Lots of security at the 122nd Boston Marathon

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Monday, April 16th

Guest: Fox News correspondent Tonya J. Powers.


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Live team coverage of breaking news and CNN SS Wichita is number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. The 48 o'clock this is the case as a sporting news even did ninety Macintosh. Seven inmates dead after a prison riot in the South Carolina. Unbelievable brand I think we can fire severely damaged an apartment building and left several people homeless. Talk teen dead after vehicle crashes into the I'm KMS us media all of this damn holiday it is another chilly morning forests across south central Kansas but good news we do warm up a little bit more today are complete forecast in a few minutes. Seven inmates have been killed at least seventeen others seriously injured in the fighting between prisoners inside a maximum security prison in south Carolina at Columbia. Prisons spokesman Jeff Taylor on announcing grim outcome after state. Law enforcement division agents helped secure league correctional institution around 3 AM today. It and so no officers were wounded after multiple inmates fights broke out around 7:15. Sunday evening. New economic sanctions will be slapped on Russia by the US for its continued support of the Asad regime in Syria. This comes after Friday's allied missile strike in Syria Max Foster as Fox's Griff Jenkins reports more strikes could happen. And pastor Nikki Haley certainly was clear when she sent a message to Syrian president Asad saying. It's up to him whether he'll see more military action. What I can tell you is that the president has made it very clear that when it comes to weapons of mass destruction. We have no tolerance for it we're gonna watch out for the best interests of the American people. And so he made a point and hopefully inside and get set it aside doesn't get it it's gonna hurt. Haley also indicated that new economic sanctions against Russia are forthcoming today for enabling Asad regime noting. That Russia has blocked six attempts by the UN Security Council to further investigate the use of chemical weapons. The strikes did not cause any casualties but targeted the heart of a solid programs to develop and produce chemical weapons. Which is on teen is dead after authorities found a vehicle submerged in the but the car was submerged in the 96. Between nine to 35 and West Street. Officers found the body of eighteen year old lexis the news of Wichita in the vehicle. He is and you spoke with Kansas Highway Patrol trooper Thomas case. Preliminary investigation revealed that vehicle one was traveling. Eastbound on K 96 run on reasons why not throw away. Hitting striking a guardrail and then vaulting up the embankment into the river. Investigators are still trying to determine what caused the crash the news was not wearing his seatbelt. A two alarm fire caused extensive damage to an apartment building in west Wichita Saturday afternoon around 3:30 PM firefighters were called to the announcement park apartments in the 8400 block of west central just east of Tyler. Arriving fire crews reported heavy smoke and flames coming from one of the structures Wichita fire chief Tammy snow says the windy conditions didn't help. Under normal day in the wind isn't guessing the lady is we'd probably manipulative mitigated or have. Held it set in and checked at the apartment the actual apartment that it was that. The fire eventually spread to the attic area causing the roof of the structure to collapse this force part crews to fight the fire from the outside. Snow says all sixteen apartment units story total loss and the Red Cross is assisting residents that are displaced. Investigators believe they carelessly discarded cigarette on a balcony caused the fire. Damages estimated at nearly one point five million dollars. He'll hold a brand Kagan SS news that north Wichita business was robbed early Sunday morning. It happened around 640 officers responded to an armed robbery call and transport Jay Rodriguez. In the 300 block of west 21 street north. In female employee stated an unknown suspect into the business armed with a handgun demanding money. The suspect took the employee's keys purse and vehicle. The vehicle take it is a great 2004 Buick Rhonda do bearing Kansas tag 834. EEP. There were no injuries. The suspect is a white male around thirty years old with a tall and did bill. He was wearing a brown work jacket dark gloves and armed with a black handgun. Rodney price Kay an SS news. Powerful storms hammered the Carolinas yesterday causing airport delays and dropping large hail on north and South Carolina. Jim Westmoreland is the city manager for Greensboro he says they have at least one death from the storm. This is a very significant storm. I've been with the city of greens from now for eighteen years of experience when other event similar to this in the 2007. Timeframe. These storms take a lot of time to recover from. Strong winds knocking out power to tens of thousands of people. Fired FBI director James Coleman has tossed the latest stone in his ongoing feud with president trump. Kobe took to president trumps usual output Twitter to outline the premise of his book a higher loyalty coma he says it's a book about ethical leadership in that three presidents are mentioned with and it. Two bit help illustrate the values and one as a counterpoint. President trump has blasted call me on Twitter calling him slipper in referring to the memos called me kept of their meetings as self serving and fate. Three house committees are asking to see those memos to assess any inconsistency with what's in comb his book which hits store shelves on Tuesday. Colonel Scott Fox News. And as has used time now 8044 minutes past 8 o'clock. For our game on a windy day at a stadium yesterday out of the shocker fare against UConn will have details and highlights coming up in sports Mike Pompeo secretary of state nomination facing some resistance in the senate that story coming up steeped in the morning on tape and assess. McCain and assist morning you can Stevenson 888 minutes past 8 o'clock on this Monday morning. Are you for me. A former marine who made a career in Hollywood playing hard no military men like gunnery sergeant Hartman in full metal jacket as died. Hermes longtime manager bill Rhoden says he died Sunday morning from pneumonia related complications. The Kansas native seven to four years old a native of Emporia. Current CIA director Mike Pompeo is up for the job of secretary of state. On CBS's face the nation Democrat senator Tim Kaine of Virginia explained why he will not vote for Pompeo. I don't wanna secretary of state who is gonna exacerbate. The president trumps tendencies to oppose them diplomacy you've seen president trump tried up under fund that you State Department in USA ID. Not appoint key ambassadors tweet out insults about foreign leaders. Back the United States out of international agreements and organizations. We do not need a secretary of state he's gonna. Exaggerate those tendencies we need a secretary said is gonna stand up for strong diplomacy. Former Kansas congressman Pompeo could be the first secretary of state nominee to failed to get a favorable recommendation from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Former First Lady Barbara Bush is in failing health and now declining more medical attention Barbara Bush. She said to be in failing health that's according to a bush family spokesperson. The treatment for the 92 year old will now focus on what's being called. Comfort care. As the former First Lady has reportedly suffered from a series of hospitalizations. For lung disease. And congestive heart failure she married former president George H. W. Bush back in 1945. They've been married longer than any other presidential couple in American history she said to be surrounded by family and appreciates any kind messages or prayers. Tom Graham Fox News in assists. Use time now 81010 minutes after 8 o'clock. And still seeing some heavy traffic on the with a road race rate now hi to 35 approaching the north junction. Specifically approaching it from the west. Some heavy traffic there was also start to see slow down and this is on eastbound Kellogg. Right around just passed west streak going towards the ready and there. Slow traffic there as well trend update for McCain and it's it's radio. I'm jet chambers and at the forecast with gay and assess staff meteorologist Dan Holliday and good morning to good morning once again we fell below freezing in south central Kansas early this morning. Today we expect to be sunny is high pressure builds in the mid fifties at noontime 62 later on this afternoon. We will be breezy and not as cold tonight Harlow 44. We may hit the low eighties tomorrow I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Now partly cloudy 28 degrees in north wind at seven miles per hour and wonder about seven degrees. In the past hour. If today's high 49 degrees and Wichita normal hi 68. Which don't go to the wind gusts yesterday of 41. Miles per hour this means that the past few days not really conducive to much running I can tell you but. We'll still get out around they like to go over their jogged him this morning or today. The Boston Marathon. Which is a cash 122 years I believe Fox News radio's Tonya. 122 years they've been running this thing. Yet the 122 this is this 122. Running of the at the Boston Marathon. You wonder because you know I've done and all that running really became popular here in America. But seventies and eighties but I guess it must have been popular back during the bubble civil war days. I yeah I mean it's it's been around a long long time. OK so now it's five years since the bombing there. I would imagine the security is going to be very tight as it always is about five years. Yes. Absolutely they have more than seventy agencies that are involved at securing a race course. Boston Police state police if the a lot more because the river at its best sound like explain to. Mile course runs through eight cities in detail on. I'm so it. It's the more it's bigger challenge to keep everybody safe because you literally running you don't. Through you know and the countryside the variety. It electoral these cities and towns it's not just NA a can't find course in the city of Austin. Which might you know be a different you know challenge all of the home but still it would be more contained. Today how will have seven to 8000 plainclothes officers. And that of course is. Not telling all the ones they'll see you know in the uniform and open a lot of those well. I am live very close a friend. Who was there five years ago right at the finish line. And did he had a daughter who's running in the marathon. And boom exploded and they did know was in the dollar was all right or not they did find out the Q was okay but does it came kind of kinda close to home for me wanna might childhood friends their for the for the when the explosion record. Well and a it it. It's one of those things that you know on on the actual date which is the fifteenth which was yesterday that it stayed the actual date of of the bombing. And on that particular day they had analytical one often. Day. And that is there. You know kind of time that they genocide to commemorate out of people who were killed and all of the injured and it. Endorse so many that were were hurt in addition to of course etiquette. Now take for people that had had been. You know dear reader at eight bombing itself or indirectly related. Later on the child collier of course was later on Turkish. Believes that new home made bomb made of one of the croc potters somebody like that is. Air pressure cooker pressure cookers. Yeah they had two of them into different you know backpacks and left in two different spots in India and change on. And now a matter fact one of the stories that illness that was at. Apparently interviewed I had done what I'm Rebecca Gregory. And you may remember her name from. You know the story came out after the bombing. She lost part of Atlantic her she and her son were. At record finish on. And the first bomb went off three feet behind her well. And yes I heard it just an amazing story. You know she told me about. How she you know when I was covering the discard try a trial. In Boston. Therefore the beginning and it's. And of course collectively went back fourteenth in the verdict and everything and during the beginning in India witness testimony Africa picture for testify. And it was absolutely you know the resilient for her and the rest of the people who spoke. At that you know they were determined not to let these people take any more than Mary had. Now survivors. Right Boston Marathon today five years since the bombing thank you for being with us this morning we appreciate it. Fox News radio's time you do powers reporting in the Boston Marathon five years ago that the bombs went off it is at 815 now. We Stephen Ted on K and SS so Florida man have to store clerk what would happen. If I stole some Beers. Police say Crist for Mac will soon found out. Sebastian police say the 33 year old natural entered a convenience store around 2:30 AM Friday. But was told he couldn't buy beer because alcohol sales are banned in the city between 170 amp. In response to Maxwell's question Clark replied she would call 911. Well old Maxwell Graham to eighteenth ax above light left. And put did as she said she would AM called 91 blonde. Police then found Maxwell nearby within eighteen pack in each in that. Officers that he struggled. When they tried to arrest him he remained jailed Sunday on charges of petty theft. And battery of a police officer almost the premise for country music zone yep what would have been about stole some beer now. Then you go on from there they sixteen now Stephens net income tax filing deadline is tomorrow's seventeenth have you got your file photo. Got mine done. Old up three days ago finally has a pretty much what I did bring their Teddy and their unions are you that the comedy get taken care get I don't want that. Now what's people from IRS coming here rating is the potential of taking your way and it would be exciting wouldn't you know that might be kind of exciting kind of fun and different that I don't it's not EU. Just somebody else's somebody else that's exciting in its. 8:16 am company seventy Stephen daddy sports I would Ted Woodward in debt that stuck about baseball is more effective. X stadium action yesterday for the shocker is after not even playing on Saturday night. Root soul whether days shocks in Connecticut police played under the sunshine yesterday it was still pretty windy. When he drank Wichita State and UConn going out at the shots are trying to avoid a three game sweep shocks got. Mom got busy right away scored five runs in the bottom of the first inning. At lead was only down to one in the by the seventh inning stretch with shots did have another push in them and the three runs coming on one swing of the bat that help them do Mike Kennedy had a column a game right here on tape and assess who want. Hammered in the left field that's going to do dropped for a base hit it gets by the left fielder all the way to the track is may download them to orient. Here comes another manner around third Vickers will come home to score it's a three run double for Luke redder. And now the shocker is leader by a score of twelve. To six. Nice job by Lou greater there driving in three and one swing of the bat shots. Pile up the runs late six runs in the bottom of the seventh two more in the eight Sox beat Connecticut fifteen at seven shocker to avoid. A three game sweep but speak it's win on the weekend shocks are in eighth place in the American conference right now. But their only game and a half out of first that's how tight those first eighteen to bunched up in the conference standings. They'll talk about it tonight on the WSU baseball coaches show head coach Todd Butler 6 o'clock tonight. Right here on 987 and thirteen 38 and as S broadcasting live at eight K sports grill at the Alley. At thirteenth and green let's go have dinner tonight but the Butler and Mike Kennedy fox soccer baseball 6 o'clock tonight and in assets. Hockey action last night downtown Wichita. Under hosting the first place Colorado Eagles the first playoff game for the thunder in five years 2600 people on hand. To see a close low scoring game Wichita scored few minutes into the game. And nobody scored in the second period Colorado got a game tying goal in the third period this thing would go over time in about seven minutes in the Colorado got another goal 121. In overtime. As Shane Steris Wichita goalie was peppered all night long and he had 37 saves the offense that might help him out there with a win a Colorado up one game zero in this best of seven series. And they go right at it again tonight for game two with. Downtown Wichita 705 interest bank arena under hosting Colorado Eagles Colorado up one game to zero that that's seven playoff series. No baseball yesterday up in Kansas City for the royals too cold. As the angels in the royals postpone the finale of their four game series. Temperatures over under on the freezing mark I wind chills in the twenties that. For the royals now take a five game losing streak on to a week long road swing at the royals are in Toronto for the next few days. Kansas City at the blue jays this live at 6 o'clock tonight. Right here on sports rate at some Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975. FM. The royals and angels will make up that game from yesterday in late June when the angels comeback Kansas City. Happy baseball birthday today to Bruce both she. 63 years old today. Or he's won three World Series rings as the manager of the San Francisco Giants. Or that he won a championship in the Texas League as the manager of the Wichita wranglers back in 1992. Guys happy birthday to Bruce vote he was 63. Today. Pro basketball in the NBA yesterday opening up a playoff series in Boston between the Celtics and Milwaukee Bucks. This went overtime before the Celtics won at 113 to 107. Off the bench for the Celtics as the sixth man a former industry ought Marcus Morris had 21 points and seven rebounds. The Celtics a one game to zero in back. Playoff series. That's sports was even Ted KN SS. Coming up on Wednesday night at that stadium. It's paid an SS tonight that the ballpark is the shocker host the Kansas Jayhawks Wednesday night at 6 o'clock. We're giving away tickets we have been all week last week in this week to about two tickets to go to the shocker. Hey you've game Wednesday night Kagan SS night now throw in a twenty dollar gives her gift card Freddy's frozen custard Cyprus how about that governor dollars. Four and buying of call me now at. 869 at thirteen thirty if you wanna go to the soccer game Wednesday night. Cyber prairie fire coffee break on K and assess very buyer copy the freshest coffee in the Wichita area. Because prairie fire coffee beans or roasted fresh right here in Wichita. And you can get very tired coffee at your office just like Stephen debt by calling. 2673771. Or on line. At very fired copy dot. Eight when he won now either for the Hannity morning minute shot comments on James Kobe's recent network interview. That's coming up Stevens at the morning on tape an SS. Stevens head mornings are.