Making It Natural With Greg Leonard

The Good Life
Saturday, April 14th

Guy’s visit with Greg Leonard continues as they cover how Greg’s journey began, how his Alive & Well Olive business has grown, and the strict process they adhere to in order to keep the olives fresh as the day they were picked.


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Definitely welcome back to the black you can miss the first half of the show you know you can always get the podcast he co director and SS radio dot com. And you can go cruise up the good life that way there's a link to that look at night commonwealth and you can always. Listen live streaming appear in your car with the data connection or use that hot spot nearby. And anchored do we have to give voice Murakami giveaway and in this week. But I do wanna tell you these columns that I speak about. It says there are available here in town at country covered which is out on. Butler county road. And over road if you will and it just nor a 150 or 150. Street easy for me to say with all of in my mouth. South of and over and just north the Roseville and Leonard Padilla oh. You know be able to get some there and then my guess Greg Leonard Gregg. Big department stores have they signed on yet can we expect to see them soon. You certainly can expect to find them and many other retail outlets. Is as we move. Further into 2018. We we actually introduced the two of the product line through a relationship with a group of independent natural food retailers across the USS. It's kind of a pilot whom we first launched in the launched about a year ago. So we started out working with a group of retailers. Switched to use your local stores prism through one of that. Cooperative if you. And now we're just in the process of engaging with the other retail groups. Will be ending up certainly in the end both. Natural food retail chains as well as conventional grocery chains. Over the course of 20182019. We've kind of moved from a very new aero focused. Pilot to process of kind of getting the brand established using a relationship built with both retailers and with consumers in the US. And they were really moving into a national rollout and that's the cities will be in for the next twelve months. And if you made the comment before. You can go to. Alive and well Wallace dot com and we do. Product load cater their that we will keep updated as we take on additional customers so that's certainly one resource. I also noticed what a good job he did on your web site equivalent to a web site to with. Providing basic information about this product line in the benefits of the product line. So thank you for doing that and it's certainly helping get the word out. Well and it's important and as you know permitted products sir are booming. Natural organic pro about a polished up as fancy. Any other products in line after a week captivate the olive market. Well politically the music public's what is possible yeah that Vista is problematic this is kind of trendy word right now taught worded and and aside from being trendy. It's it's important because. I think we're all starting to learn as we. Spend time in the world of good nutrition. How important healthy digestion does that mean that's the whole point of problematic else's. Facilitating healthy digestion and I don't care what age group Huron. That's the real issues that we all have to deal with and the condition of your Dutch justice system has a lot to do with your longevity in your life span so. Having products that really and that Natalie takes great that kind of benefit. Is is that we think is very important. To your question about other products we have several. Additional alive and well. Naturally Provo attic vegetable products. We are. Able to bring to market we have scheduled to bring to market. We also looking. How expects containing just to maybe a two ounce serving of marinated olives those would have the same mother Brian may be stable but they would be. They would not have to be stuck in the refrigerated case because of that type of package that we be using. That that something that we're seriously considering bringing to market by the first of 2019. Four quarters this year. We think there'd be a lot of interest in that because so many of us want to help these stacks. And I look at olives and not just a party food but it but it says he'll be back. And if we could put it into a packaging format that made it easy. It would be special we also looked. And it developed Somalis spreads. That are out of this world I mean Natalie available and lucrative benefits that are alive and well its offer but the the combination of if you herbs and and it'll all blow combined with Leo it's. East itself. Creates it's fantastic spread heavy weather and use it in place of Palmer's sore. As a as a party dip its outstanding so we have lots of things that we can bring into the program that we are. Evaluating we just don't know which is going to be first. But we have more work to do under the brand name alive and well before we're finished here. Certainly when we launch alive and well we didn't adequately long term view of doing other programs. Because we do see other opportunities for products that we think are quite special. That are not yet on the sales of your local grocery store. So we we may well introduce other brands out of this sport is at right now. It's all about alive and well and making sure that we do our purpose to deliver. A great product to two people are looking for that type of ball. Well. As evidenced by the small mountain of minutes here on my counter. I like them I can't wait to human bickered attribution. Best of luck to you thanks Greg reluctant to interrupt your weekend at net. I look forward to seeing from other products. If not under the alive and well labels on the Nelson. Natural fresh organic pro bionic rich those are things that. They mean a lot more than just the health aspect and it's better to get those things from an all of that it is from some vitamins or Puerto. Have a great weekend broad thanks quote guy. Guys thank you for giving us the opportunity to share our story with with you and your listeners were happy to participated. We'll keep you in the loop on any exciting new things we have coming. Perfect pick everywhere and thank you very much quick break we come back we're gonna talk to live Bonita as you know cinco de Mya is literally right around the corner. How would you like that those six short he is that one. Rather than standing there and put them on a hot brutal there were three times in and while real defeat your still cook him. We'll be right back with Greg Leonard and really cool product and don't forget the one of the week while that. Unum.