intersection and doesn't exist anymore model I remember that intersection right there on that corner. You head Pizza Hut right now pizza that was not on the corner it was in the dog and Sheikh was on the corner. OK where was it from bright on the corner then they were bought back a little bit better pizza was just little the next little tiny building the south of the dog and you're okay well of course Scott it's are going to lose them in that same parking lot the -- sheared right. And across the street that was Puerto Miller road portabella road I missed address. Or oral it was a very small intimate restaurant yeah. Went to those one at a time for risk free interest in placing a great Frye camera amidst nine it was a I mean an ally tonight when we were first married him we had some money together we go it's good reporter bill Rhoden have a nice evening out. For a minute overtures anyway then across the street from that it was a derby gas station and I saw my dad get the Madison I've ever seen in his life for a at Alabama I can imagine today it was one of those deals where it's note about twelve or fourteen inches out and he was not a patsy. So we're. I live Mike couldn't have been born five or six or maybe four hour. And we trudged in the snow to the derby gas station there was a vending machine pop machine add the bananas you know quarter or dime or whatever for a patsy. Course the things frozen. Chocolate and nothing happened and he start kicking it. He starts to get that FC that's it. Nothing as governor and great memory for a while. Ted nine out of. Nine of ten employers have been negatively affected by tired employees reporting that 13% of workplace accidents. Involved fatigue according to a National Safety Council report released Wednesday. The report also found that 32% report injuries and near miss is due to fatigue employees. At and that an employer with 1000 employees can expect to lose more than one million dollars annually. As a result of missed work days lower productivity and increased health care due to employee fatigue. Survey included interviews with the 2000 workers. Other findings include 50% of employers surveyed say they've had an employee fall asleep on the job. And go to people apparently tiger. The survey mind they get Taylor current boss Jackie wise is actually watched these falsely Fallujah. The to have department head meetings shall utterly boring you could imagine. Of course had been on the air of them have been tired and it happens. People see now that we haven't newscast every app I don't have time fall sleep it's one thing that keeps up it applies 752 to oust David did questions about a possible new medical school for which content wide awake this morning editor bill the which got business journal an important bill. Good morning guys the other big story in the weekly edition of the Wichita business journal on the streets today. Are the plans for a downtown medical school dead or alive. Suited took about owns several buildings in downtown Wichita had planned to create and osteopathic medical school. Then she announced the plan was off and she might sell the buildings. She says she got encouragement over a weekend in the plan was back on. Our story takes a look at what happens so far the opposition from Wichita area medical leaders. And what it would take to create another med school we also tried to find the supporters took the says convinced her to stick with their plans. Not many of the wanted to talk publicly about the proposal. This week to lists of Wichita area outpatient surgery centers and Wichita area dental practices. Grace med health clinic is at the top of that one with more than 33000. Patient visits in 27 team. The rest of the top five health corps clinic Cambridge family dentistry Riverside dental and Leahy family dentistry. Local breaking business news every day on can't assess and Wichita business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm bill Roy. What I thank you bill today is national smile all our day. The power of a smile sounds very OK from the good morning greeting in the first how may I help you present yourself with a smile that says. No matter where you're employees did jobs seeking retired or looking for new horizons. Starting today with a smile or certainly more empowering them out or crop. Starting with a smile purchase easier than trying to get if they're later in the day so they got a little advice for either start your day with a smile. That's kind of look okay would that tell you Brittany that sermon on that most don't you have to do visitors to the suggested by the web page there. Today is the name of the image in the they have suggestions on how to live your life a little bit I don't I don't like that in very preachy you well they should take it down a notch today you do. I guess you're not smiling today and get your pouting and being kind of a little funny person there. You don't anybody who pals. Around here and around here now if Britain the radios that the he east our patents somebody's gonna pick on now. You know. We got some whiners I don't know but pound man when there's a lot of whining here I mean. I don't think you know we had more in the past I don't think they're only we weeded them had to miss those people and radio the good Weiner. Right. As you can pointers around. I think DA that you are Newhart did a great bit about it and about a a Weiner in the revolutionary war crimes or do you ever the spring honey the late Bob you. Lady are still on now all right. He posted on that 755 C today savers even deadly 8 o'clock hour this morning we'll look at the Justice Department reportedly Clinton email for over. Tips on the sports desk has always read that as a yes we'll give you an update on a US open golf tournaments. And I he has entertainment news the blurs on the way to compiling that we got some good movie anniversaries talk about today all right plus weather for the Father's Day weekend and traffic. Davis even dead and 8 o'clock hour on KM SS.