A look at a republican candidate for Kansas Governor

Steve & Ted
Thursday, July 12th
The primary election is Aug. 7th.

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Is this station which should talk turns to. First for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. 7 o'clock this is the case and is reporting you to keep its head that I keep Macintosh. Wichita police moving to better protect animals we've got the story I haven TV seven immigrant children hearing Kansas I'm penalty. Stormy Daniels arrested Hines and look toward those details just ahead on KM FS meteorologist Dan Holliday. Today it looks like it's gonna be our eleventh day in a row with the pitchers in the ninety's well this continue for much longer are full forecast is on the way. The Wichita police department is taking steps to help prevent animal abuse and cruelty the new position has been created it in the animal control division to specifically. Handle these situations. Lieutenant Brian Sigmund tells Qaeda send news leaders at animal control have been talking about how to better investigate felony animal abuse cases. It wasn't a lot of effort or time spent time in the past and that's what we wanna change. We know we needed changes. Lieutenant Cigna and says they're working on a standard operating procedure that would incorporate officer Heather Frazier. Into those types of investigations he says her training on animal abuse and her love of animals made her the perfect fit. The attorney representing seven immigrant children you're still indicator of a Kansas nonprofit after being separated from their parents at the US Mexico border. Says policies recently put in place by the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement. Are barriers to reuniting them with their families immigration attorney Claire Murphy Shaw said Wednesday. One holed up in Kansas case is a backlog in processing the parents fingerprints. And I case the child has been waiting at least three weeks since the mother was released from detention. Another common barrier is the 1000 dollar or more and airfare for a child in an accompanying adult who travel from kansans. A new policy requires it to be paid by the parents. Some parents are also waiting to see what happens with their own asylum claims Dan O'Neill KN OSS news. A lawyer for stormy Daniels says he adult film star has been arrested at. Stormy Daniels reportedly busted after letting patrons at a strip club in Columbus, Ohio torture that touching is a violation of state law. Her lawyers an avid tweet saying Daniels who is performing the same mag she's performed across the nation in nearly a hundred strip clubs. This was a set up them politically motivated it reeks of desperation. Daniels claims to have had an affair with president trump in 2006. When he was married. She's suing the president and his former lawyer Michael calling trying to get a nondisclosure. Agreement about it that she signed declared to be invalid. Chill NATO Fox News. Former FBI lawyer Lisa page did not appear yesterday before two house committees investigating the Justice Department upsetting many Republicans. Fox's Chad program explains she does not actually have to testify always. This before congress whether you're an open session or closed session you can always assert your fifth amendment rights against self incrimination. That's very important. The it happens frequently. Some people listen well he you know we will not take the fists and thus were granted to criminal immunity by congress. Lisa page as a key figure in the Hillary Clinton email probe. She's accused of having an anti prompt bias and sending text messages critical Trump's campaign to an FBI agent with whom she was having an affair. Jonathan Hernandez has been tended to one year probation after pleading guilty to battery case stemmed from an incident in February. When Hernandez struck the six year old son of his girlfriend. The physical contact resulted in redness and swelling on the boy's chest Hernandez is also required to complete a court approved parenting class. Jonathan Hernandez is the father of Lucas Hernandez. The fight year old boy who went missing in February the boy's body was discovered in rural RB county. In May. Can assist you it's time now 7044 minutes past 7 o'clock. Introducing the new guy at the top of KU athletics we'll have some of that press conference introducing the new athletic director coming up sports. Save the navy is letting its hair dental. That story coming up. Well McCain as this morning news Steve says the okay and is this morning users even dead now 7088 minutes past 7 o'clock. All Medicare beneficiaries including over half million kansans. Will be getting new cards in the next few weeks duly brook Hart. Is with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Currently the Social Security number is on a Medicare card that is how we identify. You're eligible for Medicare. Beneficiaries have been asking for this for years that they don't want that Social Security number on their Medicare card for obvious reasons. The new card to arrive in the mail by the end of July the state of Alabama trying to address the controversy about jailed funding. Governor KID says Kerry sheriff should not be allowed to take leftover money from jail food program is a practice that's been going on for sometime it's some jails. The governor ordering the state comptroller to discontinue a 4000 dollar a year food service allowance to sheriff bank accounts and wants state legislators jury find current law to stop the pocketing of those extra funds. Supporters say it's a good move but say it will not end it. Unless lawmakers act Ivey says public funds should be used for public purposes. Can Duffy Fox News the navy is letting its hair down just a little bit. The navy will now allow service women to Wear longer hair styles reversing a policy they didn't allow it yeoman first class LaToya Jones lack. Here towels will be riots. Cared one way it will be authorized to be equal validity of the neck of the hated. Parnell pills will be authorized an austerity it's working in PT uniforms. Subject limitations where operational hazards for this state. His own chief of naval operations admiral John Richardson says it makes the navy more inclusive many African American women had asked for the changes at least Seles naroff fox news' cape and it's as you time now 71010. Minutes spent 7 o'clock. This morning in traffic here in Wichita we've got to eight traffic hazard watch out we've just stalled out vehicle northbound. I won 35 runner on 53 street north traffic updates from penis has radio I'm jet chambers. And now the K as in storm trackers report casts with Kansas today meteorologist. Ron L Williams of our Iran at all. Good morning thanks for having me once again while I did it looks like we got a little pattern here are. A trend are you know almost the same every day is a way a bit we've got to this is one of those born forecasts and Elise I know what to expect when I come into work from getting ready to forecast and I'm only making minimal changes to the forecast again. When we get to that kind of pattern and it's you know it's usually turns into a miserable day unfortunately well yesterday I ask you for 24 hour forecast time missed on his opponent has to be an eighteen hour. He's going to you know it's. It took what 24 hours ago though I think I mentioned that it was gonna be just like. What we're dealing with right now pretty much temperatures generally still in the seventies and I actually opened up our back door very briefly and quickly closed it because. It's pretty humid out there even this early in the morning even before the sun came up. But yet right now 76. Wins out of the south has seven miles per hour sown the wind is not really moving things around all that much the air pretty stagnant I think that'll change going through the rest of the day though. We'll see and pick up but then. Not too much of relief from the breeze that. We'll get back to yesterday's high was 97 and the record for that date. 111. Set in 1980. You're here in 1980 I was in some of our Lipitor. We had a streak of really hot weather in 1980 disarmament. Who. Are you know I wanna go and ask you question because you know yesterday's record you know what today's record I don't know I don't. You art is a good thing I'm here 112. Are right now but it is set 1980. No no it it was actually. It was actually a little bit after that but okay. It yet either either way though. Just to put in perspective yet those records definitely a little bit out of grass well when it comes to the heat that we're dealing with right now 97 again today though for a high pride in what about tonight and tomorrow answer. Yet tonight maybe a slight chance of rain meter rumble of thunder for parts of western Kansas. Some lucky ones well to the west of Wichita even know it's only about a 20% chance. Still just something keep in mind. Some beyond look out for not expecting anything severe though. And then temperatures only fallen down into the seventies again so even though we do have a a few chances of rain tonight into tomorrow. I don't think any showers will cool us down until we get into next week and then tomorrow's just gonna be hot again because of that 98 to 97 degrees for the time area again. Some moderate any idea water got right now. Yeah right now 76 just a few clouds in the sky maybe a few more building. In the afternoon hours dew point of 72 that's why I feel so miserable out there as the sun comes up south wind at seven miles per hour now release stirring things up for us at all. So that aired it just still stagnant steamy. I'm gonna need the source to get some more work. As dire but more words you bet that's. Yeah I Ronald Blake is there at the Nokia sand storm tracker three forecast with Kansas City be year old is running a Williams at 713 to Stephen Ted. And if you've been paying attention we have a primary election coming up August 7. And is a pretty pretty big field of people who are willing to be the next governor of Kansas one of them whether it's this morning by the way. Where adware or try to contact all of them to see if they wanna have come on Stephen didn't talk was a little bit about politics. Today we've got doctor Jim Barnett weather's good morning sir. Good morning you hear a Republican candidate and you are a doctor what looked area of the medicine you practice. I practiced internal medicine and by the way I was a medical student in Wichita back in 197879. Doctor very murky doctor Q and George are off and our remember listening to you on a radio back in with an honor to be back on the radio you. It's an honor to be living this long. Let's sit eat first fling or ask your dad this is kind of controversial guest but we have this nominee for Supreme Court. Wrecked capital and there's already talk about may be overturning. Roe vs. Wade in the in the abortion. A decision. DC any likelihood there what do you think. You know I think that that's possible. I think it is that going to be a long time and coming. And I gave up a long time ago try to predict what the Supreme Court was going to do it possible is an answer that. OK now let's talk about Dick Kansas politics and and I I'll begin with a bit with a general question. Why the heck are you running for governor doctor. And most people ask that you and over crazy for doing in this statement to match but you know really would have. Curious because my dad and I was really young some might have. Serve on this school board and I have this imprinted in my mind I should serve and give back so I started. And public service on the scoreboard in Emporia. I have served in the Kansas senate. I guess I got bitten by that public service boat and I can't shake it. So not now what you talked about the masters he has amassed in Kansas where you start Marty you get what if you got the shovel or do you start digging. The other financial messes where we really need to start digging you know that the most important challenge for the next governor kansas' economic growth. Our state because it failed to act experiment probably better call act disaster with. Brownback and Carter and brought Kirstie to its knees in Dagestan is such a big old and take a decade to generation really get out. That good but it is not ballots were still stealing money from K dot delaying capers. No no money for roads so. Economic growth economic development is the most important job the next governor and lieutenant governor and that's where. Rosie and our focus on as governor and governor. You know you talk about debt and but it uses of the for phrase raising taxes come in because Etsy every candidates is the same thing I will not raise taxes I'll contact his. And create jobs away but how does that work. You know I have not said that Steve articulate it gonna take to get this economy growing bet. Our talk about taxes and spending personable and we need to come back to leadership. And a good form which say that you can't eat or your seed corn and Kansas 80 let's see court. And Brownback and call your turn doesn't it state that this month month paycheck to paycheck is even worse than that would hurt credit card debt state. Our new money that would stand registry surfacing roaches on the money interest only payments for twenty years that means our children and our grandchildren. Are going to be paying more interest. When the roads were out before that in principle. And brought back the car you have bonded over one point three billion dollars copper project since 2000 and again. Reckless not conservative governing reckless governing we need to balance and budget. You can't make money you know put money in the bank in Kansas pastor and best in this state. So I will present a budget that will stand on the essential we're gonna do everything we can be efficient. But the truth is in the last seven years government went off the rails in Kansas look at what happened in which it like with DC yeah. The Lucas Hernandez case that duck. Would be preventable we had a governor lieutenant governor who would have invested in provided leadership and the department DC as unspeakable what happened. So the education bill amid the education thing. Who wished don't have spend some money on that looks like. You know the we're close to that there needs to be in inflation factor and I've I've been so long time coming. We've traveled over 79000 in our race track to read that one ugly aboriginal tires. Wonder Winchell got rocked to in which were going to meet with the chief of police cordoned. Ramsey is a great guy by the way. But anyway. We see them. We are gonna have to un schools. And I'll tell you this Tribune cans of cholera or they have school only four days a week because Candace supporters are ugly week watching any. No band. No foreign language except on the Internet but yet we teach. Immersion Chinese and in blue valley so schools are not equitably funded it we're gonna have to pay up. What's important it's really. Not not schools and courts is our kids and we need to get out of the courtroom back in the classroom. Because we need to create and develop a work force to grow the economy we have 50000 open jobs need. And we're not trained workforce when these two need to be looking at practical and career education. And investing in education so we can grow this economy. Doctor you have one job that you you'll wanna fills the governor's chair and we thank you for thank you for spending some time with is this morning appreciate it in the best of luck to you. In your in your campaign. We are much Rupert that his Republican doctor Jim Barnett on the candidates for governor has said. 109 and bandage an indefinite O'Neal trying to contacted all the gubernatorial candidates give a chance to wanna talk a little bit about the campaign and see with many we will have a good comparison that the primaries coming up August 7 after as a right doctor Jim Barnett 719 now Stephen Ted sports center Tim Woodward got the royals. In action but you've got and you face at the athletic department and in the enlarge its case you right hit it I introductory press conference in Lawrence yesterday you heard it live on KM H the official introduction and welcome to campus for the new athletic director at the fifteenth. Director of athletics at Kansas. Jeff Long. I don't think so itself is not like my vertical jump codes I don't think I can I don't think I can help you there but. I want to thank everybody for coming out today it's a beautiful day to being Kansas and I couldn't be more excited about taking over the reins of their. Kansas athletic program. Chances thank you thank you for giving me this opportunity to lead Kansas athletics. I'm incredibly proud to be part of a world class institution that's an 88 you institution. And really is reaching around the globe as a says in our motto here. Jeff Long your new athletic director teel is official start for the job August 1. Major League Baseball yesterday afternoon Kansas City Royals finishing up the series in Minnesota against the twins. Royals have had an early three nothing lead with a three run home run by Salvador Perez in the first inning. At least went away with the royals did ask it chances to get back into this one. You heard the game yesterday on KF eight. She can't Presley's pitch slog on in a fly ball to right field Kepler is there. And he's got. 230 slip away. Minnesota gave the royals three runners soon hit batters and walked. Presley gets out of it to the bottom of the sixth Minnesota leads 54. By the way that was bases loaded no outs and they did not score and but opportunities like that go by and you lose that true twins went eight to five and a the royals dropped two out of three in Minnesota Kansas City has lost 23 of 27 overall an off day today during the road swing for the royal. Pro baseball last night downtown Lawrence Dumont stadium the wing nuts not last night like yesterday afternoon a day game of the wing nuts. Look like they had a win at a 52 lead going into the ninth inning. But in Fargo warhead was able to score six runs in the top of the ninth inning. It looked like the game was going to end on a shallow fly ball to right field but he got lost in the sun and that paved the way for a six run inning for the redhawks who are neck and won the game make two fives of the wing nuts let one get away. Halfway mark of the season for the wing nuts they are thirty and twenty. But they are three games behind for a playoff spot going into the second half of the season as they fill up some ground to make up in a very tough division. Wing nuts will begin a four game home series leading into the weekend against the bottom team in the league the Texas air hogs 705 tonight downtown Lawrence Dumont stadium as the air hogs. Make their last trip into Wichita for the season. Millions of soccer league in PSL playoffs last night getting under way heartland conference semi finals at a trinity academy last night. The top seed at C Wichita easily beating Saint Louis club athletic Phil Ford and nothing. Wichita advancing to the conference championship game for the second straight season will host Little Rock Saturday night. For the title. Pro basketball in the NBA summer league in Las Vegas yesterday it. Billy Preston former Kansas Jayhawks playing in for the Cleveland Cavaliers had ten points and six rebounds yesterday. And if former Wichita wing nuts player Fernando Perez is in the Mexican league for the Tijuana toros and had a two run home run yesterday his first home run. In the Mexican league for the former. Wing nut. Sports Stephen Ted KN SS I did 723 hate journey and Def Leppard. Coming your interest bank arena July 16 I've apparent tickets right now. Well what are you lucky district in the past 913 386913. Thirty journey Def Leppard tickets 7:23 Rush Limbaugh morning update coming up. More examples of liberals going crazy Stevens at the morning on K and SS.