A look at what's new in theaters this week

Steve & Ted
Friday, August 4th
"The Dark Tower" "Detroit" and "A Ghost Story" hit theaters today.

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This is news station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number one. News talk bad weather station depend on. I can talk deadly bird heavy storms and Maryland are being played for heavy damage in at least one death. Police in Baltimore county jail. Fourteen year old girl was killed. When a tree fell under the car she risen winds toppled trees knocked down power lines rob Martin Luther filled suspects a storm may have spawned a tornado. Never been in the storm like this ever so it had I'm feeling like you had to be something like a tornado. And I'll never ever seen a storm that intense. Now look at our forecast with K and assist death meteorologist Dan holidays good morning Dan quoted morning cloud cover spread across much of south central Kansas this morning will likely see a break and clouds with sunshine today temperatures in the mid seventies around lunchtime 81 this afternoon. Moisture comes in from the south overnight they'll give us a few showers and thunderstorms down to 65. Been rain chances increase tomorrow and tomorrow night. Saturdays high 89 I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Halladay. Now mostly cloudy 65 degrees northeast wind ten miles per hour three companies are seeking a contract with Kansas. To build a new president Lansing to replace the State's oldest and largest lock up there. Reckon secretary Joseph Norwood told lawmakers Thursday about the three bidders he would not disclose the names publicly but the department of administration. Tells the Associated Press there on Nashville based course civic. Geo group of Boca Raton Florida and Memphis firm Lansing correctional partners. Last Saturday afternoon police were called the palace theater in west Wichita admiration Kellogg police officer Paul grew says. An employee at the theater has located a small suspicious camera in the box office area which had video of restrooms inside the theater. There have been no arrests at this time. And the palace theater staff has also fully cooperating with the investigation and detectives. One of the things we want communicate with a bogus you see anything suspicious especially electronic device and about the scope it may. Notify the police immediately by calling. 911. Police say the camera was used in both the public and employee restrooms a camera was collected by detectives and officers from the exploited and missing child unit are investigating the case. The annual community event convoy of hope is taking place tomorrow in Wichita Stacy Kath cart says. There will be two sites this year offering free groceries health screenings family portraits haircuts prayer activities for children and job services. Sometimes what we heard a lot was you know a lot of people were saying he I'd like to get a job that I don't have a ged. I'd like to get a job that. Stacey all I can do as I can work at McDonald's are really don't have a skill I really don't have a trade and so. We're very very and strategic about bringing in social services in different things with our city that were really help people. This year there are two sides to Adams park in north Wichita thirteenth the 9135. And duffel life center in the 3700 block of south pretty Ian. The event begins at 10 AM tomorrow at all people are welcome to attend. Massachusetts woman who sent her boyfriend text messages encouraging him to kill himself. Has been sentenced to fifteen months behind bars. Twenty year old Michelle Carter was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in June. ABC's Deborah Roberts has more on the case. After three years and an emotionally charged trial that raised new questions about the power of the text. A judge sentencing twenty year old Michelle Carter to fifteen months in jail. She's a bright young lady did well in school and I am satisfied that she was mindful. Hope the actions Carter found guilty of encouraging boyfriend Conrad Roy to kill himself through text messages and phone calls a judge delayed in jail time during appeal. Eight assist news time now 830 fire have a television showed dealing with ethnic or brother he's convicted the and killing their parents now. The blur entertainment news with Ted Woodward today but it TV series debuting next month about a high profile murder trial could be controversial. NBC plans to shake up what you thought you knew about the Menendez brothers' murder trial the upcoming series law and order true crime at the Menendez murders. Has an agenda. Executive producer Rene bolsters says the series will show that the Brothers killed their parents because they were molested by them. And dessert first degree manslaughter charges not murder charges Lyle and Erik Menendez currently serving sentences of life in prison. Without the possibility of parole. Shot gunning their parents back in 1989. When abuse series coming up on NBC. Who are they Kennedy Center honorees this year of one of the duke boys is in trouble and rocky coming to the small screen. Lionel Richie is among the five entertainers being saluted this year at the Kennedy Center honors he's one of three musical performers being recognized for a lifetime of artistic achievement along with singer Gloria stuff funded rapper and actor LL cool. All in the family creator and producer Norman Lear's also being honored as well as dancer choreographer and actress Carmen a lot a lot the honors will be presented December 3 and Washington DC doesn't know all former Dukes of Hazzard star Tom war Pat's been arrested on Waltham Massachusetts for indecent assault and battery on a person over fourteen M four suspected cocaine possession the 65 year old actors in the Boston suburb preparing and play no further details from police. Sylvester Stallone won't guest star on the new season of the hit NBC drama this is us word is he'll play himself starring in a movie with one of the characters and grab a tissue we will finally learned this season how Jack died I'm Christopher Watson. HBO is facing another leak just in time for the new episodes of Damon's throw in this. The actors who breached HBO's computer systems and already leaked un aired episodes of HBO shows. Now threatening to release more material on Sunday that's according to variety which says it got an email from the hackers. Saying they will release everything they stole four. Gradually every week. The hackers claim to a slight one point five terabytes of data from HBO's computer networks. HBO has confirmed the pack but has not said what was stolen. Akron area and there again HBO's. About the computer. Let's check out the box office this weekend's new movies coming out there's a sitcom reboot that's already getting a season two before season one ever hit the airwaves. And don't just don't get too excited for Little Mermaid lied at least not yet. The tower protects both somewhat Stephen king's the dark tower hits theaters this weekend in the long awaited adaptation is looking at first place possibly. 120 million bucks a huge call we head into the dog days of summer. But it'll be better than holly berries kidnapped. The action thriller is looking like a dud probably won't finish in the top five. Also opening wide this weekend Katherine because historical drama Detroit which might have trouble cracking the top three. We'll embrace the reboot is getting a season two before season one is actually filmed and cut. Episode NBC showing confidence in the sitcom which is bringing back starting next month and it stacked on the extra or episodes of the first season order. Meanwhile ABC's planned live action version of The Little Mermaid it happening at least not this year the TV network says it postponing the event maybe next year. And happy birthday Billy Bob Orton the Oscar winning actor sixty cute and I'm Jason Nathanson. That's. Even cold air and the late show may be seeing a ratings surge is thanks to its. Hit on skewering night after night of president trumping the NBC says it's not worried. NBC entertainment chief Bob Greenblatt told Television Critics Association summer press tour yesterday that he has full confidence in Jimmy Fallon and the Tonight Show. And while cold air may be winning in total viewers Fallon still leads the demographic. That advertisers. Covet. He's still the undisputed eighteen to 49. Leader in that demo that advertiser. Demand for him is you know as high as it's ever dad. The listening themselves to the late night numbers and a sixty years ago on this night the Everly Brothers appeared on the it's sold in Asia the sang her new song wake up little Susie. Which caused controversy and yes it did. Little bit risque a couple of teenagers at all not especially for those times out some. Some air still is some radio stations band that song from the airwaves aims to who suggested that name. Times change and elect Everly Brothers hair now they have a lot of big hill and Don had great news annoy them. And we go back 75. Years ago on this day in the world premiere of the movie holiday in. One of my favorites of all time. Tell us about attend a clearly did not cement people who were in World War II right but. Thinking about another don't know but that. But it's Bing Crosby. The thing that comes up with the idea that he has a lot of really work too hard so he's going to open up the place it's only open on holidays. There's only ask the work like you know ten or eleven days a year right that's that's the and that's added in Irving Berlin wrote the music and there's you know they're only open on holidays. On day holiday dinner he's an out and know what was supposed to be the big song and that meant and I. Speicher's be careful it's my heart just what they thought was the big that was the Valentine's days on be careful all ICA yeah that was supposed to be the big hit here but no it was little song called white Christmas. All the headlines. I don't Berlin had come up with this back in the mid thirties in the season. Nicholson is all right. Again and so they started writing new music for this movie that well. Days Christmas souls to this on in your white Christmas I guess they ran it by being in things listen to a decision. I don't think we have any problems of that wondering. On IMAX. Bail out the Valentine song was going to be the big numbers. Of course as soon as the movie came out. This was the big song that resonated with them and American it was a war. The jug eared not too good looking guy it. What is singer and wanna avoid being. Arrived in Tehran Irving Berlin struggled with the the Christmas songs on this one is he's Jewish. And he was kind of wrestling with the fact that out of my right there's a Christmas song for this movie well he's figured it out if he wrote a good crowd that started Saturday is now that the movie holidays end it. Became its world premiere was 75. Years ago on this night. Entertainment news in the blurs brought to my good friends at pizza guns into me make sure you head on down to pizza John's itself tasty pizza. Right there on T fifteen at 208 cell Baltimore. Tasty pizza they servant there's. Two Johns in derby you met. Hey let's get another qualifier going for our big guns in Italy ought to all haircuts for men yes you have a chance to win 40000. Dollar art nice salad. Place a week from tomorrow on Saturday August 12. The only lady James haircuts from in 25 north the maize road at. Have to be qualified to participate slots are limited. If you wanna chance to roll the dice and maybe win forty grant that will take caller one right now qualified atlas or dial now at 869 and a thirteen thirtieth. If you are not my lucky color you can still qualified or web sites indicate it as as radio that comments and click on icons. Asked alum that 843 Stevenson coming up editor bill one of which about business journal recognizing outstanding average and local health care. Steven did in the morning on K and the test that's.