A look at the stressful and dangerous American workplace

Steve & Ted
Monday, August 14th
UCLA and Harvard study finds 1 in 5 Americans say they face a hostile or threatening environment at work.

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number. One news talk bad weather station. Depends dogs. That's why this is keeping an assist for the news he'd dead. He's Macintosh. A man in his fifties was reported in critical condition that he was struck by a vehicle while walking along Kellogg Saturday night in much richer. Near the meridian auto rants. Police Sargent Mike Linehan says. The driver of the vehicle that struck the victims stopped to render aid the victim was taken to a local hospital. Westbound lanes of Kellogg were shut down for a few hours as police and crews were seen and that's a near meridian on west Kellogg. Police are investigating a shooting in southeast Wichita Saturday afternoon that left one person injured. It happened around 1 PM of the 2300 block of south Oliver on the corner of east Connie. Police said a man wanted to purchase a gun and a pawn shop the man tried to leave the store with a gun and a struggle ensued between a man and an employee of the shop. The employee fired a gun at the band then fled the store. That man later showed up at an area hospital for treatment police have been interviewing witnesses to the crime but have not talked to the suspect yet. Rodney prize KN OSS news. Police in union grove Wisconsin are looking for a gunman who killed three people. At the Great Lakes dragged away Sunday evening the track was hosting an annual cookout that attracts about 5000 people from the areas south of Milwaukee. Kenosha county sheriff David Beth says the victims were in front of a vendor stand when they were approached by the suspect. Black male in his twenties. The cut off blue jeans shorts. Black hoodie sweatshirt in his twenties we have shaved head and decide in and hear a bunch up. Came up and shot three people here. Virginia's governor is defending police response to white nationalist demonstrations. That led to the death of a woman. The leader of the white supremacist demonstration blames police for not doing enough to protect the people following Friday's on rowly demonstration. They Charlottesville resident agrees. The local police the state police the National Guard. There's thousands of people here yes. No and maybe then yeah they didn't walk us history. A man says they blocked the side streets before for big events the governor has said police had done great work and a very delicate situation. Adding not one shot was fired Bryan Burrough ABC news Charlottesville Virginia. Oh Wichita man has been ordered she spend more than thirteen years in prison in connection with the sexual attack. On a woman last year. 19 year old Maurice poston was sentenced Friday in Sedgwick county where he pleading guilty in June. District attorney mark Bennett says custom was armed with a knife last November 20 when he forced his way into week 37 year old woman's apartment in maize and attacked our. Austin was arrested two days later and the knife used to threaten the victim was found in his car filled all the brand can get SS news an assist is time now. Now rose 6033. Have been expensive to even fit. You see the dirty thirty case and it says Steve good morning now 6099. Minutes past 6 o'clock here on Monday. So far in traffic the one thing I've seen this event. And I gasoline prices are. Little unsettled out there. Bad as high as two and nineteen gallons still. But found some better prices up and remember if you spot a little gasoline prices at very easily it was called the traffic Imus know about it. 86913. Thirty traffic updates from Kate and aunts and son Chad chambers. And now the forecast McCain is his staff meteorologist Dan Holden good morning and good morning clouds of spreading across south central Kansas to start the morning. We could see if you isolated thunderstorms later on this afternoon but the best chance. We'll be overnight into Tuesday the high 87. Tonight's Lou 72. Tuesday near nineteenth I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. I know mostly cloudy 71 degrees near the southeast wind at eight miles per hour 6:2 year on Monday morning August 14. And millions of innocent but incinerator are now. On a much going on across Kansas frank. Legal cloud cover but still we're not seeing. Rainfall of any consequence at all now if you are just north of Oklahoma City. There is a line of showers following the highway over Tulsa. Pretty good line of showers that's all moving basically to the east right down. So you're going to Oklahoma City may see some rain going to Tulsa to teach some rain here in the next few minutes this morning that here in. All across Kansas it's pretty much cleared houses energies herbal ago there is slight chance for showers in the which type area today. There is money the fourteenth mild weekend across south central Kansas which does high temperature yesterday. 86 degrees. Normal high for the date is 92 infect normal high. For the date of 92 has been basically the past two or three weeks 92 his normal life. Basically every day here's we go in August we're now at mid August. On this date in 1995 around seven and a half inches. Seven point five inches of rain drenched in western Butler county. Extensive flooding occurred across all of south central Kansas. That was in 1995. On this date. In 1935 president Franklin D. Roosevelt signed this'll social security act into law now. Which has been. Actually in my opinion good way to keep many many. People retirees. Off the public wealth. We pay into it and we get back. Yeah and it it should be sold for quite a few more years however they're saying down the pike at some point if you go outside make some changes to it to keep the Golan. It won't be solved anymore and the changes are they're not complicated they're not many of them they're not terribly painful but. Congress has nets seem politically to make those decisions are taken that one down the road as far as thinking. But. Seemed Ike seems to me like itself fairly well run. Social programs some people say you know about decency yes it's really pretty well run. All things considered. On the state in 1987. And un repentant. Timothy McVeigh was formally sentenced to death for the Oklahoma City bombing and the later of course. Mister McVeigh was executed in every cities are alias never said that. I. I shouldn't have done that went to his death the union and apparently done the right thing the American workplace is grueling stressful and surprisingly style. A new study from Harvard medical school at UCLA found nearly one in five workers say they face hos style or threatening environment and work. Which can include sexual harassment and bullying. Nearly 55% say they face unpleasant and potentially hazardous conditions. Nearly three quarters say they spend at least a fourth of their time of the job in intense or repetitive physical labor. About half say they have to work on their own time to meet the demands of their job. And the only 38% say their jobs offer good prospects advancement. Time it. Welcome to the American workplace you have to I was gonna say I'm I'm not gonna say anything here don't say anything editors at several places for every. You know him in Canada sexual harassment or bullying. I'm sure don't now that there and it. And pleasant and potentially hazardous conditions don't think so much its stay in these computers don't function right somebody starts throwing things. I suppose it's it could be. Fairly hazardous but I was I was thinking more along the lines of not this particular. Location yet where we're at right now which is really really good but. And that. Past but that we've been in a place that's been on fire up the place he worked before and you were there for I don't know several years right. In had been dead. In their company clubs I understand it at one point yet Nicholas is indeed did he build and offices and studios and and we were up in the front there. Surrounded by glass of we'd ever had a real windstorm. Now they are listed by him of being cut off his unit quarter I said and there was right sale window right by a window right now the glass and a alcohol. You had a bank of were you should help patch panels we'll have those anymore right but it was a satellite to satellite to satellite receivers are rack mounted for senator area there. It's it was common. Yeah I'm in those days we don't have one here we do have Iraq similar down the hall yet in their big computers and now I'm not but at any rate did the roof of that place leaked. And at least two right over all of that electrical picked. So one day we ended up leaking and I think Lawrence of where recent severe coverage at the time we just had been or something. It was during a morning show but maybe go to ground could've been it's been awhile maybe it was both maybe it was one of those mornings were we had storms during the morning I think over the weekend. In an A vina maybe not but I was there and you're there and not. Ellison's pop pop pop in the place began to catch on fire but if it. Well it does look you don't want to worry and a guy actually has a fire extinguishers used a fire senators got to put out that in these things. Will happen if you work around electronics and you have a leaky roof and they worked and improved and he worked on for years. I don't think he ever did get it now it didn't seem to ever work I don't know what the problem was except I think maybe was just too big flat roof. And it didn't drain properly are sampling now ever since we've been in this building. I have not had anything leak on me no I don't think there's redundant nothing here where India. Now rate floor and a bottom floor. In his scandal and we feel like it's kind of a storm bunker of anything ever happens Rupert probably pretty safe down here Aaliyah. And it has happened we had do what you had we've felt that earthquake down here yet we felt the earthquake like this five story building was. Bob by truck and chat via puzzled scared was. It we're safe and sound and we hope you have a happy day in your workplace token after an encounter all this stuff like intentional repetitive physical labor. I'm not a physical with the other physical as intense and repetitive and yeah it's it's it's more mental. And that the in the legal stressful at times yes. Deadlines that they most airlines yeah uniting a lot people appreciate that deadlines. Ever the four minutes yeah that can be stressful for 33 hours and then after that mordant lies of two or three times an hour in insist that's the way it is and yet to be there and yet be radio. So much complaining about our work here on Monday morning we you have employment but at that mrs. Campbell last week of freedom I guess for the kids who are going to go back to school right. Mike rank has gone back next week in the 23 believers start for public schools. Over the weekend and a just 15 go by town Miller attendees yesterday Shelley an analyst at least she had yet to make up their Dillard's. And of we had to do we went there we get the wrong thing we had to go back later in the afternoon tournament back that part that was done on near full. I enough CNET Qaeda. Kind of parking at town he's in a long time and it's because it is the last weekend before school. Maybe people does last minute shopping that does look like we have a pretty good shopping day at least a town east. On the Sunday afternoon. Hoping get everything down your house everything's radio would cure there's some last minute things solicited by a pencil. Or us or some great on this island but did radio for school start next week. Up on 618 nasty intent to hear at a Monday. Or things. They don't support them with Ted Woodward. But the royals. And so. They're a little bit better this week. In the helps twinkling lights on all that's happened I don't know are now. Kansas City yesterday in Chicago on the south side finishing up their series on the road it's the Chicago White Sox and boy the royals certainly had the offense roaring yesterday. Four runs in the second inning that helped us. And four runs in the third inning and help and another four to six innings or warlords it. With Mary field had three hits including his fourteenth home run he drove and a career high five runs on the day with a home run a single and triple. Mr. double short of the cycle. And the royals went fourteen to six the royals haven't had a player hit for the cycle since George Brett in 1990. Now. With Mary field is had a couple stabs at it this year but as Germany will do it so George Brett still the last royalty hit for the cycle. And more importantly the royals get the win yesterday Kansas City still one game behind for a playoff spot in the American League. After the series in Chicago now the royals head out to the West Coast visit the Oakland Athletics who Lennar another team in last place in their division. So you gotta stay up late for the royals tonight the royals in Oakland live coverage of the royals and the athletics. And that he was at 9 o'clock tonight listen live on Sports Radio hate at age 12:40 AM 975. FM. In pro baseball the first place Wichita wing nuts. Dog gave up a tunnel runs the other 21 hits and lost fourteen to five at when he pay yesterday. When he paid takes two out of three in that series back to back losses for the wing nuts. Now finally get to come home for an extended period of time and eight game homestand for the wing nuts begins tonight it'll be double header against the Kansas City T bones at Lawrence Dumont stadium doubles start at 5805. PM today. Two games and Lawrence Dumont stadium the wing nuts have a twelve game lead atop the division with 22 games to go in the regular season. And in golf. The PGA championship the last major of the season finishing up yesterday and Charlotte. And Justin Thomas is the winner in 24 year old wins his first major. And it was just three years ago he was right here in Wichita air capital classic but now he's got a major and one of these up. Please young golfers on the PGA tour it's pretty talented. Ill many of them do come through Wichita on their way up the latter in the Justin Thomas just the latest on that list. At sports with Stephen Tenet came in as 621 now Cuba. Or for Fox News commentator Todd Styron the Minnesota schools. Don't want the kids disturbs me to be called police or girls. Thing about that with duds aren't coming up also. They're having good weather on the way Steven did in the morning on Kate in a sense.