Love Your Community gearing up for a big day on Saturday

Steve & Ted
Friday, August 17th
It's the 3rd annual Free Community Event at the Evergreen Recreation Center

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Even in the morning feedback into Ted Woodward. The husband and father who reportedly confessed to murdering his family. Has appeared in Colorado courtroom the judge you Weld County Colorado ordered Chris slot held without bond titans edges are. These days. We'll formal part. Bill remember. He reportedly confessed to murdering his pregnant wife Shannon and their three and four year old daughter's Shannon's body was recovered on property owned by Anadarko Petroleum. Which is where Matisse to work. Wants even energy to Denver TV station Tuesday and said that Monday he and his wife had an emotional conversation. And then afterwards she and the kids failed to return home. Records indicate the family had financial troubles including debt and a bankruptcy filing from 2015. Jack's got Rosenthal Fox News. The economy is expected to continue growing slowly in rural parts of ten planes in western states. But the young going trade disputes remain a concern Creighton University economist attorney Acosta has grain prices have fallen even lower since the trade disputes erupted. The overall economic index for the region increased slightly to 54 point eight in August July's 53 point eight. That's scores still suggest growth because it's above fifty. Only score below fifty indicates a shrinking economy. Bankers from Colorado Illinois Iowa Kansas Minnesota Missouri Nebraska North Dakota South Dakota and Wyoming were surveyed. The bankers remain concerned about the economy. Confidence index remained in negative territory but climbed to 46 point five and August from July's 42 point seven Dan O'Neill came and SS news. All day tomorrow in north west Wichita love your community is hosting its annual free community event. Angel Martinez is president of love your community says the idea for this event began three years ago. We want nice things in our community and that's kind of what started to graffiti everywhere you know there's gang activities drug activities. And you see it in the kids the hopelessness and lack of resources. Programming in the rec centers are down. Due to lack of funding due to lack of support so we wanted to create stakeholders. Saturday morning there will be a free neighborhood clean up of the evergreen neighborhood near 25 and Saturday afternoon at 2 PM there will be up operate from no margin evergreen. We want people know that the stigma. Police be in the bad guy that's something that needs to change. We need to have a mutual respect mutual. Appreciation for one another. By working with the children ms. were believed to start. The block party goes from three to 10 PM Saturday at the evergreen recreation center in the Tony 700 block of north would lend. Featuring a car show resource fair scavenger hunt. Talent show and dodge ball tournament. A new report by wallet hugged names a Kansas community as a good at retirement destination Jill Gonzales is with wallet and a. Of an entire click in the top thirty out of about 200 cities dedicated still something to be excited about. If fare much better than say which college brings it down 171. And so a lot of good things going for just when it comes Q overall affordability. Specifically living on the fixed income but also quality of life and health camera up there as well. The affordability measured just one part of the survey wallet hub assumes most retirees will be on a fixed income the Massachusetts banned suspected of killing three women. Has been indicted on 52 charges Stuart. Wheldon in Springfield Massachusetts indicted on charges of murder rate strangulation kidnapping and more after three bodies were found at his home. Wheldon was busted last may when he was pulled over for a broken taillight. The Boston Herald says a woman in the vehicle told police Wheldon held her captive for a month. Repeatedly rape beating and beating her. Soon after a call came in a batter rancid smell coming from well against house. The cops headed over and found the bodies in and around the property Wheldon has pleaded not guilty till NATO Fox News. A number of employees at a major tech. Giant are expressing anger over a company moved to benefit China more than a thousand workers that Google sending a letter to hire rocks protests and how the company is gonna make it custom search engine for China. That falls in line with the country's censorship laws. The signed letter calls for a company review of ethics and transparency. Because most employees claim they didn't find out about the purpose of the project named dragon fly until the media started reporting on it. The company faces similar backlash from workers over a US military contract called project maven. Google eventually let that contract expire back in June. And Duffy Fox News and I'll look at the forecast with innocent stamp meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan. Morning showers and a few thunderstorms will be on their way out here this morning today clearing skies sunny update 88 for the high this afternoon clearing 68 tonight. Tomorrow's high warms deny the and by Saturday night and Sunday another round of rain and thunderstorms. I'm Ken SS meteorologist Dan holidays and. I don't mostly cloudy with a north wind at six miles per dollar and seventy degrees. A Georgia wedding planner came in handy for one couple who nearly had more than 2000 dollars stolen from their reception. Christina Dyer know was arrested Saturday after planner Ashley Bieber. Noticed her among the wedding guests holding a jacket in an odd manor and thought it a particularly odd garment for the ninety degree weather. Neighbor was on high alert the event planners in the Atlanta area were circulating a surveillance both photo. Of an uninvited guests suspected in similar thefts that off duty officer confronted the wedding pressure. Who acknowledged hiding Iran tooth out 2300 dollars in cash and gift cards under her jacket. Dario was sent to the Fulton county jail on a felony theft charge police say they're still trying to determine if he's. Behind the other thefts I been reported. To be doing more than just the one. Today is August 17 Friday August 17 Tony eighteen on this date in 1982. The first commercially produced compact discs. A recording of Allah is the visitors. Were pressed at a Phillips factory near Hanover west for pleasure. 1982. The CD. At a big collection. A much needed just CDs. Yeah now. Mostly as back up that's gonna back up now to and I have digital in digitally their iron ons now I am here. How do you get a bear out of a tree. Our average car that is a very carefully. As a northern California sheriff's deputy has shown the deputy fired several bean bag rounds into a car a car's back window. You free of traffic bear that'd what wondered in seeking food. A spokesman for the Eldorado county sheriff's department says officers were called after the bear was seen rummaging through a Honda Civic in late awful. The deputy says he consider breaking out the back window but reconsider when he realized he'd be close to the bear instead the deputy fired bean bags. At the window. Once he broke the bear popped up and high tailed it back into the woods. Sheriff's office has posted on FaceBook to remind people. That bears can open doors. And we and it's these stories recently had a lot of bears treasuries. But the bears have been misbehaving looking for those picnic baskets they have to do a fake news on Inco. On your CD story you said Hanover West Virginia I really I think it's Hanover west Germany it is it is Hana west Germany west Germany was the capital of writing gave you couldn't buy CD without seeing some more on their manufactured in west Germany yeah Phillips being being made gas so. A big party yes it is listed Jerry York correct there. More fake news but I intend. Well if that's. The bad happens stake in you know that that it. At 636 now with the Stephenson and a very disturbing news going on the right now for or many of us I know that. At least it concerns me I don't know about you there have been. You'll want and you know we get a shooting almost every day in this town. Aren't the homicides are running more than one week. And yesterday we had stories about two kids. Little kids being hit by a news gunfire or shrapnel. One in the north part of town wanna sell part of sound and it to existed there appears to gangs are really. Pretty much out of control it looks like his gang activity in the police are just. Beside themselves for enemy you know trying to make sure the city is safe there a couple of neighbors right now that are. Wouldn't take kids out. I would go to playground. Not in the not some of those neighborhoods while. You're down there every day tendency in what's going on is with the police department. And I guess the other children and they both of them are gonna survive VOK. But see ideas and one of them shot right of the player. The ball scary. They got a lot of thugs out there in new group there you know crime stoppers in the police department offering rewards and whatnot and trying to get cement to open their mouths are talking about it but. You know there's desist intimidation factor when anything like that. The bad guys find out who you are they gonna make it even better for you they don't pony limits and it appears. So we need to get. It's you know I don't know how many of route to do and is this bang into the media about the streets. But an elder rent or Lansing or someplace other until they get grey here and die. Is it just days in Vienna and it's probably young guys but they're they're just. It's crazy. And at any rate to go on a brighter note it's 638 was even dead and it's time for the commodities up late edition Tom littler littler commodity boring time. Good morning Steve lie again and people can upload I want them Pietrus guarding the social and guided trading. The big gains were Peter cattle futures despite the fact higher grade including part of the code yesterday. There are no reported case chemically and our southern plain result of country vocal aren't indicative of Tripoli to gain. Intra project extra work limit. This'll tide in the noon the next going to China and the US were written trade talks. We've also just that October live cattle when he doesn't and I don't wanna remind 27. October of 95% at 11522. October load but the three dollar limit it to two but we haven't. Haven't China US trade taught me just there was also price support into the grain and soybean futures around the corn and soybeans according heights over the week yesterday. Overnight particularly blue eyes from the week on talk that question is considered going export coup that often comes to Europe next week putrid I. Up all the cocoon around 5:30 this morning when the market pop out and at one time and we got 22%. At the moment these symptoms can we took. Well an enhancement. That by the 87 and amp December corn at opinion they have the 381 and a quarter of members only been spent a penny in the camp that in 95 and half the pilgrim crude oil trading from 9250. But eighty odd. That would go down 60% at 11183. Of the camera complete entering into recorded when that's when he wouldn't run. Cameron dollar index includes forward 9630 work but it would lead them into them 36 point eight point 5005 if there. Commodity trading Greg marketing advisor and contact look at commodity on the firmer on the web you paid sick but you can top. I'm just take a look at the chances whether senator radar a few minutes ago looked like did the year a year and a guest of which of course does northern Butler county. It's like John light met his rain this morning yes rain. Actually ruin coming up sidewalk where Pitt split yeah if the man of Bender heard could be major mentioned the rain will probably upper fringes so it was pretty loud but yeah if you don't know kept on asking to be. Alec you brother in law pretty loud about Matilda. Her a cup by a brother in law Lorraine get a knock them over here embryo a couple of drops vault I guess earlier this morning the day. Most this step to stage is no president over to the east of Wichita it's all hidden over. It toward the eastern policy in this morning so now. That's the most partisans ethnic Kansas and have some pretty heavy rains earlier in the week. Yeah they did and you know a couple of fatalities down and people distant. Upland man who drove into. High water. There and didn't make it out so. I had some really interesting range are just weeks body that in many parts of the state in this. We move forward. And he will get some more here in the near future what do you think. Their record settlement we can't afford certain adults and did you keep listening to let them a lot of difference between name. Put in the water on her breath and let mother nature do of course which you know what a great if there's a lot. You know it is truth no reason not to like it comes down to mother nature knows exactly how to drop water and if it is nick majors or water or and I think there's X 42 and now I hate time preparers fired copy break on K in a separate fire coffee. Is the freshest coffee in the Wichita area because prairie fire coffee beans are roasted fresh right here in Wichita. And using it very far coffee at your office just like Stephen dead by calling 2673771. Or online at prairie fire coffee. Dot com. 642 Stevenson coming up Don grant Ciampi the bunny tracker perception of reality and context. Who this sounds good Dave when done. I don't know he said it was now going to be got a very existence seated at the morning on day and assess.