Maine Police Chief stands by the shooting a rampaging bull

Steve & Ted
Friday, April 6th
Some onlookers say the animal wasn't a danger and should not have been shot.

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And 9873030. KM necessity to have the morning Steve I can talk Ted Woodward now at 630. A co owner rush let her bond wanna park in Kansas City has pleaded not guilty to second degree murder in the decapitation death of a boy on a mass of water slide. If Henry appears Thursday in wyandotte county district court after being indicted in the 20s16 deaths of ten year old Caleb swamped. Boy died in two women were injured when their raft went airborne and struck an overhead loop on the slide. Henry was ordered to surrender his passport but district judge Robert Burns rejected a prosecution request that. He be required to worry GPS location or while out on bond awaiting trial. A trial date was tentatively set for September 10. But burns and Henry's attorney suggested that date could change Dan O'Neill came and SS news. Should teachers be allowed to bring guns into Kansas classrooms. Terry Moses is executive director of safety services for Wichita public schools she tells KM SS news it would take some strict safety measures. We would have to put in qualification requirements. Training requirements in terms of panda retention. Storage. Just a wide variety of things so it's not as easy in issue as hey let's simply. Say it's okayed armed teachers. Terry Moses is our guest this weekend on issues 20:18 Sunday morning at eight on KM SS or heat for Environmental Protection Agency had Scott Pruitt. As reports come out that he requested massive raises for two top aides and then wasn't forthcoming about the one staffer got a raise of 57000. Dollars a year. The other getting about 28000 dollars more. Fox's Ed Henry is in Washington with more. The Washington Post reporting the Scott Pruitt job. Is an increasing jeopardy because in newspapers quoting sources at the White House and elsewhere in the administration is saying. The EPA chief may have misled fox when he claimed. He only found out about those large pay raises for a couple of cups Jeffers a couple days ago the paper suggestion he would push for them long before that. But had a not officially signed off on them. Brits already under scrutiny because of reports that he's been renting a Condo in Washington owned by the spouse of a top energy lobbyists. We're just fifty dollars a night. Speaking to reporters on Air Force One president trump on his plan to send a National Guard troops to the US Mexico border. Well like executive board that is. And we'll probably keep them floors and a large portion of them until such time as we get the wall. Congress continues to refuse to fund the border wall for the president. A break to show support for law enforcement is scheduled for tomorrow in downtown Wichita police officer. Poll cruise says this is a fourth time this parade has been presented and there will be lots to do. This is all gonna take place at 10:30 in the morning here in downtown. This Saturday. We're also gonna have a lot of activities food trucks live music this is going to be great event for everyone. We really. One of the community now does support the officers. Have an opportunity to. Talk with them and George include music. So we hope that everyone can make it out. Games contests and food trucks will be at the block party at third and main. The parade gets under way at 1030. Block party will run from 1145. Until 2 PM. Now the forecast with Kate and assess staff meteorologist Dan holidays and morning there and the good morning you're cold front is already made its way through and is heading further south today we that it's spreading in some clouds and temperatures will only fall from here on out northeast winds at fifteen to 35 miles per hour some light rain or light snow certainly possible this afternoon and evening but about should be quite low. Our low temperature near twenty sunny and 43 for the high Saturday if I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Mostly cloudy 43 degrees in northeast wind at sixteen miles per hour. 633 now Stevens edited. But not seeing much and other readers agree at all so far this morning that. I'm currencies of precipitation later on and Dan holidays forecast is for use. Is he he's settled he's a little skeptical I think about all of this stuff coming on and about right that might fall apart. So we're lucky veneer on an island for you and keep you posted as we do every border which Steve and sped. The police Stephen main who shot and killed a 600 pound bull on the loose says he's low standing by his decision despite criticism. Show he can police chief David buck them says he did not change how he reacted the morning sentinel reports. The bull broke loose from its trailer Monday afternoon and scalp he can remain. The bull ran around jumped into the Q and Kenneth baker river. Before Bachmann believe it was threatening a Google bought onlookers he shot the animal which. Fell into the river and floated out extreme. But Adams said he doesn't know what ever available after that. Maarten lane who witnessed the shootings says the ball didn't need to be shot. You said Bachmann thinks just because he has a piece of cheap and punished yes he has a right to do that one. All right. I wasn't there I did take whatever but it. And edit folded charges and the people on child got killed or say why didn't nation why did your father I didn't shoot that bull I think that's what we you know that's what we do with police officers would second guess them. All that and I was second guessing one yesterday on the air with you of the one who stop before that traffic violation. I was second guessing whether he had an idea. It was it was a gentleman or not they had any tact whatever whether it was mature that's a whole different hours. As he was just he was just a nasty cat. But it didn't second guess it was obvious. If that it was that I little girl. New York or acquire all new publicly accessible bathrooms statewide to have diaper changing stations Big Brother here Ted the new rule. Would apply to men's and women's bathroom double cover any new or renovated restroom over to the public. Lawmakers and the provision to the recently approved state budget it's intended to make it easier for parents of either gender who have young children. Democrat lieutenant governor Kathy haute shall. Says it's part of the states broader effort to make sure that even the youngest New Yorkers get the help they need. Says it is a mother she'll never forget the stress of searching for changing area went out in public with a baby. Really. I don't remember that. It's been so long since I had kids. But I remember that. I do remember. Night by wife and mind my sister in law Mary who is movements of living around here to witness that says our area at the time I remember them changing their. Diapers on the hood of the car. Or you know just. LC New York this thing that's not appropriate down a native you'll place to do it in and they have a little place advertising we didn't have changing areas in bathrooms. When my kids were little when you were little know. Mean people just may do. Or are you as the hit was making do you group you can't you may do we're gonna make it take you home here after while and change at four in the meantime suffer. So anyway it's just it's another way to do you know we got to take care everybody. Make sure nobody inconvenienced by anything heavens no. Would be just terrible I don't remember really I'm talking about like my kids. My grandkids now on it and and Stacy and sketched here that are remember them being in the big to doubt the public to change gives diapers only candidate right now. Usually you're going to play you're gonna go all pretty soon I don't know. Must be a new thing. OK here we go a jury in Middlesex county New Jersey awarding thirty million dollars. In compensatory damages today. Thursday to a man who got cancer after decades of using talcum powder on his wife was awarded seven million dollars in damages. Bankers Stephen Lanza said he used Johnson & Johnson products like shower to shower and baby powder for more than thirty years. Claimed that inhaling the power causes mesothelioma. And aggressive and deadly cancer that impacts aligning it belongs. The jury will soon begin a second phase of the trial to consider punitive damages. They'll be coming next Tuesday that it talcum powder. Is it really you know there. Apparently there's some science it doesn't it couldn't if he doesn't agree illness for some people yes and to doesn't. No necessarily we've had juries recently and have awarded people big damage awards and a but that. I used talk about a very occasionally but there again or something that we use to. Put on babies but every every time we we changed the look so. How come out. 638 now Stephen Ted it's time for our commodities updates this morning with Tom Wexler of left or commodities Deloitte and. Good morning Steve. The right Tim Peter Kelly endured during the second completely consistent triple digit gains additional short covering an outright buying lifted the get a conflict and the upside. Helped the blue guns inside them in context without as much as ten dollars the average stood guard is wait till 870 pale and they and three bands last week but Kim they have bigger than a year ago this time we want to close look on the positive side yesterday on the clothes you can gamble to most of attend the entire world title five a if you look at dollars and 93 so -- birdied a pilot and you know ticket prices and tired from the 382%. Of the corn soybeans all closed on the blog inside the weekly export sales yesterday are still lower than a year ago levels for the wheat corn and soybeans. Look at the trading. Overnight and the supporting. President trump is considered an additional 100 billion dollars and tips on Chinese candidates at the moment they can he went -- to recruit them forward scored 92 and three quarters acorn therefore they have their attorney room I think we're demonstrating it moved recorded it and slowly turned twelve and I have a career was what what can I didn't blow it sixty to 95. Can go a bit too don't burden that the protein that are important for exporting junior from people looking into recorded the record clinical excluding wasn't even the ten dollar index has been changed that nine include Miller AF. And can bedrooms teachers can put an eighteen points lower at 24000 to fifty according Craig Craig Morton doesn't protect look for commodities on the program live by using. We intend to out. To get a chance to get a little moisture in here later on net today but not neglect is it's it's really real strong strong deal. No look like world is the right side of blood booster. You know and so you know every how much how much ring you think we have to have that to get his back on track there's the spring. I don't know how far behind we are according to normal for this I'm here. Yes I can do is gonna have looked lately but no room disturb him from GM of ratings you know you just you know pitch to turn into the ring you know. It would mean we're favored by six days Ferrari are really into it we started together Serbs sort of our top sort of built back up there wouldn't throw an off. Because a lot of you know and links to deploy until now. Innocent and we had a story a while ago news of the police chief in in Maine got in trouble or a loved 600 pound bull Cutler's and he he put it down but he thought it was threatening people. It's her fault 600 pound bolt is that a big bowlers that there is out of ten of the baby. It's about a baby but they're. This listen basically yearly. How dangerous is a bull like debt. We've looked at the local amateur there really will go out there and at 101000 Palin areas so they can be very dangerous. Just because in this chair side that they are you know they Rhode adopt a Steve. Why are they aggressive though that's what I'm trying to find out. It just like him being. You know also more aggressive and others. Well I if I did. Television story and interview wants yours ago these the guy image via buffalo. A bison. Farm or ranch up around a person. And makes it and come to bison are buffaloes did you gotta watch them because it don't wild never gets out of Buffalo's a very dangerous animal. Yes they are. It's never going to get a stop and think about like the situation but I don't work the police department Chacin forever yup yes chase some of that just listening. More dangerous because. No black student until it's right that is good point Nablus product and I love the children don't look at Purdue and. Now you know well there you go. So they need a police officer to protect them like this. Week. Yeah development program to better escrow and give always go back out. Hate it or CU a gridiron device she was there last year. We know we consider this from left several years and we will be burden. Oh we yeah we are to be so I'll let me be a chance of Burma send to meet you pregnant and never met Scott okay. It would be like big Ol finally millionaire tonight. And expect listening to input on what the heck of a great performance. You know he doesn't buy these connected now I don't know how will punish him but will lose up and think it's around 642 now Stephen did Philip Don granting him the fund money record. Ten answers are speaking the financial needs as Don. I don't understand that but that's what we have other places. That's coming up David and the blocking a punt at SS.