A look at the Wichita Aviation Museum

Steve & Ted
Thursday, June 14th
Steve and Ted talk about the Wichita Aviation Museum with Wichita Business Journal Editor Bill Roy.

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Lord I mean who voted to prevent the house from becoming a Democrat. Hopefully for the 100000713. Thirty KMS says he was in the morning 845 here. On a Thursday morning June 14 Flag Day. Three big things we. To Gingrich plead not guilty and pickled swatting incidents in Wichita seeing two men dead after two semi trucks collide in practicality. Why Kansas. Which is a woman dead after a pick up fence semis crashed in Marion County. Predicting even dead on king and assess. Still that's a slow traffic right now. Over the road construction not Kellogg eastbound right around IQ 35. So watch for that and gasoline prices here in Wichita. He knows she's 69. A gallon thing that's good traffic terrific kids Colin spot in 1967. Harriet all of person could see prices continuing to dwindle just a little bit traffic update from state and as as radio. And yet she's. Sunny breezy and hot today with a high of 98 degrees yesterday I was 95. Mostly clear tonight the overnight lows seventy to bend Friday sunny breezy and hot again with a high of 98 so today eight. We're just gonna repeated tomorrow stick don't be less confusing is that partly cloudy now. Sounds good to twelve miles per dollar and 78 degrees 846 now. Stevenson in the morning and coming up from the Glenn Beck program in the 9 o'clock hour this morning dead. Department didn't crews waiting you know enough that North Korean summit he you know begin its gonna talk about doesn't do bunny play maybe making it I'm back on. And MSNBC analyst says conservative Christians have sold out for trump. That's what's going to be on the Glenn Beck program coming appear at 9 o'clock tomorrow night right here on K and assessed earlier. We talked about this proposed. High speed train route to for Chicago this being proposed. By area. Tests of CEO Elon Musk the boring company which he founded has been selected to build this high speed. Underground transportation underground although it was passengers on downtown Chicago Joyner international airport in mere minutes into an ability Tom. And that Gordon company is the maker of these not a flame thrower now playing for okay. So you tournament dig in and construction little go on for years and create. Hundreds of jobs. Each electric vehicle in the proposed tunnel system will carry eight to sixteen people travel at speeds of 125 to 150 miles per hour. The company says on its web site. The boring company said it will fund the project in its entirety and their plans to collect ticket and advertising revenues. Announcing the agreement Wednesday night Adam Collins spokesman for mayor Rahm Emanuel said the journey will take approximately twelve minutes. That compares to the roughly forty minutes it currently takes to make it from O'Hare to the city by the Chicago transportation authority's blue line train right now. The alternative by road and take even longer Krajicek and now more information. The estimated fair will be twenty to 25 dollars per run lol which is significantly less than a sexier deeper into Canada Abby yeah. And a blue line to get from O'Hare cost five bucks. So if you're really in a hurry this will be the way to go again if this thing flies. It'll be creating construction jobs for years untrue it's one of the things are looking at yes. So O'Hare where she known that Boston tried to do the Big Dig that thing and it worked for Angela. Multi here blue dog down and we even even try to build a tunnel near Wichita honestly in a long time right. Stephen Ted poll question now on our web page Kay is as radio dot com Father's Day is June 17. How will you celebrate. Take dad out for a meal 8%. Fire up the grill 8%. A nice card got 23%. And simply quality time together civil called time together still the leader with 62%. Others are coming up I'm surprised that they fire up the grill doesn't get more. Didn't get more juice with single I would think again Father's Day June 17 and the Stephen simple question. Is on a web page can assist radio dot com then again on fire up the grill aren't that adds the ones usually doing a lot of the work when your grilling out so. Maybe that says maybe it's giving them a break the younger generation doesn't know how to fire up the growth can be. In my case my son that's a real good jumper he grills almost every night. Gut it's almost every good man. My son in law does is well they do a lot of grilling. Portugal has a low tech way of beating wildfires here about these wildfires are gone in Colorado when you tall with a hot dry summer. Approaching there in Portugal they're sending in the goats. The government is hiring dozens of goat herds of nationwide to guardians to repeat of last year's catastrophic fires. Which killed a 106 people of Portugal do more than 200 brouder Mike Gillis will be slowly munching their way through the thick undergrowth. That covers the hills of southern Portugal the hoping hoping is that they'll clean up the underbrush. In as much would lead as possible before temperatures rise in Portugal rugged hills. Become a tinderbox. The goats. Are gonna eat there's a low tech solution very little networks. At 850 now Stephen dead and K in Italy it is out of Colorado that probably should see them introducing goats got mounting bills out there they get really wild mountain goats and Colorado. Local university names and you dean editor bill Roy that would stop business journalists this morning devoting bill. Good morning Stephen Ted yet Newman university in new dean of students Christine if Mike the blue B will take over that role August 1. She was chosen from a pool of about fifty applicants she was a University of Indiana for a year and at Wichita State University to 23 years before that. She takes the dean of students job after the departure probably by Estes who moved to Kansas State University. Executive rare shares opened a new operating base in Denver CEO John Allen says the company's been doing a lot of business and Anders or make sense to open an operation there. Executive their shares of fractional aircraft company founded in Wichita now based in one that sent in suburban Kansas City. Has eight bases of operation in the central United States. The civic out of commission has approved funding for the Kansas aviation museum museum asked for 50000 dollars to help restore the BB 52 aircraft. That sits outside the museum it's being damaged by the elements. Commissioners they've done room Richard grams house voted against the request they felt their more pressing needs for county money. Local breaking business news every day on Canas has sent a Wichita business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm dual role. It's a Kansas aviation museums or gotten everything it needed to really become us a first class museum though it would your feelings about. About well I got out of the idea of the museum I mean this is the place for an aviation museum the terror capital of the world. But it seems like there hasn't been a ton of funding for it than that it has ever betting he'll tell you it takes money to really make a first class. Museum I think they do a great job with what they have veteran pitcher would be nice stepped. Really have a world class aviation museum and the handle. The years yeah I made New Delhi the building itself. Courses the original terminal was out there. And at one time there it's where it was but where were you say is 31 and what did the George Washington boulevard right now that it. So that was the original. Air terminal here in Wichita. And I know it's it's. It's again classic architecture in there. From the thirties and at one time that was become major hub. In air travel in the United States right as far as landed bear in the big stars Glenn Berger Bloomberg so anyway is it. If an urban area it is still a good place to go and visit answer is but yeah. Bill pointed out though to first class museum that it's a major undertaking. Now takes a line. OK today is army birthday now are talking about is air service in the name about army celebrating. It's been the army was created in 1775. Before their eve was United States of America scores at that time. You had volunteers had militia coming together to fight hoot. That number one military power in the world the British pre written down. While hall what was wrong with those guys didn't they know that the take it on the brits. And maybe you know they couldn't land we did the British also from Iranian history helping out ticket you've read to edit the revolutionary war the brits had this dude gigantic. Navy. And the navy there I think it may have tried to rely a little bit too much of their naval power and the US was here we've we didn't line up like him might slow roast for people of units. We had a viral rules had to guerrilla warfare created and they're by the by the Americans. But the kind of middle 48000 there were never more than 48000 countenance soldiers at one time. Today you've got over a million active duty service members you got 800000 the National Guard and the army is is going strong. So. The army so. Thank you beat navy. Most of putts today. We celebrate national army SL the army and black knights of the Hudson right to and so I ran that it's like Paula two guys salute there right. Now possibly play and we're about to play tamraz's lineup and for yet you know an army active play taps for him by you by the way less than a one time was stationed at Fort Hood in Texas. The biggest military base in the world now have you been there. Never have they have three exits off the interstate. To pork but acknowledged that I've been in and of itself yeah. I thanks guys can't assist you still have it done 9 o'clock to video gamers plead not guilty in widgets off needles wanting incidents. That story and more news at nine Stephen dead on Canadian assets.