Looking back on Black Friday

Steve & Ted
Thursday, December 7th

Some information on "Black Friday" from Money Tracker Don Grant, CFP


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6:47 mosquito in the morning here on occasion NS NS. Now it's time for three big things three. The reports that Democrat senator Al Franken of Minnesota Maine resigned today from the US senate seat. Billion dollar expansion project in the works right here at Wichita based Spirit Aerosystems. An upset in me in basketball number two ranked Kansas suffered its first loss of the season. Losing to Washington last night sprint center in Kansas City. Three big things and Stevens head on 987 and thirteen thirty K in the best yes. That you look at traffic running smoothly in the Wichita area here on this cold Thursday morning to you again. When these orange barrels on maple street eastbound lanes near west. Playing blockages economic eleven turns eastbound Naples elder people in west that. In traffic construction continues. Traffic update from TV and as this radios and articulate that forecast here on Thursday morning. Sunny and breezy today both Cole looked high of 34 degrees tonight. Be clear and very cold with a low down to twenty is tomorrow and Friday look for partly cloudy days and up high in little warmer tomorrow high of 48. Early which he taught me to clear sky it is nineteen degrees with a wind chill seven. Right now wind out of the northwest. On her way to a high today of 34 that's your weather forecast Hackman Jack's. As unique holiday gift ideas that can work for anyone including cancer and kids. Pats always make great gifts now open Sundays from one to 5 PM until Christmas. And Jackson's kids and is located at 601 west Douglas by the clock tower in delay no. Hackman Jack's voice today would be a good day to have a hat man Jack's ship phone dog owner says step out without on the day only Nokia. Especially if you're a little thin on top like a lot of us are you gotta gotta protect that. Only heat leaving your body I actually have a hat man Jack I'm very proud of it very nice Macintosh jones'. Multiple hats and hands fixed him up with they took very good care of me they are held me great outdoor picnic picked out a grand idea that amount great people. Ticketmaster's admitting that they're slowing down the process for Taylor swift's fans trying to buy tickets to her concerts. Ticketmaster head of music David Marcus tells Billboard Magazine that tickets are being processed at about eighteen tickets per show per minute. As opposed to the usual 2000 tickets per minute now. He says that fight that fights off bots and scalpers. Swift is using a verified fan system to sell tickets. And Marcus says it all fans who are verified and will be able to buy tickets this week. He warns against people trying to buy verified fan goes on eBay because each code corresponds to an individual. Ticket master account. And obviously that knuckled watching it and someone else's code so that's that's a good thing because scalpers have been a problem for. I'm sure yours for years and years. Part of the process I guess again is what we have another candidate for governor. Kansas City area businessman Greg Orman as a pointer to treasurer for an independent campaign for Kansas governor this year filed paperwork. Allowing him to legally accept campaign contributions he also asked collect signatures of 5000 registered voters to get on the before the primary in order to get on the ballot. Received national attention a few years ago ran as an independent for US senate against Republican Pat Roberts Orman ended up getting 43% of the vote. After the Democrat nominee withdrew. They he is the twentieth candid twenty candidates Steve. Now that are vying to replace term limited Republican governor Sam Brownback. I just want one. The primary. Those primaries will be kinda look at these. Who want to it's up everybody's running neck got around maybe you ought to run we'll get an actor run. I jewel encrusted that matter all that was owned and worn by George Washington is going on display in Philadelphia. For the first time since it was presented to Washington in the city 233. Years ago. The diamond eagle as a badge of office of the president general of these society assists as Cincinnati. The organization was founded by officers of the continental army at the end of the revolutionary war to reserve the revolutionaries. The revolution's memory. The eagle was presented to Washington by offers of the French navy and designed by military engineer Pierre Le font. Passion and gold and silver and embedded with nearly 200 diamonds emerald and rubies. The Siegel will be on display at museum of them and American revolution from Wednesday until the third of march. It's 652. Which Stevens said here on 987 and thirteen thirty K and SS. Looking back on Black Friday let's check in with our money tracker Don grant CFP here on this Thursday morning hello Don and. Good morning the you know Black Friday. Is either root beer with. Org by. Now I have a more in differences do you have them. Bird bird than like that the one thing that I liked about it however it. Is that it stimulate armor would get money moving into the economy. Each time a dollar and his hand someone will receive a good or services in support of that person or business. They in turn will pay sales an income tax which helped paper infrastructure. Well at least when the government is working. At the name Black Friday. 21 account was coined by. The Philadelphia Police Department back in the late fifties. They describe that Olympic traffic jam and crowd relating to old beat up but then getting over that. It was a part of police who had a Rangel bargain hunters who hit the street to stop the sport. The more likely reasons called Black Friday is more by example. On a company's balance sheet that you are indeed read regularly. When you're in the black. Always good because the profitable. There are some businesses that derive most of their profit from the accelerated spending at the end of the year primarily over the holidays. So those businesses. Big shopping day. And finally made it in the black. After being in the right most of the year. Lack it was this one mark at the beginning of the Christmas shopping beaten. It used to be sacrilegious to let him in Christmas before that big Turkey mr. Now you're here at Christmas music retailers. Even before Halloween. The the idea that giving has been touted as the biggest shopping day of the year exactly the Saturday before Christmas. That swing been more retail well that. Going out shopping. Solid here. Into the hype and excitement of Black Friday that great but the problem is that I'm annual. But replaced does that have found you know that that side of the the he's one off deals. Generally by then they feel like it is out there that lap but it aware of all unlocked of course do you have any questions you didn't call members that. We poured into into. Eldest commie red head eggs I'm usually in the red compact. Yeah I guess again welcome in my world. It skipping college you know. Any less than it. Well and plus the last Saturday before Christmas this year is the 23 so it's bits push and it. But hey there's still 48 hours and you have actually mean c'mon at what it you've always got your positive spin on the glass half full of find them find and newspaper little Scott statement and the idea of stirring the pot that that you guys don't probe. All right Don stay warm. Well overall thank you for giving us are saying it's. Money tracker on grant CFP alive with a this morning right here on 9713. Thirty KMS test. More on that billion dollar expansion deal of Spirit Aerosystems. News on the way at 656 was even dead. On tape in it as best.