A look at Wichita's remote tech workers

Steve & Ted
Friday, April 20th
Wichitans working at home for companies all over the country.

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Thank Phyllis is not the answer is we live in a great country advent around the world. The Second Amendment Rights to his grave. Is not responsible gun controls and bring in the right it was ten. I thank senator it's. News in the morning now 740 violent. Three big things. You do deputies ambushed and shot dead heat in Florida restaurant she. Arizona teachers begins statewide strike. And this law enforcement trainer retiring. Three big things even dead on Afghanistan. And again watch out. This is on Broadway south hates bill Broadway between 79. And eighth third south there. They've got. Some road crews working on powerful there. Whereas some electrical lines in that area so they're diverting traffic around that much wanna avoid that again. And is on Broadway. And put but south of 79 street to traffic updates from cake and has this radio. And did Jesus partly sunny today with a high of 65 degrees and then it. 90% chance for rain tonight. The overnight low 44 Saturday. 80% chance for rain tomorrow's night 52 degrees now mostly cloudy. 44 degrees everybody is wind and nine miles per hour. Congratulations to. Darryl from mount hope that a couple of tickets because he would take it or Bonnie Raitt concert to the may 24 at interest thanks Arenas and all next week. Stevenson will be giving away more tickets go to that concert so you be listing here every morning I mean there's 6 of 9 o'clock to keep in the morning and you could be going. That concert coming to date it's James Taylor. It is just whether brought to you by the monarch voted one of the best. Berber bars in America by the urban review located at 579 west Douglas in his storage Toledo the monarch. 747. Stephen did stocks finished today in the red Thursday. Dow Jones Industrial Average finished down 83 points at 2400664. The NASDAQ Composite down 5772. 38 the SP 500 down fifteen at 2693. On the Dow Jones Industrial Average Procter gamble moved to a new low after its quarterly report it was down. Three and a quarter percent and Intel Dow DuPont and Home Depot came under pressure and American Express T and JPMorgan moved to the upside. Amazon saying that now it's Amazon prime members top 100. Million. That's more than Costco members stock finished up nearly 2% at 155691. On the floor of the New York Stock Exchange and pulled that early eighties Fox News. The big story in the weekly edition of the Wichita business journal on the streets today they live in Wichita but work for companies in California Washington all over the country. There which it does remote tech workers who can sometimes called underground tech. Lot of people choose to live in Wichita but work remotely for example. Send dips south south the call. Lives in which the public works at zip recruiter dot com. Send it says he likes working remotely shutting his own hours having free time being comfortable in his surroundings. But he says a remote way of working is not without drawbacks. It's less social than working in an office obviously sometimes are the folks back at their headquarters. Might forget to invite you to a meeting. I'd be too bad but remote worker Bailey Blair says allows her to. Live her best life missed a meeting going to be terrible. This week's top 25 list to them Wichita area golf courses public and private ranked by number of rounds played and number of members. And the golf handicaps of area business leaders. Pete Chris steak is at the top again this year plus 2.5. He's followed by anti merchant at plus one point five and Matthew bitch at zero point 40 is part I have no idea what that means. But which stuff business journal ice I'm Steve Macintosh you know I don't know anything about golf so what does that handicap it was and it. And my handicap is does it. Noted that some method for adjusting scores and trying to find out how you. Size up against some other competition and golf courses yes cells to tell you how important it is I played high school golf. And it was an important at all nobody even nobody knew there they're handicapped is so it in competition play you don't really use it ever play. Still little evidence now to some code number. My handicap will be I don't know one club for another there you go see you do know your handicap that's my hand I got a lot of handicaps doesn't have any do with gulf. I today is area. A big deal because whether a couple of big deals going on first ball. This weekend Ted Woodward is being inducted into the Wichita sports hall of fame. That's 2 PM tomorrow or Saturday Yaron us hillside Christian church on east Douglas style of admission is free. And attend to be a lot of big a lot of well low sports people that are right. The burning of the class of 28 team well. Greg markers and Marshal Paul Miller Mike Pelfrey Mike Pelfrey so he would vary and you're going to be that you're gonna be the least prominent person that group out about that's appropriate. Well. But it's it's still a raid on an inducted as a member of the sports media which they do someone every year. I'm following on the steps of Bruce hurdle. Bob lutes all Clark Schaefer. Irksome and ops mothers who have been inducted as members of the sports media's. Plowed probably be part of that group yet and you get a special jacket to get to where or anything that doesn't believe hypersonic plaque a flack yes appointment goodness in a spot in the Wichita sports hall go. We're as a sports all income people visited the now you know. Open every right there just just little bit west of central and Oliver picked up and appear very interesting place to visit yeah days especially you know if you and a sports and help your local sports it's pretty fascinating stuff yeah I was I think it was there couple several years ago. When they inducted. Kitty Bennett. Was it two or three years ago Sandra day was. He went to he was a west when I was there the that I played summer ball with Kenny and he was indicted as he'd he'd gotten to be. A very good baseball player in the Yankee chain never made it to the Yankees but he he was inducted. And so I showed up at that to because I had seen Kenny about forty (%expletive) years Vista and now we had a good time we exchanged some. Some memories and whatnot and I think it's it's it's it's right Matt O'Donnell locks the late dialogue amp. Who had been a childhood and legend legend to me athlete in the Wichita area so game you're going to be it's gonna be great if you're gonna have how many times do it it'll be fun. And that they'll be 2 o'clock tomorrow again at the which does sports hall of fame induction. At hillside Christian after tonight's honor I'm very very honored to be an idle all savage using has sports hall of fame. There's going to be at least a couple of cookies. And some punters LLC and it's got to be some Zhao speaking of cal. Today is our staff meeting. We have staff meetings coming up one become. I think they come whenever somebody thinks they should have equal yeah that's all right prima I'm somewhat quarterly fairly inconsistent. And our promotion guy manager. Bad bread hoarding is in charge I try to find out yesterday. Want to chalice going to be today because I'm always in net income I think he told me like federalists but I've I've heard from our. Receptionist at a sources she's she told me it's Italian Italian now. All right so because of it this honor that you're going to have opportunity to recognize that much. Well all USA today Ted's going to be in the hall main analysts. Let's give him an extra meat ball and is beginning. That was appropriate something generous like that I yes it's gonna happen. That that a lot going on in the big weekend is sports as you said speaking of check out to strip yesterday I attended the sixtieth. Annual pancake day and by the Wichita downtown lions club try to go to that every year yeah I do in. Kind of a little bit not my grandfather Fred who enjoyed going down that every year SO kind of we kind of continued that tradition with our family go down and join that every year. A course earlier this morning we were talking Madonna grants are money tracker about. The grateful and rework the ball actually ask your general and how many organizations they help. Downtown nom Wichita lions club supports. Nearly fourteen philanthropy is with the work that in the of money that they were really including that including help for the visually impaired hearing impaired. American Diabetes Association. They do a lot of great work him and yesterday it was a big fundraisers for them on pancake day to do had a lot of decades I did a pancakes and sausage to anybody we know. Assad Joseph Johnson. Local architecture and now here I was there kind of early so I like there was a lot of people there I was there but I had to hit it early to beat them launch rushed it through their a lot of lot of folks there policy they do it did today is national volunteer days of golf and find out why not to and the speed of the lions this is their 99 year existence in which it's ought to be celebrating their big 100 year next year and only nineteen fantastic so. Kudos to the Wichita downtown lions club they do a great job net. I guys 755 does Davis Stephen tip of the 8 o'clock hour we'll update you on the ambush killings of two deputies of Florida. Stormy Daniels has today in court. In LA today. Ted has the latest sports busy weekend rights as he weekend coming up in sports will fill you in class entertainment news the blur. I'm working on that as we speak and our weather forecast includes yeah those. Ray how much that. Stevens head in the 8 o'clock argument right here on Kate in that SS.