A look at spousal Social Security benefits

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, December 20th

Moneytracker Don Grant says it's a little confusing, but make sure to understand spousal Social Security strategy.


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Again nice holiday and I'm. Seven KE NN success. It's never Moya who have that renditions of get in the mood. I don't know what will. Looks like supporting that now Stephen dead. Three big things. Senate passes Republican tax overhaul plan announced. Back to the house and police believe the same man may be responsible for robberies of Wichita banks and the credit unions line. To dodge City Council post close action on fireworks ordnance pretty big things even dead on tape and assess. And this morning in traffic still got some fog and mist in the area it's kind of like we were seeing yesterday. And maybe not quite as bad them like what we were seeing yesterday. And so I think showed up under which played gamers yeah it is is that anybody look at it nets and after. As public. I'm looking get them right now guess which way dot org WI CH. If cameras racked up on some of the highways around them yes and anybody can that take a look at that see the ya ya. Yeah definitely have some of visibility issues. Noticeable on the offense and they forget innocents radio contest he's. Cloudy today with a high of 52 degrees yesterday's high was 57. Mostly cloudy tonight the overnight low 43. Thursday mostly cloudy tomorrow's night fifty. Now called you missed the northeast and in his six miles per hour and 47 degrees. 647 now seated dead stocks. Closed down Tuesday as the congress prepared to passed accurate. Warm the Dow Jones Industrial Average down 37 points at 24007. 54 and the NASDAQ Composite down 31. At 6963. BS and 500 down a half at 2681. On the Dow Jones Industrial Average Intel Wal-Mart led the way these at Goldman apple GE. Came under pressure apple on downgrade over at the moreover the new price target of a 175. Dollars concerns about limited upside. For the Apple iPhone ten. And technology stocks overall the fangs stocks FaceBook. Amazon Netflix Google apple and Microsoft all came under pressure today on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange pulpit the Levys Fox News. McDonald's. Is going to begin this is almost sacrilegious to head. Fast food chain plans to start selling it make vegan burger good luck with that in hundreds of restaurants across Sweden oh any and dinars. Starting December 20 at the Swedish yet but there. Kinda scattered McDonald's and make sense every has already been tested and a handful of McDonald's locations in in lender. It consists of a soy paddy. Byron tomato lettuce pickles and onion ketchup mustard oil. And an eight lists send which saw us so we put almost kind of it's on there maybe you gave it takes to beat her that daddy get a good. At a disguises doesn't taste like soil. Madden the meatless burger which it was developed in partnership with a specially Norwegian food company called or Clark called. Good wished to. The American chain capitalize. On increased demand for. Vegetarian and vegan foods. Acted in good the V converter. Today auditing get a double bacon burger just days one yes supersize that. Two of those on our soil is I don't want you know I need more soy in my diet then again I was in Alec to a public school. I have no idea how much beef was in those hamburgers so I'm may have just eaten a lot of soil and it's a yet that's a public school Alex goes it could have been cut that was sought us if that I. That if I did it. It might be a little nostalgic even had a problem with this school lunches at that time I was a little Q&A is dead you know and big problems Coolidge as you know. Some people some people brought their own does he couldn't stomach the the step neighbor the lunch ladies were thrown in front of us. In any favorites at lunch menu inherited rhetoric and Hadley junior dialect the fish sandwich on Friday. But that was pretty good I'm great school we did not have a lunch room there nearly everybody had a sack that brought from home. Mom did my lunches in grade school yet. For me it was definitely not the murders although the pizzas weren't bad handles it was organisms are right in and we're talking about junior high grade school yet. And we don't for one degree we've we use we live close by and we renal for an hour and using that's a Bologna sandwich and a twinkie and out of mid Atlantic midway through my time at eight and they open the kitchen. My gym my last two years. And we did it any complaints because it is brand New Orleans a hot meal yeah I enjoyed it. 649 now Stephen Ted and we want to remember spousal benefits. On grants the FP the money Drucker of Oregon. You Social Security Administration reports that most Americans file at the earliest possible age receive benefits that's aged 62. Filing at a early means that you may miss out on 30%. By not waiting until full retirement age of 66 from house. And another 80% raise for every year after a full retirement age through age seventy and spouses have the options that are often missed as well. Until 2015. A popular tactic called file and suspend with used by savvy benefactors. Congress poll that strategy with the bipartisan budget act. And for retiree was born before January of 1954. They can file what's called a restricted application. This allows a spouse at full retirement age to claim half of the other spouse's benefit if the latter has filed a claim. The one half claims spouse can continue to accrue until age seventy. When they can turn on their own climb at its highest benefit rate so they get the best of both worlds half of their spouses than their full retirement. As a rule stand right now are younger spouse and collecting spousal benefit one half of the other spouse's benefit. As long as the other spouse is collecting his or her own benefit. Unfortunately the spousal benefit can be permanently reduced if its claim before full retirement age of 66 from us. It goes to follow that married couples should probably have the higher earner delay claiming as long as possible. To get the maximum benefit bowl will goers and widows can trigger benefits at age sixty. Then wait until age seventy to switch to their own benefit if it is higher. Divorcee scanned receive benefit based upon an ex spouse's benefit record if he or she is at least 62 and had been married for at least ten years. And is currently unmarried. If divorce for at least two years the ax. Doesn't need to have filed Social Security for the claim of that benefit. Before considering any Social Security strategy I know these are kind of complicated your head may be swimming listening this right now you've got to do your homework. That means reading all the too candid applies to your situation. May Calista questions and meet with the Social Security representative to confirm any strategy that you might want to deploy. If you question any answers you received from a Social Security representative. Asked them to please cite the code. And of course if you have any questions you give me a call that number 6342222. Thank you Don Toyota says it sold ten. Point 35 million vehicles around the world this year and millions and Asian Toyota Thon. Up 2% from the previous year Toyota is hot. Japanese auto maker predicts higher sales next year and the number is likely to put Toyota close to last year's number one which was Volkswagen AG of Germany that's number one in the world Altman. On about that. Toyota Avalon and a lot of people well several who have toyotas. The video tend to imagine selling ten million cars in one year. Now. The customer base align your product has you know blows a lot of employment low you know that's huge in the economy. Heaven that mini so the one year today is. National saying agree a day. As saying greed is a beverage made with wine in Sweden with fresh fruit and fruit juices it is fruity. Other ingredients can include herbs spices carbonation and liquor. Company there and was giving so angry at a place the cocktail rotation year round I was just to somebody recently had a Blackberry saying area. Car Roberts. Doesn't give was a good club shirt to I guess he seemed to enjoy it I think those are people who British. Enjoyed you know alcoholic beverages that these cooling. Sweet stuff like that is. Not in the Santa known not a big not a big fan so angry. It is national sacred. Nothing wrong with saying greens as not my wheel house released me and agree with that 654 now Steven did coming up at 7 o'clock became this this morning news. With Stevens had a complete look at today's hearing at which the City Council postponed action on fireworks ordinance. That's Dorian lord is top of the hour Stephen dead on Kate and SS.