A look at your mid-year financial report

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, August 15th
Moneytracker Don Grant says its a good time to review your spending, credit, and investments.

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Even Ted which Stoppard dot com poll and our webpage Guinness is ready to doctor. Wanted to what do you say to. So we can in this fill some time to remorse kicker. No I don't really care what we have we have some interesting question that's let me Google escalation of where what are you going to be doing. I'm going to doing special I think FC one or two of these over the years and basically it's little dark for a while that's it. The minerals Democrat you can't do that per tribal right this is going to be 90%. Cover though it's going to be pretty if you act elder pretty darn imagine you know the at the right glasses and look at them to be at work. Yeah you can't be running around now sending an eclipse. In here she waving away over a hot Mike yes as we act it would only noon I'm obviously. This Thursday arena here from. Now the education record exploration place. We'll have her on talking about it very nicely to the reels. With the real information at the scope the real story that's coming up the eclipse. Next Monday. While the stock market is not most people's first choice as an investment according to news survey when it comes to investments there's no place like coma. Americans love their real estate I have to think part of it is home sweet home meaning that people associate. They home that they live in what being an investment lease that's what I hope. Real estate topped bank rates annual survey of preferred investments that analyst mark Hamrick says it may not be the best choice along on longer term it actually doesn't return as well as a diversified portfolio or. One what exposure to the stock market stocks were third behind cash investments. Stereo Alden. ABC news. US stocks rallied Monday as technology companies and banks help companies regain a lot of the ground they lost last week. Bond prices slipped only by a small amount in gold finished a little lower while silver prices rose. The S&P 500 jumped 24 points. While the Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 135. Points and the NASDAQ Composite added 83 points. Good day. Or stock prices going up or Donne Wall Street. China criticized president Donald Trump's order for a possible US trade investigation. Of Beijing's technology policies. As a violation of global rules and says it will resolutely safeguard. Chinese interest. And the Environmental Protection Agency says it plans to scrap an Obama area a measure limiting water pollution from coal fired power plants. A letter from EPA administrator Scott Pruitt released Monday as part of a legal appeals that he will seek to revise its one to fifteen guidelines. Mandating increased treatment for waste water from spa steam electric power generating plants. So that technology was wrong it said that it was. Let for the water not. Encryption. It's a 651 now with Stephen did time for the hornets have the money trackers on grants the FB a morning John talking about mid. Your account review you outline yeah why not well aware into the second half the year well into it in order to avoid some surprised at the end of the year. How about taking a good look at your financial situation now there are several areas that should be checked right now first of all. Investment and retirement accounts have you contributed enough to your 41 K. If you've recently received a raise or bonus it's time to upped the amount you're putting away. Power your investments tracking. Time to make any changes well work with your C appeal and find out whether it's time to do that are not. Monthly payments you are paying to your gym membership and are you not using it are using it a lot. You know check whether you're making payments you don't need. How about some online subscriptions to video or music streaming. Are there any you're not using check your utilities like trash pickup mobile phone service there may be a cheaper vendor out there to shop it. Tax withholding. Check your income against your quarterly payments or withholding if your income varies dramatically from what you made last year you may be withholding the wrong amount. Major events. Did you take on a spouse or lose one to death or divorce. Did you have a child or put one in the college all these. Event's could affect your taxes revue with holdings against your other financial activities to ensure that you are withholding the right amount. And the three major credit reporting agencies allow you to pull up a few few crypt of free credit reports a year. It's time to do that to check whether you have any surprises that might bring down your credit worthiness and of course if you have any questions you gimme a call number 634. Twenty to 22. Note on a couple of years ago. Have been. A father of paying way too much for trash in fact. A new ones but does just that ago but they'll and trash collection setting and finally Shelley my wife retired. He you know I started to see sicker on some of these people now and she is very tenacious when it comes to track him down this kind of thing and she just today. We bidders these guys for like 1520 years thirty years automatically make a minute you just automatically and she got to say hey. Wheeler mimic customer long time you look it up to his. We're going to be your Custer. Google shopping yet it safe and some point. Today is national relaxation day. Which we like to write off as possible time that slowdown unwind and relax. An important area. As we all need a break from the fans patient often hectic lifestyles relive. Taking time to recuperate and rejuvenate our tired minds and bodies. May help prevent many health risks like he had just announcing that it's that day I just. You look at our gallery like I'm I'm a do nothing about it though it's nice to know that it's today but you know. You're pretty get a relaxing coming. Yeah they relax right onto his. I did I carried out there that hey I'm a what me worry if not not just catch a flight out pretty Newman yeah and magazine is a dozen or there and is happening now likes to hear this a little laid back from them on the goal line here's six thank you done these 655 Steven Pitt coming over 7 o'clock McCain in his early morning news even said. Fremont plot foiled in Oklahoma City we've got that story and more Stevenson in the morning on the acts.